An Unexpected Show

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Alexa Vega

Tall, with legs for days with blonde hair streaming down her back like a silvery waterfall. My Sexy Goddess lies on the bed, and wishes me well for my meeting. In reality, I know she doesn’t truly care, hell, I paid for her services so she could keep me company for my trip, but damn. I almost don’t want to leave so I can stay and enjoy what I paid for. I give her what I am hoping, is a lustful smile and leave the hotel suite.

The only thing that sucks about running a multibillion dollar company is the meetings. I hate not getting what I paid for, and yet I grin as I simultaneously plot the sexual destruction of the gorgeous Goddess I left and the board meeting I myself had called for, last minute of course, it was my right after all.

I opened my bag and… Shit. I left the briefing papers on the table by the door… That Mynx made me forget them. I growl as I tell my driver to wait and turn on my heels, my hand twitching for my flogger as I picture that Goddess’s skin changing colour and all the spectacular cries I will drag from her.

As I unlock the door to the hotel suite I freeze in my tracks as I hear the undeniable sounds of pleasure echoing around the suite. “That Bitch!” I growl to myself. “How dare she have another client in my room!” I stalk down the hallway to the room and peer around the doorway, ready to burst in on her. My pants immediately tighten at the sight before me.

She sits before a laptop, Her laptop, the part of my brain that is still functional, supplies the information. She is completely naked and arched backwards, her legs splayed, and according to the sounds fikirtepe escort I can hear, she is working herself into a frenzy. The sounds, much to my delight coming from the computer are not male, but female, and they are urging her, encouraging her.

“Gods I wish I could paint you like this. So open to me, so gorgeous. My Angel, my sweet sexy Angel” The voice from the computer encourages my Goddess. My meeting, forgotten as I stand transfixed at the sight before me. Whoever is behind the computer I now consider my ally as this is the most erotic thing I have ever seen. A personal show for me and the best part is I didn’t even have to dictate the terms.

The sounds of her pleasuring herself in the room before me are echoed back by the speakers, a symphony that my whole body reacts to, and one I know if I join, will be spoiled so utterly. I am stuck, watching, listening, paralyzed… I breathe in, and all the self control I possess is employed not to groan aloud at the smell. I contemplate for a brief second playing along, and just as quickly banished the thought. If i was caught, if I ruined this show… I would never forgive myself.

My Goddess, growls and I am shocked momentarily at the sound. “Just keep going Baby, come already so I can see you come apart before me!” The bossy tone of my girl both irritates and intrigues me. She is usually very compliant and never talks back… The punishment for this has just gotten more exciting, yes, I’ll make that Goddess mine again!

“Gods, I love that sassy tone, I love to watch you fall apart, I only wish I could be gebze escort there so I could kiss that smart mouth of yours. Please show me my Angel, show me Heaven while I am stuck in Hell without you”. My Goddess arches further back, her beautiful body displayed, her breasts lift and are proudly displayed, shimmering from the sweat of her exertions, The sight alone if captured on camera would be called fake, so perfect it looks to my eyes. She gasps, moans, and cries out, a perfect sound of pleasure as her orgasm rips through her, echoed back at her from the woman on the other side of the monitor. I watch as her body shudders and she gasps and her chest heaves as she tries to catch her breath, raising her face, that beautiful blond hair stuck to her sweat and her hair all messy. That there is one of the most beautiful sights in the world I smile to myself, as I see a lazy smile cross her face.

“Gods.. that view! My Angel… Seeing you cry out mmm, yes I’m going to paint that sight” The words call almost lasily from the computer, exhaustion evident in the words. I instantly envy the viewpoint from the camera on the computer. I am instantly frustrated and annoyed, I stare side on and I have barely seen anything, and yet… and yet… “No you won’t! You won’t paint me like that! Someone would find it!” My Goddess snaps back with a ferocity I am not used to, but the other woman takes it in stride. “How else am I supposed to get off when you are busy with your clients? Wait until you have time? I miss you every time when you are not beside me… even this view… It’s not enough”.

My Goddess’s içerenköy escort face softens at the words spoken. “I’ll call you like this whenever I can… I miss you too, but I have to go, I need time to get this place sorted before he gets back.”

“Ok, Good-bye My Angel”

“Goodbye Baby”

I heard the Laptop click close as I walked quickly down the hallway to the kitchen. Pulling out my phone, I was profoundly happy once again that the vibration was turned off.The vibrations of phones was something during meetings I couldn’t stand the sound of. Either you had it on or on silent there was no other option in my opinion. I stared at the multiple missed calls from both the board meeting I was going to attend, and my driver. I immediately called my driver and apologised, my voice echoing through the suite, and then placed a call to the board. Urgent business had turned up and I would be an hour late. I glanced towards the bedroom actually… Make that two hours late.

I could hear her in the room struggling to clean up. I knew she had heard me and was trying to cover the evidence. Smiling as I hung up the phone, I strode to the room and casually leaned on the doorframe while she scurried around the room. “Who’s been a very Naughty Girl?” I drawled, and for a second I saw fear in her eyes, as she froze and her blue eyes locked with mine. “Oh yes, I saw you, so sexy… So delicious” Her eyes flicked to my pants. I was as hard as a rock and I wasn’t hiding it.

“But for being so deliciously naughty, for at least giving me a sexy show, I’m going to reward both of us” I say as I stroll over to the cabinet and pull out my favourite toy. “Gods yes… Watching your ass turn pink and making you mine again will be. So. Much. Fun.”

Many thanks to my Muse VixenValkrane for the characters I got to work with for this story. I hope you enjoy it!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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