Ann: The Married Years Ch. 08

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It was already starting to heat up outside, even though it was a quarter after seven in the morning. The air conditioner had been running off and on most the night, keeping the house at a comfortable seventy degrees. Outside, it was warmer. Ann had opened the front door, and was standing on the porch, looking out toward the east. The sun had risen, but it had yet to crest the hilltop of their subdivision, or whatever the odd conglomeration of houses, apartments and condos where they lived was supposed to be considered.

Neil stepped out with the lunch she’d lovingly packed for him in hand; ready to face another day at work. He had a bright smile on his face, a reflection of his happy mood.

He was happy for a lot of reasons. He was working day shift, which always seemed to put a skip in his step. Secondly, it was Friday, and he didn’t have to work the weekend. But mostly what had him grinning from ear to ear was the luscious babe standing on the porch in her ultra-short black kimono robe, waiting to kiss him goodbye.

“You’re incredible, Anna,” he whispered into her ear as he set his lunch cooler on the railing to take her into his arms.

“I love waking you up like that,” she grinned, still tasting his cum on her lips and tongue, thinking about how she’d taken his morning erection into her mouth while he was still sleeping, giving him a long, glorious blowjob to start his day.


She had woken up feeling particularly sexy, the thoughts that had been consuming her for months were so vivid in the erotic dream she’d had that morning that she found them affected her mood. As she lay next to her naked husband underneath the covers, she has a vision of herself, one as her being sensuous and alluring.

She didn’t often give in to self-absorbed notions of vanity. Yet her hardened nipples were leading her in that direction. She glanced to her right, seeing him lying there, and she knew it was too early to wake him. But she knew she would eventually. She had to, thinking she had in some way make up for what she was planning for her day.

That thought led to a knot in her stomach. She wasn’t even sure how much sleep she’d gotten. She had too many things on her mind to sleep; things that shouldn’t be there. Not for a wife who had such a wonderful, loving husband.

Still, that’s kind of the way it was with her… with the two of them really. After all, their relationship wasn’t the usual one between a husband and a wife. It was a little more complicated, more sexually daring. Plus, the thoughts she’d been having were there constantly now. She was finding she was unable to deny them any longer. The fact was; she was a sexual creature by nature, and sometimes her desires seemed to overtake her mind, no matter how hard she fought to control them.

Gently climbing out of bed, she snuck out of the bedroom, closing the door quietly before heading to the kitchen to make a pot of coffee. As she drank her first cup, she got some things out of the pantry, deciding it was time to start packing Neil his lunch.

It wasn’t something she did often. In fact, she rarely did it for him at all. He insisted, not wanting her to feel obligated or compelled to do such a subservient task. Just because she wasn’t working was no reason for her to feel compelled to be that domesticated. But she found herself moving about the kitchen as a way to gather her thoughts. It was all a part of her plan.

She did the basics, bagging up some chips and putting some fruit in a sealed container. Knowing she’d have time to make the main course while he was in the shower later, she sat down at the dining room table with some stationary, pen in hand.

She began writing, the words coming to her quickly. It didn’t surprise her; she’d been composing the letter in her head for over a week, going over what to say and how to say it. She just hadn’t put her thoughts to paper until now.


Hi Baby,

I hope you’re having a great day at work today. I loved sending you off in a good mood this morning, and I hope you’re going to come home in one too. But I suppose that will depend on how you react to what I have to tell you.

Since you’re reading this, I’m pretty sure you’re having lunch and you’re sitting down, so there’s no better time than now. Please know that I love you, and that I’ll always love you. You’ve always accepted who I am as a person, but you’ve also helped me discover who I am sexually, and that makes me love you even more.

You once told me that I didn’t always have to tell you ahead of time if I were going to do something sexually adventurous. You even said at the time that it would ruin it for you if I told you beforehand. I’m going out on a huge limb here, Neil, hoping… no, I’m trusting that you meant those words, because I’m doing something very, very naughty right now as you read this…


When she finished the rest of the letter, she read it over, her fingers trembling. The words took on life, practically Bostancı Escort leaping of the parchment. She felt a rush of nerves wash over her, an immediate sweat of anxiousness raising the hair on her neck, and she found her eyes wandering toward the phone, wondering if it was too late to call the whole thing off. But she steeled her will. Reading her admission a second time, she found a resolve… a strength.

“I have to face it. This is who I really am,” she sighed.

Trusting in her marriage, and the rock that was her husband, she decided to follow her instincts. Neatly folding the paper, one she’d prepared the night before with a hint of her perfume, she inserted it into an envelope. Placing it in with his lunch, she hid it, not wanting him to see it right away should he open the container before he ate. She wanted to make sure he’d read it after she’d already started her day.

Returning to the bedroom an hour later, she stared at him again, her arousal growing, her pussy beginning to tingle. It was hard not to get turned on, what with seeing the sheets tent up over his crotch, knowing what was awaiting her underneath them.

His hand went to the back of her head, guiding her. Only then did he realize it wasn’t a dream, and his amazing wife was waking him up with her warm, wet mouth. No matter how many times she’d done that to him, it was always a surprise; like it was a new experience he’d never had before.

She was already swallowing him whole when he became alert, but all he could do was moan. He was now aware enough to know what she was doing. She wasn’t sucking him so they could make love, or even just fuck each other senseless. No, she was sucking him with a purpose, and that was to make him cum.

Unfortunately for him, there was no bargaining with her when she was in one of those moods. She couldn’t be persuaded to change her mind. He could have tried, but it would have been a waste of time. If she had her mind set on giving him one of her mind-altering blowjobs, there was no stopping her.

Not that he’d ever consider it. She was simply doing what she thought a good wife should do, behaving like a slut in the bedroom, being attentive to her man’s needs. She’d made a promise to him to keep their life together sexually inventive and adventurous. And she went out of her way to make him happy. As her tongue licked at his balls while his shaft was lodged in her throat, he most certainly was.

The problem wasn’t with what she was doing. It was with the condition he was in. For whatever reason, whenever he’d wake up with a morning hard-on and they had sex before he had a chance to go to the bathroom, it changed things. His cock was always harder, and his skin was more sensitive. And he seemed to last a lot longer.

She knew that. She’d planned on it. As she sucked on him, she kept a subtle eye on his clock, noting the time. She needed him to last, and he did.

It became excruciating for him, and at the same time it was so fucking amazing. His hips were bucking up, pressing his balls into her chin. She reached down to massage them as her lips passed over his shaft in slow steady movements, dragging along his skin.

Checking the clock once more, she knew it was time. Quickening her pace, she rammed her head over him, fucking his cock with her face. She felt both of his hands on her head now, tangling in her hair as they went along for the ride.

“OH FUCK, ANNA! I’M CUUUMMMIIINNNGGG!” he barked, his ass thrusting upward.

She held the head just past her lips, sucking wildly on it as he started pumping his cum into her waiting mouth. She began swallowing his gigantic load, gulping it down greedily. When he finally finished, she sucked him deep again, licking his balls, making him squeal as the nerve endings of his cock began to tingle. Squeezing his balls, she made sure she emptied them before letting his head slip from her mouth with a resounding pop.

Giving him a quick kiss, she smiled. “Thanks for breakfast, baby. You better get going though, or you’re going to be late for work.”

With that, she hopped out of bed, grabbing her sexy robe, sashaying her bare ass down the hallway knowing he’d be watching.

“Men,” she laughed as she turned into the kitchen at the end of the hall to begin making him one of her patented sandwiches, the finishing touch on the lunch she was making him. “They’re so easy to please.”


“I wish I had time to take care of you,” he pouted, feeling a bit guilty that he didn’t give her an orgasm in return for her efforts.

“It’s okay, baby. You know how much I love sucking you.”

“Still, you could have stopped to let me fuck you, or at least leave me enough time to -“

Her index finger touched his lips, quieting him. “Ssshhhh. It was perfect.”

“Well, it was for me, but what about you? I’m not sure when I’m getting home tonight. I’m going golfing with Jason after work, remember?”

She remembered. After all, she was the one Bostancı Escort Bayan that set it up. Neil just didn’t know that… yet.

“I remember,” she replied, butterflies beginning to flit in her stomach as she thought about her day ahead.

“Maybe I should cancel,” he said, nuzzling her neck, his cock already hardening again at the thought of fucking her when he returned home.

“That’s nonsense. Go play golf. I’ll still be here when you get home.”

“Mmm,” he moaned as he kissed her, his hands slipping inside her robe, the folds falling open exposing her naked body underneath. As he cupped her breasts, he panted, “Are you sure? I really think you need to cum too.”

She stopped his hand as it neared her pussy, grabbing his wrist just as his fingers grazed over her pubic strip. It took every ounce of willpower she could muster to stop him, knowing she was so close she would have exploded in seconds if she let him touch her clit. But that wasn’t how she planned her day. As much as she loved him, and wanted him at that very moment, she’d had this day in mind for months, and he needed to go.

She’d spent countless hours planning for it, and in one case, there was some actual scheming. It was something she not only thought about, she had conversations, and she’d even had to do some convincing. But now the day had arrived, the plans already set in motion, and she had things to do beforehand. She needed to get ready, not that it would take that long. But timing was everything, and he was threatening to throw off her carefully detailed schedule before things really got started.

Looking him in the eye, she tried to contain her concern. She felt her heart beating, her mind conflicted. She desperately wanted to let him help her cum. Hell, she wanted to lean back against the post she was standing next to and let him take her right there on the front porch. But she knew she didn’t have the time, and if he didn’t leave soon, it was going to ruin everything.

“Baby, you need to get to work. Besides, I don’t want a quickie. I can already tell I’m going to need a good long fucking.”

“So, I’ll call in sick. Thelma won’t mind.”

“NO!” she snapped, way too loud and sounding a little desperate.

“Uh… okay,” he replied, confused by her negative reaction.

“I’m sorry, Neil,” she said she quickly tried to recover. “But you know that wouldn’t be fair. Go to work… go play golf. I want you to have fun. I’ll be fine until you come home tonight.”

“Okay. I just feel bad.”

Kissing his cheek, she whispered, “I’m a big girl. I can take care of myself until you get home.”

“Mmm… you make it sound like you’re planning on spending some quality time with Antonio,” he grinned.

She shrugged playfully and said, “Maybe. We’ll see.”

He walked toward his car, looking back to take one more look at her naked body before she closed the front of her robe. “What are your plans for the day, babe?”

“I plan on sunbathing most of the day,” she giggled, giving him a little wave.

“Oh. Well, then I know you’ll still be horny when I get home!”

“Count on it, lover!”


Ann was scrambling. It didn’t help that she kept checking her watch, which only made her panic more. Running back and forth between the storage area of the crawlspace and the deck, she carried the panels, latching them in place, using the numbers that Neil had etched into the top of them for placement. They were a coding system he devised that would be hidden once they were installed. He’d custom made each one, and she knew they had to be put up in the correct sequence. But while she’d watched him do it several times, she’d never actually done it herself.

“These fucking things are heavy,” she growled as she lugged another one around the back of the house and up onto the deck. Setting the latest one in place, she attached it to the inside against the slats, wiping her brow with the back of her hand when she was done. Racing back to the crawlspace, she climbed in through the small doorway, and she vowed, “I’m not taking these down. They can just stay there until fall.”

She liked the sound of that as she grabbed the next one, feeling the edge scrap against her leg as she lifted it up to get it over the wall at the bottom. “Thank God I wore jeans,” she thought to herself, sparing her skin from what surely would have been a nasty scratch.

The crawlspace was huge, the end toward their bedroom being big enough to stand in. But the doorway to get into it was small, only three feet wide by four feet tall, the wall at the bottom a good foot and a half from the sloped ground to the bottom frame of the door. When they’d first moved in, the door had to be taken completely off to get in, held in place by sliding deadbolts on both sides. It seemed more of a hatch than a door, fitting into a frame built into the wall.

Neil hated the design, angry that he had to totally remove the big heavy wooden covering Escort Bostancı each time he had to go into the crawlspace. So he modified it, making it an actual door, installing hinges to allow it to swing open. He also put a lock on the outside to keep people out. With the house itself having less than ideal closet space, and just a one car garage, they used the crawlspace for additional storage, including a space for the panels he’d made for Ann.

She finally finished with the final partition, going back one last time to get the door he’d created for the deck. That was a little trickier to install, having to get the hinges in position. But a few minutes later, she was done. Standing back to look at her handiwork, she exhaled, sweat dripping off her chin.

“That was a workout,” she sighed, opening the door and walking down the steps, heading back around the house one last time to close up the crawlspace and lock it.

She bent down and lifted her foot simultaneously, having to contort her body to go through the opening in the wall. Her tired, sweaty body was feeling the effects of the strenuous exercise she’d just put herself through. Reaching for the pull string on the light hanging from the floor joist above, she stared at the surroundings; the dark, musty feel making her body tingle. She’d taken to calling it the dungeon, a name she’d used to tease Neil about it. It was for storage, but she often joked about letting him use Annabelle there, trying to get a rise out of him.

Thinking about how she’d just lugged fourteen heavy wooden panels from there to the deck, along with the door, she was suddenly reminded of the first time she’d been that alter ego, in the mountains of Colorado. A twinge ran through her pussy as she recalled how he’d made her lug logs into rustic cabin, her arms tied behind her back, struggling to breathe in the thin mountain air. The way she was breathing now reminded her of that, and it excited her. It was the first time she’d really thought about being Annabelle in over a year, her break from that sexual bent seeming more permanent rather than just a temporary hiatus. Still, the perverse thrill she was feeling was a stark reminder that she’d do it again, eventually.

“That’s for another day,” she said between breaths, turning off the light and closing the door. When she locked it, she smiled, knowing for sure that someday she would come back to that thought. But for now, she had other things on her dirty little mind.

She was off again, this time to the garage to get a lounge chair, pulling it off hooks in the pegboard on the wall that Neil had put up to organize the storage there. Carrying it back, she walked up the steps to the deck and through the door she’d just attached. Latching the sliding lock at the bottom, she sealed off the deck, walking toward the patio door.

Setting the chair next to the other one she kept on the deck all the time, she opened it up, placing the two next to each other, leaving about a foot of space between them. She grabbed a couple of small plastic tables, placing them on the outsides of the chairs, before glancing at her watch again. Her worry had been how long it would take her to set up the partitions. For the first time since Neil left for work, she relaxed, realizing she had finished in time, wanting to make sure she kept the schedule she’d set for herself.

Neil had made the partitions specifically for her. The deck itself was huge, designed to compliment the back of the house. The garage had been offset; its back wall recessed some sixteen feet from the back wall of the rest of the house. The deck mirrored that, having been designed as two square sections, each of them twenty-five feet by twenty-five feet, with a four foot opening connecting the two. The two sections were attached to the house, with the one hugging along the back wall of the garage and the side of the house, while the other ran along the back of the house, going a few feet past where the French door was located.

With the house being built into the side of a hill, and also sloping from the garage to the bedroom side of the house, the deck was an interesting bit of carpentry and engineering. There were two steps going up from the yard to the deck floor next to the garage, that part of the deck being about three feet off the ground. As the ground severely sloped along the backside of the house, that distance increased; the deck standing some seven feet high on the other end. But even with the deck being on higher ground than the neighboring condos below, it was still far from being private, which was why Neil built the panels.

Ann wanted to be able to lie out and sunbathe in the nude, and frankly, the deck was certainly big enough. But it wasn’t enclosed, and there was no way to build a fence high enough in the back yard to hide it. So, he went to work, designing a system of decorative panels that fit in place with the spindles and deck posts. When attached, Ann could lie down and have total privacy. She’d only have to cover herself if she stood up, and even then it would only have to be above the waist.

He stained them redwood, like the rest of the deck, the color contrasting perfectly against the blue vinyl siding. They turned out better than he’d envisioned, looking fantastic, and serving the purpose he’d been charged with creating.

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