A Week of Control Pt. 01

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Amanda was excited. Her husband was away, yet again, on business and she had the house to herself for two weeks. Her fun could begin again.


Gazing in the mirror, she knew that she was an attractive lady. She was slim with a pretty face, and had always attracted attention and glances whenever she had walked down the street, or down the beach. Her blonde hair was relatively straight with dark flecks, sitting neatly just below her shoulders. She had large breasts, ample cleavage, and a flat toned stomach. Her husband knew that he was a lucky man.

When he had announced yet another business trip, Amanda had silently jumped for joy. He knew nothing about her secret sexual life, and that was exactly how she liked it. She knew that if he ever found out about her illicit affairs with submissive acquaintances, he would leave her in a heartbeat. It’s not as if he was a poor lover or partner. He was competent in bed and always made sure that her needs were met. She enjoyed his attempts to satisfy her, and appreciated his efforts to keep her in a comfortable middle class lifestyle. They had friends, money, and the respect of their village community.

But she was still excited on the day that he left to keep go wherever he needed to go to keep his clients happy. She would finally have some time to herself, time to fulfil to her needs. She wanted a submissive woman for a while. She wanted someone to eagerly make her cum over and over again. She needed a little slut.


As was now her routine, she had bid her husband farewell as he jumped in a taxi for the airport, and then immediately driven to the local beauty salon to make sure she was in pristine physical condition.

She had quite the reputation at the English Rose beauty salon. Every six weeks or so, she would appear and demand a private room – one pf the windowless ones at the back. She would remove all of her clothes, and demand that every inch of her body be waxed and made to look as beautiful as it could. Manicures, pedicures, a Brazilian, the lot.

This had been happening for at least five years. The stylists had all adapted to her particular demands and all knew the drill when she appeared. They assumed that this was just a woman who liked to look her best. They didn’t care – she was a generous tipper. They all knew that she would pay them very little attention when she was there, and they all understood that she would make very little small talk during her time in the treatment room. She would instead be glued to her phone and occasionally checking messages. They were not the types to complain or judge, and so they quietly went about their work in silence.

Amanda sat there while three women did their best to make her look even more beautiful. But all the while that they were working their magic, she spent every possible minute trying to find a new lover online. By furiously posting a message to every local message board and personals site, she hoped to attract the one woman she needed.


** 42 year old, discrete, confident domme seeks submissive lady for a week of subservience. Age unimportant, must be well groomed and in shape. No time wasters, no men. Voice verification required. Please leave name, number and a short description on my voicemail **.

Mere minutes after she had posted on the first site, she could see the notifications racking up on her online voice mailbox system.

She quickly called her husband, under the guise of wishing him a pleasant trip. She didn’t really want to speak to him, but rather gauge how loud her phone was so that she could discretely check messages without alerting her beauticians. The one currently between her legs removing pubic hair was particularly pretty – Amanda wished she could gently guide her face into her turning pussy – but deep down Amanda realised that they were all a little prudish and would not approve of the sexual proclivities that she indulged in.

18 voicemails already, in 10 minutes. Good response.

She listened to the first – a man, trying his luck. Delete. Another man, and again and again. All 18 were just men thinking that they could score with an easy older lady.

She sighed just as a wax strip was ripped from her panty line. The attractive stylist grinned and held eye contact, before setting about her work again. Ouch. Amanda imagined fucking her, hard, with her favourite strap on. Maybe one day.

Amanda Acıbadem Escort waited for another 10 minutes, watching the notifications roll in. When the count hit 15, she dialled back in. All the while, she was secretly enjoying the attention of three young women. Why didn’t one of them just try and push the envelope, even just a little?

The first 10 messages were men again, some trying their luck for a second time. But then, a woman’s voice suddenly appeared:

“Er… hi. My name is Rebecca. I saw your ad and I had to contact you. I am 36, a secondary school teacher and I will be on half term next week. I am not very experienced with women, but I am quite submissive and your note just got me.. erm… interested. I think I meet all of your requirements. Please call me back”.

Amanda quickly hung up, uninterested in the remaining messages. She dialled the number provided and was quickly connected to the lady whose voice she had just heard.

” Hi it’s Amanda, you responded to my note”

“Hi- er, thank you for your quick reply”.

it quickly became clear that neither lady was able to speak particularly freely. Amanda was conscious of being surrounded by gossipy stylists; Rebecca was clearly worried about being overheard by someone. The two women agreed to swap email addresses; Rebecca would send a picture in exchange for address details and more information.

This request for a picture had raised the eyebrows of the stylist between her legs. “I am a modelling agent”, Amanda asserted, lying. The stylist clearly saw through this, but carried about her work regardless.

Immediately after the call ended, Amanda saw an email notification and opened up her account. A pretty, tall, curvy girl smiled out at her, looking young for a 36 year old. She was holding a sign, hand drawn, saying ‘Hello Miss A.’. This girl was legitimate.

Amanda could not type out her address quickly enough. A few emails later, they were scheduled to speak again via phone, that very evening.


Amanda had put her phone next to the door when she had come home, and had to dash downstairs to answer when Rebecca called that evening.

“Hi is that Amanda?” Came the voice at the other end.

“Hello Rebecca, how are you?”

“Good thank you. Sorry… I am… errr… a little nervous… um…”

“That’s OK love, I know this is your first time doing anything like this.” Amanda loved inexperienced girls, and was always sure to try to make them feel at ease.

“Thanks. I am really looking forward to trying something new.” Rebecca was clearly out of her comfort zone.

Amanda listened to Rebecca as she confessed her secret curiosity to be with a woman, and how she always got a thrill from being commanded and humiliated. She talked about how she wanted to be used as a sexual plaything, and how she felt that this was the right time to dive into the deep end and finally make her fantasy reality.

After about ten minutes chatting, Amanda changed the tone. “Well, shall we talk about what to expect when you stay with me?”.

“Yes please” came the excited reply.

Amanda was used to explaining about her sexual preferences – she had done this at least fifteen times in five years. “Well I am very confident sexually. I am married, and that’s fun, but I am also bisexual and like to play when my husband is away. We have a very normal sex life but when he is out of town I like to explore my wilder side.” Amanda always felt nervous at this point, as if the reference to her husband would give people the wrong impression. She needn’t have worried.

“I like the sound of that”. Rebecca was clearly determined to see this through.

“Well its good to hear that you are open minded.” Amanda replied.

They talked a bit more about how Amanda wanted someone to stay for a whole week, indulging in sexual fantasies for a full seven days. They talked about sexual experiences and everything that each one needed to do to reach sexual fulfilment.

Rebecca was clearly excited by the prospect of a more controlling, domineering woman, but being unfamiliar with such sexual meet ups and liaisons she had a series of questions. Not wanting to seem too up tight or naive, she asked just one in the hopes that she wouldn’t seem to stupid: “Can I ask what to expect from the week?”

They all ask that question, thought Amanda. “Yes of course. I will email this all to you, but I Acıbadem Escort Bayan can run through it now if you like?” she replied, confidently.

“Yes please” whispered Rebecca, not wanting to sound too keen, but desperate to hear about the plans.

“OK – so first things first we will be at my place all week so please make sure that you bring any toiletries and comforts that you especially need or like. We won’t be going out, and I will get food delivered to the house. Going out would… erm.. unnecessarily limit our time together” Amanda declared.

She continued. “I expect you to be my sexual plaything, completely submissive to my every desire. Do you understand?”

“Yes” replied Rebecca. She was very aroused, but tried not to let on too much. “I don’t have much experience with women though. So I don’t know how good I will be.”

“That’s not a problem” cooed Amanda, keen to keep this delightful young woman hooked. “You just need to have the right attitude.”

“OK”. Rebecca’s reply was timid, bordering on fearful.

“Here are my rules” continued Amanda. “You will always do exactly as I say, on the understanding that it all stays between us and us alone. And I mean anything – you must do it even if it means the washing up, or cleaning a toilet. I will not ask you to do anything that will endanger you in any way., or harm your reputation in the community. Understood?”

“Erm… yes.” Rebecca had not anticipated sexual dominance extending to complete life control for a week long period, but this only served to arouse her even more.

“You will call me Miss at all times. Understood?” Amanda was in full domme mode now, and Rebecca could feel herself getting wet at this other lady’s tone and demands.


“Yes what?”

“Yes miss. “

Amanda had one last rule: “You will wear whatever I ask you to wear. Understood?”

“Yes… miss.” Rebecca was hooked.

“That’s it. Is all of that clear?” Amanda knew that this was a key moment. She had had women back out at this stage before, overawed by the fact that she was serious and determined.

Rebecca replied simply. “Yes.

“Yes what?”

“Yes miss. Sorry.”

“Any questions?”

“Yes miss. What clothes should I bring miss?” Rebecca did not want to disappoint this demanding lady.

“You should bring a selection of your sexiest outfits. Lingerie, costumes, dresses. Whatever you feel would most excite me”

“And what does excite you miss?”

“I like femininity and beauty. Classic and elegant female looks. Does that give you a good idea?”

“Yes miss.” Rebecca was already imagining the body hugging dress that she would wear, and the heels that she would buy.

“Good, so you will be here on Friday at 4?”

“Yes miss.”

“Good, see you then.”

Both women hung up and grinned. Neither could wait until Friday.


Friday morning was spent getting the house ready. Amanda needed to display a vision of power and wealth. Everything in eyesight had to be pristine and perfect.

Amanda just about had time for a nice long soak before her new friend. She gently touched herself as she lay in the bath, imaging all of the things that she would make her do. She looked forward to the dozens of orgasms, the kisses, the smells and the tastes. She was ready for this.

Clean and ready for Rebecca to arrive, she slipped into a skimpy sundress, low cut and short in length. She wanted to make a good first impression – it was imperative that this girl fancied her.

At 3.55pm, the phone rang – Rebecca was finding it difficult to find the house. Amanda directed her guest along the twists and turns of the rural lane, asking her to park directly in the garage when she reached the house. The neighbours were unlikely to notice any comings or goings, even a strange new car, but Amanda was still not keen to risk her husband finding out about her illicit activities with a younger woman.

Rebecca’s car swept slowly onto the driveway and, as instructed, straight into the garage. She had never felt so nervous as she opened the door, grabbed her suitcase from the back seat, and walked nervously to the door.

Amanda was ready for the knock. She often felt strangely nervous at this point, as if she might be a disappointment to the person on the other side of the door. She heard two taps on the hard wood, waited a couple of seconds and gracefully Escort Acıbadem swept open the heavy door. Smiling, she ushered the younger lady inside.

Amanda closed the door behind her new friend, welcoming her to her home. She then took a step back to take in her new companion.

Rebecca was slim, clearly a size 12 with long, deep red hair, which was beautifully styled around a very pretty face replete with piercing blue eyes. Pert breasts, approximately 32Cs, were squeezed into a tiny dress which reached halfway between her hips and knees. Bare legged, she stood in a pair of green heels matched to her dress. She was a vision.

Rebecca, for her part, was immediately struck by the beauty of the older woman in front of her. If this was to be the woman making love to her for the next week, she was delighted.

“Er…hi” whispered Rebecca, holding her hands together and looking at the ground.

“Good afternoon” laughed the more confident older lady.

“I’m not sure what to say…” Rebecca stuttered, almost shaking with nerves.

“Well, do you like what you see?” Amanda liked the submissive ones to admit their lust early on.

“Yes I do. Very much, miss. Am I dressed OK miss?”

“Yes you are. You look ravishing.” Amanda did not have to lie.

“Thank you miss. That would be nice”.

“Good – let’s go and sit down”

Amanda led Rebecca by the hand into her living room and sat her down on her leather sofa. Rebecca sat like a proper lady, legs together and hands on her lap. Amanda was suitably impressed. She poured a glass of champagne into a flute and handed one to her nervous companion – they both took large gulps and awkwardly looked at one another. Amanda knew she had to take control.

“So here’s what to expect. This evening is all about getting to know each other. We will have dinner, some wine, and explore a little. Tomorrow is all about training. Sunday will be our first ‘proper’ day together, and then you will spend the rest of next week using your experience to make us both happy.”

Rebecca was thrown by the directness of this woman. They had only met maybe three minutes ago, but already she had a week of sex and pleasure mapped out. She was torn between being delighted that she was getting exactly what she had asked for and sheer terror.

“Thank you miss, I was going to ask.”

They spent the next hour chatting about their lives and sexual experiences. Rebecca had had a small fling with a woman in the past but had never done anything serious. She had had a few vanilla boyfriends, nothing too serious nor too exciting.

As they were chatting, Rebecca was clearly getting more and more excited. Amanda liked this a lot.

“Do you remember the rules, pet?” Amanda placed a large degree of emphasis on the rules, always.

“Yes – wear what you say and do what you say, and call you miss, miss.” Rebecca had practiced muttering the word miss to everyone, to make sure she didn’t ever miss one with this seemingly strict lady. She had also practiced reciting the rules, over and over again.

“Good girl. What’s in the suitcase?” Amanda was getting back into the groove with her domme persona.

“All of my lingerie and sexy outfits miss. I have brought enough to have variety every day, if you like.” Rebecca was clear that she had come prepared.

“Good. I shall want to see them all on you.”

“What, now miss?”

“No, tomorrow – right now I want to see you naked”

Rachel gulped. It was time.


Amanda stood her guest up and led her to the centre of the living room. She was thrilled by how this girl had dressed – she was already lusting after this beautiful woman and knew that she would enjoy devouring her.

Rebecca was clearly alarmed when Amanda started caressing her thighs and ass. The older woman was already taking ownership of her body – Rebecca knew that she had agreed to total subservience, but she was still flustered but he sudden attention.

“Wh-what are you doing?”

“I am getting to know my new plaything. You are mine to play with, remember. And what do you call me?”

“Sorry miss. I am yours miss, sorry.”

Amanda continued to feel Rebecca’s pert body. Her buttocks were firm, her breasts were soft and luscious and her legs were shapely and smooth.

Without warning, Amanda pulled Rebecca in for a kiss. After some initial surprise, Rebecca closed her eyes and retuned the kiss, clearly aroused by the situation she found herself in. After 30 seconds of french kissing, the two women broke contact.

“I think I am going to have fun with you, pet.”

“Mmm that was nice miss”, Rebecca whispered. She was bright red.

“Good. Now strip.” Amanda was in full control.

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