They Cum by Appointment Ch. 03

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Note. This is a continuation of The Clinic. Please read the six chapters of that to give you an understanding of what ‘They Cum By Appointment’ is all about. I hope that you enjoy it.

Thursday morning, Jack was surprised when he got a WhatsApp message from May. He wasn’t surprised when he saw the pictures she had sent; May had a gorgeous body. Her message read, Jack was also surprised that she had sent it at twenty to one this morning. It read, “Hi Jack, had a busy day today; I bought some gorgeous lingerie; I’ve modelled some for you in the attached pictures. I took them in the bathroom while I was bathing; I hope you like them. I also had my pussy waxed yesterday so that it will be nice and smooth for you tomorrow. If there’s any of the lingerie that you’d like me to wear today, then let me know, and I’ll wear it for you. I’ll be there at four. Love May xx.”

Jack studied the pictures; May had an incredible body and such an angelic face. There was a crotchless Basque that she looked so erotic in; Jack replied, “Dear May, thank you for the gorgeous pictures; you look fantastic in all of them. I love your long sex slit; it looks so inviting. You look so erotic in the tan Basque; maybe you should wear that. I’m looking forward to seeing you at four. Love Jack xx.”

It was just after one; Jack was in the Bistro having lunch when one of the attendants from the Spa came to his table and said, “Dr Jack, one of our members has got thigh cramp in both legs, I think that she’s also had a panic attack. Could you have a look at her?”

Jack had finished his lunch and went with her immediately. It was the first time he’d been in the Spa since the opening ceremony; he was the only man there; all the women there were naked. They had the lady on one of the loungers; they had covered her with towels; someone had also brought her a beaker of hot tea which she was drinking. Jack said, “Hi, I’m Dr Jack. Do you still have a cramp in your thighs?”

“Yes, but not as bad as before. Both my thigh muscles feel very tight. I think that I’ve overdone it today; it’s years since I last had cramped muscles.”

Jack replied, “I think that you may be a little dehydrated; this can cause cramps. Does your tea have sugar in it?”

“I usually take two teaspoons of sugar; I can put another couple of teaspoons in if you think that it would help?”

Jack replied, “That would help; let me have a look at your thighs to see how tight your muscles are but let me arrange a screen.”

Two of the attendants then brought screens, so the lounger was screened off from the rest of the area. The lady then took all the towels that were around her; she was now lying naked on top of the lounger; Jack then felt her thigh muscles; they were tight. Jack then said, “To help the blood flow, I need to massage your thighs. Which of your thigh muscles is the tightest? What’s your name?”

“My name is Edith, but my friends call me Edi; my left thigh muscles is the tightest. I would appreciate my thighs being massaged. It’s been a long time since a man has touched me.”

Jack slowly got the blood flowing in Escort Küçükköy her left thigh. Edi had a super body for her age; her tits didn’t sag and were a good handful. Jack put her age down to her early seventies. Then Edi said, “I think that I’ve overdone it today; I swam one hundred lengths of the pool, I’m seventy-seven, I’m not getting any younger. Dr Jack, would it help if I knelt on my knees on the lounger, then I could stretch my thigh muscles, and I think it would be easier for you to massage my thighs?”

Jack replied, “Yes, that’s a good idea; I’ll check at the desk if they have anything that I can use as a lubricant.”

Jack returned a minute later with some warm massage oil; Edi was kneeling on the lounger, pushing herself up to tighten her thigh muscles. Jack liked what he saw then said as he applied the massage oil to Edi’s left thigh, “Edi, your body is remarkable for a seventy-seven-year-old woman. I feel that I know you. Have I seen you on television?”

Edi smiled then said, “That feels wonderful, the muscle is relaxing, I’m on television quite a lot, I’m a Professor in Economics, they wheel me out usually at Budget time or if they introduce any takes that affect peoples finances. I have written several books, which have been published in over thirty different languages. I am also an Actuary; I advise people on the positive and negative sides of investments. As I used the money that I earned from my writing, I am very good at that I managed to make a lot of money from investments. If you know how the game works, it’s straightforward to make money from it. That feels wonderful; my left thigh is so much better. Please do my right thigh now?”

As Edi asked, there was something about Edi that was very sexy; for her age, she was a beautiful woman. As Jack was massaging Edi’s right thigh, Edi loved it; she then said, “That’s so good, I’ve no cramp at all now. You’ve got my blood circulation back to normal. If I spread my legs a little bit for you, could you massage the inside of my thighs for me?”

Jack smiled then said, “No problem, Edi, I am glad that I’ve sorted it for you; you should take some Vitamin C every day, that’ll help your circulation. Tell me what you’d like, and I’ll do it for you; we can’t be too noisy here, which is a pity as I think that you could be very noisy.”

Edi laughed then said, “I can be very noisy, but I’ll be discreet with you here. That’s great what you’re doing; move your fingers higher, right up to the honey pot at the top. When you get there, you’ll find it hot, wet and inviting. That’s super; spread my flaps open and tease my clit with your oily finger. Keep going, finger fuck me with two fingers and use your thumb on my clit. Oh god, Jack, I’m cuming.”

Jack could feel the warmth of Edi’s cum on his fingers; he was also impressed with how tightly she was gripping his fingers with her powerful cunt muscles. Edi then adjusted herself and said, “Jack, that was wonderful; I’ve heard some rumours that you’re available privately for appointments; I’d be interested in making an appointment Mecidiyeköy escort with you. I’ve two questions for you, how do I make a private appointment with you, and what do I owe you for your time today?”

Jack smiled then said, “You owe me nothing for today; I am happy that I was able to give you some relief. If you go to the Reception in the Clinic and tell them that you would like to make a private appointment with me, then they’ll arrange everything. Edi, I would like you to know that I’ve enjoyed being with you today.”

Edi cuddled Jack; then, they tongue kissed for several minutes. As Jack was leaving, Edi said, “I’ll make an appointment when I leave here today. Do you do house calls?”

Jack told her to tell the receptionist that she would like a house call, then Jack left. Jack then went to the Clinic; he had a couple of letters to dictate. Mum came into his consulting room and said, “I hear that you helped Edi at the Spa today when she had cramp; you should cultivate Edi; she’s quite a character.”

Mum then told Jack all about Edi; she was a University Professor, a fascinating and intelligent woman. She had a daughter, who is a director of a large Public Company. She wrote a lot for many of the Financial media. She was divorced but has had a few lovers. She is a very wealthy woman. She has a younger sister; she is five years younger than Edi. She is an Academic too; her name is Liz. She is very similar in looks to Edi. She is not married and is very religious. She would visit the Church two or three times a day. There was a rumour that she was looking after some priests sexual needs. Then mum said, “I’ve treated her several times for STDs; on one occasion, she had infections in all three holes. I told her she must tell whoever she was with that they must see a doctor. She told me that she had been shared and had been with several men at the same time.”

Jack’s phone rang to tell him that May was now in his lounge. Then mum said, “You should spend some time with Edi; we’ll be both in a position to invest money soon. Edi can give us a lot of good advice. Mum will be over tonight; we can have a nice threesome.”

Jack went into the lounge; May was sitting on the sofa; she looked gorgeous. Jack said, “May, you are looking beautiful; how was London? Thanks so much for the pictures; you looked so good in them.”

May stood up and cuddled Jack; their mouths met, they tongue kissed for a couple of minutes, then May said, “I’ve been a good girl, I am wearing the tan Basque for you, shall we go into the bedroom and make ourselves comfortable? Jack, I’m so horny.”

They went into the bedroom; May took her clothes off, she was standing in the tan crotchless Basque, self-supporting stockings and heels. Jack was now naked; his massive stiff cock looked so impressive. May reached over and stroked it; she said, “Jack, what a magnificent cock you have; I’ve never seen one as thick and long as this beauty. Let me make him hard for you.”

May then sat on the edge of the bed; Jack stood at the bed’s side as May started tonguing Merter escort bayan the bulbous head of Jack’s stiff cock. May had a gentle but firm touch. She was massaging Jack’s heavy balls; then, she took the head of his cock into her mouth. Quickly, she was taking his full length, her head bobbing up and down. She was still wearing her glasses as she sucked his massive cock; the glasses gave May a very erotic look. The way that she was sucking told Jack that May loved to suck cock. Jack then took May’s tits out of her Basque; her nipples were big and hard, he finger teased them for a minute. May loved that; Jack then leaned down and put his hand on May’s swollen vulva; it felt so smooth. May opened her legs to give Jack better access. Jack spread her cunt flaps open, and out popped a huge hooded clitoris that he teased with his finger. He then teased her clit with his thumb as he slid two fingers inside May’s very wet pussy; Jack said, “You have a beautiful pussy May, lie on top of the bed so that we can 69.”

May did this very quickly; Jack started to suck May’s clit as he finger fucked her with two fingers. May was pushing her pussy against Jack’s mouth as she sucked his cock. Then May said, “Jack, I need fucked; I’m so horny; it’s been so long since I last had a cock. Take me now. Give it to me hard and deep.”

May then lay in the missionary position with her legs high in the air; she held her legs at the ankles; Jack then slid his cock inside her dripping pussy slowly and gently. Soon her pussy lips were wrapped around the base of Jack’s cock. May was a gripper; she had powerful cunt muscles. Jack soon had a powerful rhythm going as he pounded into her pussy. May said, “Jack, it’s wonderful, the head of your cock is hitting my cervix; I’ve never had that before. I’m so close; it’s so long since I’ve had this. Keep going; I’m going to cum soon.”

A couple of minutes later, May had a body-shaking orgasm; she was shaking uncontrollable for thirty seconds. Then May said, “I’m sorry if I wasted that for you. I knew that I’d cum quickly, but I didn’t think that I would cum as fast as that. All I’ve been thinking about for the last week was thinking about you fucking me. I enjoyed that so much.”

Jack kissed her then said, “May, there’s no problem, if you want, we can do it again; I’m still hard for you.”

May then kissed Jack lovingly for a couple of minutes, then said, “I’d love that, Jack, but I would love you to do me doggy style; you can go much deeper then. Your cock is still hard; thank you for doing this for me.”

May then got on to all fours on top of the bed; her massive tits looked terrific as they hung out of her Basque; the way that they swayed was incredible. As Jack slid his stiff cock inside her, May said, this is my favourite position; you can go as deep as you want; I’ll love it if you do that. My husband didn’t like doing this, all he desired was the missionary position, or when I gave him a blow job, I didn’t have an exciting sex life with him. Jack, this feels so good.”

Twenty minutes later, they both climaxed within seconds of each other. May had another massive orgasm; May was glowing when they lay on top of the bed, kissing and touching afterwards. As she left, May said, “Jack, this room is excellent; I’d like to see you three times a week. Is it possible for an appointment on Saturday afternoon? Then I would have a wonderful weekend.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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