The Rise and Fall of Jordan M. Ch. 09-10

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What happened in the Prologue: Dr Matthew Connors is about to retire from his renowned urology practice when he gets a very interesting client, Jordan Marshall. One could say that Jordan’s erectile problems stem from the way he ate an ice cream, meringue and raspberry dessert. However, that would be a gross of oversimplification. This is a story about Jordan’s penis, a rhino horn, his incredible sex-life, a murder and Jordan’s role in solving it.

What happened in Chapter 1: Jordan discovered that Jackie not only had soft womanly curves, but also had a very responsive and prominent clitoris. This turned out to be slightly problematic as Jordan was engaged to Barbara, a researcher working on a unique lie detector and she found Jackie’s discarded panties on her desk.

What happened in Chapters 2-4: Jordan is injected with an experimental lie detector by his (ex) fiancé. Pinocchio’s nose grew when he lied. Jordon’s cock grows when he fibs and it deflates when he tells the truth. While visiting his parents, Jordan’s mother quizzes him about his (now ex) fiancé. Jordan tells lie after lie. Edith, the elderly house keeper gets the benefits of Jordon’s Pinocchio-cock.

What happened in Chapter 5: Jordan makes a dinner date with his father. Once again his erection gets him in trouble. Edith, the housekeeper paddles his hairy bottom, while he thinks of his domineering mother. He takes Edith from behind.

What Happened in Chapter 6: Becky wasn’t put together the same as most other women, not only was she ominorgasmic, but she also had an extremely high density of pleasure sensors at the base of vagina. Jordan’s dick was the first cock to stimulate these neurons. Each time he hit the pleasure patch Becky had to jerk away. The pleasure was overwhelming she couldn’t take it anymore. However as soon as Jordan’s battering ram was back in the more travelled areas of Becky’s vajayjay she missed the feeling so much she thrust herself forward so that she crashed back onto Jordan’s retreating weapon. This allowed Becky to get two substantial organisms per stroke. Although immensely satisfying to Becky it was frustrating for Jordan’s massive cock.

What Happened in Chapter 7: A large wooden rhino sculpture falls on Jonathan Marshall. He is instantly killed by the rhino horn which pierces his skull and in a freak occurrence produces his last erection. The newspaper headlines read “Boston Banker Rises from the Dead.”, “Wooden rhino horn results in lethal woody. (From Australia)”

and “Prominent Boston Banker killed by Chinese Aphrodisiac.”

What Happened in Chapter 8: Jordan’s mother has tweeked her hamstring. Her masseur cancels their appointment and she coerces Jordan to give her a massage. Janice has had more than a bottle of wine – she has lost her inhibitions. Jordan lies to his mother, which results in the biggest erection he has ever had. You can guess what happens next. In an incest chapter, a massively hard cock and a drunk mother can only lead to one thing.

Chapter 9 April 21, Thursday 12 th day with erectile malfunction

There is no sex in Chapter 9. You skip Chapter 9 and just read the summary at the end of the chapter.

Rather than go to company law, econometrics and computer modeling classes Jordan decided to drive out to the Framingham airport and check out his father’s plane. Perhaps he could find out more about his father by going to the airport and talking to people who knew him there. He would get his company law and econometrics notes from a lacrosse team mate, Tim later.

With his Mapquest directions in hand Jordan climbed in his SUV and headed to the Framingham airport. It was a crystal-clear spring day. Not a cloud in the sky, temperatures in the low seventies and birds singing in the budding trees. Jordan closed all the windows, turned on his air conditioner and played his Coldplay CD. Insulated from the world, his mother, the weather and the road, Jordan started to relax. All thoughts of Veritas and its possible consequences to his future sex and love life were shut out of his mind by the hermetically sealed gas guzzler. Pulling into a parking space at the Framingham Airport Jordan was happy to see that it was a small private airport. Jordan walked around looking at the planes and hangars trying to figure out which belonged to his father.

“Hi. Can I help you?” He heard someone call from the dark insides of one of the hangars.

“Yes, my father recently died, he has a plane here and I would like to have a look at it if you don’t mind.”

“That’s no problem. I am Matthew Ching the airport manager, handy man and secretary. Who is your Father? And can I see your ID please”

Jordan told the manager who his father.

“Oh, yes. I read about his death. My condolences, your father was a great guy. Let me take you to his plane and let you Escort Avrupa yakası in.”

Everything in the plane was immaculately kept and ordered. The only thing of interest Jordan found was a logbook. Since last year nearly all the flights his father had logged were to the Groton airport.

Jordan went to find Matthew, he found him watering some plants.

“Are you done? Shall I lock up?”

“Yes, please.”

“Find anything interesting?”

“No, not really. His log shows that he flew to the Groton/New London airport most of the time. Do you know why?”

“No. He never spoke to me about where he was flying. Sorry.”

“Oh well. I think I will drive down to Groton and see if they remember him.”

Three hours later Jordan confirmed that his father had indeed frequently flown to Groton. No one remembered him though. A very sympathetic airport manager suggested he talk to the rental car agents. There were two of them, Avis and National. Avis had no record of his father ever renting a car. Jordan had more luck with National. His father had rented a sub-compact four separate times and had always returned the vehicle with less than 50 miles on the odometer. The rental agent thought she remembered Jonathan.

“Why don’t you go to the restaurant, around the corner on the left and ask them. I seem to remember him spending sometime there,” the National car rental agent told Jordan.

The Hungry Flyer had two customers sitting at the bar drinking.

“Can I have a Sam Adams Spring Ale please?”

“Sure coming up.” The bartender looked like Lyle Lovett on speed, about six foot one with a wild curly mop of black hair, a large patrician nose and a very animated out-going manner.

“Are you waiting for the Philadelphia flight?”

“No, I am here to find out something about my father. He died last week and I have just found out that he came to Groton on a regular basis. The woman at the National car rental desk thought she has seen him here. Here are two pictures of him, his name is Jonathan Marshall.”

“Hey Dude. Isn’t he the guy who got zapped by the rhino and got a massive boner. That’s so rad.” The boozer with the Eminem tattoo at the bar said.

“Yes, that’s my dad. Have you seen him here?” Jordan asked the bar tender.

The Lyle Lovett look-alike seemed a little shaken.

“No, I haven’t seen him. I am the manager here and spend most of my time here. If he had come here, I would have remembered. The car rental agent must have been mistaken.”

“I suspected so. I guess I wasted my time here. Bye.”

Jordan’s drive back home was uneventful.

Chapter 9 summary: Jordan has no sex and encounters a murderer.

Chapter 10 April 22, Friday 13 th day with erectile malfunction

In which Jordan has sexual relations and gets a clue

Although his trip to Groton had not shed more light on his father’s life Jordan was not going to give up that easily. Before going to class he called his father’s secretary, Gina. She had been his dad’s assistant for over ten years. Jordan knew her from meeting her once or twice a year. If you looked under “Sexy secretary” in the Jordan’s brain index you would find numerous images of the tall elegant Gina in her tight pencil skirts, high heels and small pouty mouth.

“Hi Gina. It’s Jordan here.”

“Hallo Jordan. How are you doing?”

“I am doing as well as can be expected under the circumstances. I was just calling you to see if we could meet sometime. I would like to ask you somethings about my father.”

“I would be happy to do that. My schedule is pretty flexible, you choose a date and time.”

“Okay, how about noonish today.”

“Sounds great. Let’s meet in your father’s office.”

They made some small talk and agreed to meet at 12.30.

Jordan had two classes before lunch. He not only went to both classes, but he also got all the notes for the classes he missed and photocopied them. Tim, Jordan’s friend invited him to a party on Saturday night. On his way to lunch he reflected on the classes and notes he copied, and realized that he was in big trouble. Exams started in a week that didn’t leave him with much time to get ready for the exams. There were two solutions to his problem. Try and withdraw from one of the classes on compassionate grounds and then take that class again next semester, or cheat. He would have to make his mind up soon.

Marshall Bank, where Jonathan Marshall had worked before being speared by the rhino horn, was in an old solid granite and marble building in downtown Boston. All the offices had high decorated ceilings, Jonathan’s office was the largest of all the offices in the building it even had its own bathroom. Gina met Jordan outside his father’s office. She led Jordan past her desk and through the huge wooden doors to his father’s office. Gina was in her early forties; she always wore business attire Ataköy escort that looked good on her 6.1ft frame. Despite or perhaps because of her height she was wearing heals, that served to emphasize her sleek long legs and added to her haughty superiority. Gina had been more than his father’s assistant, she managed his work-life and acted as his gate keeper. Gina closed the door. Jordan used the opportunity to check her out. Long stockinged legs disappeared into a tight knee-length skirt that showed off the fact that Gina had a scrumptious looking bum and small waist. Her jacket was open and revealed a teasing glimpse of a white cotton shirt, outlines of a frilly white bra, some cleavage and a two stranded pearl choker.

“Is there something specific you would like to know about your father?”

“Not really, in the last months before his death my farther started reaching out to me. I saw a completely new side of him. I got the feeling that there was a whole area of my father’s life I knew nothing about. Now that it’s too late I am trying to make up for lost time by talking to people who knew him. Did you know that he had a plane? I never knew.”

“Yes, he told me last year just before Christmas. As my Christmas present he flew me to New York City to do my holiday shopping there. He also flew my son and I to Lake George for a long weekend.”

“I went to the plane yesterday. I found a logbook in it and saw that dad regularly flew to Groton in Connecticut. Do you know what he did there?”

“The bank has no major customers in the Groton area, so that couldn’t be your answer. I really have no idea where he went on his personal trips.” Gina said, but Jordan got the feeling there was she was something she not telling him.

“I hope you don’t mind me asking all these questions? You look a little uncomfortable.”

“No, it is fine. I miss your father. He was a lot more than a boss.” Gina was clearly distressed. She got up, walked to the desk, opened a desk drawer, took a tissue out of the draw and used it to wipe a tear.

“Oh, dear I wasn’t going to cry. But it is has been so hard, there is no one here I can talk too, no one I can tell how much your father meant to me and now seeing you has brought all my feelings bubbling back. You don’t look like your father but you have similar characteristics – the way you stand, wrinkle your nose and the naughty twinkle of your eyes.” Gina took her glasses off and really started to cry. Tears were streaming out of her eyes and her pert little nose was starting to drip in sympathy. Jordan felt awkward and didn’t know what to do, but as Gina progressed from crying to sobbing, he felt he had no choice. Jordan stood up, went over to the desk and gave Gina a big hug – she collapsed into the embrace, trembled and cried into his neck. Jordan rubbed her back, soothed her and murmured sweet nothings, “It’s okay, carry-on crying. Don’t say anything now. Just get it all out of your system and then you can tell me everything.” Although Jordan had fanaticized about Gina’s volleyball player physique and her sexy secretary look his hug was purely (ok – mostly) platonic and there was no trace of an embarrassing erection between them.

Gina’s tears and sobs were winding down. Jordan released his hold on her and was about to take a step back. But Gina asked, “Please don’t let go I need that hug.”

Jordan reembraced Gina and caressed her back. He couldn’t help but notice that Gina was so tall his hands didn’t have to move down much before he would be massaging her ass and that her groin was an inch or two above his crotch.

Gina was a tough hard-working single mother, her emotions had broken their banks, but she was over that now and wanted Jordan to hug her so that she didn’t have to look him in eyes as she spoke to him. It also felt good to be held by someone.

“Are you sure you want to hear everything?’

“Yes please. I presume you were my father’s mistress. That is okay with me, my mother was hard to live with.” Jordan said feeling a little weird that they were still hugging. He would never have pegged Gina as a huggy, touchy person. He took a step back, but Gina stopped him again.

“Please hold me, I will feel much more comfortable telling you about your father without having to look at you.” And she went onto tell him about the long hours she worked with his father, how their work joined them; for the first three years they were just good friends, but then thanks to the fact that they both had sexless marriages their friendship morphed into a classic friends-with-benefits relationship. Jordan continued rubbing Gina’s back as she described how she would have sex with his father on the very desk they were leaning against. For five years they had sex two to three times a week. Listening to her talk about the sex they had caused Jordon’s massage to migrate lower and he was occasionally visiting Gina’s firm buns with his hands.

“My ex-husband Şirinevler escort bayan was a good for nothing who was only interested in alcohol and nothing else. Your father gave me the companionship and sex I needed. And I did the same for him. Your mother was hard to live with, she was a bossy ogre, she wasn’t interested in sex and even if she was interested no one would ever want to fuck her. Oh, I am so sorry it’s your mother I am talking about. I shouldn’t have said that.”

And that is when it happened – that is when everything changed.

“Don’t worry I know my mother can be a witch. And I can’t believe that anyone would be interested in fucking her either.”

Gina laughed at Jordan’s reply. She didn’t know that Jordan had fucked his mother less than 48 hours ago and had greatly enjoyed the experience, nor did she know that Jordon had been injected with a unique lie detector that caused Jordon’s cock to massively grow when he lied.

And he had just lied.

Gina’s laugh died. She felt some movement between them, surely that couldn’t be his cock. It was too big and where the hell had it come from. Just seconds ago she hadn’t felt anything, then there was something rising between and now there was no denying it there was a huge hard cock knocking on her pussy’s door.

Jordan once again took as step back.

“I am sorry,” he said “I am so embarrassed. I can’t control it.”

Gina pulled him back and slipped her hand down.

“Is this for real?” she asked as she grabbed hold of Jordon’s colossally hard cock. Jordan didn’t have to answer, because by then it was a rhetorical question. Her hands had answered her question – it wasn’t a baseball bat or an aberrant dildo – it was a really live hard cock.

“What do you mean you can’t control it? I have never seen such a large dick before and I have never heard of an erection that just shoots up like that.”

Jordan was tempted to tell Gina about the LIE gene and the lie detector he had been injected with. After all she had told him all about her affair with his father, but then he would have to tell about the lie that he had told her – that, yes, there was someone who would fuck his mother and that someone was Jordan himself. Instead, he told another lie.

“Sometimes I get so turned on my cock gets hard instantaneously. I am so sorry. This is so embarrassing.”

“Don’t be embarrassed, all the men I know would kill to have a monster like yours. I swear it has grown again. And I am flattered that I can have such an effect on you.” Gina was now hugging Jordan, rubbing his back and feeling his hardness with her groin. “I haven’t had sex for at least two months and I have never had such a big cock before. Is it okay if we forget about your father for a bit and distract ourselves with your cock?”

Now Jordan knew what it felt like to win the lottery without even buying a ticket. He had come to the meeting to get to know more about his deceased father and now he was going to sample the delights of the lithe Gina. His MILF fantasies were about to come true.

“I can think of nothing better,” Jordan said while pulling the Gina’s supple ass into his manhood. This time it was Gina that pulled away and pushed Jordan back with her two hands on his chest.

“Wait, I have a meeting in 45 minutes. I can’t mess up my clothes and it will have to be a quicky. Take off your trousers and let me see your python.” Jordan took of his shoes and socks and watched Gina while he removed his trousers and briefs. She was carefully and meticulously folding her jacket, before unbuttoning her shirt, neatly folding it and placing it on the jacket.

Now that she could see Jordon’s cock sticking out from under his shirt she was having second thoughts. It was the most intriguing organ she had come across in her life, but what could she do with it, it wouldn’t fit in her mouth and now seeing its true dimensions she was worried that her pussy was too small too. It was bigger than a Pringle’s tube. What an intimidating monster this man-child had.

“Could you please go and lock the door,” she asked and checked out his cute buns that were peaking out from under his dress shirt as he walked to the door.

Jordan locked the door and turned around to see the most beautiful sight. His teen fantasy had come true, sitting on the desk, was a vision of beauty wearing a delicate lacy bra, a tight pencil skirt, stockings and high heels. Gina’s almond eyes were sparkling from the remnants of her tears. Her small pouty round goldfish lips looked like they had been designed for blow jobs, but Jordan was realistic enough to realize that there was no way his new big dick would fit past those perfect lips. Gina shimmied out her pencil skirt, leaned back on the desk and rested her sleek long legs on the chair.

“Take off your shirt, then come and sit on this chair so you can help me take off these stockings.” Jordan sat on the chair, Gina placed her legs on the arm rests of the chair, trapping him and his mega-cock between her silky stockings. The view was stunning – black silk stretching as far as his arms could reach, culminating in white lacy thigh-high panties. Gina leaned forward and started rolling her stockings down her elegant legs all the way down to her ankles.

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