My Girls Ch. 3

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I think they have gone crazy, but the adventure continues!

We arrived at Betty and Charles house about a half-hour after leaving the beach. Neither girl had bothered to put on their cover-ups so the whole ride home I had the pleasure of looking at them. Terry lifted her right leg up tucking it under her bottom. I could see how wet she was as she moved in her seat. Betty was just as hot and setting behind me kept me busy looking at her wonderful tits in the mirror.

They virtually ran in into the house jumping out of the truck as it came to a stop. Neither girl was any where to be found as I went into the living room.

“Where are you two?” I called.

“Back here!”

It was Terry answering me and I followed her voice back to the master bedroom. Betty had pulled off her panty bottoms and was bent over looking in the top drawer of her nightstand. Her sweet ass was exposed to me with her cunt lips peeking out from behind. She stood up holding a double headed dick in her hand! It had to be three inches around with bumps and knobs all over it, and at least eighteen inches long!

Terry licked her lips as she looked at the big dick. “God!” was all she said.

“Come on take those panties off and come over here!”

Betty had crawled onto Bahçelievler escort the bed patting a spot next to her. Terry kind of looked at me then back at Betty. “Umm, I don’t know Betty! I mean I haven’t ever, a, you know!”

Betty laid back and opened her legs. Her pussy opened up like a flower and I could see how wet she was as a white liquid seeped from her open slit running back over her tight little back hole. She took one end of the big dick and slipped it over her clit. Terry moved to slip her thong down her hips never taking her eyes off the rubber cock.

“Come on I haven’t either but I want this thing in me and I want to share it with you! I mean it’s not like you are going to eat me or any thing!”

She was toying with the end of it letting it slip in just a little before pulling it back out all slick and wet with her juices! Terry slipped up with her friend taking the other end of the cock in her hand. She pulled it up to her own pussy and with out any hesitation slipped it slowly into her wet box! Her movement pulled it away from Betty and as it hit bottom in Terry’s vagina she took the other end and aiming it at Betty’s open hole pushed it into her! She humped it slowly back and fourth until she had it as Bahçeşehir escort bayan deep in Betties pussy as she could get it. Terry leaned over Betty letting the nipples on her tits rub over Betties titties and nipples. The two of them started humping each other as the cock slipped in to a point were there was just about a inch of the big thing visible! Terry slipped down onto her elbows mashing her chest into Betties. They were both hugging each other and just started kissing!

I took out my cock and started stroking it as I watched the two girls fucking each other on the big cock! Betty started cuming first with Terry coming soon after! Both of them were grunting into each other’s mouths as they came!


Coming from each of them as they held each other as spasm after spasm shook them until Terry gave up slipping off of her friend. As she rolled off of Betty the rubber cock went with her over half of it still in her!

I didn’t care at this point I was going to fuck some one and sense Betties pussy was open I got between her legs and as we looked each other in the eye I slipped deep into her pussy! We both knew we were over the line now but neither of us cared as I pounded into her!

I Escort Bakırköy didn’t last long and as my come built up in my belly I started to howl! Suddenly I was shooting in her!


I was hollering as I pushed as deep into Betties hot wet hole as I could! Shaking so hard my teeth hurt as pushed deep into her womb! I shot rope after rope of white hot cum into our best friend! I felt her tighten up under me and she dug her nails deep into my back as Betty came with me!

“HO YESSS I feel it Sammm ohhhhh! I feel you cuming in me! Oh God yess!” she humped up into me as she finished.

We head each other then it was like we both realized what we had done and almost at the Sam time looked over at Terry. She was laying on her back thrusting the big dick in and out of her pussy as she looked at us! She was shaking as she reached the end of her last come. Coming so hard tears were running down her cheeks!

She fell back letting the cock dangle out of her well-used pussy. She smiled at us as we all rolled to each other kissing each other all at the same time then one to each other with Betty and Terry kissing like they had done it there whole life!

Terry pulled back smiling at us and then started to giggle, “Well I guess I will have to brake down and let Charley have some now!” she looked at Betty, “Oh don’t look so shocked! He has been trying to get into my pants for years just like Sam has been yours! Now move Sam! I think I have decided I want to have my first taste of pussy!”

But that is a hole other story!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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