Milky Boy Ch. 02

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The next day I got in the car to head for work and turned my cell phone on. I had a text message waiting for me from Lauren. The message was short and to the point: “Milking today at 9:00 A.M. Pick me up in front of school. Be on time. Don’t forget the gloves and my money!” Oh shit, I thought, how do I get away from work at 9:00 A.M.? I mentally scanned my calendar, trying to remember if I had any meetings this morning. Satisfied that my calendar was free, my next challenge was to get to a drug store and buy a box of latex gloves. I also needed to hit the ATM so I could give Lauren her money; my morning was suddenly very busy!

I left work around 8:30, telling my secretary that I had a dental appointment and that I’d be back afterwards. I picked up the gloves and got the cash and headed for Lauren’s high school. It was Friday and there seemed to be more traffic than normal. When I pulled up in front of school it was a few minutes after nine. Lauren hopped into my car and said “You’re late, next time it will cost you $10 for every minute you make me wait.” I agreed and asked her where we were headed. “Just drive. Where are the gloves?” she asked. I pulled out the box of gloves and she opened them, pulled on a pair, bent over me as I drove and unzipped my slacks. “Did you bring any lotion?” she asked. I hadn’t, and quickly made a mental note not to make that mistake again. “Forget the lotion, or any other supplies from here on out and it will cost you $15 for every item you forget, every time you forget it” she said curtly.

She bent over and spit on my cock to lube it up a little. She started stroking my dick with her latex covered hands, I must admit, the latex felt pretty good. As she was stroking my dick I realized that I had not brought a towel or napkins. She quickly worked me up to an orgasm as I drove around aimlessly. When I came I almost lost control of the car! Lauren’s jerk offs were heavenly, giving me some of the most intense orgasms I had ever experienced! As soon as I shot my load she said “Head back to school, I’ve got a class in a few minutes.” Then she added “Didn’t remember a towel, did you Milky Boy?” I shook my head no. As punishment, she peeled off the cum soaked latex gloves and dropped them in my lap, letting the cum leak all over my slacks.

We had reached her school and before she got out of the car she stuck her hand out. I gave her $75. “See you tonight Milk Man” she said as she closed the door and walked away.

I went back to my office, satisfied after my milking. Arnavutköy escort As I walked back in, my secretary told me that “my daughter” had called and asked for my e-mail address at work. I thought that was a little odd, but let it go. The rest of the day was a pretty routine around the office and I was looking forward to a nice relaxing weekend. Little did I know, but Lauren had other plans for me. Shortly before going home, I got an e-mail from Lauren. She had obviously been the one who called my secretary for my e-mail address. Like the cell phone text message, this e-mail was short and sweet: “Milking tonight at 8:00 P.M. and 8:30 P.M. My house, come to the back door. You’ll need $200, no gloves, bring a towel.”

My mind was racing – why two milkings so close together? Apparently this will not be a hand job, but an opportunity to jerk off at her feet – that prospect excited me greatly! On the way home I stopped at the ATM again, this was starting to get expensive, but I was enjoying myself immensely. I withdrew $500 from my account, thinking that it could be a long weekend at the hands (or feet) of Lauren!

After dinner, I made some excuse to my wife to get out the house and headed next door to Lauren’s. I was standing on her back porch at 7:59 and rapped on the door. Apparently her parents were gone for the night. Lauren answered the door and was wearing a very sexy dress, high black pumps and sheer black nylons. She was wearing more make up than she does during the day and it really looked hot. When she opened the door I said “You look nice tonight, going somewhere?” “Jen and I are double dating with our boyfriends. There’s a dance at school and then we’re going clubbing” she replied. “Who’s Jen” I asked. “My best friend and your next Milk Maid. C’mon, follow me” she said. Lauren led me upstairs to her bedroom and introduced me to Jen; she was dressed very similar to Lauren – short tight skirt, high heels, and shiny tan nylons. Jen is a brunette (unlike Lauren who is blonde) and has a very hard body.

After introducing me to Jen, Lauren sat down in her bedroom chair and crossed her sexy legs. “Jen goes first since she’s company” she said. I sort of stood there with a dumb look on my face which Lauren picked up on immediately. “Go ahead, enjoy yourself while kissing her feet and high heels” she said to me. Jen was standing in front of the bathroom counter and mirror, still applying her make up for the evening. I laid down on the bathroom floor with Avcılar escort bayan my face next to her sexy high heels and her nylon clad feet. Luckily, I had remembered my towel and laid it under me. I took my cock out (Jen glanced down and snickered when she saw it) and positioned myself on the towel. I began kissing her ankles, spiked heel, the top of her foot, etc. The whole time I was doing this, Jen just ignored me and kept applying her make up as though I weren’t even there. As I kissed and fondled her feet I rubbed my dick against the towel, humping the floor and towel in a constant motion. In a very short period of time the excitement of her nylons was more than I could handle – I shot my load into the towel with audible gasp and moan.

When Lauren heard me grunt, she knew I was done. “Pay her Milky” she said bluntly. I pulled $100 from my pocket and placed it on the bathroom counter next to Jen. Jen turned to Lauren and said “My God, is that all there is to it? He’s so quick, I’m gonna like this!” Lauren laughed and said “He’s like our own little ATM machine, but he spits out money and cream!” She then turned to me and said “You’ve got 30 minutes to re-load. Go down to the kitchen and get Jen and me a wine cooler while that little pecker of yours recovers.”

I retrieved the wine coolers and brought them back up to the girls. Jen was done with her make up and they were sitting in Lauren’s bedroom chatting. I wasn’t sure how involved with this whole process Jen was going to be and I was getting nervous that this was about to cost me more money than I had planned. I handed Jen her wine cooler as she sat on Lauren’s bed and turned to hand the other wine cooler to Lauren. I then made the mistake of mentioning how expensive this arrangement could get to Lauren.

I was still standing in front of her after handing her the wine cooler and said “I’m getting a little concerned about how much money I’ve been handing out lately Lauren.” Without saying a word she very slowly stood up right in front of me, inches from my face. In her high heels, she was nearly as tall as I am. She had her wine cooler in one hand and with the other hand, she grabbed my cock through my pants and began squeezing and twisting it. She was hurting me and she knew it. She was staring right into my eyes. “Listen here Milk Boy, this little weenie of yours is my ticket to college. It’s gonna spit as much cash and cream as I need, got that?” she sneered. I nodded my head as she continued to Escort Bağcılar twist my cock until it felt like it was gonna fall off. “And by the way, Jen is going to college too – also courtesy of your little pecker.” She then turned to Jen and said affectionately “We’re gonna be roommates, aren’t we Baby?” Jen stood up and hugged Lauren from behind, nuzzling her neck and kissing her ear. “You know it Lover” Jen replied.

I was beginning to understand what I gotten myself into and it made me nervous, to say the least. Lauren finally released her death grip on my cock and turned around to face Jen. They embraced and gave each other a deep, sexy, French kiss. The sight of these two beautiful young ladies making out right in front of me stirred my interest and my cock began to twitch again. They broke off the kiss and Lauren turned to me and said “Well, I think you have some unfinished business to attend to.” She then sat down in her chair and crossed her silky legs. I grabbed my towel and assumed my position at her feet. Jen had moved backed to her perch on the edge of the bed to watch.

I started kissing Lauren’s foot that was crossed over her leg, hanging out there in front of me in mid-air. I was humping away on my towel and when I didn’t cum in under a minute as I usually do, Lauren said “What’s the matter Milky, don’t tell me you’re dry.” Sensing I needed a little more encouragement, she slipped the heel of her shoe off her foot and let it dangle right there in front of me as I lay on the floor at her feet. At this point there was a flash in the room and I instinctively turned my head toward Jen. She was standing there with a digital camera taking pictures of me as I kissed Lauren’s feet. “Just for insurance purposes Milky” she said. I couldn’t worry about pictures now and turned my attention back to Lauren’s sexy feet. I could now tongue her arch and heel since they were exposed by her dangling. This is all it took! I shot my load for the second time in about 30 minutes, grunting and gasping in ecstasy as the girls looked on. I heard Jen snapping away with her camera as I lay on the floor with my eyes closed.

Lauren reached over and mockingly patted the top of my head, saying “That’s a good little Milky Boy, we knew you could do it!” She and Jen giggled. Then she added the phrase I was rapidly growing accustom to hearing “Pay me.” I sat up, pulled a $100 from my pocket and reached out to hand it to Lauren. Instead of taking it from my hand, she raised her leg and put her dangling shoe near my hand. I dropped the $100 bill in her pump. “Since Jen and I will be out late tonight, you can take tomorrow morning off. We’ll make up for it after lunch however, so be ready. You can leave now.” I gathered my towel, zipped my pants and headed for home.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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