Master Says

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I sat down at my desk upon arriving home from work. It had been a long midnight shift, and now that I was home I had plans of some comfy jammies, a bowl of Count Chocula and an episode or two of the Venture Bros.

Stretching I sat down on the computer chair and pulled up my email. There was only one letter waiting for me. It was from Master.

When you get home, you are to strip naked and put your silver nipple clips on. When you feel your cunt begin to get wet, you are to pick out a dildo that is close to my size and fuck yourself with it. You are to experiment with your ass. You may use your fingers for your first time. As soon as you are finished, I want you to write me and tell me everything you did while fingering your ass and fucking your sweet cunt.

I re-read his letter a few times, already dripping in my seat. It looks like my morning plans had changed and I couldn’t wait. I hopped up from my desk and began to peel my clothes off on the way to my bedroom.

My nipples were already stiff little peaks waiting to be pinched. I stood almost naked, as I still had my socks on, by the side of my bed opening my drawer of toys. With trembling hands I pulled out the nipple rings, and stretched one Akbatı escort bayan open wide enough to go around my nipple. I let the cold metal close around my nipple slowly, so I that I could feel the pinch to its fullest.

A soft groan escaped my lips as I felt my cunt spasm. Not in orgasm, but in anticipation of what was to come. I repeated the process with my other nipple, letting my cold fingertips tease the bright red buds.

I glanced back into the drawer and selected my favorite vibrator. It was at least two inches in girth and seven inches in length. I loaded the batteries in, and crawled on my bed. I felt like a bitch in heat.

I flicked my nipple clips, moaning as they tugged my nipples which triggered a slight gush in my cunt. I was wet and aching to feel something fuck me. I stretched back on the bed and turned the toy on. In the silence of my room it seemed to echo off the walls. I watched as it gyrated in the air, then brought it down to tease my nipples some more.

My hips arched up and if my cunt could talk it would’ve been begging for attention. No, not begging. The ache and wetness was already begging. Now my body was demanding.

Sliding it Escort Aksaray down my body I let it vibrate my lips open, and then slip in the wetness. My clit was throbbing, and I used my right hand to rub it. With my left I pushed the toy in, not waiting for my body to become accustomed to the size.

I cried out, “Master!”, as it stretched my cunt open.

My fingers worked at a furious pace, keeping time with my breathing which was coming in quick gasps. I wanted to feel the orgasm, I wanted to gush around my toy and be so wet I could soak my fingers in it and then see what it would feel like probing my own ass.

I flipped over so that I now looked like a dog in heat, with my ass in the air. I could feel my juices building up and beginning to coat my left hand. I stopped pumping my cunt and let the orgasm take over. I heard the motor of my toy sound bogged down as the contractions gripped it.

My own cry of pleasure was high pitched and bounced off the walls. It felt like it lasted for hours, yet it was only minutes and then only the hum of the vibrator was heard.

I began to pump it in and out again, shivering as I was already in a heightened stage. I closed Ankara escort my eyes and for a moment felt Master behind me, his hands caressing my very round ass.

I felt how wet and sticky my right hand was and knew it was time to take my own anal cherry. I reached between my legs and let my middle finger press against my tight, puckered hole.

The vibrator was working me back into a frenzy and as I shifted to be a bit more comfortable I felt my finger push its way in. Something resembling a growl came from my lips and I slowly withdrew my finger part of the way.

With the next thrust of my toy, I pushed my finger back and using both hands began to fuck both of my holes! The feeling was overwhelming and I could feel each spasm of pleasure as I finger fucked my ass harder.

My hips began to buck and my cunt was contracting around the vibrator slowing down the motor again. I felt spasms in my thighs, up through my ass cheeks. My tits were bouncing and each bounce tugged the clips just a bit.

“Oh God Master!” I cried out damn near screaming as I fell over on my bed. The waves of this orgasm lingered and I found I could barely move. I managed to pull my finger from my ass, and the toy from my cunt.

It took me a few minutes to catch my breath and come down from the high. I glanced around and knew I was spent. As soon as I woke from my nap I would report back to Master. Because of the delay I knew there would be a punishment, but I just didn’t have it in me as my eyes drifted closed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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