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My wife Meagan worked for a high tech industrial controls company and traveled frequently. Sometimes she was away for a couple weeks at a time and tonight she had been gone a week, with another week to go. We had a wonderful relationship, with intimacy, trust, and occasionally, wild sex. We took good care of each other and our relationship though sometimes the care we received came from startling directions. Tonight would turn out to be one of those times.

My cell phone rang just as I walked in the front door, ready to start dinner for myself. It was Cindy, one of Meagan’s local clients calling to see if I was free, that my wife had called her and suggested she call. Cindy explained the she and her partners were developing a variety of high tech exercise and conditioning products and she thought I might find myself well distracted if I’d volunteer to be a guinea pig. I have to admit that my male brain failed me in a time of need. Her voice purred and she wrapped me around her finger. I was completely unable to say no. Even with Meagan suggesting she call, the soft sexy purr in her voice didn’t sound innocent nor entirely proper directed at what she knew to be a married man. She assured me it was simply a better than usual massage and that I’d enjoy it. I couldn’t refuse her. It wouldn’t be the last time.

It was a nice evening in September so I biked to their new clinic. The door being locked, I pressed the intercom button and recognized Cindy’s voice when she responded. She buzzed me in and I walked down a simple curving corridor that opened into a beautiful and quiet naturally lit atrium, where I met a completely disarming woman. This was Cindy and her appearance was as distracting as her voice. A tall woman with long auburn hair and a good mix of muscles and curves in all the right places; exuding self confidence and a warm smile, she was quite striking. I was 55 and had slowly gained the confidence around women I had sorely lacked when younger, but I was nearly tongue tied and she was enjoying herself. As we talked though, she put me at ease. She told me a little of what was in store for me, but not much. They wanted the specifics left to them because the time wasn’t completely structured, and the treatments were customized to client’s needs as the evening went, but the idea was a thorough massage and bath, with the idea being to combine deep tissue massage and stimulation, with a goal of deep and satisfying relaxation and a complete if temporary escape from the stresses of life. A lofty goal directed at me; seems I always have work on my mind. I don’t remember ever signing a release form so long for a massage before, but didn’t pay too much attention; I was more than a little distracted by the heat I could feel coming from Cindy as she massaged my neck while I read. Such a difference from the many “normal” massage places I’d visited, I began wondering just what lay ahead.

Once the formalities were finished, Cindy showed me around. Explaining the curved entrance, she said that while simple and elegant, it also allowed windows and light at the entrance, but the curve prevented anyone from seeing into the atrium and thus it was very private and quite removed from the world outside. Surrounding the atrium, there were several closed doorways. Cindy said there’d be five massage rooms and a couple more with specialized exercise equipment, but at present only one was finished. She pointed out that while we had the place to ourselves, it would seem that way when finished as well, with each client scheduled to arrive at different times, and released when all others were occupied. Each room was completely sound proof for assured privacy and relaxation. I might have wondered more about the need to have massage rooms soundproof, but it slipped by. I’d fully understand a little later. Each was to have a shower and small seating area with a computer terminal for billing. And of course a massage table.

I had been so distracted talking with Cindy that I’d forgotten that Escort Bahçelievler she was a client of Meagan’s, and only now wondered what industrial controls might have to do with a relaxing massage. Cindy left while I stripped naked and lay face down on the table, pulling the sheet and blanket up to be proper. The table was not immediately comfortable, in fact it seemed quite hard, but there was an interesting texture to the surface. Cindy came in and started adjusting me and the table and I was again quite distracted by such a sensuous person so close. It was meant to be sensual, and it was definitely affecting me that way; starting a slow burning arousal.

She had me move a bit here and there, apparently needing me in just the right place. After adjusting the sheet and blanket, finally satisfied, she leaned down close and spoke in my ear. She asked me to relax and to put my forehead in the cradle and my hands down on the rail below the bench top, to allow my shoulders to relax. Cindy put a hand on my back and spoke quietly in my ear. “Just relax now, I’ll let the table go” and the table morphed into a form fitting cradle for my whole body. It fit perfectly almost everywhere, allowing me to settle in three or four inches.

It felt strange but good feeling my whole body supported without any hard high pressure spots. I should have known better. My hands had come away from the bar and again Cindy spoke closely in my ear as her hand caressed my back. “Relax now” she said. “Put your hands on the bar like this…” and she guided one of my hands back to where they belonged. I jumped when straps simultaneously went around my wrists and parts of the blanket pulled quite snugly on my ankles and across the small of my back, tightening enough to be sure I knew what was meant when Cindy said: “Just to be sure you don’t decide to leave early.” I thought she whispered that with much too much delight.

The table seemed to come alive at this point. My reaction was to struggle but Cindy was right there with a hand on my back and sultry voice reminding me that I had volunteered for this! She explained then that to really relax, one had to realize tension first, and if people came with no tension, they would create it one way or another. That said close to my ear, she proceeded to start raising the tension in earnest.

Cindy stood up and gave me a gentle over all rub, head to toe. Some sort of booties and mittens closed in about my hands and feet. Then things started getting really interesting. The table seemed to split a little and rollers came up to massage my belly. At least that’s where they started. They seemed slippery but maybe I was sweating just a little. As the rollers massaged my belly, Cindy worked on my butt muscles, “Your butt holds tension” Cindy said. She continued right down in between my thighs. And the table opened more splitting into a vee, pulling my feet and legs apart. The butt massage was almost making me forget the belly rollers, but they were slowly moving south and started rolling a bit differently, pulling and somehow kneading the skin as they undulated and spun. About the time Cindy added more massage oil to my butt, the rollers got to my cock, pulling it down away from my belly, and somehow between things. Something cool touched lightly in my crack above my ass. It seemed to be staying cool somehow. “The lube’s a bit cool today.” Cindy said. Whatever it was moved down my crack almost to my balls and then back up, stopping for an instant right at my anus. Oh shit, I thought, no pun intended. It pushed a little, paused, and then suddenly slid right in. It was my first time restrained and penetrated by anyone other than Megan and I was surprised to say the least.

It turned out to be an enema nozzle, and while it had distracted me for a second, I realized my cock was being pulled into something. And it felt wonderful. By now I was pretty hard, but mostly just nicely aroused. The enema nozzle wasn’t static. Bahçeşehir escort A ring inside started expanding followed by one outside, locking it in place. Ohhhhhh that feels good. And then it all slowly expanded more. That was good too but required a much deeper breath. Cindy explained then that they needed a larger opening than was allowed by something easy to insert, so this would stretch me over the next little while. Any thoughts of work or projects needing my time were banished; all external concerns fled under the onslaught of the multitude of things happening to my body.

The belly rollers were on their way back up my belly but my penis was engulfed in something warm and pliable, sucking and pulling. Every time it pulled me all the way in, the head of my penis was caressed with something that made my toes curl right up. I had gotten hard a while ago and the tension was definitely building. Then the pulling relaxed and the suction diminished, but only for a second, then it pulled and sucked harder yet, and then relaxed again. And the flow started.

I’d forgotten Cindy for a moment but she was back, massaging my balls while I was filled and the rollers kneaded and my cock swelled. I was soon moving too much. The table stretched me out and I felt my head surrounded fully by a second half of the forehead cradle I hadn’t seen.

I was stretched out, and getting tense. No question about that. The flow into my ass stopped well before I was uncomfortable but I was full. The belly rollers did a good job working my abdomen over, loosening things up. The belt across my back seemed to work in concert with the rollers and the rest of the table. Everything it seemed was active. I could only feel all this now. There was music in my ears and I was completely blind with my eyes covered in the cradle. What had I gotten into? It was good I didn’t know what was planned, I might not have volunteered and I would have missed what was to come.

All the movements slowed over a minute and for a moment I was disappointed that that was all there was. The music quieted and then I felt Cindy close to my ear. She told me that now that the setup and preliminary calibration were done, we could really get started. Huh? She told me just to enjoy and let go. With that, the music came up, and as if to let me know the extent of things, the gloves and booties gave a squeeze, the enema nozzle pulsed and gently vibrated, my penis leapt as the suction increased and then all was quiet again. Felt good to take a breath. I should have known. My anus clenched tight. And loose. And tight. And it wasn’t me. Then deep inside muscles moved. And a strange tickle between my toes, and up my legs, suddenly all over my body I felt a strange sensation, and WOW. I’d have leapt off the table if I wasn’t well bound. Little jabs of electricity bounced over my body, tickling and caressing and biting. Between my fingers, around my cock, over my balls, all with lightening speed and always rising just to the point of pain but never quite over the top. Then it settled down to stimulate my back and belly muscles, making each muscle contract and loosen, contract and loosen, all around my legs and arms, staying away from my genitals. It settled into a surprising nice rhythm, with waves of contraction and relaxation flowing through me. Just as I was getting used to it though, it started again on the inside, with a pulse on my prostrate, causing me to clench the muscles deep inside and then the anus again and around my cock, settling into another more delightful rhythm, and then right at the tipoff my cock! yaaaoooo Tension was definitely rising and I was beginning to need to cum.

I was getting close when the electricity ebbed. It didn’t stop but receded enough to relax some, but then the water in my gut was pulled out and my belly compressed to squeeze still more water and the crap out. And then something tickled inside and I felt a river inside my gut. Something was slowly working Bakırköy escort bayan its way up my intestines, washing everything clean but I was filling up again as the exit seemed to open and close depending on my stress and I couldn’t figure out what else, until I was full to bursting, and then the exit only opened a little more while the flow kept up, changing temperature, and strength while the rollers again went to work on my belly. Things started getting really wild from there and I’m not really sure what all happened, but what I do remember was remarkable. The suction and milking of my cock increased and started driving me crazier. I could feel slippery stuff squirted in to keep things really slippery so I wouldn’t get sore at the same time as the table stretched and shrank and moved me into rollers working every inch of my body. Cindy was there again. I was trying hump that cavity my cock was in, trying to get that tiny bit more that would put me over the edge. But then all would slow and leave me gasping. Somebody or something knew where that edge was and would keep me just away from it.

And it wasn’t over. The pulling on my cock increased tempo and strength and I yelled my head off. The zaps were back all over and the water was sucked out of my belly, all orchestrated by the “billing computer” on the desk and Cindy’s observations. “Wow” was saying way too little. Finally it felt as if I couldn’t keep up. My insides were filled again, but with a pressure wave inside timed with the music and rollers, I was frustrated when everything slowed again. But it was also good to breath. As slowly as it had reduced the stimulation, it reversed and ramped up, going right past the intensity that kept me at the edge. With my prostrate vibrating, and my cock pulled hard into something, when the cavity walls around it started rolling back and forth, I was done. I exploded and kept cuming and cuming.

Things slowly settled down. My wrists and ankles, which had been pulled tight for quite a while were loosened, but not released. Wow, I thought. Quite a massage.

I’d been overwhelmed and lost in the stimulation and don’t know when the music stopped but I heard Cindy again. And felt her while she gently soothed my back and neck. She said that the computer had recorded what it needed to take me where she had in mind, and asked if I was ready to start again. I said I wasn’t sure I could right then but Cindy assured me she’d go slowly. What’s a man to stay?

The enema nozzle deflated and withdrew, only to be replaced by something larger with a different shape; and it pushed against my prostrate more. The usual feeling of having to pee was soon replaced with gasps as it started a strange pulsating wiggling zapping action. Again, I didn’t have too much time to dwell on that as my cock was again pulled and kneaded. OHHHH and expanded into space. WOW. And then the electricity around my toes again and the bottoms of my feet. God that felt wonderful. And AHHHHHH my cock. Then a surprise as my nipples were sucked into something and vibration started. ARRRRRGH. All this happened in a strange flow of one thing to the next and yet I couldn’t track it, but then all settled down to an almost gentle rhythm as Cindy started a real massage on the areas of my body open to her. The “electric” blanket was gone from my back and I’m not really sure what or whom was doing what all the time. By now I didn’t really care. I let go and enjoyed, thoroughly lost in the bliss of arousal and overstimulation.

The action controlled by the computer slowly increased again and, as I learned later, Cindy orchestrated and augmented, as the computer, keeping good track of my arousal, took me to the edge and back away and to the edge a couple times more and then so rapidly up and over, it was mind blowing. I’m sure the sound proofing was a good investment. I came slowly down with surprisingly gentle and soothing electrical caress from the machine relaxing me. And then another surprise.

A shower, if you want to call it that, started. Even though I was still bound, water spouted from the table and from above in a warm spray. I could feel myself lifted off the table as I floated on the flowing water. I fell asleep as Cindy shampooed my hair. I was quite thoroughly distracted, very clean, and finally, very relaxed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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