Couple Plays with Mature Neighbours Pt. 01

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It’s been two years since we (Neha, 30 and Piyush, 35) became good friends with Mahesh (60) and his wife Rashmi (54). They had moved to our apartment complex, after Mahesh retired from his job at a government bank. Their flat was located right across ours, and the first introductions were made when they came over to invite us for the house warming.

Both of us had full-time jobs, and at home, we were occupied with our young son, which meant we had little time for socializing. We had very few acquaintances because of the hectic lifestyle.

Mahesh and Rashmi came across as much younger, thanks to their frugal living. They were also well-read, which helped us connect with them.

Soon, we moved from little chit-chats to lengthy conversations. They had taken a liking for our son and often borrowed him for an hour or two every day, when we returned from office. This gave me and Neha much-needed time to rekindle our sex life.


Neha had a great figure, but she was traditional in bed. She loved to be licked and sucked, but never gave head. I, on the other hand, loved oral sex. I wanted to take Neha’s ass too, but she firmly refused.

I enjoyed fantasies, and often dreamt of having threesomes and group fun. I also loved to do role plays and we sometimes tried out student-teacher, doctor-nurse stuff, until one day I broached on incest one day.

There was a phase, when I was younger, that I got infatuated with my sister. I masturbated while sniffing her panties, and tried to spy on her while she bathed. But the fun ended, when I was packed off to a boarding school.

When I shared my experience with Neha, she got very angry, especially when I told her how much I enjoyed sniffing my sister’s panties. She did not talk to me for days and it took a lot of convincing on my part to assure her that these were fantasies and I had never violated my sister.

That was the end of my role playing with Neha, until we started chatting with other couples online. Neha soon learnt that other men also fantasized about taboo stuff, including their own sisters and moms. She came around to the conclusion that I was normal and not some pervert.

She never got angry with my fantasies since then, and to make up for her earlier outbursts, she started actively participating in role Güngören escort plays with me. She would often dress up like my little sister and tease me. I would sometimes spank her as well, which added to the fun. At other times, she would play my mom. She would catch me sniffing panties and punish me. She would gag me with her panties, made me lick her, and face-sat on me. Once she asked me if I would like to play daddy to her and we had some kinky sex.

With other couples online, Neha became more daring. She would often play as a sister, mother or daughter. Neha would get really wet after such chats and we had rocking sex afterwards.

I was not very keen into cyber, though I know most of my fantasies would remain just that. But I was happy for Neha, who seemed to love nasty online chats.


These fantasies were making a comeback in our lives since Mahesh and Rashmi became our neighbour. Neha would be more relaxed as she knew our son was in safe hands with them.

One Friday night, Rashmi and Mahesh had come over for dinner. The ladies were in the kitchen, giving final touch to the meal. Mahesh and I were busy watching a cricket match.

He got a phone call, after which he asked me if he can use my computer to check his mail for some document that had just arrived.

I took Mahesh to our bedroom where our desktop was. Almost immediately, my son started shouting, so I rushed back to check on him. The computer was in the sleep mode and turned back on the moment Mahesh touched the mouse.

Unknown to me, Neha had been chatting with a couple earlier in the evening, she had not logged off. Mahesh could not take his eyes off (perhaps because of the image of a shaved pussy that Neha used as the icon for her chat account) and went through some of the content. Neha was role playing with some couple and Mahesh read part of the conversation, which was mostly about swapping and incest.

When I got back to our bedroom, Mahesh was trying to log in to his email id. I sat with him, after which he checked his mail in front of me.

We had dinner sometime later, after which Mahesh and Rashmi left. Neither I nor Neha had a clue that Mahesh was now privy to some of our secrets.


Mahesh and Rashmi had İnnovia escort bayan three daughters; all were married and lived in different parts of the country. Every couple of months, they would go out for a week to be with one of their daughters.

But last December, Rashmi set out alone on one such visit, leaving Mahesh in Delhi. That weekend, Mahesh invited me over to his flat. It was very cold in and he was drinking. He offered me some good Vodka and I gladly accepted.

We talked about the usual stuff – politics, stock markets, sports – until Mahesh popped up a question. “Do you have some good porn, Piyush?”

I was stumped. I had not expected this question from Mahesh. “I am missing Rashmi… It’s extremely cold this time around and a little bit of sex doesn’t hurt,” he added.

“Do you guys still have sex?” I asked, immediately feeling bad for the question. “Off course!” he said, adding “Rashmi is very hot and wild… I wish I had more prowess to satisfy her.”

I looked at him, confused. “Don’t women lose their sex drive after menopause… Isn’t Rashmi was in her 50s,” I asked.

“Oh, no… She has a lot left in her,” Mahesh said. “I wish I could do more for her.” he added.

“See Piyush, I have a very small dick, and I have never been able to satisfy her… When I was working, I often met good people… customers at the bank, young, educated and smart… like you and sometimes, if Rashmi liked them, we would have sex,” Mahesh said. “But, now I am retired and it’s different,” he added.

I had to pinch myself to ensure I was having a real conversation with Mahesh. He was speaking about his wife so openly that I got scared.

I liked Rashmi, but never looked at her sexually. But now my dick was betraying me.

“Are you serious?” I blurted in daze.

He got up, and pulled the string of his pajamas, putting his dick on display. It was erect, but seemed all of four inches. He did not even pull the pajamas back and sat on the chair, picked up the glass and gulped down the Vodka in one go.

I did not know how to react, I wanted to get up and leave, but realized that my dick was at full mast. Also, it seemed extremely impolite to walk out at a time when Mahesh had bared open his life to me.

“You have done a great disservice Escort Kağıthane to Rashmi by sharing your personal life with me,” I said.

“She will be happy to know that I have shared it with you, Piyush,” Mahesh told me smiling. Rashmi likes you, he added.

“Would you like to have sex with her?” he asked.

It was going too fast for me. But I was completely taken in, I felt as if I will start ejaculating any time now. I so much wanted to stroke my dick in front of Mahesh, but I all I could do was to meekly ask, “What do you mean, Mahesh?”

“Would you like to fuck my wife? Would you like to lick her, suck her and fuck her in all her holes?” he said nonchalantly.

Mahesh was getting more daring, but my heart seemed to be sinking. In small voice I asked, “How can I do this? What will Neha say?”

“Oh, don’t worry about Neha. She will happily join us,” Mahesh said.

“How can you be so confident about how Neha will react?” I countered him.

“Well, she loves to get dirty online, doesn’t she? I am sure she will love to play with us,” Mahesh said.

It was my turn to be taken back. “How do you know this?” I asked. My heart was pounding, did Neha share something with Rashmi or Mahesh that I did not know, I thought.

It was then that Mahesh confided about reading Neha’s chat, the other day when he was alone in our room using our computer. He said he was sorry for invading our privacy, but added that it was a good thing to happen.

Surprisingly, I felt a sense of relief.


Soon, we were talking sex, dirty sex, and fantasies like we were old buddies. Mahesh told me about some of the encounters Rashmi had in the past, all in his presence. He said he loved to see well-endowed men taking Rashmi, making her suck their dicks, and banging her in pussy and ass.

He then got up, got rid of his pajamas, which were already around his ankles, and came around to stand in front of me.

“Show me your dick, Piyush,” he said. It seemed like an order, not a request.

I hesitated for a moment, but got up and pulled down both my jeans and boxers. I am not a hunk, but had a 6.5 inch-tool that I was proud of. Neha wanted me to be shaved all the time, even though she rarely sucked my dick.

Mahesh held my balls, pulled down the skin off my dick, and felt the hardness.

Inspection done, he collapsed on the chair, satisfied.

“It’s not the best that I have seen, but it should do the job,” Mahesh said. That was unflattering considering he sported the tiniest one, but I did not know react.

(To be continued)

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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