Caldera Ch. 01-03

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That December, I’d decided to go to the strip club as a little Christmas present to myself; it was my first time, my neighbor, Cindy, was dancing, and although her and I saw each other a lot, I figured I’d go support her. Due to me being in a wheelchair, I was allowed to sit right at the end of the runway in the middle of the room. All the dancers sashayed and gyrated in front of me, shedding their clothes, and I got a really great view of all they had to show. I watched intently as girl after girl danced, displaying their pussies and asses for all to see; I was so close I could smell the girls, their perfumes, powders, and arousal; it was just short of heaven. Then the announcer’s voice boomed over loud speakers overhead,


I watched as a large mountain came from behind the curtain at the far end of the stage; it started erupting in a cloud of smoke and this thick orange substance. Then I saw the beautiful red mane of Cindy. I was moderately surprised to see her emerge from the base of the mountain completely naked; the other girls had at least some clothing to “strip” off. I was wondering if she was the finale, then what was she going to do, then I remembered something that happened a few weeks ago:


Cindy came over wanting help with a new dancing routine.

“What are you laughing at?”

“Sorry, it’s just funny you’re asking the guy in the wheelchair to teach you how to dance; “what’s wrong with this picture?”

“Very funny Jay, I also know you’re a former theatre director, so you know a lot about theatricality and showmanship, so you’re the perfect guy to help me.”

“Looks to me like you got the ‘showmanship’ down pretty well; I don’t see why you need my help Just do things in a different way from the other girls.”

“Cute, you’ve always had this artistic eye, at least you did all through college; you’ve never not been there for me before.”

“Okay, okay, I’ll help ya!”

Cindy danced around, swaying and twirling across the room. Then she threw up her hands and sat back on the sofa, frustrated.

“See, I’m not very good at this!”

” That’s not true! You’ve got the moves hun, you’re just nervous. Take off your clothes.”

“In front of you?”

“Hun, your going to be dancing in front of a lot of guys nude, might as well get used to it. Pretend I’m just some guy there pervin’ ya!”

She tentatively stripped off her shirt and bra as she danced. She held her breasts in her hands, so I whistled and waved a dollar in the air in an attempt to calm her nerves a little.

“Hey, now, put your arms down, relax, breath in, breath out, relax! Guys can tell if a woman’s tense; loosen up; show off more, hun. Com’on, show me that ass.”

Cindy lowered her hands and started dancing; she stripped off her bottoms and twirled her panties through the air like a gymnast with a ribbon, graceful and beautiful. My whistles got louder and I voiced my encouragement, as she bent over and made a show of rubbing her creamy seam.

“That’s it; spread those legs; show us them holes, baby.”

“You make a good perv, Jay!”

“Just getting in character, which you should do.” Once you get into character, you forget other people are there.”

“But I don’t have another character, I’m not really acting.”

“I beg to differ, baby; you’re a performer, that’s really all acting is; you’re you playing an exotic dancer.”

“And I’m very good at it.”

“Not from where I sit, you look amazing, baby, I think you’d be a huge compliment to the club!”

“I’m nervous, I start in a week, could you be there?”

“Wouldn’t miss it. Besides, a little nerves are a good thing, but you don’t need ’em, your body’s truly spectacular!”

“Thanks for the advice, I’ll take everything into consideration.” _

Cindy danced around the stage; I felt proud she was giving it her all as she bumped and ground for all to see. She took the pole and danced around it, in rhythm with the soundtrack, displaying her body to the crowd. Cindy confidently presented her drenched hot-pink pussy and her puckered, purplish asshole as she spun happily around the long phallus. I delighted in her beauty as she moved to the music.

The music changed to a slower pace, and she made her way down the runway, smiling beautifully, her breasts heaving majestically forward, delightful perky b cups, perfect for her petite body. When she saw me there, smiling and whistling; her step picked up. Cindy turned around and squatted at me, letting me smell the intoxicating aroma of her aroused holes. She got on her hands and knees, and I noticed a tiny string trailing from her ass as she wiggled her hips tantalizingly in the air. She reached behind herself and held the string to my lips as she looked back over her shoulder and told me,

“Bite and Sefaköy escort bayan hold this.”

I was too drunk on her to think; I just did what she seemed to be saying and took the string into my mouth as I watched her beautiful body shift, and she crawled inch-by-inch back up the runway. With every inch she went, a bead would emerge from her asshole. I watched, almost delirious, as each bead made her pussy drip its juices down her slit. When she’d crawled about two feet away and eight or nine beads were between her and me, she reached her hand between her legs and massaged her dripping clit and moaned, obviously enjoying herself as her fingers weaved through her lips and her hand cupped and patted her succulent pussy mound.

She turned over and writhed on the stage, arching her back and pinching her nipples. Her hands slid down her chest and spread her pussy lips into a heart shape; that was a great touch, yet I was fixated on her drooling cunt and sopping asshole. She massaged her clit with her fingers and slipped the first two from her left hand into her hungry pussy, squishing her juices, as she pumped her sweet hole, masturbating for our pleasure. Cindy was really getting into it, bucking, and moaning, and thrashing on stage, to all the delighted catcalls and whistles. At last, her body stiffened and a loud squeal came from her as her orgasm swept through her body like a blissful tsunami. She writhed around a se, and then just lay still, letting her legs slay, displaying her engorged pussy and dripping holes to the masses. Then she got up and smiled and waved triumphantly as the money counter hit its highest mark of the night. Everyone cheered and whistled while Cindy made her way down the runway toward me. She bent over to get her anal beads and flash her ass to the crowd, wiggling it seductively as she swiveled to give me an eyeful. I could see and smell how hot her pussy and ass were. She straightened and did a high leg kick, holding her right leg up, presenting her holes once more; she was feeding off the attention. The money counter kept going up as she sashayed off the stage, theatrically wiggling her indelible ass as she exited backstage.

After the show that night, I took Cindy to her car and made sure she got there ok. I figured she’d have a lot of fans after her performance –it must have been to well lit and video cameras were all around the lot—still, I followed her back to our apartment building. I took her to her front door –felt really nice with her in my lap as we got on the elevator –then she noticed my hardness and commented,

“Well, you’re officially not paralyzed, was the show really that good?”

I got red in the face and nodded affirmatively, grinning like an idiot, as she wiggled her hips

“The show was wonderful, trust me, “little Jay” doesn’t need any encouragement”

She turned her head and smiled then reached down to give my throbbing member a sweet pat, breathily saying,

“You can come to my place and I’ll take care of little Jay for you.

As much as I wanted to think she would “fix” my hard on; I knew she was overly tired and probably a bit tipsy too –damn morals. The elevator got to her floor in a few seconds, and we went down the hallway to her apartment, she commented happily,

“Wait right here; a girl must answer nature’s call; I’ll be back in a sec.

She winked and hurried off down the little hallway. I waited, scanning her apartment with my eyes, thinking, “This apartment’s got more furniture …hey, why does she have a hallway, this is an apartment building, the floor plans are supposed to be the same …oh well, probably a good thing I don’t have a hall; my chair’d probably scratch it up anyway.” Cindy snapped me out of my reverie by yelling from down the hall,

“Hey, Jay baby, come ‘ere.”

I went down the hall and heard some rustling in one of the rooms, so I turned to look in there. I was delighted to see Cindy lying on the bed; her knees were up and her hand was between her spread thighs, playing with her pussy. The curve of her hip looked lovely in the light of her bedside lamp. As I moved forward she turned her head to look at me,

“Mmm, the show tonight turned me on a lot, and since you saw me do this at the club; I thought you’d like a more intimate show.”

Transferring onto the bed beside her, I reached out to touch her beauteous thigh, caressing and kneading her hip, not believing how beautiful she looked,

“So, Caldera huh? Good word! How’d you come up with that?”

Cindy smiled wickedly and wordlessly she took my wrist and guided it to her sopping pussy,

“My fingers are great, but yours would be so much better, touch me, Jay …please. Make me cum.”

She licked her juicy fingers and kneaded her bobs as I took the hint and ran my thumb up through her sticky lips to massage her throbbing clit as my index finger softly caressed her puckered asshole. Her plentiful juice flowed around my digits, coating Yenibosna escort my hand in creamy sex, glazing her holes with her liquid femininity as I rubbed my fingers against her skin, bringing them together around her clit. Cindy moaned breathily and thrashed her head from cheek-to-cheek,

“Oh God, Jay, this feels so good …don’t stop, don’t ever stop …Oh, please, make me cum.”

I kissed around her knee as I straightened her right leg, never breaking contact with her dripping pussy for more than a second. I then leaned forward to plant a deep kiss on her clit as I tenderly pressed my first two fingers in her soaked asshole and my thumb slid easily into her drooling cunt, pumping her lower holes while I kissed and licked all of her sweaty body I could reach,

“Uhn, you’re doing great, Jay … don’t stop! …DON’T EVER STOP!”

Cindy bucked and thrashed, clutching tightly to the sheets, on the bed as her pinching and pulling on her breasts and nipples coupled with my rhythmic ministrations were sending waves of pleasure through her entire body. Her joyful moans filled the room and soon became rapid squeals of pure ecstasy as she lashed her head back and forth, slamming back into the bed with fierce undulations. She managed to cover her face with a pillow to stifle her deafening cries of unbridled passion as her massive orgasm swept through her body. Her succulent sex bathed my hand and her cries of bliss, although muffled, still filled the room.

I kept pumping my hand into her sated holes as I raised my face to look at her smiling delightedly, eyes closed laid back on the pillow, hair damp and strewn about –angelic. My face dripped with her wondrous fluid. She lifted her head to see me and chuckled,

“Oh my God, was all that me?”

I just smiled and brimmed with pride, drawing my fingers back but not out of her. I leaned forward to kiss her ardently, and she cleaned my dripping face with her silken tongue.

“Mmm, delicious! Thank you, Jay!

When she lay back on the bed, I pushed my fingers deeply into her, forcing some latent juice to drip from her overwhelmed pussy. She gasped and collapsed.

“Uhn …nice touch, baby, thanks again, you’re by far the best.”

Smelling her inebriating arousal, I just smiled and lowered my face to kiss and lick the Arrant juice from her swollen pussy, licking up her warm slit.

“Mmm, think you may wanna rethink that, baby, this is.”

I withdrew my sopping fingers from her sated holes and offered Cindy the first taste. She took my fingers into her mouth and sucked her elixir from them, swathing her tongue around and around. As I leaned in to lick my hand and kiss her enthusiastically, sharing the blissful fruits of our labor. Her and I kissed fully as my hand roamed her chest and patted her moist little pussy.

“Thank you so much, baby! That was just what I needed; now it’s your turn.”

I just leaned forward and kissed her forehead, smiling, savoring her intoxicating sensuality as my lips met her excited skin. She looked up at me and smiled softly—it was the most beautiful thing I’d seen—and nodded. I kissed the top of her pussy with a smile, got back in my chair, and went to my apartment

Caldera III By Writerotic

I went to my apartment and took care of “little Jay” myself; Cindy’s aroma pervaded through me, and I was so energized by what just happened; I needed something to relax me so I could fall asleep. The next day passed fairly uneventfully, but Cindy called a little later that afternoon:

“Hey, Jay, just wanted to thank you for last night, baby, woke up with a big smile on my face, and a great memory.”

“Same here trust me, Darlin. Thanks for callin’.”

“I felt I had to baby, you were terrific; your “magic fingers” really did the trick …really.”

I was feeling immensely energized by the delight in her voice and was about to say it was my pleasure, when I heard a knock at my door,

“Ugh, hold on a sec, please”

I put the phone on speaker and moved to the door to look through the hole. What I saw was a dark haired woman with very fair skin, waiting happily. I opened the door a crack and asked who she was while my eyes took in the whole situation; she was moderately tall and very well built from what her long, black trench coat showed me.

“Hi, I’m Brooke, may I come in?”

I unlatched the chain and ushered her into my apartment, and as soon as the door shut behind her, Brooke took off her trench coat and showed me how well built she was. My eyes scanned her beautiful body, delicious, long legs; inebriating hips and thighs, gorgeous back, neck, and shoulders; her body was simply intoxicating. She looked back at me over her shoulder and winked,

“I was making sure I was ready for your magic finger treatment … you like?”

I smiled knowingly, took Brooke’s coat, and threw it on the couch,

“Very much! The bedroom’s just through that door.”

I Escort Halkalı heard Cindy comment over the phone, “Geez, Jay, you waste no time huh?”

Brooke and I looked at each other and smiled, and then we said into the phone,


I showed Brooke into the bedroom and purposefully left the door open. Brooke looked around the room in awe at the spaciousness,

“Woah! You could nearly fit my whole living room in here.”

Sitting on the edge, she hopped gently then stood up, turned around and leaned on it, pressing down, testing the springs. Then she crawled on my bed, wiggling her delightful ass as she looked back at me. Brooke collapsed face down on the bed and brought her knees up to her sides, exposing her succulent pussy and aching ass more to me. I was stunned a moment as her arched back and inebriating beauty captivated me.

She wiggled her toes and smiled at me softly, which snapped me out of my reverie. I went over to the bed and sat on the edge, much like I had done at Cindy’s, and leaned in to place tender kisses on her sweet ass and hips as I brought my hand up to play with her moistening pussy, making her whimper and wiggle with the gentle caresses of my lips and ardent fingers. Brooke let out a forceful moan as my tongue swiped up her engorged slit and her eager ass as my hand cupped her rounded pussy mound –pulsing my fingers around her supple flesh, stirring her juices—while I laved her asshole with my tongue.

I pulled my head back but kept rubbing her sensitive flesh with my fingers. Her fluid sex enveloped my digits as they swirled and massaged over her juicy clit and succulent asshole. The wonderful aroma of her arousal filled my nostrils, and her delighted moans of pleasure filled the room.

“Unh …unh …unh …Jay, please …”

When I felt her holes were ready, I buried my first two fingers in her hungry cunt, and stuck my thumb deep into her tight rectum. She squirmed as I pumped her deeply and smoothly, undulating her hips, grinding her clit into the mattress,

“Oh God, Jay …what are you doing to me …unh …unh …unh”

I pumped Brooke rhythmically and methodically, delighted with the similarity to Cindy’s juicy pussy and indelible sensuality. My fingers were sliding in and out of her as she ground and bucked into the mattress. It wasn’t long till I felt her muscles tense, so I thrust my fingers deep and hard into her hole. She ground hard into the bed and screamed loudly as her orgasm crashed through her body. Then she collapsed in a sweaty heap and panted as my fingers kept pumping while she caught her breath,

“Oh my God …that was fucking amazing, baby. Thank you!”

I took my fingers out of her sopping holes as Brooke moved to sit on the edge of the bed, her legs slightly apart as she smiled from-ear-to-ear.

“That was just what the doctor ordered, Jay,”

then with a wink of her eye, she spread her legs wide, offering her pussy to me.

“Come and get it, baby, you’ve earned it.”

I leaned forward and started kissing her delightful perineum and tasted her inebriating juice as my tongue made it’s way up to her aching clit then back to her delectable asshole. Slow and rhythmic back and forth, driving her into a frenzy as I devoured her divine femininity. Her hands threaded through my hair; her creamy thighs hugged my head as she moaned in ecstasy. I licked and slurped as I munched on Brooke’s delicious pussy, licking patterns and tracing her contours with my tongue as my finger slid into her excited asshole and pumped into her a few times. She clutched my head tighter to her and screamed as she flooded my face with her wondrous cream.

“Ummmhhh …you’re astounding, Jay baby! No man’s ever made me cum like that!”

She licked her succulence from my face and sucked my fingers

“Now I want your cock.”

She reached down and undid my pants, exposing my raging erection, and took my hardon in her hand. Then she slid forward, straddling my lap, as she lowered herself down onto my stiffness, her pussy engulfing my throbbing cock. She bounced letting my masculinity slip nearly out of her then came back down on it, coating the shaft with her fluid essence. Then she sped up and rode me like a world champion bull rider. Our screams and moans mingled as our bodies slapped each other, such exquisite noises while our orgasms mounted.

Unh …fuck me, baby …fuck me, fuck me …don’t stop …oh god yes”

Soon I felt her muscles clamp around my hardness, hugging it into her, and I let my sperm erupt, spurting my hot, sticky seed deeply into her warm hole, as her gates opened and her own orgasm coursed through her body like a tidal wave. Our gasps and pants, filling the room while we came down. Brooke held me in her and ground her hips on me, twisting around my sensitive cock. I spasmed each time her velvety wall brushed against my hyper sensitive cockhead.

Brooke tried to stand on shaky, spent legs, but collapsed backwards on the bed, panting exhaustedly. I sat there pleased with myself, smiling from ear-to-ear.

“Oh God, that was the best fuck I’ve ever had, Jay, baby, thank you!”

Just then we heard Cindy’s voice over the speakerphone.

“Ahem, excuse me?”

Brooke and I looked at each other and burst out laughing.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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