Brief Encounter: Enjoying the Ride

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And another quickie 1k story. Just a gal amusing herself during the trip…


The teasing whisper of a breeze tickled up her leg as she lifted it to climb into the passenger door of the car. It flirted along her inner thigh, rising in a breath to caress the fine, closely-trimmed stubble of hairs along her naked intimate parts: such were the advantages of going without underwear on a fine warm, sunny day. She paused to allow herself an indulgent shiver, just for a moment, then lowered herself the rest of the way into the car seat.

He hadn’t been watching, too absorbed in preparation for the drive ahead. That was fine, she’d make him notice her soon enough. The top was down on their convertible, so she leaned back to bask in the glow of the sun as the rumbling engine commenced with eating up the miles. The countryside around was suitably picturesque, the roads hard and just a little rough; the sporty suspension let more than a little of the wheels’ frequent tremors through to her. She began to shift around a little, idly seeking to press some receptively sensitive regions against the juddering seat beneath. His eyes were still glued to the road.

Warmed through the thin fabric of her light summer dress, she closed her eyes and leaned back against the headrest. The flimsy material of the dress rustled softly over her chest, coaxing her otherwise uncovered nipples into a rousing stiffness that heightened as they caught the veiled kiss of kolej escort bayan the breeze. She lifted her arm from its rest atop the side of the car and let a fingertip circle gently around one of the raised points, feeling a mild thrill of the contact filtering through her dress. She let her thumb brush across the firm surface of her breast to just underneath the nipple, trapping it between thumb and finger before pinching, lightly but with increasing firmness. The tip of her tongue slipped out to run along her lip as she squeezed. The other hand lifted from her lap a moment later to catch the other bud straining from her bosom in its fingers, and she amused herself in the bright sunshine and cool contrast of the wind flowing around them with deft little tugs, tweaks and twists that brought a whole new heat to her cheeks.

When they bounced over a bump in the road, her fingers tightened reflexively around her sensitive nubs. She gasped, the sound smothered by the windstream and omnipresent growl of the motor. Her nipples, and something hungry deep inside her, throbbed. Suddenly, the almost ephemeral covering of her thin dress was stifling. Releasing her hold on herself, with some reluctance, she instead took the plunging neckline of the garment in hand and tugged out and downward. The dress strained its shoulderstraps for a moment until she released, the hem catching beneath the twin swells upon her chest to leave both boobs Escort sihhiye fully exposed in the sun. Biting a corner of her lip in anticipation, she let a hand close over each perky mound and pressed, inward and together; curling in her fingertips she began again to tease her nipples as she cupped herself beneath the bright sky as they raced along. There was still no response from the driver. She gazed sidelong at him, and chuckled beneath the shroud of road noise.

After a few minutes of relaxed groping, she released her breasts to leave them enjoying the pleasant weather. Although her lower body was tucked away down in the car out of the slipstream, she was still keenly aware of the nakedness of her nethers. It was time to take full advantage. She reached down and quickly slipped a hand beneath the dress and began to run eager fingertips up and down her moistening folds. The buzz was instant and electric, and she was soon filling herself up with long, greedy fingers. Meanwhile, her other hand was creeping away to explore somewhere different.

The man in the driving seat next to her was not startled by her taking gentle hold of his thigh, although his eyes widened a little when he glanced in her direction to see the display she was making of herself. Her fingers walked their way up his leg with languid ease, and he hurried to shuffle his knees further apart in order to accommodate her designs. She found the button at his sincan escort fly and flicked it open, reaching inside through the resultant gap to rummage around in his boxers. She had stoked him up to semi-hardness by the time his length was liberated from the confines containing it. Just the sight of the firm rod of flesh was enough to make her mouth water. She leaned in closer, lips parting expectantly, catching his eye. With an elegantly raised eyebrow, she indicated toward the side of the road.

As soon as the engine’s roar died away his thickness was inside her mouth, with scarcely a pause for breath. Her body coiled around in the car seat to press her face down into his lap, and just as his bulbous tip hit the back of her mouth she curled and splayed the fingers still lodged inside her to push with determination against her body’s inner walls. He could only sit in the driver’s seat transfixed as she slurped along his length and polished the sensitive skin of his shaft with her tongue. One by one, she ran along and lit off every single one of the nerve clusters that she knew would drive him crazy; as she did, she rubbed away inside her own engorged sex in a firm, methodical massage. She knew exactly what to do to bring them both up to a point of molten lust, carefully working to keep them both at the same feverish, rising pitch until, finally, their forcefully liquid explosions were virtually simultaneous.

She took her time to enjoy the warmth of the sunlight and the silkiness of the creamy sap swirling around on her tongue for a good few minutes after finishing. Once she’d swallowed the last delightfully sweet-salty drop, she turned her gaze back on the flushed face of the man sitting next to her:

“Move over, it’s my turn to drive!”

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