Life Decisions- Laura’s Route 02

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There are two versions of this story- Route 1 and Route 2

This is Route 2

Its typically Bazzle- there is smoking, drinking, and peeing.

Please let me know which version you like.

As ever I have read through this several times, some gramma will have slipped through the net.

Life Decisions Adult Beginnings Route 2 – Mother Comforts

Chapter 1 Home Time

Laura slowly brought her car forwards on to the driveway, the black tyres crunching as they gripped on the grey granite gravel chippings. She pressed her thighs together then wiggled her hips forward as she pressed her large chest firmly against the now straining seatbelt. She wiggled her bottom and stretched her neck as far as she could as she tried to sit up higher in the chair and peer over the steering wheel. She was concentrating and focusing on the furthest tip of the bonnet. Just to be sure that she stopped after pushing the bumper far enough into the unruly, but pretty green rhododendron bush. This was her failsafe method as to make sure that she left just enough space for her dad’s car to be parked beside hers. With the hand break cranked on, she firmly squeezed her thighs hard together as she waited for the electric motor to slowly wind her window the rest of the way up.

Grinning happily, she took three long gulps from her water bottle and licked up lips before taking her bag as she jumped out of the car. Then whilst leaning her weight against the bodywork, as she looked back across the road. With a beaming smile she waved at the blue fiesta parked a little further down. She wiggled her thighs together as she waited in front of the green wooden door. The faux running on the spot to stay warm had two reasons. Firstly, she now urgently needed a wee, and secondarily she wanted to stay warm as she hunted for her key in her bag. She then pulled the copper-coloured key from inside her handbag and waited for that moment. It was predictably coming. It soon came. Her boyfriend Adam’s firm warm arms were quickly wrapped around her waist. She enjoyed the affectionate squeeze. She moaned and nuzzled back as he affectionately clutched her slightly soft squidgy middle. She hated it when he played with her stomach, but she knew why he was doing it. She paused and snuggled the back of her head against his crook of his neck as she twisted the Yale lock as his hands migrated around and stretching the skirt as his fingers migrated down inside the front of her black skirt. After a few seconds pause for enjoyment of his fingers trawling through her pubes, exploring deep down inside her tights and her rather sweaty but excited and moist crotch. The door was finally opened, and they practically finally fell into the house.

As every on the third Wednesday of the month, the house was rather conveniently dark and empty as she got home late from work. Her Mum, Trisha, had already left and was out at her parish meeting and Dad, Dereck, was out for a meal meeting his usual customers. Adam and Laura used this time to their advantage.

Adam used the soles of his black size 10’s and deftly kicked the door shut, the Yale lock loudly clicking as she sighed loudly and fell back against the wall. She smiled and looked at him in the eyes as he stepped forward and with a loud grunt, he leant forwards and squeezed his body her hard against hers pressing them both the wall as he kissed her with frantic passionate energy on the lips. With their eyes closed he blindly unbuttoned her white work blouse two buttons at a time. As they continued with the sloppy kisses. Laura’s hand migrated up the wall beside her and flicked the light switch the hallway took the three seconds for energy saving lightbulb that her dad was fanatical about to warm up, they both paused whilst waiting for it to illuminate them before they smiled at each other chuckled and kissed again.

His hands migrated around to her backside and briefly pulled her off the wall and then with a tug on the zip her black knee length work skirt was unzipped, and white silk petticoat soon followed as they dropped around her black 40 denier covered ankles as they slowly bounced with kisses and groans against the hallway wall and shuffled towards the stairs.

They stopped and grinned at each other “So, a good day at work?” Adam asked as stroking Laura face as smiled and wavered her head uncommittedly, and they kissed again.

As they again broke for air, she replied “It was shit, but since your texted at two asking, I’ve been drinking coffee and looking forward to you all afternoon!” she grinned as she stoked her hand across his stubbly face and leaned in and they kissed again.

“You smell and taste delicious,” they kissed again “I guess you haven’t…

“Ad…shush…of course not, I’ve been at work, not out drinking with the girls!” she moaned as his hands cupped her buttocks and passionately kissed again as his hands continuously squeezed her naked buttocks through the tights.

“Law, can we go upstairs…to istanbul travesti you know, the bathroom now?” His face alive as he asked and kissed again.

Laura nodded running her tongue along her now saliva wet lips as a thought crossed her face. She gently bit her bottom lip. “Oh, actually, in a second Ad, I need to put the oven on for mum and me!” she grinned and kissed him again before pushing and relinquishing his arms around her body and then hopped a couple of uncontrolled movements as she stepped out of the skirt.

Adam followed annoyingly caressing and squeezing her bottom through the tights as they walked into the kitchen and as she seductively bent over to turn the oven on to gas mark 6, he slid his hand on the gusset of her smooth tights and between her now very warm, moist, turned-on crotch. Laura squealed with excitement as Adam smiled “Oh you are wet!” he grinned as she batted his hand away. “Did you?”

Laura grinned, “Maybe, just a little maybe on the way over…just for you!” She giggled. “That’s very nice…but…I know just…where… your finger….is…oh yes!” She moaned as he wiggled his hand “…but please Ad, I do still need to go, oh that’s nice…please don’t ladder my work tights, I will still need them for tomorrow!” she jested as she wiggled her bottom vigorously against his hand.

“But you’re not wearing any knickers again and I’m enjoying feeling the rather delicious very wet you!” he stroked his hand again harder between her thighs and she continued to moan loudly.

She snorted and audibly took a deep breath and placed both hands on the counter groaned “Just don’t….break…it’s all that…yet…never mind, oooh that’s so nice,” she softly squealed as he slid his hand in and out between her soft thighs ” But Ad you…that is tooooo nice, please stop…I will wet myself here!” she squealed as she stepped wider apart releasing his hand from between her thighs and crutch. With a grin she stepped around his outstretched hand to the side to the fridge and shivering from the blast of cold air as she pulled out the cheese laden mash potato covered shepherd’s pie her mum had made earlier in the day, putting that on the work top to come to room temperature for a bit. She shut the fridge door and shivered again.

With the dish safely on the counter she then turned Adam again as he wrapped his arms around her, she whispered, “I’m now cold…warm me up,” and smiling with one hand unclipped her white bra. Laura kissed him and glared before glancing back to the kitchen window with blind wide open before shrugging her shoulders as she looked back at him focusing on her his eyes, before going on tiptoes and kissing him again, with her chest against his she slowly slipped her hands out of straps took a kiss and stepped away from him letting it slowly fall off her chest and to the floor between them before pressing her body against his again.

“Law, can we go upstairs now, you told me you were desperate hours ago?” Adam whispered softly as he gently cupped her left large left breast with his hard, twisting her large erect nipple between his fingers as she groaned before squishing closer again and grinding their clothed hips together whilst kissing. “As you know I haven’t got much time!”

Laura rolled her eyes and nodded with her bright blue-green eyes and released her lips as hand in hand she then led them up the stairs, Adam’s spare hand squeezing her wobbling white buttocks bobbing on every step through the stretched transparent fabric. No sooner had had Adam pushed her backward on to the bed than the damp tights were quickly peeled off her the crutch and legs- almost ladder free.


Adam hopped up and down at the end of the bed and pulled up his black boxers and then found his trousers a little further around the bed and turned at smiled at the grinning and equally naked Laura sprawled out on her back across the mattress. He affectionately ticked her toes, and she affectionately kicked him back before concentrating on pushing his cock back inside and doing his fly up.

“I will definitely see you tomorrow evening Law, you going to come over to mine?” he stated as he pulled his shirt over his head and tidied up the last couple of buttons as she grinned.

“Ok Ad, but you could, if you wanted stay here for tea and here afterwards.” She patted the bed “There is plenty of shepherd’s pie!” she almost wined.

Adam smiled as he sat down on the bed and grunted as he bent over “No, I need to go and see dad.” He replied as he pulled up his socks.

Laura rolled her eyes “Please?”

“Sorry Law, I promised him, I will text you when I get home later.”

“Oh, okay.” She frowned and gently kicked him in the back pushing him up off the bed before he turned and smiled at her, before crawling back, his hands migrating over her naked body and giving her one last final passionate kiss on the nipples and then her mouth.


Laura’s step almost bounced happily as she hurriedly travesti istanbul skipped naked along the landing to the bathroom and rather jumped in the shower and within seconds. She was having her now rather overly desperate post coital pee. She chuckled that Adam had forgotten he wanted to watch her as the yellow fluid quickly mixed with the white soap suds and fresh water was flowing over her hair she was happily singing into the showerhead as she lathered the suds and her now enjoyably sweaty and sticky body clean.

Twenty minutes later she was out of the shower with her large green fluffy towel wrapped around the top of her chest, and an equally fluffy white one in a turban style on the top of her head. She wiped the condensation off the mirror and smiled at her now calm happy face reflected back, she then headed to her bedroom to get dressed.

As Laura rummaged within the neatly folded pine façade drawer, she nodded, she pulled out her comfortable large bright pink pyjama shorts, she sat on the edge of the bed bounced a couple of times, and with a grin before and rubbed the towel on her smooth shaved legs and leaned forwards and pulled her shorts up to her knees. She sighed and rolled her eyes as she heard the doorbell loudly, almost urgently three times. She stood up, she wiggled her legs and hips and pulled the shorts up her still slightly sticky damp legs and then with a sigh and another jiggle of her hips as the fabric continued to stick to the damp patches. With a final wiggle she got them the whole way up. She then straightened the towel down making sure she was decent the best she could on top and headed down the stairs tightening the twist of the towel and shouting, “I am on my way!” as she went. She smiled at the memories of an hour ago as she picked up her discarded blouse, skirt, and petticoat off the floor at the bottom of the stairs and folded them over her arms as she peered through the opaque glass door and frowned as the shadows, she could see she twisted the lock and opened the door and winced as she stared at the male and female uniformed police officers.


With shear panic running through her head, she offered them a seat as she hurriedly dumped her underclothes on the counter as waited for the kettle to boil. Out of the corner of her eye she panicked as then she guiltily bent down, shrugged her shoulders, and picked up the white bra off the floor and nervously folded in half before putting it on the other clothes on counter next to the kettle. The two officers standing there, they mentioned words like “car accident” and “hospital” but it was rather difficult to take it all in. She finally stopped flitting around when they then asked about regarding next of kin, and Laura had to double check the wall clock and focus to explain that her mum didn’t get home from the meeting until about nine.

Laura poured the hot water in to the three cups, splashing some out of the cup as her hand was shaking and absentmindedly poured far too much milk in and then stirred offering the officers sugar which they politely refused she put two spoons of sugar in hers, she felt like she needed it.

She again sighed loudly as her bum reached the chair at the kitchen table and then flicking the towel out crossed over her legs, she tutted as she tugged at the top her towel again and tried to cover her legs by sorting the flap at the corner of the towel. Trying to keep it over her bare legs desperate to remain semi-decent in front of the police, she then again offered the officers to sit down, which this time they did. Laura then tried to listen to the officers as they repeated themselves again, this time hoping a cup of tea will help her focus and listen.

A few long painful minutes the front door eventually banged opened with the noises of bags and coat swishing against the wall and then the footsteps down the hallway.

“Evening Law,” Trisha called out.

“Were in the kitchen!” Laura called back.

Trisha over emphasised a sniff as she came down the hallway “Did you have a good day at work? Did you forget to put dinner in the oven, I can’t smell it? Also, Law did you see the police car outside? Who is that for? Number 27 again I thought they had finally moved out?” Trisha prattled away to herself as she made her way down the hallway towards the kitchen carrying her brown handbag.

Laura turned and winced and her shoulders sank further as she looked across at the shepherd’s pie still sitting on the counter and not in the turned on oven and then looked back towards the doorway as Trisha’s flustered head appeared, her face dropped as she surveyed the scene, “Us Mum, they are here for us…” Laura stated dejectedly as Trisha’s smile disappeared, she then sighed and leaned her head against the door frame at the sight of the police officers solemnly looking back at her.

“Oh.” Trisha said as her face collapsed into horror as she looked across at the stern, but friendly looking police offers sitting at her kitchen table istanbul travestileri drinking a cup of tea.

After them both listening the female police, officer again repeat her sentence. Trisha’s head collapsed into her hands as tears poured down her cheeks “Fuck it, sorry, it’s no good, sorry Law, need a ciggie!” she mumbled quietly with her head looking down at the table and her head, with tear sodden red eyes looked up she wiped the tears away with the back of her hand.

Laura’s eyes widened and leaned forward to get closer to Trisha wrapping her arm around her back in support “Pardon mum?” she asked as own large tear drops tickled down her rosy, red cheeks and dripped on the table as she tilted.

Everyone sat in silence for the thirty seconds it took for Trisha to compose herself blowing her nose several times on the new crunched up face tissues slowly building a white snowy mountain of snotty tear-filled tissues in the middle of the table. She bunched the latest tissue up and dropping it on the pile and pointed up towards the kitchen cabinets “Sorry Law, I need a cigarette, can you reach on top of the cupboard you know the Weetabix one.” She sighed and again pointed up above the cupboard.

“What am I looking for?” Laura asked as she stood up, grabbing her towel which started to creep down her chest as she caught it on the back of the chair, she again twisted the top and then opened the cupboard and peered in on tiptoes.

Trisha rolled her eyes “You must be able to see it, a pack of cigarettes and lighter, its only for emergencies officers, you know…” She stated apologetically as they looked at each other shrugged their shoulders.

Laura whilst balanced on tip toes looked back “Mum!” she squealed and then looked apologetically at the police officers and shrugged her shoulders.

“Law, they should be behind there somewhere.”

“But Mum!” Laura asked.

Trisha tutted her greying short bob cut hair bouncing and swaying as her head moved “I will explain all later.” She stated as she watched Laura moving gingerly on tip toes trying to hold on to her towel with one hand as her fingers on the other migrated across the top of cupboard before pulling down with a very puzzled face a pack of Marlboro lights and a pink Bic lighter. Laura held them away from her body as if they were toxic in her hands, gently placing them on the table.

“Are you sure mum?” Laura asked as they all looked at pack on the table.

Trisha sniffed and reluctantly nodded “Law, in these situations, very much so, I am sorry.” She stated very firmly as her hands moved so she securely gripped her hand over the pack and flipped open the lid.


Trisha looked across at the uncooked pie and then back at Laura “Law we both haven’t eaten anything, and I have starving, but I guess I need to come across to the hospital right away?” Trisha asked though the cloud of her recent slow exhale as she confidently flicked her cigarette above the glass with a small amount of water in it and then dragged again.

“Yes ma’am, sorry, if you could?” the male police officer asked.

Trisha sighed and shook her head again and then nodded as the thoughts tumbled around in her head, she then stared at Laura “Sorry Law” Trisha apologised and glanced back at the police officers before looking at Laura again, “but you will have to drive me, as I had a glass of wine or two with Dorothy in the Rose and Crown after the meeting, if I had known this, I really wouldn’t have done so…oh only if I knew this.” She cried out again only briefly stopping so she could put the filter between her lips and drag on her cigarette and flood her lungs with smoke.

Laura sat with open mouth, in shock as she watched her mum again inhale on yet another cigarette again before closing her mouth and looking at Trisha, “No problem mum let me get dressed.” She said as she stood up again and again caught the towel as it started to slide just after she flashed her breasts to the police officer. Whilst going bright red she again twisted the top of her towel, “And then we can head over straight away.” She was still shaking her head in disbelief as she had just watched her mum and her face showing the momentary pleasure as she held the smoke within her lungs before releasing it at polluting the air in the room as she headed to the stairs.

Chapter 2 Thursday

Trisha slumped down on to the kitchen table chair which squeaked against the floor as her weight moved the feet. She glanced to the floor as she tutted as she picked up and then rearranged the piled of papers that she had been carrying in front of her before dropping them again on the table. She sighed loudly and looked across at Laura “Your Uncle James is a right pain in the backside!” she groaned running her hands through her hair before sighing again as the kitchen chair again creaked as she sat back and stared at the paperwork in front of her.

“Mum, he is only trying to help. There is a load of stuff to deal with.”

Trisha nodded knowingly, “I know Law, I’m grateful for you taking this week off, but what will help me now is…” she paused as she looked around the table and lifted and again shuffled some of the papers and looked underneath “…another cigarette.”

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