Cuckolding for Beginners Ch. 05

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Chapter V

Erin’s first time

There was silence for a few moments. Erin looked at Christina and then at me, trying desperately to read my mind. What was I thinking?

I didn’t know myself; I gulped as I returned her gaze, fiddling with my fingers absent-mindedly as she watched my foggy expression.

I had just given permission for my wife to experience sexual pleasure at the hands, well tongue, of another man. “Do you want to watch?” Christina’s face emerged into a smile as she broke the tense atmosphere. “I find it’s better to not watch for the first time. Just listen from another room.”

“Ummm… well I…”

She interrupted. “A woman will find it easier to enjoy herself if she is free of distractions. You being here is a distraction. I’ll stay with you.”

It wasn’t a suggestion, but a command. Christina’s controlling voice dominated as she rose from her seat and gestured for me to leave the room, leaving instructions for her husband as she went.

“What you’ve done is a fantastic thing.” She closed the kitchen door. “You’ve given your wife something money can’t buy. It’s a rocky road at first, but once you get going the view is fantastic, and it only gets better.”

I tuned out of her congratulatory drivel, straining my ears for the first whimper of wifely satisfaction. I was no longer concerned about my nudity in the presence of a near-stranger; it barely registered, listening solely and concentrating on the barest sound from our living room.

“Listening, eh? You’ll hear something soon enough.”

This wasn’t likely with her ranting, but I bit my tongue and said nothing, waiting for the first cries. They took a few moments: squeals and cries floated through the door, and I felt my cock stiffen into erection, shielding my inexplicable hardness from my neighbour by turning to face the sounds.

Christina whispered into my ear, her hands gripping my sides. “You have the most fuckable, spankable arse I’ve ever seen.” I gulped; her voice was seductive, her tone sexy and domineering. “I’d love to fuck your arse with one of my strap-ons after I’d spanked it. You’d like that.”


“Oh istanbul travesti don’t be shy! Your wife is receiving never ending pleasure from my husband, licking and sucking her cunt. And I know you like to be submissive, have a woman dominate you. What do you think your wife and I talk about most lunchtimes? Eh?! I’d love to share you, I love submissive men. I love making them squirm and cry, and then float away in their own feelings of compliance and submission. ‘Cos you like making other people happy, don’t you?”

The cries and squeals of my wife ratcheted up a notch, her pants clearly audible through the cheap, plywood door. “Well…”

“I know you want to go further. So does your wife. You want to have me and your wife taking turns with you. Don’t tell me you haven’t fantasised about it. Fantasised about loads of mistresses being unleashed on your naked body. Latex catsuits, whips, canes and floggers. Tight PVC trousers, strap-ons, handcuffs, rope, your wife has seen your Internet history. Even cuckoldry. We know your fantasies Peter. We know what you masturbate to. And we can give you all of that. Your wife can make all of your dreams come true. Just let us take you on that journey.”

Her hot breath landed on the back of my neck, her hands closed over my erect cock, stroking it gently as I flinched under her touch.

“Easy,” she cooed. “Go easy. But Bryn, is my subbie. He services more cocks than I do, and I do a lot. He does what I tell him, glides from one act of submission to another and to see him humiliated makes me wet. So very wet to see a man squirming and crying as they enter my world of pain and degradation. My world of nasty depravity. How would you like your wife and I to take you to places you’d only dreamt of. Places you’d only fantasised of. Because you were too scared to ask. Too scared of what we might think. It’s OK to ask now, because I know what we’re going to do.”


She interrupted aggressively. “You’ll love it. I know you will. Because deep down, you’re a submissive little slut.” Christina rubbed the head of my cock into crazed whimperings. I gripped the worktop, savouring the sensations travesti istanbul in my hard cock, listening to the sounds of my wife’s climatic orgasm and sliding into a hypnotic trance from Christina’s suggestive voice.

Her voice drifted into my conscious, but poked the very core of my arousal. Desperately firing at my thoughts as she breathed lustful mirages into my mind. “You’re going to lick pussy, suck cock and take it any way she wants. You’re going to be teased, denied and humiliated. You’re going to experience a world of pain and never-ending amounts of torture. You’re going to experience agony that you never knew existed and you’re going to know, see, hear and watch your lovely beautiful wife take endless amounts of lovers. And you’re going to love it. You’re going to crave it and beg for it, because that’s what you want. Don’t fight it, savour every last drop of your degradation because I’m going to. Your wife is going to. Everyone’s going to.”

I coughed, panting as her grip pulled me into her clothing; her hands left my cock and glided up my body, pulling at my nipples and gently pinching them. She rotated her fingers, slowly gripping my points and squeezing them until I squealed.

It hurt. But it wasn’t unpleasant. Her firm grip of my body, as her touch brought pain to my flesh, was almost relaxing. I drifted, allowing her to draw squeals of anguish as she abused me mercilessly. Her sharp nails dug into my sides, her fingers flicked against my skin, and yet I did nothing but listen to the feverish panting and screams of my wife taken to her umpteenth orgasm.

It was an intense feeling and I longed to see. My hands hovered over the door handle and Christina leant through my arms to unlock it slowly and quietly.

My wife got louder instantly, drowning out the creaking door as I stepped into the back room and watched my bottomless wife on the sofa, panting and screaming as Bryn’s tongue danced over her button.

My wife’s clit. My wife was orgasming in front of me. My wife’s taking pleasure from another.

I stood still and watched; the sexual rush of the situation filling my body as every part istanbul travestileri of me was transfixed by the sights and sounds of her orgasms.

And she had two more peaks, screaming and crying as her hips bucked and her body flushed by the intense flows of pleasure stemming from her cunt.

I was teetering on the edge of my own arousal when she could take no more; Bryn’s fingers had worked against her G-Spot; his tongue had danced a magical melody on her clit. And she was spent.

Her glazed eyes smiled welcomingly at me, beckoning her naked husband into her presence with a merest wave. “Come here,” she called and I hugged her, my erect cock slipping inside of her gushing cunt.

“Come for me,” she whispered, and for that moment I forgot I had an audience, pumping my erection deep into my wife with energetic bursts of extreme horniness. She gasped with my deep thrusts, groaning with my pushes into her wet cunt until I unloaded my cum deep within her.

I never cleaned her up; my wife complained her genitals were “too sensitive” to permit it, and Christina looked on disappointed.

We shared a bottle of wine after we became reattired and toasted my wife’s infidelity.

“You comfortable with it now?” I brushed against my insecurities as I pondered the question.

“He was being well submissive in the kitchen,” Christina teased. “I think you have a good one there.”

“Well… all that chatter. What makes you think that I fantasise about all that, and want to do all what you demand and…”

“Alas, men,” she taunted. “Such obvious indications when they find something attractive. We get a little rise out of you.” I blushed. “And I do mean little! Very, very little.”

“Yes, OK,” I snapped.

“Peter, dearest,” she patronised. “All my whisperings of submission made you horny. The pillaging of your arse, the worshipping of your cuckold status, the service of other men and women and the boundless amounts of pain. It made you hard.”

Erin giggled. “Did it?”

“Totally. I didn’t know for certain when we started. I sure hoped, because most of the men I get to play with are alpha-males, wanting to satisfy my lust with a firm fuck, and that’s good. True submissive men like Bryn come along very rarely. Until now.”

“I’m not like Bryn.”

Christina smiled. “More than you imagine,” she replied knowingly. “Far more than you think.”

As I was about to find out.

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