How Much for Extra?

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I was a pretty normal horny teenage during senior year of high school. I was held back a year in middle school so I was actually 19 in the spring graduation class. Because I was older I was looked at as the cool guy in school because back then experiences of someone a year old is so much more cool. Anyway, I figured I didn’t want to be a 19 year old virgin and I didn’t want to enter college in the fall without any experience. I couldn’t try with some girls because I had this persona of being experienced and the practice girls I wanted to try on were not biting. I figured it was time to take matters into my own hands and just suck it up and pay for it.

Well I traveled to New York City by bus after looking up some happy ending massage places. It was easy enough to call around or find some sketchy spots and talking to some older friends I knew I could get an easy hand job. Well that’s exactly what I did. Paid, showed ID, showered, and laid on the table naked.

It was a stereotypical asian lady probably in her 50s. As she made me turn to lay on my back my boner was in the center of the rooms attention, literally. Well she put a towel on it and I figured she was just trying to seem legit so I pulled it off and wiped some oil from my legs on to my hands and started rubbing it myself to give her the idea that I wanted that area taken cared of. She got the idea and took over making sure to tell me that there’s an extra charge. I came so fast since I never really used lotion or oil before in my parents basement. She cleaned me up and I left in a hurry. I knew I had 5 more hours to explore the city before my return bus was going to depart. I got lunch and then walked around thinking I needed more.

Oh to be young again and able to get an erection immediately after you just cum. Well that’s where my head was at and I needed to make the most of this trip. I was out of town where no one recognized me so I was able to take some risk and be aggressive about finding a new place that would let me have sex. I wanted to avoid paying for a prostitute hooker type situation at this point in my life so I figured massages were safe. And even if they said, at least I’ll get a handy before making my way back home to Boston.

I didn’t know how to ask the front desk of a massage parlor if they would “go all the way” and honestly I wanted someone other than an old asian lady. So I got desperate and stated asking guys wearing business suits. I got told to get lost a bunch of times until someone chuckled and told me to check out this place he frequents. I called and said that I wanted to walk in and they said it’d be extra. I asked, how much extra. $200 for a walk in massage. Well I was desperate and horny and young and stupid so I made my way over there. When I got there I told the front desk lady who was older white woman who looked like my aunts age but still very attractive that I was the walk-in that called. She gave me a look as in she was waiting on me to cough up the $200. As I pulled cash out she literally just pocketed the money right in front of my eyes and then told me to sit and wait.

I sat and waited like instructed and realized that I was not in control. She literally could pretend that I didn’t pay and she could throw me out and I’d lose $200 cash. Well after some sweating I decided I needed to ask her some questions about what the suited man told me earlier.

“Hey, so, uh, what time am I going to be seen?” I asked assertively.

“Michelle will be out in a minute.” She said without looking up from her magazine.

I didn’t have a phone as this was the early 2000’s and I had no idea if this was going to pan out. I didn’t have any friends or plan, I literally just paid this lady money for a massage that I didn’t even know if I was going to get.

“So is this like a sports massage or Swedish or deep tissue?” I asked with a little less authority this time.

“General wellness. It’ll be extra for something specialized.” the receptionist said this time peeking up at me over the cover.

“Well how much for extra?” I asked

“It goes up in $25 increments depending on the level and time. You have 1 hour general wellness.” she said flipping through the pages.

“Well, how much for extra?” I asked.

“I just told you, $25 increments. Are you deaf?” She said this time putting bursa escort bayan the magazine down.

“No, no. Sorry. I meant how much for extra. Not how much extra on top of what I already paid.” Thinking that by using my eyes to hint at her pocket telling her I know she pocketed my money instead of giving it to the company or masseuse, it’d put me back in the position of power.

Well she didn’t get scared by my gesture, but instead curious. “What extras are we talking about here?”

“Well a friend mentioned he has a really good time here. I was thinking a happier ending than just a regular happy ending.” I spurted out

“You’ll have to talk to Michelle.” She said with a giant smile that came out of the corner of her mouth.

I could tell that was all the information she was going to give me and she ended the conversation by picking up her magazine as she scoffed at me. I sat back down feeling like I was in my principals office about to get lectured on skipping class.

It felt like forever and I started to do the math, how late can this massage start in order for me to get the full hour, get back across town to the bus depot. I figured I had about 20 mins before this needed to start otherwise I’d have to cut my massage short. As I started to think how I would phrase my request to Michelle the masseuse and how aggressive I’d have to be early on if I had to cut the massage short, I almost didn’t even notice her walk in.

She tapped my arm and asked if I was ready. And as I looked up, she was the opposite of what I expected. Blonde, wide hips but thin, short, freckles and really pretty. As she led me back behind a door, down a hallway, into a room with another door and curtain I started to get really nervous. This was a pretty girl that I would love to date not just pay for sex.

“How old are you?” I blurted out like a kid about to ask a girl out before study hall.

“It’s not polite to ask a lady her age. Didn’t your mother teach you?” She said with a smile.

I panicked. Already I was off to a bad start. Then I saw her smile and realized she had this disarming sense of humor. “I’m in my 30’s. I get it all the time. I take it as a compliment for looking young.” She really put me at ease with her tone and explanation which gave me a graceful way out.

“So how much for extra?” I asked nervous.

“Well I have a client right after this so I can’t go over the hour. Call a head next time and I’ll be happy to save extra time for you.” She said cheerfully. I started to really like her a lot as she talked so nicely towards me which was different than the front desk lady. But she was abrupt and cut me off and said ushered me towards the shower and left the room.

“I’ll be back in just a minute.” She said before I could clarify.

It felt weird to be taking my third shower of the day and to prepare for another massage. I just rinsed off and hoped she wouldn’t notice the leftover oil from the first massage. She came back and the massage started with some light music to soothe and relax me. It was the flute and the sound of water. She whispered and gently pulled on my muscles in a really soft manner. I was nervous because this was a fancy place that clearly was very good at massages, unlike my first “spa” spot that morning where it was more rough, spartan, and really transactional.

It was going really well and I got a few sentences out and some response from Michelle about her technique. As she directed me to flip over I, again, was very much aroused. I let her work her way around my legs and chest and avoided my crotch. It felt like an eternity, but I finally mustered up the courage to ask. I knew I was running out of time.

“Michelle? How much for extra?” I asked.

“Well like I said, I have a client after this so no-can-do today. Sorry.” She replied as she placed an apologetic hand on my chest.

“No, I don’t mean how much extra time. I mean how much for extra… ya know… just extra touching?” I asked

“Oh, haha, sorry!” She replied using her wrist to dab at her face. Probably to scratch an itch, but more likely to hide her laugh at my misunderstanding.

“Yeah, like ya know, that part.” I looked down at my clearly engorged dick.

“Well, we can make it a quick exception. I don’t normally do this for first time clients, but I can görükle escort see you’re quite hard.” She said pressing her fingers into my pec muscles.

She started slowly using her hands to circle my shaft at the base and gently pressed upwards with increasing pressure. She was a master. I immediately wondered how often she did this, but I didn’t care, it was to my benefit.

“It’ll be $50 for touching, $100 if you finish happy.” She said with a more direct voice now. It was still friendly but this was a woman at work now not just being polite.

“Okay, how much for extra?” I asked again trying to be vague because I was nervous.

“We won’t have time for extra today. I really am booked up.” She said a little more annoyed with me this time.

“No, no. I mean like if we skipped the hands and just went for the extra part. I’ll probably be pretty quick since you’re so hot.” I said. And there it was. Just hanging in the air. The fact that I just propositioned someone my mom and aunts age for sex. And the fact that I admitted I’ll be quick. And the fact that I just told her I thought she was hot. This was all new for me. Socially and physically. I can’t believe I just told a woman she was hot, giving away all my coy, experienced power just like that. She knew I wanted her now.

“Oh, man on a mission huh? Again I don’t do that for first timers, but if you wanted me to consider it for the next time, I prefer a hefty tip of at least $350 extra on top of the $100 for a happy finish.” she said with inflection that made me realize she preferred the term “tip” to charge.

“So is that like your mouth or you know… all the way?” I said without hesitation since I was genuinely curious.

There was no cute laughing now, just a smile and a rather matter of fact: “That’ll be $500.” This whole trip cost me literally two entire weeks worth of paychecks, but I knew I needed it and I wasn’t about to negotiate with pretty Michelle who was going to do me a huge favor.

It was rather unceremonious – she stroked my shaft and then pulled her pony tail up into a bun and started sucking it. She cupped my balls and even licked and sucked it a little. She pressed against the table and my arms and head as she leaned over. I could feel her boobs press against my stomach and I was in literal heaven. This is a lot different than a dry jerk off session in my moms basement.

As I reached for her waist and ass, I let my hands slide up her shirt a bit. She grabbed my hand without stopping from her sucking and just placed them at my side. I didn’t know if I should look and take mental pictures of her sucking me so I can jerk off later or if I should close my eyes and lay my head back to relax and enjoy the moment. I oscillated between the two and then thought I should look and take it in mostly because it allowed me to sit up a bit and flex my abs. I really wanted her to be impressed with me.

As I tried to touch her again, she stopped sucking this time and said: “easy. Just lay back and relax. I’ll do all the work.” She pulled her 3/4 yoga pants and thong down at the same time. She turned her back to me which I thought was to show me her ass, but she walked away to turn the music up. Then she grabbed the bottle of oil that was hung on the waist band of her pants off the ground and lubed up my dick. In one flexible and strong move she put her knee on the table. She swung her other leg around and was hovering above my dick. She steadied herself with a hand on my chest which felt so intimate and then grabbed my cock’s tip with the other hand. She guided it right to her pussy and then sat down. It felt tight. Like really hard pushing my cock back into me a little, but then she just rubbed my head against her opening to loosen up.

As I got my tip in, it felt tight like pressure enveloping my shaft and she couldn’t get down my shaft any further. I got really worried, but then she started to push up and down and it got a little deeper in her and further down me with each movement.

Taking the hint I just laid there. Do I put my hands behind my head like all the guys do in porn? Or at my side? I’ll look like a dweeb robot with them at the side so I crossed them across my stomach. She could tell that I was nervous and didn’t know what to do. Being as sweet as she was she said to

“is bursa escort bayan it okay if I put my hands on your hips? Just to brace?” I made an excuse to touch her. She could tell I needed some guidance so she just placed them on her thighs and put her hands over mine to hold them down there. I know it was to keep me from moving my hands else where, which I didn’t try, but it felt like she was holding my hand and it was the most intimacy I’ve ever had.

As she went up and down I just tried to watch and pick up little bits of images for my memory later and to learn what a real woman looks like.

“Is it extra if I feel your tits?” I asked. It was clearly awkward because I said the word tits like a loser and because we was finally in a rhythm. And by we I mean she since I just laid here like a dead starfish.

She smiled and peeled her top off to reveal what I can only describe as tight boobs. Like they were large but not sagging in the porn movies, they were high up on her chest and looked so firm as opposed to the soft saggy ones I’ve seen online. They looked dense and firm against her chest. Her nipples were curved a little upwards and the bottom of her boobs were full that it looked like they were and upward curving slide. I didn’t know what to do so I just rubbed my palms and wrist against her nipples.

She leaned forward and they dangled in my face. Dangled isn’t the right word, it was more like smooshed. It was so odd, I only saw sagging boobs and now in real life her boobs were just perky and in my face, not swing down and away. I went to lick them but she pulled back slightly and pushed a hand down my chest as in to tell me to stay laid there. Now she was rocking back and forth grinding rather than going up and down my shaft and the veins and tendons in her neck, clavicle, and chest were tight. It made me realize how sexy a woman can be and not just her pussy, ass, tits.

Her eyes were closed and the noise coming from her pussy squishing my penis was wet and sloppy. It sounded like a wet fart every now and then. I was overwhelmed and my senses were overloaded. I just wanted to taste and touch and smell, but I just laid there like instructed. This was far more than I expected. Before I knew it, I was spurting my cum. I pinched down tightly in my pelvis region trying to keep it in, but she just kept rocking and grinding. She could see me tense up and then lifted her self up off the table.

She pushed down on my chest as I felt the pressure and then my cum oozing and dripping. “It’s okay. Just let me know next time before you do that, will ya.” She said with a smile.

She started to wipe up her pussy and my cock then put the towel in the hamper. She bent over giving me a full view of her ass and pussy finally as she pulled her thong on, then her bra, then her pants, and finally her shirt. It was like a reverse strip tease. I loved seeing her body move up close and seeing her thong’s small patch cover up her pussy mound and how some hair peaked out from behind it. I had never seen a hair pussy before up until this point. All the porn I saw was shaved.

I loved seeing her nipples poke through the bra and shirt and I knew I was ruined. Every woman I see from here on out, I’ll be imagining what her nipples look like. Then how her pants clung to her pussy and ass and I knew, cameltoe, ass cracks, etc. all of it, I’ll be imagining seeing the outlines of a random strangers lulu lemons. And just like that, I went from being a horny guy hiding his in-experience to an even hornier guy wanting to learn more. I was in love watching her body move as she left the room.

The scent was unlike anything I’ve ever smelled before. It was musty and sweaty but not offensive like a locker rooms odor. It was something I craved more of. This drove my instinct in what I was about to do next. I was compelled to reach into the hamper, pulled out the dirty hand towel she used to wipe herself and myself up with. I took a deep whiff — this will drive my actions for years to come. Then I pocketed it and carried it right next to my cock for the ride home. I didn’t shower as I wanted to scent and juices on me. I immediately went to the bathroom and jerked off at the bus stations hub then passed out on the ride home.

After I got home I took more whiffs and rubbed myself with her juices. She was so glorious that my next couple of paychecks were saved up and spent to go back and see her again and again for that summer. I was in love, infatuated, in denial, everything all at once. What a wonderful world it is to have sweet sweet pussy in it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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