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By Pink Panther

Hi everyone! Back again with a new chapter. I”m sorry it”s been a little delayed, but I haven”t been able to make contact with my usual editor. Fortunately, the good friend who does the HTML conversion for me has stepped into the breach. I don”t think you”ll find too many errors!

Feedback is as welcome as ever. Please send your comments ail and I”ll get back to you as soon as you can.

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May 1961

School resumed the following Monday. Alex had spent Saturday afternoon in the company of Whitney, Pennington and Mr Brown, while on the Sunday he”d enjoyed an especially intimate one-to-one with Bradshaw. Accordingly, he returned to work more than ready to face the challenges that lay ahead.

As the Whitsun holiday had fallen earlier than usual, Alex had his Fifth Year and Upper Sixth classes for one more week before they began their O-level or A-level exams. Knowing that both groups were already well-prepared, he just kept them ticking over, subtly building their confidence. As long as they performed up to their capabilities, he knew they”d do well.

With his other classes, he embarked on a three-week revision programme. They had covered all the work that the school exams would require. The task now was to ensure that the boys knew it as well as possible, and were familiar with the type of questions that they would face. He found that the biggest challenge was to strike the correct balance. While he did not want the boys to become complacent, he knew it was important for them to believe in themselves and feel confident that they could do what would be expected of them.

Outside of class, Alex continued his usual routine, seeing Bradshaw after school on Tuesday, Pennington on Wednesday and Whitney on Thursday. But for one thing, it was everything he could have wanted. That one thing was the continued hostility of games master Richard Needham. It was always there, nagging away at him. Knowing that the older man was hoping to catch him doing something out of order, Alex felt as though he was walking on eggshells. The saving grace was that Mr Needham”s commitment to after-school activities precluded him from snooping around when Alex was engaged in his illicit assignations. Even so, it was not an easy atmosphere to work in.

Michael also settled easily back into the routine. His schoolwork was going better than it ever had. Although he hardly saw them outside, he had a good group of friends that he socialised with at school. To cap it off, he was having sex at least five times a week. He had no complaints.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

June 1961

For Alex, the first weekend of June was everything he could have asked for. On the Saturday, he and Whitney travelled to Mr Smith”s house, where the delightful Van Kerkstraat had royally entertained them. On the Sunday, he and Bradshaw had renewed their acquaintance with Long and Mr Brown. It could hardly have been better.

When they returned to school on the Monday, the O-level and A-level examinations began. For most of the periods when he would have taught his fifth year or Upper Sixth classes, Alex was required to invigilate. Although he found the task extremely tedious, he consoled himself with the thought that at least these were exams he would not be required to mark, and over the course of the week, he did gain two additional free periods. Other than that, things continued much as they always did.

Finally, it was Saturday. As the afternoon approached, Alex became a little apprehensive. Martin was due to visit, bringing the boy Highfield with him. The young choirmaster had assured him that the lad would be far better prepared than he”d been on his previous visit, but when it came to matters of this sort, Alex was not sure how much reliance he could place on his associate”s word.

At quarter to two, the doorbell rang. Alex admitted a smiling Whitney to the flat.

“Looking forward to this afternoon?” Alex enquired.

“Yes sir, but I hope it goes a bit better than it did last time.”

“I”m assured that it will. Why not try having Highfield on his back with his legs up, see how he takes to that?”

“Yes sir. D”you think I could kiss him at the same time?”

“I”m not sure. The height difference might make that rather awkward. You could try it, I suppose.”

“Maybe I”ll just let him watch me.”

“So how are you and Pennington getting on?” Alex asked.

“Okay, sir. I don”t think we”re ever going to be friends, especially after what happened, but the sex is super. He”s a wonderful fuck.”

“Yes, I know what you mean. You just have to make the best of it.”

Just at that moment, there was a second ring from the doorbell. Alex strode to the front door to find Mr Brown and Highfield standing there.

“Come in!” he said, smiling. “Good to see you again!”

At least the lad looked more confident than he had on his previous visit, Alex noted.

“So how are you today?” he enquired.

“Very well, thank you sir,” Highfield responded. “I”m ready for it this time.”


“Sir, Mr Brown says that after Whitney”s done me, you”ll want me to sit on your lap.”

“Yes, that”s right. Have you done that before?”

“Not exactly, sir. I”ve sat on Mr Brown”s cock while he was lying on his back, but I was facing towards him rather than away from him.”

“I see. Well, it”s not much different. You”ll be fine.”

They strolled into the lounge, where Whitney and Highfield greeted each other like long-lost brothers, obviously keen to get on with things.

“I think we should do things as we did last time,” Alex said quietly to Mr Brown. “That part went rather well.”

Martin was less enthusiastic. He”d been looking forward to undressing Whitney again, but he wasn”t going to argue. They were in Mr White”s flat and convention dictated that he should abide by his host”s rules.

After the usual preliminaries, they made their way to the bedroom. Without waiting to be asked, the boys quickly undressed each other. Alex allowed himself a smile. Whitney was so much bigger and more mature. It seemed inconceivable that the age difference was a mere eight months, but that was how it was.

As soon as they were naked, the lads got on the bed. It was clear straightaway that this time Highfield was not in the least bit nervous. He”d said he was ready and he obviously was, participating eagerly as they worked towards their final step. After barely ten minutes, he was on all-fours, allowing Whitney to lick him out and finger-fuck him.

“I did everything you asked me to,” Martin whispered, turning to Alex. “Since we got back after half term, Highfield”s slept with me four times. So that”s eight times I”ve had him lying face-down.”

“You”ve done a super job,” Alex assured him, his eyes still glued to the action.

“And you were right about Arrowsmith,” Martin went on. “Once I explained the situation, he was fine.”

Alex smiled and licked his lips. Things were about to get interesting.

“Okay!” Michael said, smearing K-Y over his penis. “Turn onto your back.”

As soon as Highfield was in position, Michael held the lad around the thighs, lifting his legs right up. The smaller boy, it turned out, was very flexible, sustaining the position without needing to use his hands for support. Shuffling in close, Michael guided his cock onto his new friend”s rosebud. He took a deep breath and thrust it in.

“Oh, yeah!” Highfield gasped. “Oooooh!”

After a moment”s pause, Michael began to push in deeper, steadily reaming the lad”s tight little tunnel. He knew in an instant that the boy had been well prepared, Highfield”s rectum accepting him readily. As an added bonus, the expression on the lad”s face was priceless; a little pain, certainly, but pleasure and wonderment in abundance. It was an image that Michael would not forget. He thrust over the boy”s prostate.

“Ohhh!” Highfield exploded, his penis twitching and tingling in response.

Moments later, Michael”s pubic hair was squished up tight against Highfield”s bottom.

“Are you ready for this?” he asked.

“Yeah!” Highfield told him.

Michael set to work, fucking the boy with long, even strokes. Highfield”s eyes didn”t flicker for a moment, fixed on the bigger lad”s cock thrusting in and out of his bum-hole.

“Ohhh,” he groaned. “This is super!”

Instinctively izmit escort bayan Michael increased his efforts, thrusting in harder and faster. After barely a minute, he shuddered from head to toe, his muscles convulsed by uncontrollable spasms. His prong jerked wildly, depositing rope after rope of teen spunk deep in the smaller boy”s bottom.

After a few seconds, he carefully withdrew, completely ecstatic. Unlike their previous meeting, this had been a wonderful fuck which Highfield had enjoyed as much as he had. He flopped down onto the bed.

“That was the best ever!” Highfield enthused, turning to face him. “You can do that any time!”

He paused, looking Michael right in the eye. “I meant what I said last time,” he went on. “When I get to public school, I hope my older friend”s as nice as you.”

“Thanks,” Michael acknowledged, drawing the boy into a passionate kiss.

Finally, their lips parted.

“Are you ready for part two?” Michael asked gently.

“Yes, I think so,” Highfield answered.

“Okay, you”d better go and join Mr White. Just remember, take your time and relax.”

Getting off the bed, Highfield went across to where his host was sitting in the armchair. He began to turn around.

“Oh, don”t be in too much of a hurry,” Alex cautioned. “We”ve got plenty of time for that. Just face me for the moment.”

As Highfield complied, Alex leaned forwards, his lips closing over the boy”s stiff, four-inch penis. He sucked it expertly, flicking out his tongue to slash at the youngster”s marble-sized balls.

“Mmmmm!” he purred, gently pulling away. “You”re beautiful! I”m sure Mr Temple will find a nice older friend for you. Now why don”t you kneel down and suck mine?”

Kneeling on the floor, Highfield ran his fingers over the man”s rampant prong. Opening his mouth as wide as he could, he carefully pushed down on it, making sure to keep his teeth covered. After a moment”s pause, he began to suck. Alex was impressed. Although the lad was going no more than an inch past the head, the sensations were exquisite.

“Oh yes,” he encouraged, stroking the lad”s hair. “That”s wonderful!”

After around half a minute, Highfield let him go, his jaw aching.

“Good boy!” Alex said, smiling. “D”you know what to do with this?” he added, producing a tube of K-Y.

Highfield grinned and nodded. Alex squeezed some onto the youngster”s fingers, sitting back in his chair while the lad smoothed the slick jelly over his prick.

“Okay,” Alex said gently, reaching out a hand to help the boy to his feet. “Up you get! Now turn around and bend over.”

As the lad got into position, Alex prised apart the youngster”s bum-cheeks, his tongue lapping eagerly at the lad”s recently penetrated hole.

“Mmmmm!” he gushed. “You”ve got lots of Whitney”s spunk inside you. Right! You know what to do!”

Very gingerly, Highfield lowered himself towards the man”s lap. After a second, he encountered the head of his host”s cock pressing against his starfish. Taking a deep breath, he pushed out and down, allowing the rampant weapon to slip inside.

“Ooooh, sir” he gasped. “You”re so big!”

“Just stay where you are,” Alex instructed. “Get used to me being there.”

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

“So did you enjoy getting your cock up Highfield”s bum?” Martin asked, joining Whitney on the bed.

“Oh, yes sir! It was much better than last time. You”d prepared him really well. He”s still really tight, but he wasn”t struggling to take it.”

“Well, I know he enjoyed it. I could tell.”

“Yes, sir. He loved it!”

“And very soon you”ll be getting mine up your bum and Highfield”s in your mouth.”

“Yes, sir. I love that!”

Martin glanced across at Highfield, who was kneeling on the floor sucking Mr White”s prick. He turned back to Whitney.

“You can start by sucking me,” he said firmly.

Shuffling down the bed, Michael snaked around, plunging down on the choirmaster”s five-inch cock. Martin ruffled the teenager”s hair, basking in the wonderful sensations. After a minute or so, he looked over towards Highfield, who had just taken the head of their host”s cock.

“Okay,” he ordered, addressing himself to Whitney. “You”d better lube me up and get into position. They”ll be ready for us soon.”

Michael obeyed without hesitation. He loved being spit-roasted, especially when the boy he was sucking was old enough to ejaculate. As he positioned himself on the bed, Highfield was steadily lowering himself onto Mr White”s penis. He watched, entranced, as the last couple of inches disappeared into the lad”s bottom.

A moment later, Mr Brown”s prong was right inside him. Without waiting to be asked, Michael lowered his head and shoulders, his lips closing over Highfield”s prick.

“You can tell he”s done this a few times, can”t you?” Martin commented.

“Definitely,” Alex agreed. “You”re a very accomplished performer, aren”t you, Whitney? Now you boys keep nice and still. You know what”s coming.”

Immediately, he drove his cock upwards into Highfield”s bottom, forcing the youngster”s penis deeper into Whitney”s mouth. With Mr Brown joining in the action, Michael found the sensations quite overwhelming. As far as he was concerned, it was over too quickly. Hardly had Highfield”s little jets of boy-cum coated his tongue than the boys had their bums filled with spunk. After a few seconds, they pulled apart. Predictably, Highfield was leaking profusely.

“Bend over the chair,” Alex instructed, indicating the one by his desk. “Let Whitney perform his party-piece.”

Half a minute later, the boys made their way to the bathroom, Michael having licked his form-master”s spunk from the smaller boy”s legs and bottom.

“Well,” Martin said, smiling with satisfaction. “I think that went rather well.”

“Very much so,” Alex agreed. “A repeat performance before the end of term would be just the ticket.”

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

The following day, after Alex had taken Bradshaw for his maths tutorial, the two of them entertained Holdsworth and Mr Smith. As expected, it went splendidly, the two boys clearly very happy to be in each other”s company.

And so, on the Monday, they returned to school. In between invigilating O-level and A-level exams, Alex spent most of his time preparing his other classes for the school”s internal examinations which would take place the following week. Of course, he didn”t miss out on sex. His assignations with Bradshaw, Pennington and Whitney took place as normal. Almost before he knew it, the school week was over and he had another weekend to look forward to.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

At ten past five on Friday afternoon, Michael too was looking forward to the weekend, but as he lay on his bed, other thoughts began to creep in. He”d just had sex with Tom Pennington. It had been good, after all, the twelve-year old was a super fuck, but it had left him feeling rather uncomfortable.

It had been a few weeks since the incident in the woods. He”d thought that by this point they”d have put it behind them, but that was not how it was working out. Instead, his relationship with the younger boy had become quite prickly. Then there were his secret assignations with Mr Brown. Initially, they”d been fun, but as time had passed, he”d begun to tire of them.

He could simply tell Mr Brown that he didn”t want to do it anymore, but that would come at a price. Once September came around and he started int third year, he would no longer be welcome at Mr Smith”s establishment. More than that, Mr Faulkner was losing interest in him, preferring to spend his time with Bradshaw and Pennington. And knowing his form master”s fondness for pre-pubescent boys, Michael thought it more than probable that the man would recruit another one from among the new intake of first-years.

Without Mr Brown”s assistance, his opportunities would be severely limited. But was he really going to keep fucking Mr Brown just so that he”d be able to have sex with some younger boys? The idea made him uneasy. Surely, he thought to himself, he ought to be able to do better than that.

He remembered his relationship with Chris, but quickly checked himself. That was gone. He needed to look forward, not back. For the moment, he”d leave things as they were; there seemed little point in rocking the boat. But he felt sure that an opportunity would come his way, and when it did, he”d be ready to take it.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

The next day, Alex took Pennington to visit Mr Smith. He”d been surprised that for once, Whitney izmit eve gelen escort had raised no objection, the lad saying that he wanted to spend the weekend quietly preparing for the school exams that were due to start on the Monday.

At Pennington”s request, the fourth member of the party was Holdsworth rather than Southcott. The difference was remarkable. Pennington was far more relaxed than he”d been on his previous visit. After being fucked by the blond teenager, he”d impaled himself on their host”s cock with no protest whatever, clearly eager for Holdsworth to suck him off while Mr Smith pronged his highly receptive bottom. It was a most enjoyable experience for all concerned.

Having spent the Sunday afternoon engaged in a quite delightful one-on-one with Bradshaw, Alex returned to school feeling considerably less apprehensive then he might have done. His reputation for producing outstanding examination results had created the expectation that he would do it every time. He knew that as long as the boys performed up to their capabilities, all would be well, but that, he realised, was not something he could control. He would have to endure a tense seven days until he knew the outcome.

On the Monday morning, the second-year boys were the first to do their maths exam. After school, Alex took 2-Green”s papers home, and as soon as he”d had his evening meal, he sat down to mark them. With this group at least, his efforts had paid off handsomely. The lowest mark scored by any boy in the class was 53%. At the top of the scale, the five boys in his maths club had scored upwards of 85, with Newton achieving a quite remarkable 97. Whitney, best but one of the others, had managed a highly creditable 79. All he needed now was for his other classes to perform in the same way.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

At the request of Neil Fleming, deputy head Mr Brindley had timetabled the fourth-years to do their first maths paper on Tuesday morning, at the same time as the first-year boys were doing theirs, while the fourth-years would do their second paper on Thursday afternoon, when the first-years did not have an exam. This meant that on each occasion, Bradshaw would be able to do his maths exam sitting with Alex”s fourth-year group, without it causing any further disruption.

When school ended for the day, Bradshaw made his way to his mentor”s classroom, as he invariably did on a Tuesday afternoon.

“So how did it go this morning?” Alex enquired as the lad sat down.

“Okay, I think, sir,” Bradshaw responded. “I did it all. I think I got everything right.”

“Well done! Come and see me at the beginning of lunch break tomorrow and I”ll tell you how you got on.”

“Sir,” Bradshaw said, lowering his voice. “You won”t believe what happened after games yesterday afternoon.”

“Go on,” Alex instructed, rather disappointed that he appeared to have missed something.

“Well, sir, when we were told to go in to get changed, I”d only just finished the training Mr Daniels had given me. I had to stay outside for a few minutes to do the warm-down like he”s told us to, so I was late getting to the showers. The only other boys still there were all from 1-Green, Monk and a few others. I thought it was a bit odd, like they were up to something. That was when I noticed this kid called Ingleby had a hard-on. At first, the other lads didn”t seem too pleased to see me, but Monk grinned at me, then nodded at Ingleby, you know, to tell him I was okay, and before you could say Jack Robinson he started wanking off!”

“Very interesting!” Alex said, licking his lips. “I don”t think I know him.”

“He”s quite easy to spot, sir, almost as tall as Beckett, but really skinny. He looks like he doesn”t eat. And he”s completely useless at sport. You wouldn”t call him cute though, just ordinary.”

“I see! Big cock?”

“Yeah, I”d say it was about the same as Beckett”s, but it doesn”t have any hair on it. It”s definitely bigger than Pennington”s.”

“And did he cum?”

“Yes sir! He squirted all over the place! I think the other lads dared him to do it.”

“Well, thanks for letting me know. So what was Mr Needham doing while this was going on?”

“He was in his usual place, watching the boys getting dry.” He lowered his voice again. “Sir, can we go into the storeroom now?”

“Well, after you”ve given me information like that,” Alex said, giving his prot�g� a conspiratorial grin. “It would be churlish of me to say no, wouldn”t it?”

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

When he came to mark the exam papers, he found that Bradshaw had indeed done the entire paper and got everything correct, just as he”d said. Given the position that he”d started from the previous September, it was a considerable achievement.

His fourth-year group had all performed competently. At the top, Laws had scored 88, while of the two weakest boys, Dodd had managed 54 and Townley 51, marks that put them on well on target to pass their O-level exam. The fact that they were still at the bottom was neither here nor there.

In between, Stainham, who a little over twelve months earlier had been struggling badly, had scored a very creditable 74. Not only was he in line to pass the exam, there was every prospect of him achieving a very good grade.

Having informed Bradshaw of his success on the first maths paper, Alex didn”t see the lad again until Friday lunchtime.

“Have you marked the papers from yesterday afternoon sir?” he asked, sitting down in his usual place.

“Yes,” Alex told him. “You actually managed to get a question wrong.”

“Which one, sir?”

“The one about similar figures. If the linear dimensions of two similar shapes are in the ratio two to three, what is the ratio of their areas?”

“Isn”t that two to three as well, sir?”

“Think again!” Alex urged. “Let”s consider a simpler example. Two similar rectangles one twice as long as the other. Now if they”re similar, the one that is twice as long, must also be?

“Twice as wide, sir.”

“Correct, and so the ratio of their areas is?”

“One to four, sir.”

“Right, now let”s go back to the exam question. The linear dimensions are in the ratio two to three. What is the ratio of the areas?”

“Is it four to nine, sir?”

“It is, more specifically, its two squared to three squared.”

“Yes sir. I”ll remember to learn that properly. So what mark did I get?”

“On yesterday”s paper, you got 92, giving you 96% overall, which is outstanding.”

“Sir, you know the fourth-year boys I was sitting with, what did they get?”

“Well, that was just my group, of course. The highest mark was 85, but remember, they”re not the best mathematicians in the year. The top group did their O-level exam two weeks ago. They”ll get their results in August.”

“Yes sir, I understand.”

“The important point is that you”re on course to do the exam in November as planned. We have one major topic to cover before then, but we can start that next week. Meanwhile, give yourself a weekend off, okay?”

“Yes sir. I”ll still be able to come to your flat on Sunday though, won”t I?”

“Yes, of course! Mr Brown will be bringing Long to see us. How will that suit you?”

“That”ll be super, sir!”

“Okay, I”ll see you on Sunday!”

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

As the fifth-year and upper-sixth were not due to return to school until the following Monday, Alex had used his non-teaching time for marking papers, notably those of his lower-sixth pure maths group. As a result, he left school for the weekend with only 3-Red”s papers still to be marked.

Starting early on the Saturday morning, by lunchtime he”d finished. He was more than satisfied. They had always been his liveliest, most enthusiastic class, and they”d done both him in themselves proud. In particular, Ferris who had always done well without ever coming top, on this occasion had topped the pile emphatically with a mark of 95. Since he”d learned of their relationship, Alex had been sure that Ferris and Newton would be good for each other. To be proved right was the icing on the cake.

After a light lunch, Alex drove into town, collecting Whitney for the journey to Mr Smith”s house, where Southcott was due to join them. It would, he considered, be a fitting reward for all the work he”d put in.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

The afternoon at Mr Smith”s establishment did not disappoint. In Alex”s experience, encounters with the boy Southcott never did. That left him with the rest of the weekend to do exactly as he wanted. Having collected Joanne from izmit otele gelen escort her flat, they drove to London, parking the car in the outer suburbs before taking the underground to the West End. After a meal in a Greek restaurant, they headed to the cinema.

The war film The Guns of Navarone, starring Gregory Peck and David Niven, had been released at the end of April, but they”d both been so busy that they”d not managed to see it. However, as it had been a huge success, it was still playing at a few places, including one the picture houses in Leicester Square. It was the perfect opportunity, which they enjoyed enormously.

They finished their evening in one of Soho”s jazz clubs. For Alex, this was an extravagance, but he didn”t care. He had put everything into enabling the boys he taught to make the most of their abilities. It was time for him to let his hair down for once. Although he”d have liked to do this sort of thing more often, it was not a priority. He”d got what he really wanted, contact with lots of boys, and intimate contact with a select few. Everything else was a bonus.

Their final luxury was to take a taxi back to where they”d parked the car before setting of on the journey home. For many couples of their age who had been dating for more than a year, sex would have been high on the agenda. Between Alex and Joanne, it was never even mentioned. They liked their relationship the way it was. They had no interest in changing it.

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

After a very lazy morning, Alex had a bite to eat before preparing for Bradshaw to arrive. The lad appeared just after two o”clock. They sat around for half an hour or so, talking about this and that, but not doing any actual work.

At that point the visitors arrived, and they spent a delightful and stimulating hour, largely reprising what they”d done on the last occasion that the four of them had been together. At quarter to four, having shown Long and Mr Brown out, Alex returned to the lounge where his prot�g� was sitting on the sofa.

“Sir,” Bradshaw asked as his mentor sat down next to him. “You know the boys in my form, how did they get on in their exam?”

“They”ll be getting their papers back tomorrow morning,” Alex told him, “So I don”t want to say too much. And on no account are you to repeat anything I tell you. Is that understood.”

“Yes sir. I won”t say a word, I promise.”

“Well, I can tell you that the lowest mark was 48, which is lower than I”d hoped, but not bad. I”m not going to say who that was; I”d rather leave that until I return the papers. I can also say that Thorpe was top with 89.”

“Oh, that”s good, sir!” Thorpe”s a super kid. Whatever he does, he tries really hard.”

“Yes,” Alex agreed. “That”s the impression I”ve got. In the long term, he”ll do very well.”

0 o 0 o 0 o 0

The following day, Michael returned to school, eager to receive his exam results. By the end of the seventh period, he had been given most of them, each one a small improvement on what he had achieved before.

For the final period of the day, 2-Green trooped off to the upstairs physics lab. This was one result that Michael was not looking forward to. Apart from art, physics was his weakest subject. He waited nervously as the papers were handed out.

“Whitney!” Mr Turner announced at last.

Michael reached out, taking the proffered paper. His eyes focused on the number in the circle at the top of the first page: 58. Fifty-eight per cent was actually a couple of marks lower than he”d achieved in the exam before Christmas, but still a satisfactory result in a subject that he found especially difficult.

During the remainder of the period, some boys compared notes, while others queried Mr Turner about this or that. Meanwhile, Carver, in his unfailingly methodical way, aggregated the results they had received so far. With only chemistry and geography still outstanding, Newton, with exceptional results in both maths and physics, was lying in first place, with Grainger second and Carver himself in third. Michael was in seventh place, but knew he was likely to drop back a little once the chemistry result was in. Even so, it was the best he had ever done.

As the bell sounded for the end of the school day, Michael took his time. While others hurried away, he carefully packed his bag before making his way out. There were some toilets near the lab, little used most of the time because they were so out of the way.

Michael strode inside, finding the place deserted. Stepping up to the urinal, he unzipped, took out his cock and began to pee. He was almost finished when he became aware that someone else had come in. That struck him as odd. As there were no other classrooms adjacent to these toilets, whoever it was had made a special journey.

He was immediately on alert. Shaking off the last few droplets, he glanced across. The boy, who was standing a few feet to his right, was an inch or so shorter than he was, a little slimmer too, with black hair that would clearly have been curly had it been allowed to grow a little more, deep brown eyes and olive skin. Significantly, however, the lad was stroking his erect penis. It was a nice one, Michael noted, just over five inches long and on the slim side of medium. It suited the boy perfectly.

Michael became hard in an instant, transfixed, unable to move. The lad turned towards him, smiling, his dark eyes making Michael”s stomach turn cartwheels. He jerked his head towards the stalls before leading the way into the one adjacent to the wall. Unable to resist, Michael followed him in, bolting the door behind them. Trousers and underpants were quickly pulled down.

“You”ve got a real beauty!” the lad whispered, running his fingers along Michael”s shaft.

“Yours is nice too,” Michael”s responded. “What”s your name?”

“Parker,” the boy told him. “You?”


Michael manoeuvred himself around so that he could sit on the toilet. There was one thing he had to do. As Parker turned towards him, he leaned forwards, plunging down on the lad”s beautiful prong. He sucked it expertly, slipping his fingers between the lad”s thighs and stroking his perineum.

“Oh yeah!” Parker whispered, running his fingers through Michael”s hair. “That”s fantastic!”

Michael continued, sucking the boy faster. Suddenly, Parker began to shudder, his fingers grabbing at Michael”s hair. A moment later, his cock sprang into action, three volleys of teen spunk coating Michael”s tongue. After savouring it for a few seconds, Michael swallowed it down, before easing himself away.

“You make beautiful spunk,” he mouthed, licking his lips.

“Wow!” Parker responded. “That was incredible! I want to do you now!”

Michael got to his feet.

“Is it okay if I just wank you off?” Parker asked, taking hold of his new friend”s cock. “I want to see you cum.”

“Sure,” Michael agreed.

Parker set to work. Being wanked off might have seemed a little tame for someone of Michael”s experience, but it didn”t feel that way at all. Parker”s touch was exquisite, the sensations the lad was producing almost indescribable. Almost before he knew it, Michael”s prick jerked wildly, his spunk shooting all over the toilet.

After pulling up their underpants and trousers, they hurried out of the toilet, down the stairs and out onto the playground. Michael”s head was in a whirl. He”d just had mind-blowing sex with a boy he found hugely attractive but knew absolutely nothing about.

“Hey,” he said breathlessly. “Do you have a first name? I”m Mike, short for Michael.”

“It”s Lorenzo,” Parker said, his eyes sparkling. “My mum”s Italian. Friends call me Reno. Do you want to do that again?”

“Sure,” Michael agreed. “Not up there though. We can go to my house. We”ll have to place to ourselves.”


“Friday would be good.”

“Okay. I”ll just have to tell my mum I”m going to be late home.”

“Sure. So are you in third-year?”

“Fourth year,” Reno corrected. “But I”m one of the youngest. I was fifteen at the end of May. You”re in second-year, aren”t you?”

“Yes, but I”m the oldest in the entire year. I”ll be fourteen at the beginning of September.”

“Right!” Reno said, smiling.

Having made their arrangements to meet on Friday afternoon, they went their separate ways. As he headed for home, Michael felt as though he was floating on a white, fluffy cloud. He hadn”t even been thinking about sex, but once again the gods had been smiling on him. To meet such a sexy boy when all he”d done was go for a pee was extraordinarily good fortune. He knew he was in danger of getting ahead of himself. He simply couldn”t help it. It wasn”t just Reno”s looks, there was something else about the lad. He just couldn”t put his finger on what it was.

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