Nova , Sabine Pt. 01

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500 years post nuclear apocalyptic war. Nova tossed and turned at the haunting memories of her past. Three years ago, Nova was in the forest with her two friends. The boys dared her to climb a tree, Nova being competitive at nature climbed, a branch broke sending her to the hard ground.

Nova busted her face, sprained her ankle and dislocated her knee. The warning horns sounded, alerting that there was a threat near. There was a rustle in the trees the boys took off running leaving the chief’s daughter behind.

Nova tried to stand but fell, the rustling continued, Nova watched scared at the location. She was knocked unconscious from behind. She woke in a cave, a chain around her good ankle.

Her attacker came back hesitated in the doorway, then moved closer producing a canteen of water, the masked creature offered it to her. Nova shook her head, “What do you want?” She asked.

The creature turned with a damp cloth in leather and fur clad hands they brought it to Nova’s face but she moved away. The creature moved away placing their hand on her knee then her ankle, watching Nova squirm and wince in pain.

In a foreign language the masked creature spoke “I want to help, once you heal I will return you.”

Nova looked surprised “You’re part of the Mortem clan!?”

The creature looked up and nodded their head. Nova began screaming for help. “Help…help you.”

Nova calmed but still in distress. “Y-you want to help me…?” Nova asked, the masked one nodded. Nova spoke again “But Mortem means death… you don’t want to kill me?”

The masked one stopped, gesturing to their head “You people think natives me are death savages…wrong!”

“So you do you understand English?” Nova asked curiously.

The masked one held their hand up displaying two fingers apart saying ‘a little’. “Know when hear words…not how to say.”

“Why bring me here?” Nova asked


“Any of my people could do that.” The masked one didn’t have an answer, they offered the water again. Nova took it.

“May I know your name?”

Masked one gesture to their self and asked “Called?”

“Yes, what are you called?”



“Nova…like star.” Nova smiled the masked one wrapped Nova’s ankle with care.

They put their hands on Nova’s knee she winced “Fix.”

“No please just let me go home they can do it!”

“Help Nova.”

“I know but it hurts.”

“Stronger.” They applied more pressure.

“Sabinus! Please!” Sabinus moved to their pack, producing a hot pepper they held it up to Nova’s face before shoving it up her nose and knocking her out again. Sabinus reset Nova’s knee and tended to the pepper.

Sabinus left to fetch water and food.

Leaning over Nova’s wound on her face she woke up and started crying while moving away. Sabinus moved to the other side facing her, they then moved quickly, to hand her food and more water. “Please just take me home!”

“No safe…sleep.”

Sabinus drifted off, Nova found a way out of her chains. Limping free through the forest in the evening light she heard calls of other people, other clans. They had spotted her, she tried running but tripped and fell worsening her ankle.

Sabinus had followed her and saved her in time dragging her back to the cave where it was warm and chaining her up again “No safe no safe! You die! No see you people!”

Nova panting, “No safe…” She repeated nodding understanding. Sabinus was clearly angry and kept pacing. “Sorry Sabinus.” They froze and stared at Nova even though she couldn’t tell.

Sabinus threw their hands up and let out a huff “Help you…no run!” Sabinus pointed to Nova’s ankle “Ah no! No better…no out!”

“I get better then I go out?” Sabinus nodded, sitting down, putting their feet up, and patted near them.

“Sleep…Come” Nova made her way over resting her head on Sabinus’ chest. She drifted off.

Nova woke to her body hurting. Curious for who was under to mask she slowly began to lift it, a hand gently came up to stop her, Nova could see the mouth moving as Sabinus spoke. “No… face secret when away Mortem clan.”

“Okay” Nova didn’t know what to do… she felt the urge to kiss Sabinus.

Nova touched her lips to her kidnapper, Sabinus stayed still accepting it. Nova’s head back on her chest she spoke “How do you say your name in English?”


“I like it, May I call you that?”

“Names only in secret.”

“Okay” Nova got lost in her thoughts ‘Sabine’…isn’t that for a women?…no, they cant be.’

“Sabine?” Sabine felt warm at the sound of her name coming from this attractive women “Hm?”

“Are you female?”


“Yeah like me?”

“Etiam…yes” Nova went to move away with the realization but froze wincing in pain.

Sabinus helped her up and back over to sit up. Sabinus tried to remove Nova’s pants but she started protesting. “Help you Nova.” Nova gave up. One pant leg was removed Sabinus pulled the other up all the way and covered Nova’s panties with the asyabahis yeni giriş rest of the fabric.

Nova was thankful Sabinus did so. Nova watched as she applied oils and stuck leaves onto her knee. Soon it went numb and she felt great. “One sun rise… then h-h-hm”

“H.o.m.e. home” Nova repeated as Sabinus repeated to learn.

“Get food.” Sabine said.

“Oh okay, anything I can do?” Nova asked.

“Stew.” Sabine said as she took out vegetables from her bag and handed Nova a knife. Nova looked at it and got to work. Sabine returned some time later Nova was laying down when she heard the door open and Sabine panting.

Locking the door she plopped down, thinking Nova was asleep she removed some of her armor and clothing leaving her completely bare up top. Nova watched as the muscular women tended a wound to her upper back, getting frustrated with a part of her tiki looking mask getting in the way, she removed it. Nova saw the markings of all the native clans on Sabine’s face but one.

The white marking representing the Ice-lands. Nova stood and moved to the other woman. “Help you.” Sabine wouldn’t show her face directing to Nova, but handed over the cloth and turned.

Nova noticed the kill scars on Sabine’s back. 44 were counted as she pressed the cloth to Sabine’s wound. She handed Nova the knife from earlier. “45.”


“Add them.”

“Sure?” Sabine braced herself knowing the fifth one hurts the most going through the old scar tissue. Nova brought the dagger up and pressed until she drew blood, she drug it across the other scars. She dabbed the new mark with the cloth.

Nova allowed her hand to travel down Sabine’s back. Nova came close “Can I kiss you again?” Breathing hot air on Sabine’s ear. Sabine’s nipples hardened at the thought.

Nova moved her hands around to grasp Sabine’s small perky breasts. Nova didn’t know what was happening or what was taking over her. Sabine turned, pushing Nova on her back kissing her.

They had a heated make out session, Nova felt the butterflies in her stomach and nether region, she questioned the foreign feeling but quickly dismissed her thoughts due to feeling Sabine kissing her neck. Hands exploring each other’s bodies but never actually touching where they needed most.

Nova woke and knew she were to return to her people. She tried walking along with Sabine in the woods but was unsuccessful. Sabine swept Nova off her feet and carried her. Nova smiled up at her not seeing anything but her mask.

Finally making their way to familiar forest, Sabine put Nova down, giving her the skin from the panther they ate the night before. “Gift.” Nova protested “Remember me.”

“I will.”

“We will meet again.” Sabine pulled her mask up just a little and kissed Nova goodbye and vanished.

Present day:

Nova woke panting from her memory in her dreams. She knew she had been affected her nether region was wet. She caught her breath. She felt as if someone were watching her as always when she woke early. She turned to her window, their sat a similar but more mysterious masked person.

The mask, being more complex with simple colors. Nova just stared,holding the blanket to her chest completely naked. Out of all the days she has looked to her window expecting to see a face and the countless scenarios she had made up she sat there frozen.

The native flew in a paper airplane with a note. “I told you we would meet again. I will be back just before sunset, I must speak with your former queen. Make it looked like I’m intruding. I love when you moan in your sleep and absent mindlessly touch yourself.”

Nova blushed ‘she watches me…?’

Nova felt small anger for not seeing who she thought were Sabine, thinking she bad been killed in battle the heart ache and not being able to tell a soul about it because the Mortem clan is a legend.

Sabine had returned that evening. Nova peered out her window to see the long body stretched out on a limb. “Hey?” “Hm”

“It’s time the halls are clear, I’ll take you to see Nona”

“Is she well?”

“Yeah she still goes out.”

“Is her heart strong?”

“Yes! She hikes and whatever, come on.”

Sabine stood on the the tree limb Nova looked up “Don’t let go!” Sabine laughed and let go walking closer to Nova.

“No…Get in here right now!”

Sabine lept into the window and rolled “And stuck the landing.”

Sabine turns and pulls Nova into her arms holding her close. “I’ve missed you so much.”

Nova began to cry “I thought you were dead.”

Sabine pulled away while her hands stayed on Nova’s hips. “No honey.” She wiped Nova’s tears. “I’m here Nova, it’s okay.”

Nova nodded wiping her face. She checked the hall before Sabine followed her out. Walking down the halls Nova is met by her boyfriend. “Nova there you are my princess!”

“Tate…hi, walk with me babe.” Nova put her arm round him ushering him the way they we’re walking Sabine realized that they were a couple and knew she had to get rid of or at least hide her feelings as well asyabahis güvenilirmi as she could.

“Hey everyone is eating or doing their evening activities…Why don’t you and I go back to your room -his hand went to Nova’s butt Sabine tried to restrain herself it was failing she had drawn her machete- and we could maybe you know -he pushed her against the wall and kissed her. Nova accepted the kiss, holding a hand up to tell Sabine to stay put.

Sabine stood by, she watched as Nova ran her hand through Tate’s hair, they broke apart. Nova whispered to him, “You know what I want more than anything right now?”

“What would that be princess?” Tate asked thinking he knew where this was heading.

“I want you to…” Nova’s hand locked into Tate’s hair, she stepped aside and pushed his face to the wall. Nova spoke again. “I want you to not push me around like that, ever!”

Tate was clearly scared. “Okay!”

Nova brought his face away from the wall just to smash it to the rough surface again. “And when I say no every time you ask, that should hint to something.”

She went to slam him into the wall again, Sabine laid her hand on her shoulder. Nova’s father came around the corner rushing to his daughter. He ordered Tate to go back to his chamber for the night. “I told you I wasn’t ready…I’m still not!” She was crying, screaming at Tate as he ran off.

“Nova! What has gotten into you?!” Her father demanded.

“Nothing!” She yelled.

Sabine offered a cloth to wipe her tears.

“They need to speak to Nona.” Nova informed her father.

Nona was waiting in a secure room, Chief had left the three of them alone. Nona turned around she spoke in the native language “Rise my commander…my love…you know you are safe in this room.”

Nova didn’t know which she couldn’t believe more, that Sabine was kneeling or the fact that her Nona was speaking the native language. Sabine removed her mask. Nona winced and put her hand over her chest. In English Sabine spoke.

“I am so sorry for your loss, you are the last she spoke of, I have a message.” Nona nodded


“Yes Quime”

“I remember when you were small, your English has improved.”

“Thanks to you teaching me the basics.” Sabine moved closer, she pulled a cut of braid from her pocket handing it to Nona.

“This was hers?” She asked the tears spilling out again.

“Yes Quime, I was with her when she passed, a noble dignified death, she said she loved you she still does, she always loved the way you danced, and that you two will see each other again when the time is right.”

Nona looked at Sabine and hugged her as she cried. “I should have stayed, I should have been with her!”

“Quime please, don’t blame yourself, her spirit lives on inside you and only you.”

“You mean…She never found another?”

“No, she loved you”

“Have the clans met for a new commander? Have you sent her off yet?”

“No, she wanted you to be there to see her off, I was her second, the clans are meeting tonight. You may come with.”

“Okay, Nova I need you to stay here, tell your father the truth in secret, and to let him tell the others a lie.”

“Uh okay?” Nona gathered her things, Sabine put her mask on and went for a window

“Sabine wait!” She came down “Will I see you again?”


“Can you visit tomorrow night and keep me company until sun rise?” Sabine let out an irritated huff.

“Don’t you have your boyfriend for that?” And she left. Nona caressed Nova’s face “She loves you I know it, but you her hurt her with Tate it will be okay, love.” They were both gone.

Nova sat and cried, that night she cuddle up with the panther pelt Sabine had given her three years prior she fell asleep dreaming of her almost lover. Sabine had become the commander of the 13 clans.

Nona returned two days after she had left, Sabine had stuck around. She sat in the tree after sunset like she had done so many times before, she waited for Nova to come in. Nova and Lucia, her best friend came through the door.

Nova sat down “What is it?”

“He’s going to propose!”


“Tate he’s going to ask for your hand!” Nova felt light headed the room was spinning. “Hey where did you get this?” Lucia went to touch the pelt.

“Don’t touch it!”

“Okay geez sorry, just don’t remember you ever killing one of these.”

“I- a friend gave it to me.” Nova softly touched it thinking of Sabine.

“Just a friend?” Nova looked up.

“Um yeah okay thanks for the heads up.” Nova ushered her out door. She began to pace.

“Marriage?!” Nova locked the door. She flopped down on her bed she hugged the pelt close to her. “Oh Sabine! I’m so sorry!”

Sabine’s heart hurt for Nova, but she knew she couldn’t go in just yet. Once things settled down Sabine went in she quietly, removed some of her armor and mask, Nova began weeping again. Sabine whispered. “Nova.”

She sniffled. “Oh goodness now I’m hearing her voice.”

“Nova may I lay with asya bahis giriş you?”

“Mhm” Sabine got in bed and cuddled with Nova in a spooning position. “Are you really here?”

“Yes beautiful.” Sabine kissed Nova’s neck a few times.

“I–I’m so sorry.”

“I know.”

“It’s just it was getting suspicious, he asked and I said yes, I felt like I had to and to fit in better.”

“I know.” Nova rolled over to face Sabine, looking each other in the eyes. Sabine lightly touched Nova’s cheek, she moved down tracing her fingers along her shoulder, to her arm Sabine took Nova’s hand and kissed it, putting it back she rested her hand on Nova’s bare hip.

“You were the only one to touch me like this.”

“Not your boyfriend?” Sabine said teasing.

“Oh, trust me he’s tried.” Nova answered rolling her eyes.

“What happen? I mean I clearly know he has tried to get in your pants but…”

“Yeah, I thought he just wanted to lay in bed and talk, I usually got him to do that instead of kissing all over me, he um shoved his hand down my pants and just was being way to rough, I shoved him off of me and he just laughed. He’s been trying ever since then too.”

“I’m sorry.”

“I -just wanted you all this time. Then you show up after three years and now your here.”

“Is that okay?”

Nova smiled “Just wish it were sooner.”

“Nova…in the morning I will have to leave and I won’t seen you for a while, not years but for a while okay?”

Nova sighed “I know as long as you come back more often, even if it has to be like this.”

“I was always here, I just never could show myself without getting attacked.”

“Can I ask about why we aren’t allowed to talk about your people?”

“My native ancestors made a deal with your people when they came down from space. We were to take any of your people who didn’t abide by the laws or whatever, your sister Aklia, she joined us.”

“She’s alive!?”

“Yup, a strong fighter, she lives with two women who care about her very much.”

“I’m glad she’s okay.”

Sabine smiled

“Well you know so much about me, can I know something about you?” Nova asked.

“Well you are laying in bed with the new Commander of the 13 native clans.” Nova opened her mouth in sarcastic disbelief “Really!?” Sabine nodded.

“Well what are you doing here then?!” Sabine laughed.

“I didn’t like how I left, knowing I upset you –and I guess especially with Tate’s plans…”

“You heard!?”

“Yeah i was out in the tree.”

“You and your trees.”

“I promise I wasn’t trying to listen in.”

“No–I know…”

“I’m sorry we can change the subject.”

“I just don’t know what I should do… I mean it’s not like I love him…I can’t even stand his friends and the way he is with other girls.” Nova sighed “I should probably just break up with him…I’ll have to hear about it from just about everyone, but I’d be happier.”

“At the end of the day your happiness is what matters” Nova just stared at Sabine, she leaned in Sabine turned her face…Nova moved back.

“Nova it’s not that I don’t want to, it’s just-”

“-No you’re right, sorry.”


A moment of silence passed Nova broke it “Are you staying the night?”

“I can…?”

“Will you?”

“I will now.” They look each other in the eyes and both smile at each other.

“If I fall asleep and you wake, can you wake me before you go?”

“Of course.”

They lay there for sometime both lost in their thoughts. “That night I spent with you, um it was amazing and wouldn’t change any of it but…”

“But?” Sabine wondered.

“Why um-”

“Why did I take you?”


“I and another had been on watch for your people we hide in the trees, my partner had gone off back to camp, but I saw you and…I don’t really know, I wanted to get to know you and talk to you and just be with you I guess…then you fell and the boys ran and I felt obligated to help you, I mean along with being near you.”

Nova smiled “–That night when we uh made out…was that okay?” Nova questioned.

“Honestly that turned me on so much.”

“So you like women?”

“Love them.” Said Sabine with an eager smile.

“Hmp…I guess I do too…but I’ve never done anything else than that with anyone. I’m guessing you’re experienced?”

“Your time will come, you will know when you are ready. Yes, I’ve had two different partners.”…

“So in the 13 clans women are allowed to be with other women?”

“Yeah men too.”

“Hmp.” Nova yawned and snuggled up to Sabine. Silence again Nova breathed heavy in her sleep Sabine cuddled up to Nova and was soon asleep.

Nova woke to Sabine tracing along her skin with her finger tips. Sabine smiled down “Good morning beautiful.”

Nova smiled. “Been up long?” Sabine nodded. “Why?”

“I couldn’t sleep, I wanted to watch over you.”

Nova smiled “…How long until you go?”

“A little bit.” Nova looked sad.

“I’ll be back in a week…okay?”

“Ugh I guess.”

“If you need to get a message to me tell Nona…it will take two days to get back to you.”

Nova was a bit flushed Sabine held her hand to Nova’s hot cheek feeling the warmth spread “You were moaning in your sleep.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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