Sound Sleeper_(1)

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Anna Louise

the ec=vents in this story took plac a LONG time ago, back when things were more accepted. but, alas, times have changed.

I had never intended on things happening the way they did. My name is joyce and I’m a 38 year old mother of two, my daughter is 8 and my son 10.
I’ve been told that I’m the spitting image of racheal ray. I’m average height and weight (not an ounce of fat, I may add) with long dark hair and a smile that makes me appear 10 years younger. Plus, in my opinion, I have bigger breasts! My looks not withstanding I don’t understand why my husband left me for a woman 10 years younger then me. I’ve always been sexually intense or, as my ex husband used to say, horny. Not in a perverted way but more than enough to keep a man happy (or so I thought).
Daniel was always a good boy and I had never looked on him in a sexual nature till one night I was sleeping when I heard the creak of the old floor boards as someone passed my bedroom and headed towards the bathroom. Out of curiosity I listened as Dan flushed the toilet and left the washroom, the light was on and I could see his silhouette clearly outlined. His slim shadow was thrown off by the point in his pajama bottoms. Tossing and turning I thought about my young son have midnight hard-ons and getting turned on by the thought.
After hours escort izmit had passed I couldn’t take it anymore, abruptly I decided to have a peek in his room. Just to see. I crept in the quiet night and entered his room, his little body lay on his back and he slightly squirmed in his sleep. His sheets formed a decent sized tent as he slept and I couldn’t tear my eyes away from the sight. Not satisfied with the view I sat on the edge of his bed and slowly, ever so slowly, removed the covers to expose his bulging cock straining against the fabric if his PJ’s. I had gone this far to see hos dick I had to see it in all it’s glory so I reached out and squeezed the bulge. Immediately the bulge turned into a stiff pole that throbbed with each beat of his ten year old heart, I slid his cock out and was surprised to see the actual seize of his dick about eight inches, I gently squeezed his hairless member again and when he didn’t move (anymore then the initial squirming I had noticed earlier) I slid my hand down the entire length of his rigid dick.
Up down, up down. I repeated the motions without any realization of what I was actually doing, I was completely lost in the hard softness of the young flesh as I continued to absent-mindedly stroked him. I licked my lips and felt my heart quicken it’s step as I watched my hand pump the cock izmit escort faster and faster, either I wasn’t aware anymore or I just didn’t care, but I beat the hard cock so fast one of my c-cup tits bounced out of the flimsy, low-cut, shirt I wore to sleep. Still I ran my hand up and down his shaft till I couldn’t take it anymore and bent over his sleeping, preteen, body and took his hardness into my mouth. Sucking it in like a thirsty man greedily drinks water I bobbed my head feverishly, letting out small moans as I went, gripping the base of his cock I deep throated his young dick for almost a half an hour before I decided the boy was too young to cum. I let his thickened cock slide out of my mouth with a satisfying *pop*.
I looked at his slender body with his rock hard dick pointing straight into the air, throbbing and waving slightly in the darkness of the night. That’s when it really hit me what I had done while I was lost in the lust of seeing such a beautiful, young cock. Still…looking back she had handled his dick like they were in the middle of a crazy fuck frenzy and he hadn’t awakened. I gazed at his still hard dick and thought “I’ve gone this far.”
I removed my thin shorts and proceeded to straddle the young boy. Positioning myself over his manhood I eased it into my hot, wet pussy. Letting izmit kendi evi olan escort out a small gasp as it penetrated I slowly sat on his dick. When he bottomed out I sat atop my sleeping son and stared down at his motionless form, when I was sure he wasn’t going to wake up I started to ride him. Building speed as I went soon I was riding his cock like a cowboy on a bull, I gripped the bed on either side of his head and ground his cock into my pussy. I was letting out noises I hadn’t made in years, tits bouncing and hair flying wildly the bed creaked loudly with my love making. I let out a final breath as I madly thrusted his little boy cock into me, I pumped my body into little spasms and gasping in-takes of air, I couldn’t believe it! I had sex with my ten year old son! Sex? More liked fucked myself silly. Still, I gently raised and lowered my hips on his hard dick when I opened my eyes, wide with wonder, and a small sense of panic when I felt my son start to cum in my slippery pussy. My first instinct was to jump off him but I decided fair was fair, next time I would finish him off with my mouth but since this was our first time I sped up and slowed down, squeezed his cock with my pussy lips and milked his young dick till it finally went soft.
I dismounted my sleeping son and gazed at him with a new love. I noticed he had stopped squirming and was now sleeping soundly. Happy and fulfilled I quietly left his room and returned to my own bed to have the soundest sleep I had had in years.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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