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You’re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
You and the stranger both like Roleplaying.
Stranger: hi I’m Marcus 22 m US
You: Ok so Im your son’s girlfriend, Alex. 5’5 Wavy red hair, Nice tits D-Cup. You hate me because you think im only dating your son for his money. Your son is on a trip and asked me to check on the house. You come home and find me sitting on the couch in a tight, white tank top, a lacy red bra, and shorts that barley cover my ass, which has nothing but a black thong on it, doing my nails and reading fashion magazines. You decide to teach me a lesson. (Be really mean. You hate me)
You: Im 19
Stranger: Finally caught you alone, bitch. You’re about to learn the consequences of fucking with my family!
Stranger: *loosens belt*
You: Umm, Sir what did I do?
Stranger: Shut up! *backhand slaps*
You: OWW!!!!!!
Stranger: What do you think, that you’ll get a ring and access to his trust fund before you break his heart like all the rest?
You: What are you talking about..?
Stranger: Idiot.
Stranger: Come here, whore, it’s time for you to learn what a real man feels like, a real man who knows your lot and what you’re about!
You: What. THe. Fuck. I didnt do anything.!!
Stranger: *unzips, lets out impressively sized cock* So start doing something. Now.
You: Why should I? *Puts hands on hips*
Stranger: Carrot or stick, bitch. Prove your nature, and enjoy doing it, or you’ll get the belt. *tightens leather in hands*
You: Ok ok Im sorry. *bends down and sucks your cock*
Stranger: Ohhh yes, that’s it. You don’t know… i’ve wanted you to do this since your trashy ass showed up with his arm on yours…
Stranger: He’ll learn his lesson about girls like you, one way or another
You: *Reels back* What do you mean Girls like me?
Stranger: Come on, Alex. You know it’s true. Here, I’ll even prove it. Ten grand, no strings attached, if you fuck me all night.
You: Ten Grand…….? Holy shit, that could pay for our house…..We could pay off the rent, Fuck. Umm, depends how old you are.
Stranger: Hehehe, you see bitch, when you picked up my son, you probably thought you were gettin’ a payday. But the real money is with me.
Stranger: 100 grand and you don’t care how old I am.
You: Umm, wow. Ok i guess.
Stranger: Good girl. Here’s a grand just to show you I’m good for it… *hands her ten Benjamins* now get over here and get on my cock. *pats surprisingly toned thighs*
You: Wow. *Takes off clothes* Ok then. *Gets on cock*
Stranger: Admit it, whore. With a cock like mine, filling me up like it is now, you’d fuck me for free.
Stranger: (( you* , obviously, not me. lol ))
You: But its just….Wrong. I might if you were 19 20 or 21, Im not like that!!!
Stranger: Mmm, *wraps arms around you, begins to fuck harder and deeper* Are you sure?
You: You think im dating your son for the money, well I KNOW im dating him cuz i like him. *moans* Your cock its so, huge.
Stranger: Fool yourself all you want, if you really liked my son, you wouldn’t be on my cock right now, and you wouldn’t be moaning out escort kocaeli the pleasure its causing you, that I can feel
You: You dont know that. Life is unexplainable, and the only reason im doing this is for the money, so i can help my parents pay off the rent, buy us a WHOLE new house!!!
Stranger: Hmm, maybe, maybe. You’re smarter than I thought, you little whore. And less selfish. But you still won’t deny yourself the massive orgasm building up in your body, will you?
You: I may be able to sort of deny it.
Stranger: *Bends you over and begins exquisitely slamming 8 inches of hardened manhood deep as can go into your wet, hot pussy* No you won’t.
You: Fine I cant. I have a question. Why are you doing this?
Stranger: I love sex… and I know you do, too. Plus… mmm, ready to cum for me, my dear?
You: *sighs* Yea
Stranger: Let yourself go, then. Pour your juices all over my cock… let it out…
You: *cums, a lot* Happy?
Stranger: Not yet…
Stranger: *Door opens* “What the… DAD?!?!? Alex? Oh no… not again…”
You: (Im calling the son Jason)
You: Jason!!
You: He……I…..100grand…..My family……our house….
Stranger: mmm, we’re just finishing up here son… aaaaaaaa yes.
Stranger: now we’re finished. *pats you gently on the cheek*
You: Get away from me!!!!!!!!!!!!! *slaps you then runs to Jason*
Stranger: *pulls out, raises up, and toggles a keypad in the wall, causing a door to open, revealing a briefcase*
Stranger: Aaaaaa, aaa, I believe payment is due. In full.
You: Yes please pay up.
You: Then Im leaving.
Stranger: Here you go. See son? See what kind of woman you’ve got here?
Stranger: “I don’t… I don’t…” *He looks at Alex with fear and uncertainty*
You: Jason i only did this because it would help my family
You: 100 grand could pay for a new house! If not a house then It could pay the rent in full, and Taxes….
Stranger: “You… I have…” *he thinks for a moment* “Alex, I have a hundred million fucking dollars in my trust fund! I… I thought I was going to marry you someday! Yet you do this for 100 grand?”
Stranger: Yep. She did.
Stranger: “Fuck you, Dad! This is the last fucking time…”
You: Im sorry. *sobs* its just…….my brother is sick…..this could make better, the sooner the better and you of all people should know that. He’s 8. He cant survive that long. His immune sistem is weak.
Stranger: tisk tisk tisk. The old “whored myself for my family line. Don’t buy it my boy.”
You: Oh FUCK UP!!!!!!!!!!!
Stranger: “Alex, if you’d just told me…”
You: Jason you know Ted. I just didnt want to tell you about his sickness.
You: Im sorry.
Stranger: “So you fucked my dad and you were stupid enough to think I’d never find out. That I would be stupid enough to let that happen without my knowledge… argggggh! Fuck you dad, seriously. Otherwise, Alex, I hope you enjoy that hundred grand. We’re over.” *he turns and flees from the room*
Stranger: *Grins* Well, well, looks like somebody needs a new sugar daddy…
You: But Jason!!! *turns to his dad* Your The most kocaeli anal yapan escort FUCKED UP person in this whole entire FUCKING WORLD!!!!!!!!!!! Jason was my life you ruined it. *Runs after Jason*
Stranger: See you soon.
Stranger: (( 😀 that was fun! ))
You: IKR
Stranger: who are you, really? I’m curious.
You: Most of the info in the begining was true. Im 19 Named Alex. Red hair Straight. D-cup Yea.
Stranger: Ah, well I’m Marcus. Slender, 22, black short hair, brown eyes.
You: Cool. Wanna do another one? I can make up another story line if ya want 🙂
You: 😉
Stranger: Well, honestly?
You: Yes or no?
Stranger: I kinda need to cum. So yes, if you can do it right 😉
You: ok so first who do you want to be?
Stranger: How about… a student teacher play.
You: ok let me make something up………. hold on
Stranger: you can be either role
You: My name is Alex. Im 17 5’5 have D-cup sized tits, wavy red hair, and Im failing math. The math teacher, Mr.Peters, Decides to take matters into his own hands……..and it so happens that I am wearing a Tight Tank top with a jean jacket over top, Jeans, Red bra and red panties. Its the last class of the day, and you call me to your desk when it ends…….
You: (Some stuff is real age is made up)
Stranger: kk
You: (and wavy hair my hair dead straight)
Stranger: ( I love straight hair, btw )
Stranger: ( mine’s curly, I keep it short because its annoying )
Stranger: ( anyway! )
Stranger: Alex, we need to talk about the performance of your latest math test, or, if I really am honest as I should be, the lack thereof.
You: What about Mr.Peters?
Stranger: Well, *takes the paper and shows it to her* I don’t think “sex” is the answer to any of the questions, yet it seems you put that down… *counts* 5 times.
You: Well, I always had a GREAT sense of humor. *pulls up a chair and sits*
Stranger: sense of humor, hmm?
You: Yea,
Stranger: I’m… *pulls collar, clearly aroused by her very presence* not sure what you mean by humor, in this case.
You: It means it was funny, what else?
Stranger: Well, I just, if you happen to think sex is the answer to life’s problems, that’s… *pauses in the lecture, thinking deeply* that might be okay.
You: Um,What???!!!!
Stranger: Think about it, my dear. The entire grade knows that you’ve fucked half the football team.
Stranger: What’s one more, and a real man to boot? *adjust glasses*
Stranger: All for a good cause… we can make this problem…
You: You want me…… fuck you…….????
Stranger: *rolls up the test into a wad of paper* go away.
Stranger: I wouldn’t put it in so explicit terms. Use your imagination, Alex.
Stranger: I just want you to get inspired, in the correct way, to do better on your math test.
Stranger: Am I being clear…?
You: I can see it now… with my teacher * sarcastically* Soo Fuun
Stranger: Hmm. Yes, yes indeed. You’ll get to find *that* out. Now, do be kind and bend over my desk?
You: Um…..Ok. *i lean over your desk, izmit yabancı escort my jeans barley staying up on my ass*
Stranger: That’s a good girl. A very good girl *slaps your ass, then slowly pulls the jeans down and pushes the red panties aside.
You: *moans slighty*
Stranger: Tell me, Alex, are you good at addition, at least?
You: Yes i am, Im not stupid
Stranger: Good. Then perhaps you can cite for me, the sum of this… *unzips pants, revealing nine inches of hard teacher cock* … plus your cunt?
Stranger: Here… I’ll be nice and show you the… *shoves self deep inside, gyrating hips to start* answer…
You: *moans* Nice cock…….
Stranger: yes, you’ll remember that. Those steroid… *moans* pumped assholes on the football team? They all pay a price.
Stranger: The nerds have the true quality for you, if you take it from them…
You: Well i dont fuck nerds
Stranger: You’re fucking one now, my dear. Very well, as a matter of fact. *moans as I increase the speed and the power, moving in and out of your tight little cunt*
You: Well you know, your a teacher, your not just plain nerd…….*moans loudly*
Stranger: This is true. And I don’t care too much for those guys who ace all my tests without blinking. They’ll get Ivy league degrees, and then they’ll buy the perfect woman.
You: I have a question. Do you consider me the perfect woman?
Stranger: Judging by the pleasure capacity of your tight little pussy expressed by the kinetic force of my massive cock buried deep into it and fucking you silly, yes.
You: Well thank you. So This is all i get? a little pussy action? Surly you know more than just talking and fucking. you could play with my tits, or we could kiss, or we could talk.
Stranger: Ah, this is mostly about what I want, my dear. But since you suggested your tits, let me just *moans* gently grip them here, rubbing the very fringes of your hardened skin, gently pushing in time with my thrusting hips as I lean over you for a kiss…
You: *moans*
Stranger: (( gonna cum ))
You: (nice 😉 )
Stranger: (( oh baby, oooooo ))
You: ( this conversation was cool, r we gonna keep going…?)
Stranger: (( unfortunately, I have to go to bed. Got work shortly after I’ll be waking up. ))
Stranger: (( but I’ll happily exchange whatever contact info you need if you want to roleplay again sometime. ))
You: (ok hey heres what we will do. tomorrow at What time u get off work? we both come on and when u enter chat with some one who likes roleplay say Alex? and i’ll say Marcus? and we have to answer with our name to no its us so if you say alex i would say marcus
Stranger: better idea, because there’s thousands of people on here and I know from experience that’s next to impossible to do. ))
Stranger: my email is blankblankblank@blank.blank
Stranger: send me a message there, use a dummy email account to cover yourself
You: Ok my email is blankblankblank@blank.blank
You: I have mutipile emails
Stranger: as do I.
You: Ok so bye i guess
Stranger: sure. good night.
You: Night.
You: Its like 4:30 here WBU?
You: am
Stranger: 3:25
You: Oh cool where ya from?
Stranger: Missouri
You: IM in VA
You: its 4:26
You: ybye
You have disconnected.

I blocked out the Emails. Hope you enjoy!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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