Exposing My Wife VII

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I watched as that thick 10 inch curved uncut Black cock ravaged by wife’s virgin ass hole. She met him thrust

for thrust slamming her ass hole back into his monster cock. They fucked into each other viciously for close to

10 minutes. He told Debbie that he was ready to cum up her ass. She kept telling him to cum up her married

white fucking ass hole. To cum in her ass. The guys with the camcorders and camera had stepped out of the

trees and were openly videoing her being fucked and cuming by that huge black cock and taking still

pictures. Debbie told them to get shots of his big Black cock slipping out of her white ass hole and his cum

oozing out of her. She spread her ass cheeks and one of them stuck his camcorder right up by her ass.

They both continued to fuck each other. Debbie not wanting to release his cock from her ass and him not

wanting to take his cock out of her ass. He told her that she was the most incredible ass fuck he ever had. He

told her that she was the most beautiful woman he had ever fucked. He said that no woman had ever

clamped down on his cock on the out strokes as hard she did. Or relaxed to let him slam his cock back up her

ass like she did. He told her that no woman had ever milked his cock dry that quickly or that completely as

she did. She desperatly slammed her ass into his huge Black fucking cock.She was telling him to fuck her

white ass hole. Fuck it. Fuck it. He pounded away at her for another five minutes.

He started grunting and shoved his big hard Black thick fucking cock clear up her ass hole and held it there

while he came. Debbie grunted and her whole body jerked with every spasm of cum that he shot up into her

ass hole. After five blasts of cum up her ass she had a screaming orgasm. She screamed with every additional

blast of cum that he shot up her ass. He shot eight more blasts of cum into her ass hole. She screamed with

each blast of cum.

He rolled her on top of him. He slowly eased his thick fucking Black cock out of her ass hole. It looked like a

fucking gallon of cum gushed out of her gaping ass hole onto his cock. One of the guys with the camcorder

captured the whole thing close-up. The guy with the still camera got a lot of shots of his cum oozing out on to

that big Black cock. The other guy with the camcorder was recording their happy faces and entire bodies as

they laughed about what an incredible fuck it was as he pulled out of my wife’s ass hole. Debbie stuck three

fingers up her gaping ass hole and scooped cum out of her ass and put it into her mouth. She licked and

sucked and slurped his cum off of his cock, the camcorder zoom in on her face. She said she couldn’t wait to

see kocaeli escort bayan the video. She looked into the cameras and said, “I love being Nigger fucked in my ass.”

After that it was just a huge gang bang fucking orgy. They all took turns fucking her ass hole, her cunt and

her mouth. Debbie was double and triple penetrated, all on camera. With pictures. She took that huge black

cock missionary, sideways and doggy style. He shot three loads of come up her fucking married white cunt.

While I watched. She let them make a video of her sucking his monster Black cock kneeling in front of him

and in the 69 position with her looking directly into the camera saying how much she loved to suck Nigger


I did not realize it but they had been fucking her for close to four hours. It was about the time I normally got

off work. Debbie was taking a hard slamming up her ass by one of the migrant workers when I noticed what

time it was. She noticed what time it was at about the same time that I noticed. She told them that she needed

to get home and get cleaned up before I got there. When the guy fucking her ass hole came he pulled out and

shot, all over her face and tits. They all decided to send her home covered in come. They all jacked off onto

her. Her face, tits, belly, hair and cunt were all covered with come when she got in the car naked to go home.

I sneaked back to my car and had barely got hidden behind the restroom when Debbie drove by in her car on

the way home. All six of them sauntered nonchalantly back to their van. They were all talking about how she

was the sexiest sluttiest most beautiful woman they had ever fucked.

Debbie left the lake. The guys that had fucked her were only about four minutes behind Debbie when she left.

I was only about three minutes behind them when I left. Debbie was in the shower when I got home. I got in

the shower with her. She hadn’t expected me home until about 4:45. She was only in the shower for three or

four minutes when I got in with her. I rinsed off and dragged her out of the shower with me. She still had

globs of cum in her hair. I dried her off and layed her on the bed and went and got a bottle of wine. I made

out with her. She was reluctant to kiss me. She hadn’t had time to brush her teeth and I could taste their cum

in her mouth. I told her that I was sorry to have had to leave her in the condition that she was in.

We drank wine and made out. I knew she thought that the wine had taken the taste of their cum out of her

mouth and she eagerly kissed me back. She really liked kissing. I caressed her tits and sucked on them. I

caressed her ass and massaged it for her. She loved having her ass massaged. I kocaeli sınırsız escort kept getting her to drink wine

out of the bottle. She hadn’t eaten anything but cum all day. She was starting to feel the wine within about 10

minutes. We continue to make out and I continued caressing her tits and her ass. I slid my hard fucking cock

into her wet, cum filled stretched out cunt. It felt fucking incredible. Debbie’s cunt was always so tight. Her

pussy juices made it slippery but being filled with cum made it fucking slimy. The big Nigger cock had

stretched her out. Her cunt was tight, but very yielding. And so so slimy. I gasped as I entered her. I said,

“fuck that feels good”. My cock sank clear into her on the first thrust. It had never done that before. I kept

fucking her cum filled cunt, savoring the feeling of sloppy sevenths or thirtieths or whatever. I fucking loved

it. I took my slimy cum and pussy juice covered cock out of her cunt and stuck it in her mouth. I could tell by

the way she sucked it that she loved it. She was vacuuming my cock with her mouth. I had to taste it. I kissed

her deeply sticking my tongue into her mouth. I could taste their cum and her cunt juices in her mouth. I slid

my cock clear back up into her cunt all the way in one thrust again. It was such an incredible feeling being

able to fuck clear into her with cum filling her cunt and her grasp being so yielding. I fucked her for a couple

of minutes and stuck my cock back into her mouth. This time Debbie moaned while she sucked my cock. I

pulled it out of her mouth and asked her how she liked how it tasted. She said she loved it. We kissed again

and both savored how our mouths tasted. I put my cock back in her cunt and stroked it a few times and put it

back into her mouth. We kissed again. I went down on her. Her entire pubic mound was red and swollen. It

was naturally larger than most women’s. It was twice as large as normal. Her clit was still swollen from being

fucked so much. I sucked and licked it and could taste their cum on it. Debbie came in about 30 seconds. She

grabbed my head and fucked my mouth with her cunt. I could taste cum mixed with her cunt juices. I rolled

over onto my back, pulling her with me. She was on top of me fucking her well fucked cunt into my mouth.

She was sitting on my face with her legs spread, grinding her cunt into my mouth. She started cumming. Her

cunt gushed into my mouth. Her cunt had absorbed a lot of the cum that they had shot into her. It was mixed

in with her cunt juices. She still shot glob after glob of their cum mixed with her cunt juices into my mouth.

She rubbed her cunt all over my mouth and izmit anal yapan escort my entire face. I did not think she would ever quit coming. I

finally rolled her off of me onto her back and slammed my cock all the way up her cunt. I fucked her brutally,

like I had never fucked her before. I slammed my cock into her as hard as it was humanly possible. Our pubic

bones pounded together. She fucked her cunt up into my cock. I thought we were going to break our pubic

bones. Debbie orgasmed continually, her cunt walls milking my cock. When I came I tried to shove my entire

body up inside of her cunt. Her heels dug into my ass, trying to pull my whole body up inside of her cunt. We

writhed around on the bed, each other’s sex organs trying to devour each other entirely. We maintained that

state of ecstasy for what seemed like an hour. It was actually only about two minutes. We laid there pressing

our groins into each other without moving a couple of minutes. When they finally released each other we get

into the 69 position and ate each other until we had sucked and cleaned each other dry. I stuck my cock back

into Debbie’s cunt all the way and we laid there for few more minutes. Her cunt was still very soft and

yielding yet tight. I told her I loved how her cunt felt and she said her cunt was so sensitive that my cock felt

incredible in it.

Debbie said she wanted me to fuck her ass. She was on her back with her legs pulled up by the sides her head.

Her ass hole was still spread open about half an inch. I could see some of their cum still pooled in the

opening of her ass hole. She guided my cock into her ass hole. It was a delicious feeling, tight and slimy. I

sank my entire cock up her ass hole. She clamped her ass muscles and her sphincter onto my cock. I had never

felt anything like that in my life. Debbie started pulling her ass hole off of my cock, slowly. It was fantastic. It

felt like a huge slimy wet muscle grabbing a hold of my entire cock and sucking the life out of it. She released

it and slammed her ass hole up to my balls. Fuck. It was tight and slimy. We established a rhythm. She

clamped down on my cock so hard on the out stroke I couldn’t believe it, her ass hole was way tighter than

her cunt and slimy on the way back in. We only fucked for about three minutes before I shot my cum deep

inside her ass hole. Debbie screamed when I shot up her ass, saying she loved having her ass fucked and cum

in. We had only laid there resting for a few minutes when Debbie started moving her ass hole on my cock.

She kept working my cock. I felt the desire building and burning within her ass hole. And in my cock. Within

a minute we were fucking again. She swallowed my cock in her fucking ass hole. I pounded my cock into her

and she pounded her ass hole into my cock. We fucked in a frenzy and in less than five minutes and I shot

another load up her ass hole.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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