Fun With The Girl Upstairs Ch. 05

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Chapter Five. Sam Proves Her Slut Credentials.

There was certainly something about Sam that made my cock throb for her.

Such a willing slutwife, insatiable when it came to doing whatever I wanted to do to her.

Pushing my cock deep up her wet hole as she moaned for it turned me on more than anyone I’d ever had the pleasure to fuck before.

Her ass pushed up to meet the cock being driven deep inside her pussy. I grabbed her sweet bum and pulled her onto my cock until she decided she wanted to climb on and ride me. I was pushed back onto the bed and she straddled me. I looked at the bite marks on her bouncing tits as she rode me hard.

“Oh fuck it’s going so deep it hurts…in the nicest way.” Sam licked her lips and looked back between her legs to watch the cock going up inside her.” Mmnnnnnnnn. It’s so good having a real man’s cock to fuck again. I’d almost forgotten how good it was. Now I’ve found you, I’ll be dreaming of having you inside me again.” Sam fucked me hard. ” I hope you’ll want me again, I’ll be your dirty little slut whenever I get the chance.”

I couldn’t think of anything I’d want more. The thought of fucking this cheating slutwife while her husband was working was just about perfect.

Knowing it was risky just added to the pleasure for me, Sam letting me bite her tits when she knew she’d have to hide the bruises was so arousing. I loved feeling her soft flesh in my mouth as I bit down. Sucking so they were heavily marked, as Sam encouraged me to mark her as my slut made my cock so hard for her.

“Oh you dirty fucker, I’m going to piss all over you soon. Shall I do that for you babe…You want me to be your piss whore?” Sam was breathing hard, holding herself back from pissing. “Fuck yes, I want to piss in your mouth as I cum again, I’m so close now if you licked my clit I won’t be able to stop myself.”

I grabbed her hips and dragged her up off my cock., pulling her up towards my mouth. I got a beautiful view of her fucked pussy as she straddled my head. So wet her juice was dripping out over my lips. I pulled her down and flicked her clit as Sam began to scream.

“I gonna cum babe, I’m fucking gonna cum again.” Sam rubbed her cunt over my mouth harder. ” Mmnnnnnnn, Here it comes, altındağ escort I’m gonna piss in your mouth.”

She was almost howling as I felt the hot stream of piss start to fill my mouth. Sam had reached behind her and was stroking my cock as she was cumming again.

I almost choked as my mouth was filled, piss ran out until I was forced to swallow. Three times she filled my mouth before it was just a dribble that I lapped from her hole.

“Mmmmnnnn. I can see I’ll have to make sure I need to go anytime I come and fuck you.” Sam shook the last drops from her wet pussy before climbing off my face. ” I never thought for one minute I’d be pissing in your mouth when I knocked on your door this morning, aren’t you a dirty boy? I can see I’ll have to be very careful around you!”

With a lick of her lips, Sam took hold of my cock and slipped it into her mouth. I groaned as she expertly sucked and licked me. Damn, she was good. I would be spurting my cum soon if she kept it up.

There was no way I was going to stop her sucking on my cock. The fantastic sensations she was causing were just too good to stop.

“You dirty little slut, You loved pissing all over my mouth, I can’t help wondering how many men you’ve done that to. And yes, make sure you’re desperate any time you come round for a fuck. I loved it.”

Truth be told it was something I’d never considered doing. But I think it was safe to say it wouldn’t be the last time. Far from it. I was going to enjoy Sam as often as I could. If she was true to her word then she would find me more than willing.

I pushed her head down further so she was choking on my cock. Just in time for me to shoot my cum deep into the back of her throat. I heard her coughing as my hot cum filled her mouth. She was swallowing it all down. She didn’t have much choice really.

When she came up for air I saw the cum she couldn’t swallow coating her lips. She moved up until she could clamp her lips to mine. My tongue tasted the cum that had just been in her mouth as I held her mouth to mine and her tongue pushed into my mouth.

When we finally unglued our lips Sam climbed off the bed.

“Hold that thought, I’m just going to get some more drinks ankara anal yapan escort then you can have me however you want again. We just need to let that cock of yours recover first.” With a wiggle of her ass Sam left the bedroom. “I’ve got an idea you’ll love for a little later.” She called out.

I was intrigued by that. I wondered what more she could do for me. I’d already had every hole she had. And what wonderful holes they were, I’d hit the jackpot with Sam, just upstairs too. I was sure we could find time to enjoy ourselves even if it had to be quick because of her husband. Hopefully, Sam would come and visit during her lunch hour. It would give us about 30 minutes to fuck.

I heard the clink of glasses as Sam returned. Two glasses filled with ice, Vodka, and some orange juice from the fridge. I’d put the Vodka in the freezer, the bottle was nicely frosted. Perfect.

Sam poured a couple of large measures before adding the orange juice, the cracking of the ice cubes the only sound.

Sam climbed back onto the bed, plumping up the cushions before laying back and sipping her drink. She had a dirty smile on her lips as she put the glass on the bedside cabinet. I was wondering what she was thinking. She picked up the bottle.

“Want me to put on a bit of a show for you? I guarantee I’ll get you hard again, then you can fuck my ass again.”

All I could do was nod, as I sipped my Vodka.

“Mmmnnnnnnnn. I thought you might.” I watched as she slid the cold bottle over her tits, nipples rock hard. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhh. So cold.” The bottle slipped lower as she spread her legs wide open and lay further back. The bottle parted her lips as she shivered, then Sam pushed the bottle deeper inside as she gasped when the freezing bottle filled her cunt.

“Oh fuck that’s so cold, but I’ll soon warm it up a bit.” She began to fuck herself, slowly at first, then faster and harder until she was ramming it in as far as she could. Her cunt stretched wide to accommodate the cold glass.

“Mmnnnnnnn. You like this don’t you, look at your cock getting nice and hard for me again.”

My cock was getting hard again too. I wasn’t sure I could cum again so soon but was willing to give it a ankara escort go.

The frosting on the bottle had melted. Sam was laying in a cold, damp patch. The bottle went deep up her as Sam moaned. What a great show she was putting on for me. I moved up to her head, her mouth opened ready for my cock to fuck. Sam took a good gulp of her drink before I slid it into her willing mouth.

“Fuck! You little bitch.” Sam had sucked some of the ice cubes into her mouth just before I pushed my cock inside. “Jesus, that was fucking cold. Nice, but cold.”

Sam had let her spare hand move down and her thumb was circling her clit. Pressing it hard against her hard clit. Rubbing hard with one hand while the other kept fucking herself with the bottle.

She had a look of desperation on her face. The need to cum was driving her wild. I wondered how many times she could manage to cum.

I grabbed her tits hard. Pinching her nipples and twisting them, roughly pinching and pulling. I was bruising her again. Finger marks became visible as I mauled at them. Sam screamed every time I twisted her nipples.

She pulled her mouth away from my cock.

“Yes, do it hard babe make me scream. I’m going to cum again for you. I’ve never cum as much as you’ve made me do it today…Fuck I love it rough. I wish I could let you really go to town on my little, naked body.”

I wished that too. I’d love to slap her tits around, marking them. Her neck would be perfect to bite, her shoulders, tits and up the inside of her thighs, God, I wanted to do that to her. She’d show the marks, showing everyone what a little slut she was.

I watched as she started to cum. The bottle was left inside as her fingers rubbed her clit, it must be so sore. Sam was being rough with herself, her need to cum was all that mattered.

Even with her working on my cock, I didn’t think I’d be cumming anytime soon, if at all. She’d drained me for the time being. I was going to return the pleasure, her mouth would be perfect to piss in. I guessed she’d swallow every drop too.

“Come on slut, time to see if you like the taste of piss as much as my cum.”

Taking her hand I led her toward the bathroom’

“Oh God, I’ve never done that before, but I think I deserve it for all the fun I’ve had with you today. Don’t you?”

Oh yes. I did think she deserved it!

Well, that’s chapter five done. Thanks to all of you who’ve stuck with it. One more chapter to come before I take Sam to another scenario. Please comment if you want, good or bad, it will all help. Thanks.

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