The Doug Problem Pt. 01

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“Hey baby!”

My head came up at the sound of Shana’s playful voice down the aisle.

“What about this?” she asked as my eyes focused on the box she was holding. It was a penis extender sheath, one of those strap on dildos, but designed to be worn by a man to increase his length and girth. There was a hollow chamber down the center for the real cock to fit, along with some lube to get a good feeling going while your girl got to experience something…larger.

I stepped closed to see that the model she was holding was designed to increase an erect penis to 7.5″ long and 5.5″ thick. As I reached her to take the box out of her hand for a closer look, Melanie came around the corner and took an immediate interest.

“What’s that?” she giggled, grabbing it from me and flipping it over. She let out a nervous laugh when she saw the pictures of the sheath being modeled on the back.

“It’s a sheath. Makes a guy’s dick seem bigger.” Shana commented.

“Yeah, but this one only makes you like 7″ long. Mike, how small are you that you can make this fit?”

i blushed furiously, my stare fixed pointedly on my shoes, suddenly unable to find my voice.

Melanie hadn’t noticed my attempts to disappear into the floor of the sex shop, or maybe turn invisible, as she kept perusing the descriptions laid out vividly, luridly on the shiny cardboard container. “i mean, if you’re average, you wouldn’t really fit in the chamber right?”

Finally, she noticed my silence and looked up, trying to find my gaze.

“What are you telling me here, Mike? That my good friend Ahana isn’t exactly getting a whole lot in the bedroom?” She winked and I panicked a little, trying not to make a run for the exit. Shana was looking at me and silently implored her for a life line. None came – she had a big, shit-eating grin on her face, enjoying every minute of this.

“But i guess if you had an average dick, you wouldn’t need something like this, would you?” Melanie asked. After a few heartbeats of horribly uncomfortable shuffling and throat clearing from me, she let me off the hook, in a manner of speaking.

“Oh relax,” she said, rolling her eyes. “It’s not like this is some big elvankent escort secret or something.” Shana giggled at Melanie’s obvious pun. “We all know you’re… well…” and she held up her pinky finger, wiggled it at me and winked.

“She told you-? You told her?” I started, looking from one to the other, shocked that Shana would have shared this intimate bit of anatomical information about me.

“Better than told me…” and with that, Melanie whipped out her phone, opened the Signal app that the three of us and several of our closest, discreet friends used for group gossip and party planning. She pulled up a huge thread of photos from Shana – my penis, erect, small and exposed. I’d known for a long time that my kinky predilections for dominant women were no secret in our circle of friends, but i had no idea it had got this specific. My dick pics – in all it’s small, hard and hairless glory, were out there for everyone to see, and worse, to show. And had been for quite some time, judging from the dates on the the photo messages.

“Relax Mike, like I said, no one cares about your little penis… We all still think you’re the picture of manliness. You’re just great.” You could have sweetened French Toast with the syrupy sarcasm dripping from her voice. “Although…” she cocked an eye brow, “Let’s just say, I’m glad I’m the one dating Doug now.”

And there it was. Doug. Doug had been a point of ongoing contention between me and Shana for some time now, and Melanie throwing it my face so casually was just salt in the wound. When Shana and I were dating the first time, in our last months of high school and the years after, she’d cheated on me with Doug and I couldn’t necessarily blame her – his thick, 9″ cock was more than double the size of mine and it was legendary with all our friends. Apparently as legendary as my little 4″… We’d all known each other since the early days of elementary school and certain secrets and rumors never seemed to go away.

When I’d learned of their little indiscretion and confronted Shana, her response wasn’t at all what I expected. She shrugged and said, “What did you expect? You and I were going through emek escort a rough patch and hadn’t had sex in months.” She and Doug had unexpectedly found themselves alone together with time on their hands and the inevitable happened, she continued. “I wasn’t going to pass up the chance to see if the rumors were true. I’m sorry if this hurts you, but would you have preferred my resentment over lack of sex and other issues grew until it ruined our relationship entirely? It was a one-time thing, I had my fun and I’m with you now. I love you – small penis and all and we’re working on that too so as I see it, it was good for us in the long run. I’m sorry if you don’t feel that way, but I’m not sorry I fucked him.” And there it was.

I’d decided to forgive her and move on, rather than breaking up – Melanie had been quick to point out just how out my league Shana truly was and how easily she could find someone worthy of her. “You think you could pull another Shana? Cuz I don’t.” She shrugged, “But if you want to test those waters, be my guest.” Much as I love-hated Melanie, I knew she was right. And now, here we were, five years later. I told myself I was over it, and maybe that’s mostly true. Ancient history, let the past be the past, sleeping dogs, and all the usual aphorisms – but every now and then something like this happened and while no old wounds were ripped open again, it still stung a bit, especially when combined with the blindside news that all our friends knew about my small penis and the fetishes I’d developed to cope.

The moment of humiliation over – thank god I could hide my throbbing erection in my loose jeans without difficulty. Yes, this was turning me on. Fiercely. The truth was, these two stunning women were standing in a sex store talking about my penis. Yeah, maybe for less than optimal reasons, but still. It was hard to imagine the horrors to be heaped on me by a giggling Melanie were she to notice it. I made a tactical decision and wandered away.

As I moved down the aisles of rubber penises and latex vaginas, outlandish in size and eye-grabbingly garish in design, I found myself wondering what Shana would do if she knew eryaman escort the other half of this story. You see, when I found she’d indulged in Doug’s generous gift, I didn’t head to her place as you might expect, but instead made a beeline in anger to his house to… what? Threaten? Attack? Whatever might have been my initial motivations, when I got there, and the moment was at hand, him standing in his doorway, wondering why I was hesitating at his offer to come in and have a beer, only one thing came out of my mouth. To this day, I don’t know how or why, but I just blurted out, “Show me your dick! I have to see it.”

His expression changed ever so slightly, darkening as he put together the pieces of what had happened and after a moment of silent consideration, he simply shrugged, unzipped and did exactly as I’d asked. His confident movements made it clear I was far from the first to ask him to do this.

And there it was, huge and pink and hanging soft, at least five inches out of his zipper, plus whatever else was still inside. I could only stare agape and in awestruck confusion, unable to wrap my head around the idea that someone could have that much between his legs. I guess he appreciated my attention, because even as I watched, it began to thicken, stiffen, rise to impossible dimension. It was thicker than my wrist and in my head, I was imagining a comparison to my forearm. Shana wasn’t exaggerating when she’d said he was bigger soft than I was at my horniest arousal hard, and it only took a few minutes before that big monster cock was at it angry and thick, the massive head like a fist, staring at me, daring me to do something, the shaft was throbbing and veiny and the pink silky skin quickly darkened to purplish red.

I recovered then, blinking and coughing as I started to stammer out a question, but he cut me off immediately, already divining where this was going. “Don’t ask, I’m not going to tell you about her or us, or what happened, and trust me, you really don’t want to know. I know you think you do, but you don’t. Just leave it alone.” A flame to gasoline, I suppose – now I really wanted to know.

I found myself unable to keep my eyes off it. His cock was easily double mine and thick – I doubted I could get a hand all the way around it and I found myself wondering how Shana could take all that meat and then come back to me and even be able to feel me at all.

But that was the problem wasn’t it….

Continues in part two.

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