Telemedicine Ch. 08: Two Owners

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I got the video of me and Kat uploaded and shared the link with Dr. Popova just before my deadline. I was a wreck by the time it was done. The stress of the lockdown, the tension of the last few hours, the incredible arousal I felt after my session with Kat, the lack of relief… Everything just seemed to hit me at once. I had thought I would shower and go to bed, but I never made it to the shower. I just fell into bed and slept for hours. I don’t know whether the devices had been turned off or if I had simply crashed so hard that I couldn’t feel them—whatever it was, the sun was up when I woke up in a panic, wondering what time it was.

I grabbed my phone—there was a message from Dr P that I’d missed, and that made me very scared. But it was also late—my 9:30 team meeting was starting in a few minutes. I had just enough time to put up some coffee and grab a shower. Dr P would have to wait.

Team meeting started—our morning video call—and there was Kat. She texted me, “How’s your small American penis?”

I couldn’t believe I had told her that detail. I wrote back, “Suffering.”

“Get used to it,” she wrote back. I could see her smiling on the video call, looking like she was on top of the world. And honestly, she looked so good I wanted to jump through the screen to get to her.

“Ok, so can we hang out tonight?” I texted.

“For sure,” she replied. “I have evil plans for you, JB.” She was smiling on the team video call. No one else seemed to have any idea what was going on in the back-channel though. On the surface, everything was normal. Status updates, high-priority bugs, release planning, blah blah.

Kat’s next message said, “And I hope Dr. P is getting you ready for me.”

At that moment, I felt my cock cage clamp down on me, and I caught my breath. Now I was sure that Dr. P could see my text messages. “Kat, I think she can read our texts.”

“LOL!” Kat texted me. Then, “Dr P, if you can read this, I hope that JB passed along my request from last night. Please do your best to tease the fuck out of JB’s small American penis. I want him hard and dripping for my call with him tonight at 8.”

At that moment, my cage pulsed twice. I was sure it was Dr P acknowledging Kat’s request.

“She got the message, Kat,” I texted.

“Fuck, that’s hot, JB.”

I groaned. The thought of Kat and Dr P working together to torment me was terrifying.

It was a good thing I’d been on mute. No one heard my groans, and thankfully our team meeting ended without incident. That meant that it was time for me to turn to Dr Popova’s messages. I opened maltepe escort the Telemedicine app and tapped the doctor’s message, time-stamped 3:02am.

The message opened on screen, “Thank you for that lovely video, Jonathan. You did a wonderful job. I can see that you’re asleep now. As your doctor, this makes me very happy. Clearly the therapy is working. I will let you sleep. Please contact me in the morning.”

A few moments later, at exactly 10 am, I felt the machines spring into action again. I moaned as they gripped my cock and balls and started a slow, insistent throbbing in my ass. “Oh god, Doctor!” I hissed. I realized I was talking to her as if she could hear me—not just read my texts—and who knows, maybe she could.

A moment later, my phone chimed. It was a message from Dr. P. “Because Kat has requested additional teasing, I have loaded an Advanced Stimulation module into your therapy program for today. This module became active at 10:00am your time and is scheduled to end prior to your 8pm video date with Kat. The module stop time is conditional however. It will end when you begin your next video date with Kat. Jonathan, it is not advisable to allow the Advanced Stimulation module to run overnight, so I recommend doing everything you can to ensure nothing prevents your video date with Kat this evening. Enjoy your day Jonathan and remember that you must not deny Kat anything.”

I put my head on my desk and groaned.


There was no getting any work done. The Advanced Stimulation mode was like nothing I’d ever felt before. It would take me to the edge slowly, maddeningly. I would think that surely it had miscalibrated and I was going over the edge, and then one of two things would happen—either the devices would go utterly dead, or they would clamp down on my shit until I lost my hard-on. It wasn’t painful, it was just…insistent. In either case, the devices would wait until I’d gone soft, then they would start again with the gentlest teasing. Either way, they would build me up until I was sure I was gonna cum, then nothing.

I tried to work but it was really no use. Eventually, I just gave up, climbed into the shower and let the hot water run over me while I tried to think. If I couldn’t find a way out of this soon, I was sure that I’d lose my mind. I replayed the events of the last few days in my mind. What was Dr. Popova trying to do here? Clearly, she wasn’t interested in my money. If she was, she had everything she needed to break me. No, instead there was something else. Was this actually some kind of therapy? mamak escort Dr. Popova had said that I was selfish—made me talk to Kat. Then Kat had said the same. Both of them were now devoted to teasing me—denying my pleasure in favor of their own. I wondered if I could somehow lean into this and accelerate the program.

A plan started to form in my head.


“Do you want to cum, JB?” Kat asked me. She was smiling on the other end of our video chat. It was after work, and she looked freshly showered and perky as hell. She was eating a slice of the pizza that I’d sent her the night before, and looked like she didn’t have a care in the world.

“Kat,” I said, “What do you want? Do you want me to cum?”

Kat looked surprised. “That’s a new one from you, JB,” she said. “Asking me what I want.” She paused for a moment, then said, “Do you really want to know what I want?”

I nodded. My cock cage, which had gone silent the moment I had connected to the video with Kat, started to pulse. I assume that it was Dr. Popova’s doing. She was watching, and letting me know that she approved.

“Well, JB,” she said, “When you first showed me your situation, I mostly thought it was funny, but now I think it’s fucking hot as hell. I really like the idea that I’ve got you at my mercy, and I’ve spent the day mostly fantasizing about all the hell that Dr Popova has put you through and… Well, I’ve been wondering what it would be like to be at the controls.”

This is not going where I’d hoped it would go. In my mind, I’d be rewarded for my little show of unselfishness. Kat and Dr. Popova would be so impressed with me that my ‘therapy’ would end and I’d be released. I desperately wanted to get these devices off of me. Desperately wanted to cum. Desperately wanted my manhood back. Still, I kept quiet.

“Do you know what I did this afternoon, JB?” I shook my head, and she continued. “I started thinking about how the device software works—what the control protocols look like, and what kind of programming interfaces existed for them. I imagined writing a custom tease module just for you, JB. I started thinking about what would go into the module, how it would slowly stroke the head of your cock while the plug rotated in your ass—it does rotate, right?”

I nodded again and said, “Sort of, I think.”

“Yeah,” she continued, her eyes dreamy. “And you like that, don’t you JB?”

I nodded. I did like it, even if it made me crazy.

“I started thinking about the squeezing and pulsing,” Kat said. “The pressure on your balls. I imagined ankara ofise gelen escort everything that a tease module could do to you and I got so fucking wet, JB. I started stroking my pussy, JB, imagining that you were here, between my legs, eating my pussy while my tease module software was running on you. Would you like that, JB? Would you eat my pussy if you were here right now?”

She was making me crazy, picturing her spread legs. I didn’t hesitate. “Fuck yeah,” I said.

“Beg for it, JB. Beg to eat my pussy.”

I was beyond pride. I belonged to her. “Kat, please let me eat your pussy. I’ll do it so good.”

“That’s what I was thinking about, JB. All afternoon. I willI imagined you going down on me JB. The whole time, my code would be controlling your cage, your cock ring, your fucking butt plug—they would all be running the tease module that wrote. God that would be so hot!”

She looked at me. “You want me to keep going, JB?” she asked.

I did. Desperately. I could see the scene in my mind, and as much as I wanted to be liberated, I think I wanted to be between Kat’s legs even more. I nodded.

“Tell me what you want, JB,” she said.

“I want to hear the rest of your story Kat. I want to hear what you did to your pussy this afternoon.”

“I bet you do,” she said, with a little laugh. “OK, I put my fingers in my pussy and I rubbed my clit and I imagined how hard I could tease you—how you could do literally nothing about it. And that made me cum so hard, JB. I fucking came and I came and I came. Over and over again. I came until I was exhausted and I couldn’t cum any more.”

I was enthralled. I was breathing hard. My heart was pounding. I was rock hard in my cage. The devices were working on me.

“So JB, no show tonight, because I’m spent. Instead, I’m going to answer your question. I’m going to tell you what I really want.”

I nodded. I was disappointed that Kat wasn’t going to cum on our call tonight, but maybe my plan was still going to work. I would be all about what she wanted and maybe I’d earn my way out of this mess.

“JB, what I want is to get my hands on the control software. You say Dr. P is listening, right? So let’s get her on this call right now so I can talk to her directly.”

Oh fuck. I wasn’t expecting this at all. The prospect of being on a call with Dr P and Kat at the same time was terrifying. The prospect of even asking Dr. P about it scared me. Still, I had no choice. Dr. Popova had been very explicit. I was required to follow Kat’s orders.

Before I could do anything though, my phone buzzed. It was a message from Dr Popova. “I am available to speak to you both tomorrow at 8pm your time.”

Oh my god. It was about to happen.

Then, the machines began teasing me in earnest. Stoking. Pulsing. Squeezing. I let out a groan, and I heard Kat start to laugh.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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