Labor Day Panties

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Big Tits

I parked my car in the driveway, a big smile on my face. I took a moment to collect my things, making sure my present for her was perfect. It was simply wrapped, just some red wrapping paper around a little box, tied with a big red bow, but I knew she would like it; she always enjoyed my gifts.

I got out of the car and headed up the steps to my front door, paying no attention to glimpses of the Pacific Ocean I could see just beyond the house. Being a partner in a law firm catering to big Hollywood names in Los Angeles allowed me more free time than most, and a sizable bank account, so I took advantage of living on the coast by buying a big beach house on the PCH.

As I shoved my key into the lock, I noticed my hand shaking; I was pleasantly nervous. She always had that effect on me, even though we had been fucking for a few months now. I knew she was in there, because I asked her to be. I knew she would let herself in, find my note, and prepare. And I couldn’t wait to get started celebrating my long Labor Day weekend.

I opened the door, dropping my briefcase in the entranceway, calling out to her.

“Mischa, honey. I’m home.” I heard a noise on the second floor, and smiled again as I saw her come down the stairs. She had dressed as I asked, in thin, white knee high socks, her feet in the shiny black high heeled Mary Janes I bought her at the beginning of our relationship. My gaze moved up fantastic legs, taking in the thin pink panties stretched over slim hips. She had pierced her belly button a month ago, and the shiny red jeweled bar rested against her flat stomach, begging me to tug at it gently. Her full, perky breasts were covered with a tight cutoff tank top, with the words “Daddy’s Girl” written in pink. I felt my cock stir already. I adored her body.

“Daddy Dan!” She giggled and encircled me with her arms, giving me a warm hug, her glossy lips pressing against my neck lightly. Her voice dropped as she whispered in my ear, falling into her role. “It’s been a long week, Daddy, and I’ve missed you terribly.”

She pulled back to pout at me, and I raised my hand to cup her cheek. She had a gorgeous face, long black hair, green eyes, and didn’t look a day over 18. I knew she was a few years older than 18, but just barely.

I met Mischa in an elevator, as she was coming to interview as a receptionist with my firm. In a freak accident, an earthquake occurred, and we were stuck there together for a good ninety minutes or so. We fucked while we waited, before we even knew each other’s names.

Once it started working again, I left the elevator, and almost ran into my company’s bathroom to collect myself. I had never done anything like that before, but had no problem taking advantage of the situation! As I headed into my office to conduct a routine interview, I was shocked and grateful to discover Mischa was the one I was interviewing. She gave me the hottest sex I had ever had, and I was already kicking myself for not getting her information.

Needless to say, we both decided we wanted to explore a personal relationship more than we wanted to work with each other. We talked briefly about ourselves, and I came to discover she was a recent college graduate, a mere 22. She had assured me in the elevator she did not mind that I was a 45 year old man, but I asked again in my office to make sure.

She had called me ‘Daddy’ while I teased and sucked and screwed her, and it made me hard each time she murmured that word. I had been married once, but that marriage had ended with divorce papers and no children, so it was a little surprising that I would get so turned on by that, but I did. I didn’t question it, or that such a young, nubile, horny girl would want me. I was six feet tall, had all my hair, and being so close to the ocean, I ran and swam each morning, so I was also fit and healthy. I considered myself fairly attractive, but still. A 22 year old wanting to fuck me, pretending she was my daughter? It was like a dream, and I definitely wanted to continue our ‘relationship’. We got together several times a week, and though neither of us was interested in marriage, I wanted her to move in. I wanted to fuck her whenever the mood struck.

She bit my thumb, bringing me back to the present, a sexy little smile on her full lips. She shifted her feet a little, pretending shyness. I knew for a fact this was part of her act, as she was a bright, opinionated, independent person, but I loved knowing she was waiting me for me to tell her what to do, willing to let me take the lead.

I stood up straight, moving both hands and the gift box behind my back. Her eyes light up as she noticed the box for the first time, and bounced on her toes, hands clapping.

“Daddy, did you get me a present? Lemme see!” She reached around my body, but I shifted malatya escort to block her.

“Patience, young lady. I need to discern if you’ve been a good girl this week to deserve such a gift.” I frowned down at her, giving her a stern look. “You’ve already forgotten what we do first when Daddy comes home.”

She grinned and took a step closer to me, her hand grasping mine, and led me into the living room at the back of the house. One entire wall was windows, so plenty of light came in, and I liked fucking her up against it, in full view of the runners and beach goers; I planned to indulge in that later. I paused to place the box on arm of the couch, instructing her she was not to touch it till I said she could. She nodded her assent as she began to undress me, removing my suit, tie, socks, and shoes, placing them in a careful pile on a far chair. I had stopped wearing any kind of underwear, partly because I enjoyed the feeling of my cock hanging down, and partly because I sometimes wanted to fuck her right when I got home and this way made it easier.

I watched as she cupped her breasts, rubbing them as I licked my lips, then lifting the tiny tank top over her head and tossing it to the side. My dick was semi-hard, and I sighed with pleasure as she sank to her knees in front of me and leaned forward to press soft kisses along the shaft and head.

“How was your day, Daddy?” she murmured, her small hands running along my hips, thighs, ass. I let myself relax, thoroughly enjoying the feeling of her breath on my cock. I ran my fingers through her hair, massaging her scalp as her hands reached behind me to knead my ass cheeks.

“It was long, baby, long and hard.” She giggled, dragging the flat of her tongue across the head, making my eyes roll back. She sucked lightly, teasing me. By now, I was fully erect, and I pushed my hips forward a little.

“No, Daddy, you’re long and hard. Long and hard and thick.” Her eyes locked on mine as her tongue glided up and down the length. “And I can’t wait to get you deep inside me.”

She paused then, turning to open a drawer of the coffee table. Never knowing when or where the mood would strike us, we kept toys all around the house. Reaching in, she retrieved a bottle of flavored massage oil.

I settled on the couch, spreading my legs wide. She scooted in between them, and I dribbled oil along her breasts, enjoying myself as I played with her nipples. Smiling at me, she cupped her breasts, and moving closer, surrounding my throbbing cock with them. I kept my feet flat on the floor, arching my hips up and down as I titty fucked her.

“Cum on my breasts, Daddy. I want to feel your cock and cum all over me.” I obliged, groaning as she tilted her chin down, licking my cockhead on each upstroke. The oil made her breasts slick, and the sensations shooting through my body were incredible. I didn’t last long; I had been thinking about this all day, and the sight and feel of my cock moving between her breasts, her tongue flicking out every time I moved, was too much. As I spurted my cum all over her, she leaned forward to bite at my nipples, intensifying the orgasm and smearing my juice all over my abdomen.

Breathing hard, I reached down and pulled her onto her hands and knees beside me on the couch.

“You naughty girl. You made such a mess. Clean me up.” As her tongue lapped along my abs, I reached down to her panty covered ass. The ones I had left out for her were a soft baby pink, and cut high up so the bottom of her cheeks peeked out enticingly. I bought all her panties, since she wore a memorable pair I adored the first time we met, and I bought them just a little smaller. I liked seeing the marks the elastic would leave on her skin, just as much as I liked how the material clung to her mound oh so tightly. To amuse myself, I tugged on the waistband of her panties, pulling them up into her cleft and ass. She squirmed and moaned as I did this, lifting her head. I gently pushed it back down, saying, “You aren’t done yet. Now clean my cock.”

I lifted my hand and gave her ass a light smack.

“Were you a good girl today?” When she didn’t answer right away, I spanked her again. “I asked you a question. Were you a good girl today?”

“Ye-yes, Daddy,” she replied, not looking at me. My eyes narrowed as my hand connected with her ass again.

“Why don’t I believe you?” I moved her further over my lap, to gain better access. “What did you do?”

“I…I went shopping, Daddy.” Another smack came down, harder this time.

“Shopping? For what exactly?” My free hand began playing with her hair, and I felt her tremble on my lap. She loved with I played with her locks.

“Um…I needed a new bra, so I went to a lingerie store.” I spanked her again, twice in a row.

“A maltepe escort lingerie store? Only Daddy buys your bras and panties, right?” My voice remained calm as I spoke, my fingers dipping under the material to grip and rub her red cheeks. “Do you want Daddy to stop buying your panties?”

“No, Daddy! No! I didn’t buy anything, I just looked, I swear!” My fingers slid down further, caressing her slit. I found her so very wet already, and I smiled.

“What aren’t you telling me?”

She squirmed a little on my lap, so I removed my hand completely.

“I had the sales girl help me take my measurements. I…I wanted to feel her hands on my breasts.” My cock stirred at this. My little Mischa loved sex, and I liked listening to her stories. While we had an agreement, I encouraged her to have other partners, male or female, if she desired, as long as she told me every detail. Knowing other people caressed her nipples, stroked her clit but she returned to me, to be fucked by me, was absolutely arousing. I gave her mound a light smack, and watched her jump in surprise.

“Did she kiss them?”

“Yes, Daddy.” She whimpered as I rubbed her clit a little, then spanked her pussy once more.

“Did she suck your nipples?”

“Yes, Daddy.”

“Did she taste your pussy?” I pulled on her panties again.

“N-no, Daddy, that’s all she did.”

“Then what did you do?”

“I left to come here and get ready for you, Daddy.” She turned her head so she was looking at me. Her fingers stroked my chest and she pressed a kiss against my belly. I could see the lust in her eyes, her lust for me, and I smiled down at her.

I opened my arms and she sat up to hug me. I tilted her head back and kissed her deeply, my tongue sliding into her mouth, my cock coming back to life as she reciprocated eagerly.

“Good girl, Mischa baby,” I murmured against her mouth, reaching over to grab the box. “I think you deserve to open this now.”

With a squeal, she opened the small box and gasped. Grinning, she shifted the tissue paper to reveal a dozen panties in a variety of colors and styles. She had the prettiest pussy I’ve ever seen, and I loved knowing panties I’ve chosen for her rested against the most intimate part of her body. Each time she got dressed and wore them, I knew she thought of me, just as she knew I would be at work, imagining them on her.

“Daddy, they’re beautiful!” She kissed me again, rubbing the material of each pair between her fingers. “They are so silky and smooth, I know they are going to feel amazing against my pussy.”

She winked at me, her eyes glittering. She hadn’t cum yet, and I knew she wouldn’t till I told her to. She enjoyed teasing us both, and I loved watching her. She hopped up, settling the box on the coffee table, her ass swaying back and forth. Bending, she opened another drawer and took out my SLR camera. Placing it in my hands, she directly in front of the windows.

“Shall I model them for you, Daddy?” she purred, pinching her nipples. Her skin was still slick from the oil and my cum, and my cock started to grow again. “Will you take pictures as I model them? Would you like that, Daddy?”

“I’d love that, sweetheart,” I replied, lifting the camera up, checking to make sure it had film. This wasn’t an idea we had brought up before, but it appealed to me. I could leave a pair of panties out for her, and bring the corresponding picture with me to work.

She turned so her ass faced me, and bent forward at the waist, her thumbs hooking into the waistband. Slowly, she slid them down her thighs, pausing as I took the first picture.

“Right there, baby. Spread your legs a little wider.” She complied, and I zoomed in on her ass and bare pussy, which she kept smooth because I liked it that way. I made sure I framed it just right to capture the panties around her upper thighs. She pulled them down and off, then rubbed the crotch across each breast and nipple. Click!

“Are your panties wet, sweetheart?” I turned the advance, grinning at her over the camera.

“So wet, Daddy.”

“Mm, honey, come closer. Let me taste your nipples.” She glided back to me, and leaned over. I flicked my tongue across her hardened nipples, sucking on them lightly. I tasted the oil and her juices there, as well as my own, and groaned, pulling back only when I was satisfied she was clean. Patting her ass, I lifted the camera again. “Go ahead, honey, continue modeling for Daddy.”

She rubbed the wet material on my hardened cock, then left them there. Once back in place, she removed her shoes and socks. Choosing one pair at random, she lifted them into place, twirling, bending, and twisting so I could catch every angle. Over and over she repeated the process, till we both were incredibly mamak escort aroused. Breathing hard, I paused to reload the film, stroking her wet panties along my cock. The visual stimulation was extreme, and I feared I wouldn’t be able to last much longer.

“How many have you tried on, baby?” She glanced at the box, then the small pile by her feet.

“Five, Daddy. These are the sixth,” she replied, her fingers touching the crotch of a pair of light blue mesh bikini panties. I set the camera down, then rose and strode towards her, my dick bobbing in front of me. One of my arms encircled her waist, the other capturing her chin as my mouth came down on hers. She moaned against me, feeling my dick rub against her belly, touching her piercing.

“I’m not going to last for the rest, baby,” I murmured, staring down at her full lips and lust filled eyes. I turned her so she faced the window again, then knelt on the floor behind her, rubbing my face against her mound and ass, breathing her intoxicating scent in. “I’ve got to taste you now.”

I didn’t wait for a response, but tilted her hips to allow me better access to her pussy. I took a moment to see the mesh covering her puffy lips before I kissed her all over, sliding my tongue along her opening, sucking the juices that came through the material. I teased her clit first with a finger, then my tongue, knowing the soft mesh would give her an interesting sensation, and I was right. My sweet little Mischa immediately began to squirm, and I gripped her hips as I ate her through her new panties.

I entertained myself as long as I could stand, before yanking them down around her hips. My hands spread her ass, and I immediately began to tongue her rear hole. She whimpered, her hands moving over the window, trying to grasp at something, but to no avail. The window was a single pane of glass, so she could only press herself against me, against my wandering tongue, which was now licking her entire length, mimicking her earlier actions on my cock. I made sure I started at her clit, dipping in her opening just a little, and ending at her asshole.

“You are so wet for me, sweetheart, so wet,” I mumbled, lost in our mutual arousal, as I slid the panties completely off. I moved an ottoman closer, helping her to kneel on it, then rose, standing behind her. “Taste yourself, honey.”

She immediately turned, grasping my head with both her hands, licking my chin and face. I reached down to stroke my cock, and feeling the precum there, I wiped it and lifted it to her hungry mouth as well. She feverishly sucked my fingers into her mouth, her eyes hot with desire.

I shifted a little, pushing the head of my cock against her wet and willing opening. I tried moving slowly, but my mind could only focus on fucking her, hard and good. I was aching, and as she pressed back against me, I realized she was, too. So, I stroked in and out of her pussy, faster each time, my heavy balls striking her clit with every thrust.

We were both moaning loudly, writhing against each other, trying to get closer and deeper. I pounded into her, my hips meeting her ass over and over, but it’s almost as if I couldn’t get close enough.

“God, fuck me hard, Daddy,” she panted, her fingers spread wide on the window. “Just like that, yes.” I leaned forward, biting her shoulder.

“Do you want Daddy to cum in your young pussy? Hmm? Cum for me, baby, cum on my cock.” I drove into her, not caring how rough I was, my thoughts focused on how her pussy was constricting around me, milking me as she started to cum. It was sheer heaven, and I couldn’t stop, didn’t want to stop.

She could only moan, her back arching more, her eyes clenched tight as the orgasm she was experiencing, the one I gave her, rocked through her body.

“I love your sweet pussy. I love the way it feels, the way you grip me when I fuck you.” I was to the point of incoherence as I felt my cock begin to spasm, felt the long ropes of cum shoot deep inside her. My hips continued to thrust, slowing down only when I felt her orgasm finally recede.

Eventually, I somehow managed to pick her up, and settle the both of us on the couch, my dick still buried inside her, both of our bodies still shuddering.

She stretched a little, sighing contentedly as one of my hands slid in between her legs to cup her there. She curled back into me, holding my other hand tightly.

“I’m a good girl, huh, Daddy?” she murmured drowsily.

“The best little girl Daddy could ask for,” I replied, kissing her neck, her shoulder, anything I could reach.

“We’ll do the other panties later, right, Daddy?”

“Of course, honey. You can model the other six after dinner.”

“No, Daddy. I mean all the panties. Each pair you gave me.” She giggled, and I grinned as I felt her pussy grip me. I must have bought her a hundred panties by now!

“Sure, honey. Whatever you want,” I answered, shifting her enough to kiss her tenderly on the mouth.

We were definitely going to work this Labor Day weekend, but, strangely enough, I didn’t mind.

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