Game Night

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Author’s Note: this story contains cuckolding and humiliation.

Hi, my name’s Lucas. I’m an 18-year-old freshman in college. I live with my older brother, Chris, who is a senior. Chris and I are very different. I’m a total nerd – I love science fiction and anime and video games and all that kind of stuff. Chris is a big jock – he’s on the lacrosse team and is in a frat and works out a lot. We don’t even look alike – I’m short and skinny and have blond hair and a pretty face. Chris is tall, muscular, and has dark hair and a beard.

I have a circle of friends who are nerds like me. We don’t go out to parties very much or anything, instead mostly just hanging out together. I also have a girlfriend, Riley. I met her in my English class – she had said something about liking a science fiction writer I like, and I talked to her about it, and we really hit it off. I was a little amazed, because I’d never met a girl as hot as Riley who showed any interest in me. She was also 18 and had blond hair and a short, slim frame with perky C-cup breasts. She told me she thought I was cute and we quickly started dating. Less than a month into school, I lost my virginity to her, and now, halfway into the school year, we were still dating. I couldn’t believe how lucky I was.

One night, I invited my three best friends – Mike, Noah, and Ryan – over to my place to play video games. My friends had also gotten lucky finding hot girlfriends who seemed to have soft spots for nerdy guys. But none of our girlfriends were there, they were letting us have a “boys night.” Chris was also there, but he was in his bedroom, probably working out or something. He’d never met my friends before since he spent a lot of time out at bars or at his frat.

The four of us were all just having fun playing video games, when Chris walked out of his room, wearing jeans and a tight-fitting button-up shirt, his dark hair styled carefully and his beard freshly trimmed. He was clearly about to head out for the evening.

“Hey, nerds,” he said to us. He teased me like that all the time. I was used to it, but I felt a little annoyed he was talking that way to my friends too. They all just said hi back to him, though – I assumed they had been dealing with jocks like him calling them nerds for most of their life. As Chris walked to the door, he continued, “I’m gonna head out to my frat’s party, see ya all la-” Suddenly, he stopped himself, looking at Mike, recognizing him.

Mike looked back at him and smiled shyly. “Oh…um…hey,” he said tentatively.

“Aren’t you…?” my brother began asking him.

“Uh, yeah, that’s me,” Mike said with a nervous laugh. “I didn’t know you were Lucas’s brother…”

Chris burst out laughing. “Oh my god, it figures Lucas would be friends with you.”

“Uh…how do you two know each other?” I asked, confused.

Chris turned to me, then looked back at Mike and laughed again. “Bro, you won’t believe this, your little friend here brought his girlfriend to our frat party last weekend, okay? And dude, she is fine as fuck.”

“We’ve all met her, Chris,” I said, irritated. “Please try to be respectful to my friends.”

Chris just laughed. “So anyway, she used to date Ethan, one of the guys in my frat. And I guess, uh, what’s your name again?”

“Mike,” Mike said softly.

“Yeah, little Mikey here doesn’t exactly have the equipment he needs to keep his girl satisfied, you know what I mean?” Chris continued.

Mike turned red as we all looked at him. “It’s true,” he admitted with an embarrassed smile.

I felt bad for Mike, and knew how he felt – I had spent plenty of time in the high school locker room getting made fun of for my 3-inch penis, and ever since Riley and I had started having sex, I worried that I was not pleasing her. “Chris, come on, stop picking on my friend,” I said.

“Wait, wait, bro, this is great, just lemme finish,” Chris said, clearly enjoying himself. “So get this, little Mikey here has been letting Ethan give his girl the deep dicking she needs! Can you believe that?”

Noah, Ryan, and I all looked at Mike again, a little stunned. Mike just smiled sheepishly at us. I immediately felt bad for him, and turned back to my brother. “Chris, come on, you shouldn’t be telling us this, that’s private!”

Chris just laughed, but Mike interjected. “No, it’s okay, Lucas,” he said. “I mean, it’s a little embarrassing for you all to find out like this, but, well…it’s true…”

“You mean…you let Chloe…have sex…with her ex-boyfriend?” Noah asked, confused.

“Yeah, Chloe, that was her name,” Chris remembered. “Damn, she was a fine little piece of ass. Such a tight pussy.”

Mike blushed. “Uh, yeah, and last weekend Ethan invited us to his frat party, and, well…”

There was a long pause. “And what?” Ryan asked, intrigued.

Chris laughed. “And we all fucked her brains out, dude. But get this, the whole time, little Mikey here just sits and watches in the corner and jerks his little dick.”

“Um…wow,” Noah said, speechless.

“Dude, elazığ escort when’s the last time you got any of that pussy?” Chris asked.

“Um…it’s been a couple months now,” Mike admitted. Chris burst out laughing.

“So, like, why do you still date her?” I asked.

“Well…because…we still like each other, and…I like watching her with other guys,” Mike explained.

Chris laughed. “Fucking weird, dude,” he said. “But, hey, I’m not complaining. When you gonna bring that little hottie back around?”

Mike laughed a little awkwardly. “Um, I dunno…she, uh, she did say she wants to do it again.”

“I bet she does,” Chris said. “We had that little slut screaming all night long. Bring her around tonight, if you want, we’ll give her what she needs again.”

“Um…okay, thanks…maybe I’ll text her later,” Mike said.

Chris just kind of smirked and shook his head at Mike’s willingness to lend out his girlfriend again. “All right, well, I gotta go. I’ll tell Ethan he can expect another reunion with his ex tonight.” He was still laughing as he closed the door behind him.

After he was gone, there was a long, awkward silence as we absorbed this new revelation about our friend. Then Mike let out a little awkward laugh and said, “Guys, it’s okay, I know it seems a little weird, but, well…I think it’s really hot.”

“I guess I don’t really get it,” Ryan said, confused.

“Well, it wasn’t exactly my choice at first,” Mike explained. “Chloe and I started dating, and we got along really well, but I wasn’t exactly, you know, um, satisfying her…”

“It’s okay,” Noah said sympathetically. “I, um, I kind of have the same problem…”

“You mean, like…having a small…?” Ryan began shyly, then just motioned down toward his crotch.

“Yeah,” Noah said, embarrassed.

“Um…me too,” Ryan said.

They all looked at me. “Uh…yeah…me too,” I admitted uncomfortably.

“Thanks, guys, it feels good to not be the only one,” Mike said. “So, um, anyway, Chloe kept saying that she really liked spending time with me and being my girlfriend and stuff, except for…ya know…” We nodded, understanding that he was referring to his tiny penis. “And, um, she kept telling me about her ex-boyfriend, Ethan, and how he’s, like, really big, and, ya know, fucked her really good and stuff…”

“Wow, that’s, um…that’s crazy,” Ryan said.

“Yeah,” Noah agreed. “She would talk to you about that stuff?”

“Yeah, like, she would tell me how they would fuck multiple times a day, and how he would make her have multiple orgasms, and how he liked to treat her rough and spank her and cum on her face and stuff,” Mike said, getting a little carried away with himself.

“Wow,” Ryan said again.

“Yeah, but, like, whenever she would talk about him,” Mike continued, “I would, like…get super turned on and stuff. Is that super weird?”

“Um, I mean…” Noah said. “I’m kinda turned on hearing about it.”

Ryan let out a little laugh. “Uh, yeah, me too.”

I also felt my hard-on straining against my underwear, but I didn’t want to admit that this story was turning me on too. I just kept silent.

“Well, so, she started, like, jerking me off and telling me about times Ethan fucked her, and I would get off so hard, it was crazy. But I felt bad she wasn’t getting off. And then one night, without even telling me, she showed up at my place…with him.”

“Really?” Noah asked.

“Yeah, and…well…one thing led to another…and…” Mike said.

“He fucked her?” Ryan asked, clearly excited.

“Yeah,” Mike said.

“Right in front of you?” Noah asked. I saw him trying to discreetly rub his crotch.

“Yeah,” Mike said. “And, like, I was resistant at first, but…she just looked so hot, and Ethan was, ya know, making her have orgasms and stuff, and…I just couldn’t keep myself from jerking off while I watched.”

“Wow,” Ryan said, now also rubbing himself.

“So she started, like, fucking him all the time, whenever she wanted, and I guess he told his frat all about it, because last weekend he invited us to their party and…ya know…they all took turns fucking her.”

“Holy shit,” Noah said. “And they…let you stay and watch?”

“Yeah,” Mike said. “They thought it was funny, and I think they got off on the fact that they were fucking another guy’s girl.” There was a long silence as we all imagined Mike’s girlfriend getting gangbanged by a bunch of frat guys. Then Mike asked, “Do you guys, like, think I’m really pathetic?”

“I mean…this actually makes sense scientifically,” Ryan said. He was a biology major. “There are lots of animal species where there are alpha males and beta males, and the alpha males get their choice of mates, so that they pass on their superior genes.”

“Hmm, yeah, that does make sense,” Noah agreed.

“Hmm, yeah,” Mike said thoughtfully. “All the guys in the frat are, ya know, big muscular jocks with, like, really big dicks and everything. So, like, they elvankent escort kind of are…superior. I know it sounds weird, but I kinda feel like she deserves to get fucked by guys like that, and I just feel lucky to get to watch.”

Noah thought for a second, pushing his glasses up his nose. “I guess, uh, I guess the four of us are kind of all…beta males. Right? Because, um, I must admit, I’m very aroused by this idea…” He paused, then added nervously, “I, uh, I wonder if Jenny would do the same with me.” Jenny was Noah’s girlfriend.

“Yeah, I…I was just wondering the same thing about Emily,” Ryan said. Emily was his girlfriend.

Mike perked up. “Are you guys serious?” he asked. “Wow…that would be so hot if, ya know, all our girlfriends were being…fucked…by all those…alpha males. I’m sure the guys in the frat would be happy to fuck them for us.”

Noah and Ryan exchanged a glance. “Really?” Noah asked.

“For sure,” Mike said. Then he turned to me. “Lucas, I’m sure they’d love Riley, too. She’s so hot.”

I had stayed silent for most of the conversation. I couldn’t deny that I had a raging hard-on from hearing Mike’s story, but the idea of Riley having sex with somebody else also made me feel jealous and insecure. “I mean, I don’t want to judge you guys or anything, but, like, I don’t really want my girlfriend to be with other guys,” I said defensively.

“Oh,” Mike said. “Are you sure? I think maybe you’d like it if you tried it.”

“Um, no way, dude,” I said, trying to project firmness. “It’s just…too weird.”

“Oh…okay,” Mike said, disappointed.

“Um…” Noah said hesitantly to Mike and Ryan. “Chris did say you could bring Chloe over tonight…do you think, maybe…we could invite Jenny and Emily too?”

Mike grinned. “Oh my god, you guys want to do it tonight?”

“Yeah!” Noah and Ryan both agreed eagerly.

“Are you sure?” Mike asked. “I should warn you…once your girlfriends see you jerking off watching them get fucked by, ya know, alpha men like Lucas’s brother…they’re probably not going to be interested in having sex with you anymore.”

Ryan and Noah looked at each other.

“And, um…” Mike continued. “While you watch, they will probably make fun of you for not being able to satisfy your girlfriends yourselves.”

“Hmm…” Noah said thoughtfully. His hand was still lightly rubbing his crotch. “Do they, um, do that with you?”

“Yeah,” Mike said.

“Like…what do they say?” Ryan asked, also still rubbing himself.

“Um, well, they, like, tease me for having such a small dick, and call me a pathetic cuck and stuff.”

“Cuck?” Noah asked.

“Yeah, it’s short for cuckold,” Mike said. “It’s a guy whose wife or girlfriend fucks other guys. It’s, like, a pretty common thing, I guess.”

“Um…wow,” Ryan said. His face was flushed and he was now quite firmly gripping his dick through his jeans.

“Uh, yeah, I…I think I can handle that,” Noah said with a shy smile.

Ryan smiled too, pulling out his phone. “How should I, um, tell her…?”

“Just see if she wants to go to a party,” Mike said. “Once she’s there, the guys in the frat will hit on her, and when she sees that you’re not putting up a fight, she’ll probably let them do whatever they want.”

“Oh, wow,” Ryan said. “I hope so, that sounds so hot.”

“Yeah, this is going to be amazing,” Noah agreed. “You should have told us about this beta cuckold stuff a long time ago.”

“I guess so,” Mike said.

Soon all three of them were on their phone, texting their girlfriends to invite them to the frat party. I couldn’t believe it – my three best friends all excitedly arranging for their hot girlfriends to get fucked in front of them by a bunch of other guys.

“So you all are just gonna leave me alone on game night?” I asked, upset.

“Lucas, why don’t you and Riley come too?” Noah asked. “You can’t tell me this doesn’t sound super hot.”

“Yeah, Lucas,” Mike said. “I know it’s kind of weird, but just think how hot it would be seeing her get fucked by your own brother. I promise, from what I saw last weekend, he would make Riley so…happy.”

An image flashed in my mind of my muscular brother bending Riley over, making her orgasm, but I quickly dismissed it. “Um, yeah, no thanks, guys, it’s just not my thing,” I insisted. “But, uh, have fun, I guess?”

We kept playing video games until they all got texts back from their girlfriends saying they were ready to go to the party, then they left me alone, all of them clearly excited for what they were about to experience. As soon as they left, I had to immediately jerk off. Telling myself it was just a fantasy, I went to my computer and typed in “cuckold porn.”


A week later, I was hosting another video game night. Riley was with us this time, but the other guys’ girlfriends were all busy. Chris was there too. He had told me he was going to stay in for the night to watch some sports thing. We could eryaman escort hear it playing on the TV in his bedroom.

The five of us sat on the floor in front of the TV, video game controllers in our hands. “So, um, I don’t mean to embarrass you guys,” Riley said as we played, “but I got coffee the other day with Chloe and Jenny and Emily and, well, they told me about your little adventure last weekend.” This was news to me. I looked at her, shocked that she knew this and hadn’t told me. She just winked at me playfully.

The guys were all clearly surprised as well. “Oh, wow, um, they told you…everything?” Mike asked.

Riley giggled. “Everything. Don’t worry, they said they had a great time. And from what I hear, you three enjoyed yourselves too, I guess?”

They all laughed sheepishly, turning red in embarrassment.

“Sounds like Chris and the other guys in the frat had an even better time, though,” Riley laughed.

I turned to her. “Come on, I don’t want to hear this.”

Riley giggled. “Aww, it’s okay, your brother just, ya know, helped your friends out!”

I let out an awkward laugh. “All of them?” I asked, curious.

Noah laughed shyly. “Um, yeah, dude, he, uh, took his turn with all three of them. He was…really impressive, to be honest.”

I laughed, trying not to picture my muscular brother fucking my friends’ girlfriends. I couldn’t believe they were being so open about all of this.

“Sooo, um…why didn’t I get an invite, Lucas?” Riley asked me, trying to sound casual. I saw Mike, Noah, and Ryan all look at each other, intrigued.

“Um, what?” I said, taken aback at the question. “Sorry, but, uh, I’m not interested in sharing you with anybody.”

“Aww,” Riley said. “That’s sweet. I guess I should consider myself lucky I’m not dating a pathetic beta cuck like these wimps.”

“Whoa, Riley,” I said, seeing Mike, Noah, and Ryan all turn red at Riley’s insults.

Riley giggled. “Oh, baby, it’s okay, Chloe and Jenny and Emily said your friends like to be talked to that way. It gets them off.”

I looked at them, and they all just nodded sheepishly. “Seriously?” I said in amazement, trying to ignore my own raging hard-on.

Riley giggled. “Yeah, they told me all about it, it’s kinda funny. Watch: you boys don’t deserve to fuck your girlfriends, do you?” When she talked to my friends, she adopted a kind of teasing, mean-girl voice.

“No,” they all said immediately, shaking their heads.

“Who does?” Riley asked,

“Real men,” Mike said.

“With big dicks,” Ryan said.

“Like Chris,” Noah said.

Riley giggled again. “See? They’re so pathetic, it’s hilarious.”

“I’m sorry, but if you keep going, I’m gonna have to go jerk off,” Ryan said. The guys and Riley all laughed. I was pretty uncomfortable, though, even if the way Riley had spoken to them was making my erection ooze precum into my underwear.

“Jenny told me all about the scientific basis you have for why you guys get off on this, Ryan,” Riley said.

“Oh, she did?” Ryan asked. “I mean, it’s kinda boring…”

“No, not at all, I think it’s fascinating,” Riley said. I wished she would stop talking about this. “So basically, girls have sex with the guys who have superior genes, and other guys become beta cucks who only watch so that they don’t pass on their inferior genes?”

“Yeah, basically, that’s the theory,” Ryan said.

“So, then, that would mean Lucas has superior genes because he didn’t have me go to the party, but you three have inferior genes?” Riley asked.

“Riley!” I exclaimed, embarrassed at her asking this of them.

“No, it’s an interesting question,” Noah said.

“Well, first of all, we’re only talking about genes for superficial physical traits that lead to sexual arousal,” Ryan said, a little defensively. “We know that we’re superior to those guys in lots of other ways.”

“And as for Lucas,” Mike said, “he shares the same physical traits as the three of us, so you would think he would be a beta cuck like us too. But, well…he may just be reluctant to admit it.”

My friends all looked at each other and laughed a little. “Aww, baby, is that what it is?” Riley asked me. “You know you can tell me anything, right? It’s okay, you can admit it if you want to see me getting taken and fucked by other guys right in front of you, while you jerk your little dick.”

I thought I might cum in my pants right then, and I felt my armpits getting sweaty and my face getting flushed. “I…I have nothing to admit!” I insisted.

“Oh,” Riley said with a little smile, watching my reaction. “Okay.”

I could tell she was unconvinced by my answer. “I mean…what are you trying to say?” I asked. “That you…want a beta cuck for a boyfriend?”

Riley smiled slyly. “I mean, teasing your friends is actually really turning me on. And from what the girls told me, the guys at the frat sounded really…fun.”

Just then Chris emerged from his bedroom, wearing a tank top and a pair of mesh gym shorts. “What’s up, dorks?” he asked casually, walking to the fridge and grabbing a beer.

Riley blushed and bit her lower lip sexily as she looked Chris up and down. Then she looked at me, saw the confused look on my face, and giggled. “Oh, um, hey, Chris,” she said shyly.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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