Milfs in Miami

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Sitting on the hot sand listening to my parents telling off my annoying kid brother I began to realize what a bad idea it had been to agree to go on holiday with them.

A free holiday is a free holiday, and the thought of an all expenses paid trip to Miami seemed like too good a deal to pass up even if I had recently turned 18 and was enjoying my freedom at university in Bristol.

I’d not been on holiday with my family for a few years and when they mentioned they were taking my younger brother to Disneyland I decided I had nothing better to do so why not. Besides I was sure I’d be able to ditch them and check out all the hot girls at the beach by the hotel we were staying in.

Now sitting under the umbrella, listening to my kid brother whining for what seemed like the hundredth day in row while my parents tried everything to calm him down I realized I’d forgotten what a brat my 10 year brother had become.

I hid behind my sunglasses, a book propped in front of me on my knees as I pretended to read. My glasses were extra dark and I was glad no one could see where I was looking.

My sun lounger was angled away from my family almost at a right angle to the sea and to anyone else it looked like I was just being careful under the umbrella, avoiding the sun’s glare while I read my James Patterson crime novel.

I wasn’t. I hadn’t turned a page in about an hour and the sound of my family droning on was distant to me. My head was pumping and I could almost hear my heartbeat, sweat dripping down my face but I didn’t move to wipe it away.

I couldn’t move and I prayed no one would ask me to. My cock was painfully hard in my swim shorts, the thin material doing nothing to restrain it as it cried out for attention. My fingers grasped the edges of the pages hard enough to crease the book as if it might blow away in a gale. I dare not loosen my fingers unless I could not resist the urge to let them accidently brush against myself.

At 18 I was a fairly regular kid, I’d been told I was handsome and my thick swept back brown hair would fall around my face in a way that apparently was cute. I was fit due to the sports I played at university and my body was young and firm. If I’d realized it at the time, that I was actually quite hot, I’d maybe have had more confidence.

A lack of confidence is a terrible thing for a young man and although people thought I was fun and sociable I felt stifled by it. The fact that I’d never had the confidence to try my luck with girls and my only adventures had been drunken fumbles simply filled my virgin body with more frustration.

The cause of my current predicament was the group of girls sitting about 25 feet from where we were. There was 3 of them, tall, tanned and very elegant looking. they were definitely older than me, probably late twenties and they were definitely not like the young girls I knew.

They laughed amongst themselves, their voices drifting over towards me as they hung out under their own umbrella chatting and drinking beers.

From my position I was facing almost directly to them, I kept my head tilted down as if I was reading my book but raised my eyes behind my glasses to watch what they were doing.

The one I had instantly decided was the hottest and essentially my dream woman was sitting in a chair facing towards me.

Her skin was a soft olive color, her dark hair was cut short in a bob hanging gently against her cheeks. Her lips were full, a dark red lipstick accentuating their plumpness and her teeth seemed to sparkle when she smiled and laughed.

Her elegant fingers were applying the suntan lotion she had in her hand and I watched, my cock growing harder as I saw her fingers spread the oily fluid over her exposed large breasts.

I had no clue about cup sizes but I knew her breasts were bigger than my hand and I could see the weight of them as she moved them around, smearing them with the glistening lotion.

Her eyes seemed to look my way and I froze even stiller, not breathing. Her hands didn’t stop moving though and I started to breath again. She turned to her friends and said something, I saw them look my way and heard them giggle. My face went red and I dropped my head lower looking at the blurred words in front of me, my cheeks burning.

Eventually I summoned the courage to lift my eyes again and was greeted by the sight of my dreamgirl still applying her lotion. She seemed to be oblivious to me and was still rubbing the fluid across her skin. It did seem like she was spending a lot of time rubbing the lotion in and I could see her fingertips grazing her pink nipples every now and then. She seemed to be squeezing her thighs together and her teeth bit her bottom lip slightly.


I just kept staring as the object of my lust kept playing with herself.


“Benjamin!” my mothers voice was loud enough that dreamgirl looked up and giggled again. I felt like I was going to die.

“What?” I croaked loudly, my throat suddenly dry and my voice stifled.

“Excuse bonus veren siteler me young man?”

I looked around at my parents trying not to move my legs or my book. “Sorry, what’s up?” I asked slightly more politely.

“I think it would be a good idea if you took your brother for a walk along the beach. He’s very bored and it would do you both some good.”

Yeah right I thought to myself, my parents just wanted to get rid of the brat so they could settle down and enjoy the sun and a cocktail. That’s why they’d invited me so I could act as an unpaid babysitter for my annoying brother while they got drunk.

There was no way that I’d be able to stand up at this point though and I told them I’d just finish my chapter.

I looked back at the book trying to think of the un-sexiest things I could while waiting till the blood started to leave my groin and everything settled down.

“Now!” my mother’s tone was sharp and I grumbled under my breath.

I looked at my annoying brother, chubby and pale, a finger currently jammed up his nose. Fuuuck, how embarrassing was it going to be dragging this thing along the beach.

I glanced over at dreamgirl once more and she seemed to smile at me as I pulled myself out of my chair hunching over like an old man as my cock finally started to subside.

“Come on,” I grumbled at my brother and headed off towards the waters edge.

I heard his fat little feet following me and then his whiny voice. He looked and sounded like a plump Harry Potter, round glasses and all.

I ignored his questions and chattering, looking around the beach and kicking sand with my feet.

We headed north, the sea lapping against my feet and my mind started to wander, back along the beach to where dreamgirl was rubbing oil on her fat tits. How would it feel to have their heavy weight wrapped around my cock? I’d never titfucked a girl but I could almost feel it in my fantasy.

We walked along for about 10 mins, my cock growing harder as I thought about dreamgirl. I tried to think of other things so I didn’t get a full erection.

I started to scan the beach and think of anything else to pull the blood flow from my cock.

An umbrella came into sight, then a long pair of tanned legs reclining on a lounger drawing my eye up as we neared.

More of the body came into view as we approached, the legs were thick and bronze, a dark tan developed over years.

The thighs spread slightly up to her crotch which was covered only by a small dayglow green slip of material.

Her belly was soft and hung slightly over the top of the bikini bottoms, gentle ripples and lines moving as she breathed.

My eyes carried on drifting up and I caught my breath, all hope of not thinking about sex vanishing.

Her breasts sat heavy on her front with long dark nipples, where dreamgirls had been young and firm, pointed and the size of my hands, these had a slight soft sag of age but an almost unnatural firmness and were even bigger, more like the size of my head.

I didn’t even realized my pace had slowed or that I was staring open mouthed at the humungous breasts in front of me. I was transfixed and couldn’t take my eyes off them. I felt a stiffening in my shorts and dropped my hands in front of myself in a vain attempt at discretion.

I had a sense someone was looking at me and for the first time I looked up from the breasts.

Her face was stern, with creases around her lips which seemed a little too plump for her age and pulled into a shape of annoyance.

One perfectly manicured hand was pulling a pair of obviously expensive sunglasses down from her eyes and I saw her piercing blue eyes staring at me from under the brim of her sun hat, an obvious look of anger in them.

Even though I was still wearing my sunglasses I felt our eyes lock for what seemed like a lifetime before hers dropped and I realized she had to be able to see my erection.

She looked back up at me with a look of disgust and shook her head ever so slightly.

I went bright red again and whipped my head away from her, focusing on nothing in front of me as I desperately tried to make my erection go away before anyone else noticed.

I picked up my speed and marched off, my bratty brother whining about me going too fast.

About 100 yards further up the beach I realized my cock was not going to soften and without saying a word I veered to my right and ran headlong into the sea throwing myself face first in as soon as it was deep enough.

I felt the cool water around me and enjoyed the silence for a moment, rising to the surface when my breath ran out.

My brother was standing chubby and confused staring at me from the shore line.

Enough of this shit I thought to myself. The only solution now was to get back to our hotel room as soon as possible, get some time alone and relieve myself of this frustration.

I dragged myself out of the sea, the water dripping off me, feeling my skin start to instantly dry in the hot sun.

“We’re bedava bahis going back,” I gruffly said and started back towards our parents.

As we neared where the older woman had been sitting I glanced across at her. She looked up slightly and seeing me stood up from her lounger.

She was definitely in at least her fifties and she had no tan lines which meant she went topless most of the time.

She started down towards the seafront, as if to intercept us and so I slowed down trying to avoid meeting her.

She glanced in our direction, her back straight, her heavy breasts sitting proud against her front and I couldn’t believe they were all natural. Not that it made anything less exciting for me.

Her pace didn’t slow and with a sense of relief she drifted in front, walking in the same direction as us.

The small green bikini bottoms that had been miniscule on the front were even smaller at the back becoming a thin strip that disappeared between her wide round ass cheeks.

From behind she might as well have been naked and I groaned at the delicious sight of her large ass.

If there was one thing I have a complete weakness for it’s a curvy woman. The larger the curves the better and this woman’s was making all the blood rush from my head back down to my shorts.

We walked behind her breathlessly, slowing down every time she did. Every few minutes she would stop at the waters edge and turn towards the waves. If I didn’t know any better it was almost as if she was checking we were still there.

Each time I would also slow down and pretend to be admiring the sea though my mind was now more transfixed with the idea of this mature woman squatting down over me as I lay on the floor. Her thick ass filling my view as it sinks down towards my face. The smell and the heat and weight as she presses down against my mouth, her manicured fingers pulling her ass cheeks apart and my tongue and lips being involuntarily forced against her anus.

I shuddered slightly and now wished she would hurry up. I didn’t have the courage to overtake her in case she said something to me but I desperately needed to have a wank.

We carried on until we got back to where my parents were sitting and I flung myself back down on my sun lounger.

I looked across at dreamgirl and she gave me a small wave, her breasts jiggling slightly as she did and I saw her and her friends laugh.

I sat there considering what excuse I could give to go back to the hotel room long enough to watch some porn and have a wank.

Just down from where we were sitting there was a small semicircular beach bar encompassing all the clichés including a palm leaf roof and chiseled smarmy bartender.

To my shock the older woman I’d been following on the beach nonchalantly walked up, proudly naked and sat down across from me, greeting the bartender with a kiss on each cheek.

They chatted and flirted and then when she had her tropical cocktail in front of her turned her gaze to me.

I felt her eyes boring into me again and I felt embarrassed as she continued to stare.

This was all too much, I had to get out of there.

I made my excuses to my parents and hurried up the back of the beach to where our hotel was situated.

It was a modest hotel, a ten-storey retro affair that had once had a certain amount of charm but that now was starting to fade around the edges.

The beach entrance to the hotel was dark and hot, a warm damp smell permeating the stucco walls.

The elevators were in front of me and I pressed the button impatiently. For a building with only ten floors the elevators seemed to always take forever and I bashed the buttons a few more times.

My mind wandered back to the woman on the beach and in my mind I see the older woman with dreamgirl. I watch them kissing, the older woman pulling the younger’s hair hard causing her to squeal with delight.

I see the woman drag dreamgirl to the floor by her hair, watch as she turns her back to the girl, pulls her g-string to the side and stuffs the young girls face into her ass.

How the older woman’s face breaks into a mix of pleasure and disgust as the young woman sloppily tongues and kisses her asshole. Dreamgirl of course loves it and spreads the older woman’s ass cheeks wide for me to see as she enjoys herself.

She turns to me and gives me that small wave again before using her fingers to rub slowly around the older woman’s anus, eliciting a strong gasp.

“Hey Ben,” she purrs “why don’t you come over here and try and stuff that big fat cock of yours into this tight hot hole?”

I heard the slapping sound of sandals behind me and smelt the strong fragrance of expensive perfume.

I hammered the elevator button not turning around, conscious of how hard my cock had got again and how little my swim shorts were doing to hide it.

The door finally opened and I rushed inside realizing the person behind me had also stepped into the lift.

I stared at the floor buttons and deneme bonus pressed the fifth floor, the woman didn’t say anything or indicate she wanted another floor.

I breathed hard, staring at the wall then turned around glancing across at my companion. I swear my face when whiter at the sight of them.

Standing across from me her arms folded was the older woman from the beach.

Her large breasts were now resting on crossed arms lifting them up into an obscene mound and biggest cleavage I had ever seen.

Their size made her seem top heavy and powerful, like an Amazon goddess, as if she could overpower me at any moment and make me submit to her will.

My face burst from white to red and I thought I was going to pass out.

“Don’t you know it’s rude to stare?” her sharp upper eastside Manhattan accent reverberated around the small box we were in.


I tore my eyes from her bosom and looked at her face, it was also red but seemingly from anger not embarrassment. The elevator was hot and sweaty, my nostrils flaring at the smell of perfume and something else. A rich sweet sweaty smell I’d not smelled before but that made my pulse quicken.

“I…ah. I’m very sorry,” I softly said realizing how young and English I sounded in that moment.

Her face seemed to imperceptibly soften.

“Oh your English?” she demanded looking me up and down, “and how old are you?” her eyebrow raising at the sight of the obvious bulge in my shorts.

“I’m, ah, well I’m eh 18.”

She looked at me, slightly exasperated.

“And in England is it ok for young boys to stare at women’s bodies? I saw you staring at me, and by all accounts it looked like you were spying on those other young women sitting near you on the beach.”

“Do you think it’s appropriate to act like your some kind of pervert?”

I did not know what to say and despite myself I felt my eyes snatching glances of her wonderful bosom which seemed to rise and fall with her breathing. How could I not stare when she was standing less than two feet from me practically lifting her breasts into my face.

I was hyper aware of how small the space was and how close we were. I’d never been this close to a naked woman and I felt faint with excitement and fear.

The elevator shuddered to a stop and the door popped open with a pinging sound.

I almost sighed with relief.

“Eh, this is my floor,” I softly said and stepped out of the lift heading towards the room I was sharing with my parents.

“Where do you think you’re going young man?”

“I hadn’t finished speaking to you.”

I paused.

“You really are a very rude young boy aren’t you?”

It felt weird suddenly being called a young boy by a woman who to me looked old enough to be my grandmother.

“I’m just going back to my room,” was all I could say not knowing what I should do to end this torment.

“Very well, lead the way.”

Her words hung in the air between us and I stood there bewildered not sure what I should do.

“You want to come to my room?” my voice confused.

“Well I don’t think it would be appropriate to deal with this in the hall now do you?”

I had no idea what she meant by that but I gestured forlornly towards a nearby door.

“it’s this one.”

She walked past me and swiftly took the key from my hand.

“Shall we?” she said and stood half filling the open doorway.

I had to practically squeeze past her to get into the room and I could almost feel the heat and weight of her breasts as I passed, the smell stronger as I came closer.

I walked into our family room, it was medium size with two double beds and a cot for my brother. The decoration was bland but the golden sun shone in through the window over the balcony.

There was nowhere for me to go other than the small bathroom and for a moment I considered running and locking myself in till she left but found myself silently moving to my bed where I sat on the edge looking up at her as she stepped into the room and quietly closed the door.

The woman poked her head into the bathroom and looked disdainfully around the room.

“Figures,” she seemed to tut to herself.

She looked over at me as if sizing me up, the stern look never leaving her face. I tried my best not to keep staring at her breasts.

She walked over to my bed and stood uncomfortably close, knees almost brushing against mine as she towered over me where I sat. From this angle her breasts looked even larger and imposing and I think I audibly groaned.

“Are you a virgin?”

Her words cut through the air and instantly embarrassed me, I did not need to answer.

“Well I suppose that explains a lot,” she said, her voice suddenly a touch softer, a more sympathetic tone in her voice.

“It’s not right for you to stare at woman even if you can’t control your urges. Young boys like you should learn to control yourself.”

I didn’t know what to say so just stared up at her.

She stood there for what seemed an age as if she was considering me or something.

“OK then,” she said and I looked confused again.

“Well you cannot go around staring at women in public like some kind of pervert with a club in your shorts. You’ll either offend someone or get yourself arrested.”

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