Pointed Hills Church 03: Mya

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A major storm coming that weekend caused the spring youth retreat to be rescheduled. Since her parents were already going away for a long weekend they thought it was safe to leave Mya home alone. Henry her adopted brother from Africa, stayed at a friends house that weekend and Jael being off at college and Jada spending time with her new “friend” Lara meant Mya needed something to do.

Mya being the shy one of the three sisters didn’t have many friends. Mya wasn’t the ugly sister or the fat sister by any stretch of the imagination. Mya stood at 5’2″ tall and had the dirty blonde hair she shared with her sisters. Mya’s body though troubled her parents the most. Mya had a figure that their mother envied the most. Mya’s lips had a natural pout and were very full. Her face had a porcelain complexion like Audrey Hepburn that made her look younger then her 18 years but not very innocent. She had broad shoulders that helped hold up her massive 40EE breasts that accented her full hips and shapely ass. All clothing her mother bought her attempted to unsuccessfully cover up every part of Mya that made her look like a grown woman.

So when no one was around, Mya made of a point of rebellion by wearing as little as possible. After she had dinner with her parents, and they left for their getaway event, Mya stripped down to a small tank top and panties. Curled up in the couch with her reading glasses on and a novel she had to read for school, Mya was engrossed in Nathaniel Hawthorne’s “Scarlet Letter” when there was a knock at the door.

Mya got up and answered the door to find two young men in white shirts and black ties greeting her. The two brothers, Arron and Ian, apparently had a script yalova escort to read but Ian, upon seeing Mya, forgot what he was going to say. Mya at that time was holding an apple she had been snacking on. Arron and Ian could see a bit of apple juice trail down her full lip and land in her tank top.

No where in their training for their two years of service for the LDS were they told to expect this! Ian taking the lead over his shy gay older brother and seeing her strong smooth bare leg against the door asked if they could come in? They had something to share with her. Mya invited them in.

Mya asked them what they wanted to ask her?

Ian puts a hand on her bare thigh and feels the warm thickness of her leg. Mya parts her legs slightly. Ian has a first hand view as her thigh brushes against his and he can see her camel toe in her baby blue panties. Ian’s cock begins to swell against his black slacks.

Ian starts speaking about the “new” revelation of God through Joseph Smith when Mya bends over to take a sip of soda. Her loose tank top left nothing to the imagination. Ian’s position next to her showed him her erect nipples against the globes of healthy breast flesh brush his leg and tease the fabric of her tank top to its limits.

“It’s getting hot in here, don’t you think?” Mya said as she raised her shirt over her head and off her neck, leaving her nearly naked around the two young men.

Arron turned away in mild disgust but Ian quietly moved a hand up to her chest and hefted her breast in his rough hand. Mya didn’t seem to mind and covered her small hand over his, making sure he could feel her thumb width sized nipples against his palm. Mya rather enjoyed this yalova escort bayan even though she had no idea what she was doing? But stumbling upon her parents once in the mist of lame Calvinist sex practices she had a general idea of what to do with what she had.

By this time Mya’s panties began to get very wet. Ian could see the wet spot between her legs. He used his other hand to slip under the leg crease of her panties and begin to finger her pussy. Mya’s sex made a sucking sound as Ian slowly fingered her. Mya rocked back and forth of the couch. Her free swinging breasts bouncing as her breath grew heavy in a low satisfied sigh.

Arron moved away appalled at the two of them. As he watched in intrigued horror, Mya and Ian undressed each other all the way. Ian’s hard 7″ cock stood out strong away from his thin body. Mya leaned over and took his man meat into her mouth.

Sucking on it like a lollipop Mya almost instinctively knew how to hold and caress Ian’s balls as she licked on his cock. Getting a little braver Mya put her lips around his cock head and slowly eased forward, taking half his cock into her mouth. Ian was amazed in more ways then one!

Arron also seemed to be getting pointers from the sweet and curvy blonde who was sucking his little brother’s cock.

Mya bobbed on his cock, looking Ian directly in the eyes lustfully. Ian was captivated by her. His hand held her by the top of the head and moved down and held her hair. Ian pulled her off his cock and asked her, “what he could do for her?”

Mya leaned back on the couch and spread her legs motioning Ian’s face towards her sex. Ian followed. Ian was face to face with a pussy for the first time. Her escort yalova sweet sex glistened and drew him closer. Ian stuck out his tongue and licked it. Mya moaned at the touch. Ian went further and sucked on the little knob of flesh in the middle. Mya moaned even more and squirmed back and forth in pleasure. Ian took that as a cue to go for it. So he stuck a finger and then a second inside of her as he sucked and licked her clit.

Mya really enjoyed Ian’s mouth on her pussy. But she felt she needed more. Remembering what she saw briefly through the door to her parents room Mya pulled Ian up and pointed to his cock and then motioned for him to put it in her. At this point Ian would do anything for Mya.

Mya spread her thick thighs apart even more. Ian came to her and entered her easily. Mya was a virgin but had no hymen from horse back riding in Middle School. Mya’s pussy was so tight to Ian as he moved back and forth fucking her missionary style.

Ian was feeling things he never felt before. Natural biology took over as Ian slowly fucked Mya on the couch. Mya got on her hands and knees across the cushions and wiggled her ass at Ian. Ian drove into her harder from behind and grabbed and held on to her massive breasts as he roughly fucked her.

Both teens felt themselves begin feel funny inside but in a good way. Ian felt himself let go first but as Mya felt Ian’s seed hit her cervix she let go and came very hard. Ian collapsed on top of her in exhaustion. At that moment Henry came home to get his PS4 system and stared at the two brothers and his favorite sister.

Mya, not breaking a sweat, sat up and said hello to her brother. Henry shook his head and laughed as he grabbed what he needed and left.

Arron and Ian made their way out quietly. Mya wished them well, standing naked behind the door, Ian’s love juices leaking out of her as she put her glasses back on and went back to her book.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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