Lori Grows Up Pt. 14

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Hot damn! Friday, no work today, and two beautiful angels beside me, Dave thought as he woke just after dawn, as was his habit. He quietly got out of bed. The room was chilly, so he tucked the blanket around the girls, made a bathroom visit and threw on his terrycloth, then headed for the kitchen on a coffee quest. There was only about a half cup of coffee left from last night. He put on a fresh pot, then stepped out on the balcony. The air was nippy but the sky was clear. The big ball of sun peeked slowly over the horizon, bathing the earth in a soft red glow. Maybe we’ll get a whole day without rain, he thought. Maybe a good day to be on the beach, heh, even an open beach. He went back to the kitchen, and poured a coffee and spiked it with a double shot of anisette. Ah! It lends new meaning to the word ‘coffee.’

He was surprised to see Marty up that early, as she joined him in the kitchen.

“Coffee with anisette, sweetie?” he said.

“Yes, please. Mmm, anisette, I love it. Sorry I was such a wildcat last night, and thanks for being so nice to me. And…is it okay if I sit on your lap?”

“Sure, but there might be something in the way,” opening his robe and revealing his fully erect cock.

“‘l’ll get around that obstacle,” she smiled. She opened her robe, then straddled him cowgirl, and he could see that her clitoris was fully erect.”See, I have a hard-on too, not as big as yours, though,” she smiled. “I’m a little dry, so let me work up some honey before you push in?” She held his cockhead and rubbed it on her clit up and down, up and down, and she soon started breathing faster and her pussy was twitching. “Omigod, I’m gonna cum before you’re inside me!” Her juice started oozing, and she quickly raised up, then came down hard, taking his cock fully into her now wet vagina, “Uhh! Don’t pump yet, hon, hold it in deep. I just want to feel your sweet cock inside me! Mmm, so good!” She buried her face between his neck and shoulder, “Oh, it is so good!”

“Easy, hon, whatever you want, just say,” he whispered. “We’re joined now, and I love your softness and your scent, and you are so warm inside! I think I’ll just stay inside you forever!”

Her face was streaked with tears then, and she kissed him, then began to rock slowly to and fro, their genitals sloshing and sliding in gentle lovemaking. “I love you, Dave, please love me a little,” she whispered.

“I do love you sweetie, and so does Lori.”

“CLICK!” Lori said, as she snapped a pic with her cell phone. “Buenas Dias, kiddies! Just something for my scrapbook. Please don’t stop what you’re doing.” She was naked and bent down to kiss Dave and let him nuzzle her breasts. then she kissed Marty, “Just lean back a little, Marty, so I can watch the cock fucking in and out of your pussy, hon. It’s so beautiful, I want a pic of it.”

Lori pulled a chair next to Dave’s, snapped the pic, then sat down, spread her legs and shoved a big red dildo into her ass. She worked it in and out with one hand and flipped her clit with the other, but intently watched Dave’s cock moving in and out of Marty.

“I’ll show you some goddamned in-out fucking!” Marty said, pulling the cock out. She stood and grabbed the cock and sat back down hard, in one motion shoving the full length of it in her ass, “Uhh!” Then she pumped up and down furiously as she jacked her engorged clit. “Hold my tits, Dave, please, suck them, bite them, anything! Hurry, I’m startin’ to cum!” Marty said. Dave cupped her breasts gently, “Whoa girl, slow down, no need to hurt yourself, you don’t have to prove anything here. Take it easy, please.” He kissed her cheek and neck, and held her close to him, as she continued riding his cock. She nestled her face close to his and whispered, “I’m cumming now, Dave, but I’m not gonna scream, I’m just not…Omigod, I’m cumming at fucking bonus veren siteler breakfast! Ohh! Uh, uh, uhh, unnngh! Squirt deep inside me, please, hon!” Dave let go, “Aaaaaaaaaaah!” spurting huge hot wads of cum deep in her ass. She kissed his cheek as she felt his hot cum spilling inside her.

Meanwhile, Lori had been stroking her dildo and watching Dave and Marty with rapt attention, not saying a word. When both had finally cum she said, “Jeez, you two should get a room!” They all had a chuckle over that.

Marty finally uncoupled and sprinted off to the bathroom. Lori noted that Dave was still almost fully erect and smiled, “Don’t move, I’ll be right over!” She threw one leg over Dave, straddling him cowgirl, then she held his cock. “I’m sure Johnson would like a taste of mint jelly for breakfast,” as she slowly lowered herself onto his cock, guiding it and taking it fully into her lovely ass, “Uhh!” She pumped his cock slowly, leaning forward so he could mouth her delectable breasts and nipples, while she stroked her bloated clitoris.

“Uhh! Ungh! Have I told you lately that I love you?” she said.

“That’s from an Elvis song. And yes, but tell me again anyway,” he smiled.

“I do love you, Uhh! And I love the gentle way you made love to my friend. Give me your sweet milk, like you gave it to her, deep in my ass, please, hon. I want to feel it squirting hot inside me while I’m cumming! Uhh! Auuuuugh! Unnnnnnngh! Ohh! Oh, oh, mmm,” trembling through her orgasm.

Dave came when she did, squirting hot and thick and fast, deep into Lori’s beautiful ass, “Auuugh! Uhhhh! I love you babe, and I love being inside you this way.”

Exhausted, they both dozed off in the chair, still coupled.

Marty returned from the bathroom, “Well, I can see you guys didn’t miss me too terribly much! ‘Love the one you’re with,’ they say!” she giggled.

“That’s from an old rock song!” Dave said.

“Crosby, Stills, and Nash,” Lori said, half asleep.

Marty gently cupped Dave’s depleted balls, “Hmm, I bet these poor boys need a refill! You two lovebirds wanna uncouple and have coffee with me?” She kissed Lori’s sweet buns then poured the coffee.


They sat around the kitchen table, drinking coffee, munching biscottis.

“Biscottis are delicious,” Marty said. “Where did you get them?”

“Made ’em from scratch, my mom’s old recipe: just flour, oil, eggs, ground nuts, anise. Easy to make.”

“Did you tell her about the open beach?” Dave said to Lori.

“What? An open beach near here?” Marty said.

“Not here, South of Santa Barbara,” he said. “Probably crowded this holiday weekend, but maybe next weekend the three of us could go and take in the…sights.”

“What you mean is: ogle all the tits and ass!” Lori laughed.

“Hell yes! Why else would anybody want to go there!” he smiled.

“True! I’m sure I would be gawking at genitals all day, especially big dicks!” Lori said.

“Why does that not surprise me?” he said.

“Well, I’ve been there twice and I can tell you, it is a small, really nice beach, very clean. Powdery sand, palm trees, good surfing,” Marty said.

“Do they actually screw out in the open? Did you see anybody doing it?” Lori asked.

“Oh yeah, I saw it all, from holding hands to kissing, masturbation, oral sex, fucking, gangbangs, everything,” Marty said.

“Did you ever get laid there?” Dave asked.

“Nope, sadly I was there with that dumb fuck Rich both times. There are mostly couples there. My friend Lauren is in a quartet, and they go there a lot. And yes, I’ve seen all of them screwing.”

“Quartet?” Lori said.

“Three girls and a guy. The other two girls are sweet and beautiful Venezuelans, and the guy is a chunk, built like Dave with about the same size dick. There is a good bedava bahis chance we would run into them on a weekend. You guys would love them,” Marty said.

“Okay, then let’s plan on going next weekend. Now, who wants to join me on the balcony to soak up some morning sun?” Dave said.

“We’ll make lemonade and join you out there, hon,” Lori said. “Go naked, of course.”

“Lori, won’t neighbors see us out there?” Marty asked.

“Not really, the banister and posts block pretty much everything.”

“Mm, could we have sex out there?” Marty said.

“We sure as fuck can try! I’m still up for some cock, are you?” Lori said.

“Are you kidding? I’m always up for cock! As my friend Lauren says, my chacha is always hungry!” Marty smiled.


Dave was stretched out on the recliner, and had dozed off in the morning sun. The girls came out with iced lemonade and wine coolers. Lori took one look at Dave’s limp dick and said, “My, my, this will not do. Wait till I straddle him, then pour some lemonade on his cock and balls, then lick it off, then you tuck it into my pussy. That’ll teach him to not sleep when there is naked pussy around!”

Dave woke with a jolt, with Lori’s beautiful breasts in his face and his cock doused with cold lemonade, “What the fu–?” But he settled down as soon as he felt Marty’s warm mouth and lips on his cock. Kneeling beside the recliner, she tenderly deepthroated his cock for a few minutes, and Dave managed to slide two fingers into Marty’s pussy. Marty knew Dave was close to cumming, “Lori, okay if I swallow most of this load, then stuff him into you?”

“That’s okay sweetie, I’ll take whatever you leave,” Lori said. “You getting close, hon?” she said to Dave.

“A few seconds,” he said. “Here it cums! Aaaaaaaaaah! Aaaaah! Aaah!”

Marty had his cock deep in her throat and three huge spurts of cum went right down into her belly, then she hurriedly unmouthed the cock and slid it into Lori’s trembling pussy, where it squirted four huge wads, but stayed hard. Then Lori began a slow cock pumping, moaning with pleasure as she stroked her clitoris like a small dick. Marty could not get enough and licked Dave’s cock even as it fucked in and out of Lori’s fluttering vagina. She knew now what Lori liked, so she wet a finger and slipped it into Lori’s ass and twirled it, sending Lori into a wonderful orgasm, “Auuuuugh! Aaaaaah! Aaaah Nnngh! Uhngh!”


Exhausted, they were all lulled to sleep by the warm sun and a gentle breeze, only to be awakened minutes later by a chilly rainfall.

Chilled, they scurried into the apartment and brewed some coffee to warm up. They sat in the kitchen, chatting and drinking coffee and snacking. Lori waited until Marty went to the bathroom, then said,

“What are your thoughts about Marty?”

“She is an absolute sweetie. Now, let me cut through all the clutter. Do you know the French for Company of Three?” he said.

“Uh, Ménage de Trois?” she said.

“Not exactly. It’s Compagnie de Trois. That’s what we three are right now. But I think you want us to be a Ménage de Trois.” he said.

“What’s the difference?” she said.

“Ménage de Trois means household of three. Is that what you want, sweetie? You want Marty to stay with us? Because if you do, it’s fine with me, if that makes you happy.”

“Of course it’s what I want!” big tears streaming down her face and neck, even down to her bare titties. “I was afraid to bring it up before…Omigod, I do love you so! Your cock, I must have it! I want it in me, now!” In one blurred motion, she jumped on his lap. Then she stuffed his soft cock in her snatch, like she was preparing a holiday bird!

Just then Marty returned, “Well, now I have finally seen it all, morning sex with a soft woody! What, you couldn’t wait deneme bonus for a hard-on?”

“Well, it’s good and hard now!” Lori said, starting to slowly pump the now-erect cock. “Marty, put something in my ass, please! My dildo is somewhere in the kitchen.”

“Found it. Want me to push it in and out?”

“Yes please, push it in when the cock goes out, you know. Omigod, I’m startin’ to cum already! Oh, it feels so fucking good! Unngh! Hold me tight, Dave! Squeeze my tits! Fuck! Shit! Auuuuugh! Aaaah! Ah, ah, mmm.”

Lori’s orgasm subsided, so Marty removed the dildo, then held Dave’s cock as he quietly ejaculated huge hot wads all over Lori’s ass, aiming the final spurts into her gaping rectum and between her lovely buns. Then she mouthed and swirled the cockhead, swallowing the last few drops.


“I think you really needed that, honey. Feeling better now?” Marty said, kissing Lori’s cheek.

“Yes, and thanks for the tender loving help. And I want to return the favor, so please sit and spread ’em!”

Marty sat on a kitchen chair and threw off her robe, spreading her knees wide. Dave knelt beside her and kissed her breasts then gently laved and sucked her left nipple. Lori knelt on her right and kissed her then sucked her right nipple.

“This is the first time I’ve had both nipples sucked at the same time! I can’t even begin to describe the feeling!” Marty said.

“And it will not be the last time, luv,” Lori said as she slipped two fingers deep into Marty’s vagina. She kissed Marty’s neck tenderly, then whispered,

“Dave and I love you, and want you to live with us. Will you come, please?”

“Holy shit, Lori, you’re gonna make me cry and cum at the same time!” Her tears started. “God knows, I have been so lonely for so long! Yes, yes, yes, I will come if you’ll have me! Your cock, Dave, in my mouth, please!” her face red with tears.

“Sure, babe, whatever you want,” he said.

Marty mouthed his cock eagerly, then proceeded to deepthroat it, “Gulp, gluk, mmf, gluk, gluk!” She brought Dave to a quiet ejaculation in less than a minute, jetting great spurts of thick hot cum down into her belly.

Lori knelt between Marty’s legs, pushing her knees apart to the max, then went down on her, shoved her tongue deep in her vagina, slid a finger into her ass, then swirled and licked her clit until her back arched painfully and she came really hard, “Yaaaah! Aaaaah! Unnngh,” almost falling off the chair.


After that workout, everybody flopped into bed and took a much-needed siesta. Lori woke before the others at three o’clock and quietly prepared supper: she heated the sauce she’d made the day before, then would boil the angel hair when the other kiddies got up. That and some red wine and good French bread would make a nice meal. She looked back into the bedroom and both her darlings were still sawing logs, so she stepped out, naked, onto the balcony. She felt especially glad to be alive on this beautiful shining day. Though naked, she did not crouch behind the banister, but stood tall and raised her arms to heaven, offering a silent prayer: ‘God of earth and sky, I thank you for the blessings you have bestowed on me, and for the gift of my life. Please shield from all misfortune those whom I hold dear, and whisper to them that I love them.’

She heard a distant voice coming from across the courtyard. A man, about Dave’s age, was yelling to her from the balcony of the fourth-story apartment directly facing hers, a hundred feet away.

“Good morning! Don’t be afraid, I mean you no harm. Please don’t go inside, you are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen! Are you a model or what?”

“Haha, thank you but no, just a workin’ gal. But I’m glad you like what you see.”

“Sure do, and thank you for letting me look. Well, gotta run. Hope to see you again soon.” he said.

“Oh, you definitely will, bye-bye.” she said.”

“Who the fuck was that?” Marty said, clutching a robe around her boobies.

“Just an ogler. I let him ogle. You sleepyheads hungry? Angel hair is on the menu.”

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