The Deepest Desires

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I waited patiently on the hotel bed as my wife finished getting ready. I watched as she slowly rolled her stockings over her legs before stepping into her high heels. stepped into her high heels and stood in front of me as I studied her almost naked body. She smiled as she slipped her dress on over the top and walked over to me and kissed me, wiping her lipstick off that she had left on my lips.

“How do I look?” she asked.

“Sunning, beautiful, sexy and very much desired,” I replied.

She blushed. Before taking my hand and leading me to the door. The night was ours to enjoy.

Stepping into the lift the doors quickly closed behind us and we grabbed each other, shamelessly making out as our hands eagerly felt each other up. As she kissed me I ran my hand down the small of the back and pulled her in so she could feel my cock now hard against her and she responded by slipping her hand down the front of my pants and pumping it quickly before pulling back. She knew this would mean the doors would be open and I would be forced to awkwardly walk through reception attempting to hide my erection, but that was part of the game right?

Suddenly though, the doors opened and I pulled back as a woman suddenly stepped into the elevator.

A tense silence filled the air before she suddenly spoke.

“Am I interrupting something? she enquired smiling.

“Oh no, sorry it’s just date night for my wife’s birthday,” said smiling feeling sprung.

She quickly cast her eyes over my wife.

“Lucky you” she responded smiling.

“Thank you” I responded.

“Your wife looks amazing is what I meant”, she added before laughing sheepishly.

“Thank you,” I repeated.

“Sorry, that was a little awkward” she added as the lift opened at reception, “have a good night, and a very happy birthday”.

As she stepped out of the lift she stopped for a moment and looked back. It was impossible to ignore her eyes lingering over my wife’s cleavage.

“Well she was nice,” I said to my wife as she walked away.

“That felt a lot like flirting,” she said.

“It did,” I added smiling.

“Stop it!” My wife explained playfully as she slapped my ass.

We both roared laughing as we took each other’s hands and made our way to the restaurant.

As we sat at the table we lost ourselves in the evening. Plates of delicious tapas were washed down with cocktails as we explored the drinks menu laughing and talking about everything and anything.

As the band started their set, we watched the dance floor filled. Taking her hand I let her to the dance floor and placed my hands on her hips and pulled her close as we danced to song after song until we were sweaty and breathless need to sit down and take a breather as we flirted shamelessly with each other.

I sat close next to her resting my hand on her thigh, feeling the texture of her stocking against her warm skin with my hand as I gently caressed it desperately wanting to keep feeling her.

“So that woman in the lift was a bit funny wasn’t it?” I asked.

“I wouldn’t say it was weird, it felt kinda nice to be seen through another woman’s gaze,” she responded.

“So she was defiantly flirting wasn’t she?” I asked.

“Oh without a doubt,” she replied laughing.

“it’s kinda hot,” I responded.

“well of course it is for you, she teased.

“Let’s just play pretend for a moment, just say if you were a single woman, would bahis siteleri you have flirted back?” I asked.

“Well, if I was single I probably would have flirted back but do you think she was good looking?” She asked.

“She was, she was quite sexy, again if I were single, probably my type,” I added almost nervously.

“you are drunk, but I agree, she was very attractive but women can appreciate another woman’s beauty without it being sexual,” she added.

“What was attractive about her?” I asked curiously.

“The confidence, and amazing eyes, and her body was curvy and feminine, what did you like?” She asked.

“Well,” I said, “she kinda has the same body as you, almost a mirror but different hair and eye colour”.

My wife laughed “you do have a type don’t you?”.

“I do, and it’s you,” I said as I kissed her.

“Come on,” she said, “I want to go back to our room, I am very drunk and very horny and I want to fuck my husband”.

We strolled back to the hotel holding hands and after arriving she stopped me as we entered the lobby.

“Want to wait downstairs and have another drink? I’m just going to head to the room and get our room ready as a nice surprise,” I whispered into her ear.

She smiled and walked off towards the bar.

As I arrived in the room I placed scented candles around the room to create a romantic space. I placed massage oil on the bedside table. Tonight was about her pleasure, I wanted to rub it onto every inch of her skin and feel it against my own.

I headed back to the hotel bar and looked around and suddenly saw her sitting at one of the booths. But she was not alone, she was talking with someone and as I walked closer it dawned on me that it was the woman we had met in the elevator.

“Hello,” I said as I approached the table.

“Oh I hope you don’t mind, I saw your wife waiting for you at the bar and I offered for her to come over and have a drink with me,” she said warmly as I sat down with them.

She introduced herself somehow quickly eased into conversation. She was genuine and lovely and there was no denying the connection they felt. Intelligent, witty and accomplished we talked well into the night as drinks continued to arrive.

But there was something else. A simmering tension and spark. As if the air was thick with a sense of anticipation. Little by little I couldn’t help but notice a causal touch lingered, a glance held longer for a moment and it wasn’t entirely directed towards my wife, it was a reciprocated and almost clear connection.

“I am so sorry, this is your night together and I feel as if I am stalling you both from what you would prefer to be doing,” she said.

“Oh, it’s fine, but what is it that you think we would prefer to be doing?” My wife asked.

“Well you and your husband are drunk, out to dinner, have a hotel booked and she looks fucking hot”.

We all laughed.

“Well, I may have set the room up for some romance,” I said sheepishly.

“Oh is it?” She said. “What’s in the room?”

“Nothing too wild, just some massage oil and some candles,” I replied.

“Oh wow, I would love to see the candlelight dance across your body,” she said.

My wife blushed and we both awkwardly laughed.

“It is amazing, you have no idea”, I awkwardly flirted back.

“But I would like to have an idea,” she said.

We both paused for a moment, she could see we were processing. Our canlı bahis siteleri hearts started bearing faster. Something was happening.

“So this is the thing,” she said, “we can keep dancing around this but the fact is I think your wife is gorgeous and we can keep talking, flirting and undressing each other with our eyes or we could go upstairs and act out what we have been wanting to do since we connected in the elevator”.

As we sat there stunned she stood up and leant over. She slowly traced her hand up my wife’s thigh and whispered something into her ear.

“I’m going to get one more drink when I come back if you are still here then maybe we go upstairs?”.

She then started walking towards the bar.

“What’s happening here?” I asked.

“I don’t know, I’m pretty drunk but she just whispered something into my ear,” she said.

“What?” I asked.

“That she wanted to taste me” my wife replied.

“Is this something you would want?” I asked her sincerely.

“When she touched me I wanted her to keep going”. She responded meekly “but how do you feel about this?”

“If this is something you want, it is your birthday, we’re together and for one night we can try something that you won’t try,” I said.

“I think it is,” she said “but I want you to be a part of this too, not with her, just me”

“That’s all I want baby, I want to see you happy,” I said taking her hands.

Our new friend walked over “are we drinking these down here, or are we going upstairs?”

“Upstairs,” my wife said.

My wife took my hand and we made our way up to our room. Our new friend walked in and the soft candlelight danced across the walls. Soft music was playing.

“So,” she asked, “what are the rules?” Asked our new friend.

“It’s my birthday, and I want to try something I have fantasised about for a long time, so id love my husband to watch me,” she said.

“Then I want to make this experience count,” said the mystery woman smiling as walked over to the bed.

I kissed my wife deeply and passionately and made my way over to the lounge in the corner and sat down.

Our new friend took my wife’s hand and placed it on her hip and stepped into her, placed her hand on her face and kissed her. I watched my wife ease into her touch and move in deeper, kissing passionately, deeply and with desire as her hands started caressing her. I could see her hands trace their way over her skin, feeling and touching.

The electricity in their embrace was almost tangible as they drew into their desire. My wife searched in her desire and her teacher showing her the way. slowly my wife’s dress was unzipped and her clothes fell to the floor and her lover slipped out of hers.

They looked stunning. Full breasted curvy and with soft perfect skin, she unclipped her bra, slid down her underwear and stood naked before my wife. I saw my wife trace her eyes all over her body, her face, breasts, every inch and then slowly did the same, slipping off her clothes and standing before her.

“Are you ok?” The woman asked my wife.

“I’m nervous” she replied.

The woman then took her hand and guided it over her breasts, traced her stomach and down to her pussy, and then stepped in again and kissed her. They made their way to the bed and continued kissing, and with each kiss I watched my wife get bolder, more urgent in her touching to explore this woman.

Watching them together canlı bahis was beyond my wildest fantasies and as I watched them I undressed and sat in the chair. My hard cock was engorged and I stroked it slowly as I watched my wife explore this woman. She looked over and smiled as I did know that I was enjoying it as much as she was.

My wife positioned herself on top of her allowing me to get a full view of her raw femininity, entwined in this passionate tryst, the complete object of my desire surrendering herself to what was once just a fleeting and taboo fantasy. She kissed her way down her breasts, and her stomach and placed her head between her legs.

She stopped for a moment, almost studying and then I saw her breathe in deeply as she placed her mouth on her and started to the first kiss, then lick. She grabbed her thighs and stroked them as she savoured this woman’s pussy, knowingly gentle, but expertly delivering her a reciprocation of what she enjoyed.

“Baby I want you too,” she called out and invited me to join them.

I finally received my invitation. Her pussy was before me, wet, inviting and wanting attention as she pleasured the other woman.

I leaned over and tasted my wife, beads of juice dripping from her hair. She was sweet, and she moaned as I started licking her clit, flicking and sucking with each stroke she made.

My rock hard cock needed to be in her, I slowly placed it at the entrance and slid in slowly as she drew me in. I fucked her hard and deep while I teased her ass. I was close when suddenly she called out.

“Not yet.”

I pulled away, my cock slick with her juice. And she continued. Faster and faster she went, caressing, grabbing and touching every inch she could when suddenly her new friend climaxed loudly and they collapsed.

“Was it as you expected?” She asked.

“It was and more” my wife replied.

“I want you to sit on my face so you can taste me,” she demanded.

My wife without hesitation did. I was standing in front of her as the woman placed her head underneath my wife. She looked me in the eyes and suddenly, as the woman’s tongue found her clit, her face melted into a look of sheer pleasure. I held her face and we passionately kissed while she was pleasured

She ground her pussy into this woman’s face, grinding and riding every wave of pleasure as we made out, tongues darting in and out of each other’s mouths, tasting, sharing the sweet juice still beaded on her beautiful face until suddenly she went limp with waves upon waves of pleasure and collapsed on the bed.

They took a moment to catch their breath, then this mystery woman stood up.

“Did you like that?” She asked.

“It was the perfect fantasy realised,” my wife replied.

The woman then got up, and with a parting kiss made her way to the chair.

“She’s all yours again, can I watch you?” she asked.

“Please,” I said.

My wife locked eyes with mine.

“Fuck me now please,” she demanded.

She pulled me onto the bed and guided my aching cock inside of her and I began, thrusting with the pent up urgency of every minute that had passed since I saw her exploring her desires and came deep inside of her collapsing and looking to the chair in the corner to see if our mystery lover approved, but she was gone.

I woke up moaning and threw back the covers. I had been away from work for a few weeks. I called my wife.

“Are you sleeping well?” she asked.

“I am, but I can’t wait to come home, I had a wet dream last night thinking about you,” I said.

“Oh, that’s hot, what was the dream?” she asked.

“You can read all about it before I get home” I laughed

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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