Empty Nest Lover

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Shortly after our kids left home for college, I told my husband I had other plans for my life and he could enjoy my plans or he could leave. I knew he would enjoy them, but I don’t think he was prepared for the plans I was bringing into our home.

I met Shayla almost a six months ago, she worked at the local grocery store and went to tech school. She was 21, she had oversized tits, a large jiggly ass, and was very dumb.

I had flirted with her for months, alway buying large fruit and comparing them to her big tits. I often asked her if she needed help adjusting her clothes or needed a back and chest massage. I knew it was borderline sexual harassment, but she was dumb enough to giggle and sometimes would fall for it.

As spring came to an end my advances got stronger. I would shop a couple times a week, I knew the days she would be working the register and the days she would be stocking shelves, yes I was basically stalking her.

On the days she would stock, I would stop and get her for attention often making her blush and then accidentally reaching over her to get whatever item I pretended to need.

One Tuesday afternoon I asked her if she cared to join me after her shift ended for a walk along the river. I had got the feeling she was enjoying my attention, but I would find out soon how much.

I waited for Shayla in the store parking lot, as she got in my car, I reached over and gave her a tight squeeze hug.

I couldn’t have planned her outfit better, she wore a tight white t-shirt tucked in, and a short skirt. My mind raced with all the things I could do with her, but didn’t want to scare her too quickly.

We arrived at the river walk, I told her I wanted to go left. It was the area known to be more secluded and people often used that area when they wanted to mess around. She and I walked along river, I scooted closer to the river so the water splashes would possibly dampen her shirt, wishful thinking, but worth the chance.

I asked Shayla what her plans were after summer and how she liked working at the store.

She interrupted me and said “Ms H can I ask you a question” I replied “sure anything on your mind” so she went on “Betsy at the store says you want to have sex with me, I told her that you are married, but she says there are lots married women that like women.”

I stood there for a minute and noticed we weren’t far from a small secluded. I told her “walk with me some more” and pointed ahead she kinda blushed and acted embarrassed. I knew I had to answer her but I didn’t want to scare her and not get what I wanted. As we got to the secluded area I told her let’s take the path around the trees so we can talk privately.

When we got out of earshot and eye view, I pushed Shayla against the tree. I could feel she was nervous but not pushing me away. I told Shayla “I think you have a body like no other, my lips beg to touch your tits, and I can only imagine how warm your pussy must feel” she sighed a little so I continued “I don’t want to scare you or make you feel uncomfortable, but I could enjoy you right now right here.”

She didn’t say no, I took that as a yes, reached around her and unlatched her bra through her shirt. Her large tits fell loose, they were still perky and standing out. I maneuvered her bra out her shirt sleeve so I didn’t move her shirt out of place. The tight white shirt against her tits made my pussy tingle. I took my mouth to her nipple and sucked it through her shirt. She was already quivering rather it was nerves or excitement I didn’t care.

I quickly stuck my hand up her skirt and moved her panties to side and felt her wetness as I tugged on her nipple. She moaned and her breathing became heavy. I asked her if she wanted to sit on the tree stump so she would be more comfortable. She never answered, she just walked towards the stump, before she sat down I took her panties off so I could fully have her pussy.

I untucked her shirt, pulled it up so I could see both of her tits. Her nipples stuck straight out like they were begging to be pinched. I squatted down and pulled her forward so I could get good access to her hot pussy.

I gently kissed and barely touched her, but then took her clit in my mouth with long hard suck. She squealed loudly, I sucked harder, she whimpered, so I stuck my finger in her pussy and begin to finger fuck her.

She whimpered and whined, but I didn’t let up, it was only minutes until her juices was flowing out of control. I looked up at her with big tits exposed her pussy spread and an innocent but exhausted look on her face. I grabbed my phone and snapped a picture of her; she still didn’t object.

I tucked her bra and panties in my shoulder bag and told her “I prefer you like this and I want to watch you walk back like this” she blushed again. kaçak iddaa I helped her tie her white t-shirt up so it barely covered her big tits and made her look very slutty.

As I smacked her ass I changed my mind about leaving yet. I told her to lean over and put her arms on the stump to brace herself. I squatted down again, spread her fat ass cheeks wide. Slowly I licked her perfect little asshole. She started to protest, but I stuck my finger in her pussy and begin to finger fuck her while I tickled her asshole with my tongue.

She had no control over her body and begin to shake, which made me pump her harder. I had her juice flowing again and it was all she could do to hold herself up. She was still leaned forward so I reached around and squeeze both nipples and whispered in her ear, “do you think I want you sexually now?”

She blushed and I said “I don’t just want you sexually, I will have you sexually, as often as I want. I will have your tits, your pussy, your ass, and your face.” She stayed there no response just blushing.

I asked her “do you want me?” She nodded yes. I asked “did you enjoy yourself today” she nodded yes. I asked “do you want to be my naughty lover” and she nodded yes largely and then blushed.

I smiled and thought about fucking her in the ass while my husband watched from his chair. I was gonna do terrible things to the dumb girl, but she would enjoy it.

We slowly walked back towards my car, when no one could see, I would slide my hand up the back of her skirt and play with her ass cheeks. She would blush, but I could tell she liked it.

We got to the car and the parking area was empty, so I followed her around to her side of the car, I turned her around and leaned her against the car.

My face was at her face, her tits were against mine, I said “my husband knows I am interested in someone, he does not know it is you, but I am telling him tonight and will show him your picture. You will be no secret to him. You are mine, but you will be around him and I will openly fuck you with him around. You are my naughty lover and I will enjoy you as often as I want”. I leaned forward ran my hand up the inside of her shirt and brought my lips to hers for a passionate seal of the deal.

We arrived back at the store and I gently rubbed by hands on her leg and then her breast. I handed her my address and told her to be there Thursday morning at 8am. I text her the picture of her on the stump totally exposed with the message, my lips love your lips. She blushed and I pinched her nipple and told her to be good.

I got home and prepared dinner, I planned to tell my husband tonight of my lover, but wanted him in a good humor before I broke it on him. I knew he wasn’t going anywhere and I was certain he would enjoy our affair, but the shock would take some adjusting. I made steak, potatoes, and had beer chilling for him. I changed into my sexy housewife dress to help encourage him believing I am devoted to him as I ever was.

He came home, he was in good humor, he told me wanted to freshin up before we ate. Over dinner we made small talk, we discussed our upcoming vacation, and we discussed plans to add on to our deck. He looked at me and I knew the time was now or never, so I better get it out in case I need to do more convincing him.

I looked at Tim in the face and said “the other night when I said I have other plans for my life and you could enjoy them or leave, we need to talk about that.” He said “okay, but I want you to know I am not going to have another man coming in my backdoor.”

I gently rubbed his hand and said “it’s not a man Tim, you are the only man for me” I paused and he looked confused I finished “I am attracted to women Tim, I like the way their tits look, their ass looks, and their pussy taste. I want you Tim as my husband, but I want to fuck another woman, a lot and often. I want you to be okay with to, I want do it in front of you. I even want you to join us in bed.”

He sat their for a minute a tad bit of relief on his face and asked “Is it just one or is there several?”

I explained that right at the moment I like to look at most women, but I am only messing around with one and that I had really only made it to oral sex today. I could see he was slightly getting turned on, but had concerns.

I told him “I really like your cock, I am not interested in being a lesbian only, but I am turned on by both sexes and want to enjoy that.

Tim agreed he would be open to learn more and if it became an issue we would re-discuss it.

He asked “who is she? How did you meet her? Does her spouse know?” I laughed and asked you want to see a picture, I have one.

He thought he was going to get a Facebook profile picture of a woman near our age, but when I popped open the picture of Shayla kaçak bahis on the stump and her big tits sticking out, his face was on fire. I said “she is fucking hot isn’t she?” He nodded and asked “where did you meet her and is she legal?”

I told him “you have met her at the grocery store, she works there, she is the real dumb one that can barely count change. I’ve been making moves on her for six months and today she went for a ride with me and we had oral sex at the river walk, where you and I use to go to mess around.” He replied “makes me want to go to the grocery store and make you fuck her there now” and I knew then he was okay with it and would welcome her into our sex life.

The rest of the night we spent in the bedroom fucking each other and talking about what kind of sex we would have together with Shayla and what kind of sex Shayla and I would have alone. He reminded me as young as she was, even though right now he would not have sex with her, it would be a good idea to make sure she didn’t get pregnant. I agreed and promised to discuss it with her Thursday.

I woke up stiff on Wednesday morning, Tim had already left for work, but I had plenty of things to do.

Over the past few months I had been buying toys and supplies to use when the day come – and I needed to put batteries in all of them. I needed to make room in the guest room in case we needed to have an overnight guest or needed extra room.

I decided around lunch time I should run to the store, I knew Shayla was working, but I needed to grab some things and she was an added bonus.

I was loading the cart with batteries when I saw her, she was busy stocking the soap. I had wore a really loose shirt that swung forward and no bra. When I leaned in, just as I had positioned so she could see up my shirt and see my hard nipples. I whispered “Hi Shayla” and she looked up and got a clear view. I asked “what time is your lunch” she looked at her watch and said “in ten minutes” I replied “meet me at the front of the store” she shook her head to agree.

I hurried through the check out, went out to my car and pulled it to the front door. She came out the front door, I motioned her in, and asked “how long do you have” she said “an hour”. I asked “are you okay” she said “oh yes I am fine, just bored at work, and I get a little shy with you” I winked at her and said “good, I like shy sexy girls. Let’s go talk for a while, are you hungry?” She nodded no so we drove to the edge of town where it was secluded enough we wouldn’t be noticed parking.

She said “I feel guilty about the other day, I don’t want to hurt your husband.” I giggled and explained “Tim and I discussed you, he is looking forward to meeting you even if he just watches us. However, he did ask me to ask you about birth control, just to be safe if something slipped or something.” She opened her wallet and showed her card, she had an IUD put in three months ago. I smiled and said “perfect timing.”

I rubbed on her leg and then told her my nipples were achy and I would like her to suck them. She lifted my shirt and slowly pinched my nipples and the leaned forward and teased them both a bit before wrapping her mouth around them and sucking them intensely.

I moaned as she was good at this, really good. She let loose and said “I did my research to make sure I was a good girl.” I moaned and complained how much my pussy tingled. She said “I’ll take care of that” and got out of the car and walked around the car, opened my door, and had me turn and spread my legs. I wore only a skirt; no panties to get in the way.

She slowly started teasing my pussy, but took no time for her to wrap her mouth around my clit and suck it like she was sucking juice through a straw. This girl may be dumb most of the time, but she was smart in the bed. I orgasmed and she licked every ounce of juice up. I snapped another picture of my sexy lover so I could remember this moment and share it with Tim.

I wanted to see her tits again, I loved how perky their were, but still so big. I unclasped her bra through her shirt and pulled it through the arm hole. I asked her to stand up so I could inspect. Her big tits were tight against her t-shirt. It was incredible looking, I could stare for hours. I told her I wanted her to go back to work without her bra, her vest would cover her tits, but she would feel them all day and think about me. She looked at me and said “you are the boss, ma’am” that sent shivers down my back, knowing I was dominating her.

Her lunch hour was almost over, I kissed her before we left seclusion, but when we got to the store I pinched her nipples and reminded her that I would see her at 8 am.

The rest of the evening flew by quickly, Tim had been called out to a job out of town, so it was just me in the house. I spent illegal bahis the evening booking our first-ever adult vacation, complete with adult beaches, erotic rooms in our guest house, and personal maid service. I knew already I wanted to take Shayla, but thought I better give it a little more time.

Thursday morning I got up early, showered, and got dressed. I knew she would be there by 8am and I wanted to be ready for her. I wore an open cup bra and my harness with a 9 inch cock attached. The doorbell rang, I glanced out the window, knew it was her, so I walked to door just as I was.

She must of been expecting me to be dressed, because she appeared a little shocked. She said “you have a cock. I mean you are wearing a strap on. I mean your almost naked.” I laughed and said “oh this old thing, it will fuck your brains out today.”

I guided her in, took her jacket, pulled her shirt off, removed her bra, and told her I wanted her like this more and we would work on clothes later.

I went to the kitchen to grab coffee and asked if she was hungry. She wasn’t, I suspected nerves, we would probably deal with this for a while.

I told her to come over by the counter and chat with me, once she was close, I said “have a seat” and motioned for to hop up on the counter. She quickly obliged my request.

We chatted a bit about her clothes while I sipped my coffee. I knew we had to do something about her clothes today, but I wanted to play first. I listened to her talk about what clothes she had and what colors she liked, as I slowly started tugging at her tits and spreading her legs open. I helped her out of her pants and panties, she sat there completely exposed in my kitchen.

I smirked her and said “my kitchen appliances never looked so good” her face was red, but her pussy was already moist. I lowered myself down to be level with her crotch and begin using my tongue to tease. She was easy to get turned on and get going. I had her almost to orgasm when I told her to get down and go to the table.

She moved quickly to the dining area, I told her to bend over, and I came in from behind and started fucking her hard and steady. Her whines and moans were loud, but that just motivated me to push harder. I tugged some on her tits and bounced her back hard, it triggered her explosion and she fell forward on the table trying to recover.

I gave her a few minutes and then told her we better clean up, I wanted to do some shopping today. I threw on a loose tank top and a mid length skirt. She started to put back on her clothes, but I stopped her. I grabbed a short dress out of my daughters closet and told her to wear it. The way her tits stuck out and took up space it caused the dress to barely covered her ass, but that was what I wanted.

When we arrived at the store I could tell she was nervous someone would see how short her dress was, I promised I would walk behind her so I would be the only to see. It was a lie, everyone would see her slutty ass, but I didn’t care she was mine to show off.

She headed to the ladies clothes, I stopped her, I told her we would shop in the juniors section. Shayla was a little wider than most girls, she was a size 12/14, but no flab. Her hips were wide, her ass was fat, and tits were large. She normally would have wore women’s clothes, but they would be too decent for me.

I grabbed several things off the rack of clothes, she hesitated knowing they would barely cover her. I told her, these are not clothes to wear to work, these are clothes to wear while you are with me. I assisted her in the dressing room, making sure everything was tight, short, and skimpy. I liked easy access and barely covered. She was mine to show off.

We found a clerk to help us with our purchases and then were on our way. I told Kayla that I thought I would order her a swimsuit this week, she said she had one, I told her I don’t think you have the one I want you to have. She blushed knowing the suit I would by would barely be legal in public. She was right.

We arrived home and unloaded our bags. I told her I was going to do some shopping online and she could rest with me. I lifted my shirt off over my head and sat down with tablet so I could shop online.

I told Shayla to come lay in my lap, when she did, I positioned my nipple right above her face. I told her sucking my nipple would help her rest better and leaned forward so my breast sagged down to her lips. She needed no more hints; she wrapped her mouth around my nipple and started sucking.

I found the micro string bikinis, the crotchless bikini, the open cup tops, and the sheer tops; I couldn’t resist and bought them all. I couldn’t wait to see her fat ass cheeks swallow the string and the micro beads rub on her clit. I looked down at her sucking my nipples and told her this was going to be the best summer ever, she just smiled and continued to suck.

I glanced up at the clock, then looked out the window, and realized Tim was home and he was about to meet my lover.

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