Arcaina Ch. 02

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It was later in the evening before anything truly interesting happened. For the most part we spent our day in Yasu’s chambers getting to know each other. When asked he said that his hobby was reading and writing, it was very admirable of him. I told him that I enjoyed moving so I practiced the art of sword play, but I also made custom oils when I needed to relax. He found that most interesting. I had also told him how my mother died during the war that was almost 20 years ago, which left me to become a dancer at the tender age of 7.

The one thing we tip toed around was his mother and father. We talked about how close he was to his younger brother, but never about his relationship with his mother or father. As curious as I was I didn’t want to damage our new found relationship. Our new, ‘uncivilized’, relationship… I was incredibly happy that he wanted to be with me. Though I didn’t know why, we knew nothing of each other so it was almost blind. My reasoning was that the Gods wanted us to be together and I was fine with that. I loved him too much to question anything. That didn’t mean society wouldn’t though.

That evening Yasu wanted to show me around the grounds. We mainly walked the gardens, which were peaceful and beautiful but seemed eerily sad. When I asked him why he shrugged and said that it was his mother’s gardens from before she died. It was Yasu who took care of them. In the light of the twin silver moons my Prince looked angelic and sweet, like he belonged in the pure garden.

When we walked back into the palace his majesty was standing there. His arms were crossed, looking more pissed off than a cat dipped in water. At the time, when I knew nothing, the man scared me.

“What were you doing?” The man growled, sneering at his son. Yasu straightened his posture and glared at his Father. “You did not just bring that whore into your mother’s gardens, did you?”

Yasu glared at the older man. “He’s not just a Dancer; he’s my personal guard and my friend. I can show him around the yards if I want. But thank you for your concern towards my Mother’s hard work and care, your Majesty.”

The king was about to say something when Yasu took my hand and we strode off without looking back. His grip was tight and I could tell he was angry and nervous. We didn’t utter a word and we walked as fast as we could back to his quarters.

Once we were back in the place he called home he slammed the door shut and fell to the floor, huffing.

“My Prince, are you alright?” I crouched to his level and lifted his head so that I could look him in the eyes. His chocolate brown eyes were watery and his face was flushed. A tear fell down the curve of his cheek and I brushed it off with my thumb. “Please tell me what that was about?”

We sat there like that for a few moments, my blond hair coiled on the ground and his face in my hands. It was almost as if every emotion he felt I could feel and my heart was crushed. Something had happened to my Prince that no person should have ever gone through. Yasu finally nodded and patted my lap.

“I’ll be fine,” he said as he started to get up. I pulled him back down.

“I don’t think you will be. You need to talk to me Yasu, I can’t protect someone if I know nothing about them,” I whispered into his ear. I was pleased that he trusted me enough to tell his father that I was his guard, but I wasn’t about to protect him without any knowledge of what was happening. I brushed his hair behind his ear and kissed his neck. “I want to protect you.” He looked at me with pure, expecting eyes. But they were also worn due to sadness.

“My mother died unexpectedly when I was 10. It was a huge shock for my brother and I had a hard time coming to terms with it.” I nodded I remembered that day well. The country was in shambles grieving over their Queen. “I was watering my mother’s garden when I heard my father talking to someone, I couldn’t see his face, and they were talking about her. ‘How did she go?’ ‘Fast and easy…'” he shuddered. “I remember all too well. My father had killed my mother. That was the day that I resented my father. I knew he never really liked me, he treated my differently from Kayden. He always liked Kayden more and I never understood why until I confronted him.”

“What happened?” I coaxed.

“Apparently I’m a bastard. My mother was a Dancer before she married the King. My father was probably some fisherman who came to town for a good time. He said that as soon as Kayden was born he was going to disown me, but because the country already saw me as the crown prince and the face of the palace he couldn’t do anything to me. Then the war happened.”

“The one against the Vampires…”

“We won that war, but it was about three months after it did my mother come down with a fever. The public didn’t know about it, the King kept it hidden, but he also started to gather his harem.” He took a deep, shuddering breath. “Two months after she died. Her last words were to me and not Kayden. ‘I love you, my Sunshine.'” I could feel adiosbet yeni giriş him shaking under my arms, he was crying now.

“Those frames you saw covered? Those are paintings of my mother. The King had them covered when she died. He said it was bad enough that I looked like her, he didn’t need another constant reminder.”

I felt my anger for this man rise in just a short few minutes. I wanted to tear his head off the shoulders it sat on.

“And so he’s been treating you as crap? Like you don’t matter? You are the Crown Prince and he lets you live in this room? You deserve more than this!” I was on the verge of yelling. My anger was lashing out and I was having a hard time controlling it.

“All I need is for someone to show me unconditional love, Shin. That’s I why I have you. You are my last hope.” I was prepared for that, though it was still a lot of pressure. Yasu needed a shoulder to lean on and I was going to be that shoulder. No matter how hard it was for me or him, I would be there for him.

I warped my arms around his waist and brought his back flush with my stomach and kissed his cheek. I licked his tears way from his smooth face and kissed his cheek.

“I will take care of you, Yasu.” I pulled his hair back and kissed the back of his neck. He shivered. “I promise that not a hair on your body will be harmed. I promise that I will love you like no other being on this world.” I lifted him and turned him around so we could see face to face. His face was flushed, either from lust or from his tears, and his eyes were glassy. I put my hand on his shoulders and brought him closer to me by turning him so we were facing each other.

Our lips gently brushed against each other. His eyes slowly closed and he sighed into the kiss. His body started to relax and he brought his arms around my neck. I let my tongue snake out and trace his lips; he opened them and let my muscle explore his mouth. This time our kiss was long and relaxed, slowly arousing opposed to the last time were he had to go fast and furious. I nibbled on his bottom lip and pulled on it. I could feel his cock rub against my own, Yasu moaned and did it again, sending us both into quivers of pleasure.

Soon we were grinding against each other, moaning each other’s names. His hands were on my shoulders and my hands were on his waist.

“Gods, it feels too good Shin…I’m going to cum…” He moaned into my neck. The warmth of his breath was sending me into wave after wave of pleasure.

“Good,” I huffed into his ear, “I want us to cum together.” I took his mouth and kissed him deeply, taking a deep breath and sucking some air out of his lungs. Yasu froze then erupted into his silk pants. His lips left my mouth as he screamed his release after taking a deep breath.

After I felt his eruption I came into my dancing skirt and bit his shoulder. After I bit him I sucked on the tender flesh then kissed it better.

“I’m sorry,” I mumbled looking into his eyes. He bent down and kissed me.

“I’m fine,” he whispered, “that was amazing.” His smile was bone deep and it filled the dark room with light.

I picked him up and walked over to his oversized bed and lied him down. After he got comfortable I slid in with him. I wrapped my arms around his slender waist and kissed the side of his neck.

“Good night, My Prince,” I whispered.

“Good night, Shin.” He said, “I love you.”

That night I fell asleep with a smile on my face.


I got up early the next morning so that I could prepare for Yasu’s new morning ritual. He needed a steady schedule to help feel ‘normal’. He was going to start the day with a bath, filled with rich oils and fresh garden flowers. Then he was to have a full healthy breakfast. After that is a walk around the gardens and then he needs to attend to his duties.

So I started the water for the bath, applying some oils from flowers I found in Yasu’s court yard. They weren’t much but they were a start; I was going to have to start my own garden in his court yard for my oils. After checking the water I stood to wake my prince but I had found him standing in the door way. He had a lazy smile on his rosy face. Nervously his naked body sauntered over to me. He wrapped his arms around my neck and rose unto his tip toes pulling me into a deep morning kiss.

“Good morning,” he whispered. His voice was scratchy from his sleep.

“Yasu how was your sleep?” I asked nibbling on his ear.

“Probably the best sleep I’ve got in years.” He kissed the tip of my nose and giggled. “And I think it has something to do with you.” I laughed and scratched his back.

“It’s time for your bath, then breakfast, so get ready, my prince.” I kissed his cheek and tapped his butt with the palm of my hand. He gasped then started to giggle. “What’s so funny?” I narrowed my eyes at him.

I looked up to me from beneath his dark lashes and smiled. “It’s nothing to worry about… Join me in the bath.” He took hold of my light blue silk dancer adiosbet giriş skirt and pulled it off me. I took off my arm bangles and gold chains. Once I only had my blue beads on I stuck my foot into the water. I relaxed almost immediately, but then I felt a pair of lean arms wrap around my waist.

“Yasu?” I asked, tilting my head to look behind me. He had my blond hair around his waist and he was kissing my shoulder. His face was still flushed but he looked happy. “Yasu, a maid walked in today saying that you were requested to go into town today. You have a new school in planning? The architect wants to meet with you.” His face slowly changed from bliss to blankness. The blush faded and his arms loosened.

“I don’t want to go work,” he whispered. “I love my people but sometimes…” I turned around and grabbed the soap and started to massage his skull.

“You don’t need to worry so much. I’ll be around to help you.” It took not time at all to wash his shoulder length hair. I remember as a child it felt like I took hours washing and combing my hair, as an adult it was no better because my hair had gotten longer. As a Dancer it was taboo to cut your hair.

“You can’t always be with me. After all, father hates the fact that you visited my mother’s gardens. There is no way he’d let you come with me to meetings with him…And Kayden…I have no idea how he feels about all this. I haven’t seen him since I bought you…” his breath caught and he turned to look at me.

“I will be there for you no matter what. Even if I have to I’ll wait for you outside.” I gave him my sweetest smile that I could conjure. He took a minute just staring at me, as if he were making sure that I were true to my word and of course I was. The moment that I would leave him alone is the moment that all hell breaks loose.


My hair was down in a braid and over my shoulder so that it wouldn’t touch the ground as I walked. I had my swords hooked on either side of my body. My bare feet had decorative symbols on them created by plant materials. They faded with time, the symbols, but they were pretty while they lasted. I had a while Dancer skirt and a sheer shawl that Yasu insisted that I used to protect myself from the sun.

The guards gave me a dirty look, knowing that I would be the one to protect him and not them. As I did before, and always did after I raised my head and looked down on them. I rested my hands on the hilt of my swords and kept walked slightly behind my Prince.

The day was hotter than usual. It was the middle of summer and the middle of the day. I never remembered it being that hot before and in the back of my mind I thought that perhaps I was becoming soft. It was untrue because I had only been in the palace for two nights, but it really was such a drastic difference.

The town I grew up in was busy as per usual. The Xolt’s were busy lifting heavy boxes for their owners or taking care of the animals. Their tan scales shone in the light of the summer sun with their sweat and natural sheen. I felt several pairs of their eyes on my back, some out of happiness and some out of jealousy. I had expected that, and I also suspected that the Chanture’s would be worse. The Chanture’s were known for their mouthy-ness.

My Prince was high on his horse; he wore his regularly modest clothes. He never wore anything too extravagant and when he had to it was still modest compared to most. He was waving to his people and happily stopping to talk to some. When we neared the new school site, a group of kids ran up towards Yasu. I walked in front of the horse so it wouldn’t scare. Yasu climbed off the mare and crouched to the children—most of them I recognized from the local orphanage. He greeted them with open arms and kind smiles.

“Prince Yasu!!”

“My dearest friends!” He replied to the children hugging each and every one. Most of the kids were in need of baths and haircuts but Yasu didn’t seem to care. It was as if their happiness was above his. “How are you all?”

The kids all replied in the same way, that they were fine. They smiled and tugged on his shirt as they walked closer to the site.

“When will the school be done?” A girl asked, she seemed like she was about 8 years old.

“That is a very good question, Sari,” he said. I was surprised that he remembered her name. “And that is why I am here. Where is my good friend Mr. Architect?”

I stood behind my Prince and watched as a man with a young boy who sat on his shoulders walked to Yasu. He smiled at the children and laughed as the young boy tried to scramble down to play.

“Prince Yasu,” The older man greeted. I bowed my head slightly to show respect. I had my hand tightly wrapped around the reigns of the horse. I was nervous because I was trained to be a Dancer and not a guard but I wanted to protect him. I just wasn’t sure how. “I am happy to meet with you today. I hope the presence of my son doesn’t deter your faith in me. His mother is at home sick and his elder sister is trying to take care adiosbet güvenilirmi of her as well as the house. I didn’t want to leave him alone today, I hope you understand.”

“Please have no worries! I have faith in your skill and masonry. Now, my biggest worry is how long will this project last? I’d like to open the school as fast as I can and I’m sure these children would like that too.” Most of the children had left to run around and play, but that just proved to me that he wanted to help rather than further his career. The meeting wasn’t very long; they spent a bit on when the school would be ready and how much it would come to. Yasu was very supportive and excited about what the school would mean for these children.

While Yasu may not fully comprehend what the school would mean I did. If I had the choice to go to a school and learn a skill I wouldn’t have become a Dancer. It meant that these children and futures ahead of them.

We spent the rest of the day wandering around in town. Yasu talked with people and said hi to others. At one point a Xolt was staking large boxes and one slipped. Yasu raced to the Xolt and tried to help him finish. Sadly Yasu was too short and weak. I tied the horse to a pole and raced over to finish for them. The Xolt and his owner bowed and gave us their thanks. Yasu smiled and apologized that he couldn’t do more for them.

Yasu brought me to the town bazaar and we browsed the stalls. There was a lot of fresh fruit on sale and it was very busy but that wasn’t where Yasu wanted to go.

He led us all the way to the very last stall at the end of the bazaar. It was small and it didn’t appear to get a lot of service. The old woman who sat behind the merchandise gave us a toothless smile. A young woman peered out from the tent and smiled when she saw us.

“Yasu! Your brother said that you’d be here soon,” she chimed. Her voice was light and bird-like with a slight accent. She was beautiful and would have sold well if she was a Dancer. She had long black hair that traveled down her bare tan back, her pants rested on her curvy hips. All these things were looked for in a female Dancer.

“I had heard you bought yourself a Dancer, but I never imagined you would have Shin. The Shin.” She bowed to me and took hold of my hand and kissed it. “I am very lucky to be in your presence. Does he Dance as wonderfully as I hear he does?” She asked.

“I’d like to hope I do,” I smiled, “Or else I have been lied to all these years.”

She smiled and walked back into the tent. The old woman had a brown shawl wrapped over her head and her gray hair was sticking out every way. Her skin was brown and wrinkled, withered but they were calloused with hard work. Her pale blue eyes showed years of happiness and laughter as well as moments of sadness. She had lived through the War and she had every right to be sad but she had every right to be happy because she lived. When the old woman’s daughter emerged from the tent again she had something in her hands. It was pale blue in the sun light, but in the shade it was a deep sky blue. It was a pair of blue beads, at one end there were feathers from exotic birds; white, blue and brown feathers to add extra color to the necklace.

“I made this in honor of your Dancer. Mother told me she had a premonition about the two of you. She said that he would be the one to keep by your side. That he was important. I made this as a reminder for everyone around you two that he is yours to keep. Think of this as more than just a Dancer’s necklace but rather a collar. No one will know the difference but you. Here,” She gave Yasu the beads. “Put it on him. You don’t have to do it now, but when you do make sure it is at the right moment.”

The old woman made a grunt and beckoned Yasu to bend down to her. He did as he was told and she whispered something into his ear. He blushed as he rose again and shifted uncomfortably. Then she looked at me and did the same. Once I was close enough she whispered, “????? ??, ?????. ???? ?? ??? ?? ???????, ??? ?????. ????? ??????? ???????? ???? ??? ??? ???? ?????. ???? ????????? ??????. ???? ???. ???? ???? ????? …”

*Protect him, Little one. As much as you are his Dancer, you are his Master. Take care of him through the challenges that you two will have to go through. Love, Cherish, Protect. Remember that, Little one. We are counting on you…*

She spoke the old language so fluently. She was a crone, not just an old woman but a crone. The only reason why I knew what she spoke was because I was taught it as a Dancer. I knew many languages and the old language was just one of the few I was fluent in. Her words sent shivers down my back. How was *I* his master. There was no way, it wasn’t possible…Unless…Unless she meant it in another way. There were patrons at the tavern who were like that…

“I will do my best,” I said back to her. The old woman nodded her head and smiled. Yasu got onto his horse and we were off back to the Palace.


(~Hey all! It’s been a while since this story was updated and I figured I’d like you all to get to know some of these characters a little more. I know some of you were curious to see how this goes. Let me know what you think by commenting! I look forward to hearing from Ya’ll!! Have a good one! Tae~

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