Pretty Little Summer Dresses Ch. 04

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The next morning I awoke quite late. I checked my watch; shit, I had definitely needed a sleep, it was eleven-thirty. What day was it! I was losing track of the days with this random sex! I realised it was Sunday; no sweat – no meetings missed. I went to the kitchen and turned the percolator on for a coffee – nothing quite like it for blowing the cobwebs away!

There was a ring on the doorbell and my spirits leapt. Jess must be back for some more play-time, I thought. I put my dressing gown on over what comprised my sleepwear; a t-shirt and my boxers and answered the door. I was surprised to see Dawn, my neighbour, standing there with a cup in her hand.

“Could I borrow a cup of coffee?” she asked, “We’re totally out.”

I was puzzled by this request as we had a 24/7 convenience store on the ground floor of the block but, not wanting to be unneighbourly, I invited her in while taking the cup from her to fill it. She followed me into the kitchen.

“That smell’s good,” she said, referring to the aroma coming from the percolator, “What coffee do you use?”

I held the bag out for her to inspect.

“German!” she exclaimed, “how unusual.”

I turned to face her. “Would you like to try a cup before taking it home?” I enquired, “It’s not everybody’s cup of tea. Or coffee for that matter!”

“Yeah, that would be nice,” she said, “Dan’s taken Shannon to the pictures and then they’re off to a burger bar; so I’m in no rush to get back.” While saying this, I couldn’t help but notice that she was eyeing up my apparel as if trying to see through it with some x-ray vision.

“Okay,” I responded, “take a seat and I’ll have a cup for you in a jiffy.”

I was processing the information provided in my mind. Shannon was Dan and Dawn’s ten-year-old daughter and Dawn had made a point of informing me that they were both out of the way for the foreseeable future. On top of this she had been undressing me with her eyes.

I poured us both a coffee. “How do you take it?” I enquired.

“Touch of milk and one sugar,” she answered.

I placed her cup in front of her, taking the opportunity to study her better. I already knew she was in her mid-thirties. She was a blonde with hair just past her shoulders; quite attractive and her figure was still in pretty good shape. She was wearing an orange sleeveless top with buttons down the front, the top three of which were open allowing a slight glimpse of cleavage. Her legs were covered by a mid-length denim skirt.

I sat opposite her, watching as she took a first sip of her coffee. She looked up at me, swallowed and said, “Surprisingly good. I didn’t even know the German’s produced coffee.”

I smiled. “Yes, it was a surprise to me when I first discovered it,” I said, “but after the first cup I was sold.”

She looked down into her cup as she started talking again.

“Actually,” she began, “it was Dan who asked me to come here today.” She glanced briefly at me before lowering her gaze again. “He asked me to ask you to tell your lady friends to keep the noise down. He lays there at night with the pillow over his head, trying to get to sleep. The walls are quite thin you know.”

“I’m sorry,” I stated, “I know they have been quite vocal, but they seem to get carried away. I hope I haven’t been disturbing you too much.”

She looked me in the eyes before saying, “I lie there fingering myself wondering what the hell it is you’re doing to them for them to get that loud. Our sex-life since we had Shannon comprises of a quick shag on a Saturday night if Dan hasn’t drunk too much while watching the football, and it’s always the same damn missionary position. I wanna try something different!”

I took another gulp of my coffee and looked across the table at her. Her gaze had returned to her coffee after this revelation; she appeared to be nervously waiting for my response.

I pushed my chair back and rose to my feet, walking around the table until I was standing behind her. Gently I touched the back of her neck and stroked it lightly before moving my hands to her shoulders, massaging them gently. She let out a low moan as if she hadn’t been touched this way in years. My massage became firmer and her breathing became deeper; her eyes were closed, and she was savouring the feeling of my hands at work on her back.

“Would you like to come through to the bedroom?” I asked.

She rose to her feet and followed me; our coffees left steaming on the table.

“Sorry,” I said, “I haven’t got round to making the bed; wasn’t expecting a visitor.”

She looked at me with her pale blue eyes; I could tell she was still very nervous about what we were about to do.

“It doesn’t matter,” she said, “can you please make me feel the way you did those two girls last night?”

I walked towards her and slowly undid the remaining buttons on her top, removing it from her. As I did kaçak iddaa this I kissed her on the lips, she responded passionately and my tongue forced its way between her lips in an instant. I simulated my cock with it, pushing it in and pulling it back in a regular motion. Her hands were clasped around my back pulling me into her. God, this woman needed to be made to feel like she was still sexy and wanted!

I broke from our kiss so that I could remove her bra; her breasts were beautiful. Medium sized with slightly darker areola surrounding her pert nipples. I bent down and sucked lovingly on one, then the other causing a further moan to escape her lips. Her nipples grew to my touch and I continued to tease them with my tongue as my hands explored her skirt for fastenings. There was just a zip at the back and I soon had that down and her skirt was dropping to the floor. Looking down, I saw that she was knickerless.

She saw the look of surprise on my face and said, “I was hoping I’d get lucky.”

I immediately dropped to my knees to kiss her mound, my tongue acting like a flannel, washing her labia, before pulling the lips apart and inserting my tongue. She gasped and held my head gently in her hands, just caressing my cheeks as my tongue explored her inner folds. Her reactions were telling me that she was loving the attention I was giving her, and I knew I had to take this slowly and let her enjoy every last moment. My hands held her bottom gently, my fingers brushing lightly over the smooth peachy skin, while my tongue continued its slow exploration of her love tunnel. Her juices were flowing and I was savouring the taste of her; it was a fresh, dewy taste which made me think, briefly, of my ex’s virgin pussy the first time I had licked it. Dawn’s breathing was getting shorter and sharper, her breaths almost gasps as her excitement was peaking and I realised that she was nearing an orgasm. I found her clit with the thumb of one hand and started to massage it slowly, in time with the thrusts of my tongue inside her. Her grip on my head was now much firmer and, if I didn’t know better, I might have thought she was trying to crush it between her hands. She let out a very soft moan as she came over my face, her juices coating me as years of pent up frustration were released in one sudden burst.

Looking down at what had happened, she looked shocked.

“Oh my God, I’m so sorry. How embarrassing,” she said.

“That was fantastic,” I said, “no need for apologies. You taste divine and I love a woman’s juices gushing over my face, or any other part of me for that matter.”

I rose to my feet and took off my dressing gown, pulled my t-shirt over my head and removed my boxers. Her eyes dropped to my groin, where Bob Junior was standing to attention.

“Can I?” she asked tentatively as her hand reached towards me.

“Help yourself,” I said.

She took me in her hand, lightly at first and then with a firmer grip. She pulled the foreskin down over my cock head, her eyes opening in amazement.

“Dan’s circumcised,” she explained, “and up till now he’s the only man I’ve ever been with. This is so much fun,” she said as she hid, then exposed my knob with the extra skin. “Would it be alright if I licked it?” she asked.

Fuck me, she’s too polite for her own good, I thought.

“Please do,” I said, “my body is yours to enjoy for the next couple of hours.”

She lowered herself to her knees and raised my cock to her lips. She pulled the foreskin back again and stuck out the tip of her tongue, licking lightly over the tip of my knob and getting some pre-cum in the process. I wanted to ram it into her sweet mouth, but I knew she needed to take this at her own pace. As she licked me she stared up into my eyes trying to gauge whether she was pleasing me or not. Her chest was rising and falling at a rapid pace, reflecting the excitement coursing through her body and I wanted to grasp those little beauties and squeeze them before milking them with my mouth; but now was the time for her to milk me.

She seemed slightly nervous about what she was doing, and I guessed she was inexperienced. She opened her mouth into an “O” and took my knob in, catching me slightly with her teeth but there was no way I was going to complain. Initially she just sucked on the part that she had enveloped with her velvety mouth, but she slowly started to try to take more of my cock in; she managed about three inches before pulling her mouth back and gasping for breath.

“Breathe through your nose,” I said, “and try to relax your throat. That way you should be able to get more in and keep it in.”

She returned to my cock which was now glistening with her saliva. She opened her mouth and slowly worked me in again; we got to three inches and she paused before continuing her mouth’s journey along my cock. It felt so damn good that my self-restraint left kaçak bahis me. I took her head in my hands and began to pump into her lovely mouth, pushing further in with each stroke. Her eyes were looking into mine as she accepted my cock’s insistence on getting pleasure from her. Her breasts were rising and falling invitingly as her breathing became ragged and I decided I had to have some play-time with them.

I withdrew from her mouth and a disappointed look spread across her face. Helping her back up to her feet, I lowered her onto the bed with her feet still on the floor but her back on the mattress. My intention had been to have a good suck on her nipples, but her legs opened as she lay back and her pussy presented itself. I couldn’t resist and buried my head between her legs for a second time; she moaned as my tongue made contact with her lips and she ran her fingers through my hair.

“If only I’d known this was available next door all these years,” she said, “the opportunities I’ve wasted to get some good sex.”

I stopped what I was doing, briefly, and said, “In future, you just need to ring the bell. I work from home a lot and I can always take a break from work for a beauty like you.”

Returning my tongue to her pleasure pot, I received several whimpers in response as I got her close to climax again. She arched her back up, pushing her pussy against my face and a small gush of liquid came into my waiting mouth.

Now was the time for Bob Junior to join in the action. I spun her round by her feet so that she was fully lying on the bed and climbed on top of her. Remembering her comment about the missionary position, I asked her to turn over and get on her hands and knees. If she wants something different, we might as well start with my favourite position. My cock eased into her well-lubricated hole and I slowly inserted the full length.

“So much bigger than Dan’s,” she gasped.

My hands took hold of her hips as I began to slide in and out of her heavenly hole. Starting slowly, I almost withdraw the full length before starting the journey back inside her. I gradually built up speed, her breathing matching the tempo of my thrusts as I fully enjoyed this, still young, woman’s sensual body. “What a waste,” I think to myself, “Dan must need his head examined to ignore this steaming hot woman’s needs.”

“Your husbands got a fucking screw loose, if you don’t mind me saying.”

“In a way, I’m glad he has,” she responded, “otherwise I wouldn’t be here right now.”

I leant forward and took her breasts in my hands; I hadn’t had enough of those gorgeous nipples but I would remedy that soon enough. First things first though; I wanted to fill her with my seed – then it hit me – should I have been wearing a condom!

“Bit late to ask, I know,” I said, “but are you on the pill or should I get a condom?”

“I’m fine,” she gasped, “on the pill, so no worries.”

Breathing a sigh of relief at not having to temporarily halt the fun, I ground into her harder and faster, erupting a stream of cum into her hot little pussy, before collapsing on top of her with my cock still in her.

“That’s nice,” she said, “I like feeling your cock inside me still. Dan just turns over and goes to sleep.”

“I’ve got absolutely no intention of sleeping while you’re still here,” I respond.

After a short breather, I roll off of her and look at her pretty face as she lies there looking at me.

“Thanks Bob,” she said, “I needed that.”

After a couple of minutes of silence, she started to get up.

“What you doing?” I asked.

“Getting my clothes and going back next door,” came the reply.

Looking at my watch, I notice that an hour has passed since Dawn had arrived.

“But we’ve still got plenty of time,” I said.

“What do you want to do?” she enquired, “Chat?”

“No, I want to enjoy your lovely body again.”

“You can manage it again?” she enquired, with a raised eyebrow.

“You betcha,” I stated, “Now get your lovely arse back on this bed and let me suck your tits.”

She almost threw herself next to me and lay on her back as my mouth closed around one of her nipples. It responded immediately to my touch, growing in my mouth and I sucked harder. My right hand grasped her other breast, squeezing the soft skin under my hand and playing with the nipple.

Dawn was stroking the back of my head, pulling me into her. She gave off the impression of someone who has not been made love to properly for some time; I was determined to change that. My mouth and hand swapped breasts and her other nipple responded to my tongue, growing in my mouth as she lay there contentedly. It didn’t take long for Junior to rise to the occasion and I left her breasts and lay on my back.

“Your turn to ride me,” I said.

She looked down at my penis and took it in her hand, stroking it almost lovingly.

“He illegal bahis sure doesn’t take long to be ready again, does he?” she said.

“Not when there’s a sexy woman like you around,” I stated.

“Do you really think I’m sexy?” she asked.

“The answer to that question is in your hand,” I said.

She smiled at me before placing herself astride me and lowering herself onto my waiting rod. To my amazement, she felt tight and her vagina pulled my foreskin back as she lowered herself slowly.

“That feels so good,” she said, “how fast should I go?”

“As fast or as slowly as you like,” I answered, “I’m in no rush. I can appreciate your sexy body as you ride me.”

She leaned forward so that her hands were either side of my body and I took the opportunity to get another suck on her breasts. She let out that, now familiar, low groan as I sucked her nipple but the movement of her pelvis pulled the breast from my mouth, my teeth catching the nipple on its way out.

“Oww,” she said.


“No, it was quite nice. It hurt but in a good way, if that makes any sense,” she stated.

I nodded. Finding out new things all the time, I thought. She likes a bit of pain in her love-making does she? I might have to experiment a bit.

Her movements on my cock were slow and steady but she was so tight it felt like Junior was constantly being squeezed. After about five minutes of her gyrations, I suggested she turn around and face the other way. She did this and I was presented with the sight of her peachy bum which looked so inviting. I fondled her cheeks, alternating between squeezing them and pulling them apart exposing her little rosebud to my eyes. I licked a finger and traced it lightly over her anus; she stopped riding briefly and looked over her shoulder at me.

“What the..” she started.

“Trust me,” I said, “If you don’t like it I will stop immediately but this is all about new experiences for you.”

She turned back and resumed her slow movements up and down my shaft, purring like a contented pussy which was, I hoped, how I’d be leaving her.

My finger returned to my mouth to collect more saliva as I continued to moisten her arsehole, wishing I could get at it with my tongue. Her moans were becoming more frequent and I took a chance and started to insert the tip of my finger into her anus. She stopped moving again but this time she reached her hands around and pulled her butt apart giving me more easy access.

“Have you ever used your cock in someone’s bum?” she enquired.

“Just last night,” I told her, “If you like it, it’s bloody fantastic. Though I understand it can hurt a bit at first. I will gladly help you find out if you like it, if you want me to.”

She resumed her slow rhythmic movements on my cock as the thought of anal sex crossed her mind.

“Maybe another time, Bob. Today is all about pleasure and I’m not sure I would enjoy that. Let’s not spoil today.”

“That’s fine Dawn; the offers on the table anytime you want to try,” I responded.

Having made her decision, Dawn decided to up her pace. Her pussy gripping my shaft like a tight fist, as if trying to milk the cum from my balls. It was my turn to groan and she turned to me with a beaming smile on her face.

“That good huh?” she enquired.

“That damn good and more,” I told her. “Now keep that gorgeous arse of yours pumping your heavenly pussy on my cock. You are going to get the biggest load of cum you’ve ever had!”

As she increased the pace again, I swear she clenched her pussy walls around my cock, squeezing it harder and, sure enough, my cum sprayed into her like a jet powered hose. I lost count of the number of times I spurted but I was sure it was more than any other time in my life. For an inexperienced woman, Dawn’s pussy sure knew how to milk a cock!

She lifted herself off me and a pool of cum dripped onto my stomach.

“Whoops,” she said, with a smile on her face, “suppose I should clean that up,” and with that she lowered her mouth to my abdomen and lapped up all of the cream from my lower body before taking my cock in her mouth and cleaning that too.

Looking at the time on the bedside clock, she said “I think I’d better get going and get showered before they get home. Have you got some tissues so that I can mop up your cum from my pussy – can’t afford to be seen leaving your flat with cum trickling down my thigh, can I?”

I handed her a box of tissues I kept in the bedroom to clean myself up after masturbating and she soaked up all of the cum around the entrance to her joy hole before slipping her few items of clothing on.

When she was dressed she leaned over the bed to kiss me. “Thanks Bob, it was a great cup of coffee, I’m likely to run out again soon.”

“Make sure you do,” I replied, “You have one hell of a body and if that stupid husband of yours isn’t going to appreciate it, I certainly will.”

She smiled at me, wiggled her arse as she left the bedroom and was gone.

I lay in bed and drifted off to sleep, dreaming of filling Dawn’s arse with my cock.

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