Fall From Grace Ch. 04: Rock Bottom

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*** This is the fourth part of Fall From Grace, a Mother’s Story. This picks up immediately after the activities of Free Falling ***

It would be easy to stop right now and just enjoy the feeling of my mother’s mouth sucking and licking my cock, while I relish watching her finger her wet sloppy cunt. However, I know from experience with other submissive leaning women, I must make her hit rock bottom, so that she can truly appreciate how I raise her back up. This is all the more important for my mother, who is falling from a position of relative importance and high social standing. I have to crush her spirit and make her understand that she can never and will never be able to return to her previous condition and stature in the social pecking order.

I make sure the flash is enable on my phone’s camera and start to take pictures of my mother on her knees with my cock in her mouth, as she wantonly finger fucks herself. I love the way she jerks when she sees the unexpected flash of light. The looks of surprise, then anger, then shame, that flash rapidly across her face, are priceless and I can feel my cock twitch in her mouth.

She instinctively jumps back from her position kneeling at my feet and my cock POPS from her mouth. I continue to take pictures as she falls back on her ass and tries to cover her face with her hands. I continue to take photos, driving her back with the attack of flashing light. She tries to crab walk backwards to get further away. I am relentless following her and I laugh at her fumbling efforts to try to outrun her shame.

She backs up into the wall with a loud THUMP. I love the stunned look as she realizes she cannot get away from her shame. She looks up at me with a desperate, wild look. “Why???? Why are you doing THIS???” she almost pleads.

“Why am I filming you? Why did I fuck you? Why did I make you cum at least two times in the last half hour? Or are you asking yourself, why did you give in so easily or why did you enjoy it so much?,” I ask her. I see the confusion on her face as she listens to my words, which make her face the reality that she gave in so easily and had such strong physical reactions. I can see her shaking her head as she argues with herself, trying to deny her reactions and her responses.

Before she can go too far down the trail of self denial, I confront her with my accusations, “You rolled over like a whore and took my cock inside you with absolutely NO resistance. You have always been such a proper, stuck up bitch, but when I told you to get down and spread your cunt for me, you couldn’t do it fast enough. And the way you started fucking yourself on my cock, WOW. I have only been with a few sluts who were so desperate for cock, that they shamelessly fucked themselves. I have got to tell you, it was so fucking hot to see you fucking yourself like a bitch in heat… and the way you came so hard, I thought you were going to rip my cock right off. DAMN, you are one horny slut.”

I can’t help stroking my hardening cock, as I look down on her, shaking her head, looking down and away from me, trying to find words to deny what I am saying. The way she is backed physically up against the wall, is perfect because it is exactly how she feels emotionally. I can see how she feels trapped between my words, her actions, and the realization that her life has drastically changed.

“So, when you came crawling back to me, did you expect to be actually crawling to me, taking my cock in your mouth and sucking my cock, while you finger fucked yourself? I bet in your head, you saw it playing out a whole different way, didn’t you mom? You expected your loving son to take you in, treat you like the Queen you are, let you mooch off me, while you treat me like a slave in my own house, didn’t you?”

“You are such a pathetic cunt mom. You were such the Queen bee, with everyone afraid of you and running around to please you. Well, I wonder what all of those tipobet365 güvenilirmi people would have thought if they had my view of you desperately begging her son to fuck her, screaming with multiple orgasms as you fucked yourself on your son’s cock, then crawling to suck your son’s cock, while you fucked your sloppy cunt with your fingers.”

“How will you ever be able to look anyone in the eyes again and not think that they are judging you as the incestuous, cock hungry whore that you are? You realize that that is what you are now, don’t you?” I watch as she still shakes her head subtly as she tries to find words to refute what I am saying. I love the frustration I see on her face as she fails to come up with anything to save her from acknowledging her sins.

I go in for the kill, asking her, “It is hard to deny it with the taste of my cum on your tongue, isn’t Princess?” “And the way you came so hard and how you attacked my cock, WOW… Even I was surprised how much you needed cock inside you.” “What’s the matter Ice Bitch, you been having a difficult time finding any Man who could stand you long enough, to even stick his cock inside you?”

“Well, today is your lucky day, you have found a Man who can’t stand you, but still wants to stick his cock inside you. I have to admit, at first I did it because I hate you and wanted to make you pay for being such a mean spirited cunt all my life, but I can’t deny how fucking amazing it felt fucking you. I have finally found a redeeming quality in you, surprisingly that thing in you was my cock, and the whore in you, that my cock brought out. Now, if I can dial down the raging bitch side of you, and dial up the cock hungry whore side, I can actually make you into a worthwhile human being.”

“Now get off that wall and come over here.” She starts to stand. “What the HELL are you doing you stupid cunt??? Did you forget how to crawl already?” I love to see the look of confusion, then understanding, and then shame as she realizes what I am asking and looks at the ground, as she gets back on her hands and knees.

“Now that’s a good whore,” I compliment her. Now turn around and show me that sexy ass. Wiggle it for me and reach back and spread your cheeks.” I love the way she blushes at my command, but does it anyway. I hope she never loses that feeling of shame. It makes me so fucking hard knowing she is ashamed to obey, but does it anyway.

“I love how tight your asshole looks, mom. I bet an uptight bitch like you has never had a cock in her ass before, have you?”

“Of course not, that is sick,” she responds with venom.

“Oh mom, mom, mom, what am I going to do with you?” I ask her, shaking my head like she is a bad school girl. “We passed sick a few exits back, mom. That was about the time you were fucking yourself on your son’s cock. So, are you saying that you are good enough for that, but taking a cock in your ass is sick? Well, buckle up butte cup, because your son just happens to be VERY sick and he is going to make you sick, too.”

“Now why don’t you take those fingers that are still wet with the juices from your nasty, sloppy cunt, and run them around your sexy tight ass hole,” I tell her. She just kneels there looking at her fingers like she is just noticing that they are wet, holding them away from her like they betrayed her.

“Do it NOW cunt… We already talked about making me wait every time I tell you to do something.” She startles and reaches her fingers under and behind her, tentatively touching her tight ring with her finger tips.

“Dip into your wet cunt and get some more of your cum slut. Make it nice and wet. You will DEFINITELY not want to do a bad job because You will be the one who suffers, if you are not lubricated enough.” I watch her finger herself and cover her tight asshole with her wetness. I love seeing how she takes longer each time, taking her fingers out of her pussy.

“Don’t tipobet365 yeni giriş get lost in that cunt, whore. I can tell that you are a needy slut and want to finger fuck yourself again, but your son wants to get sick with mommy’s asshole.” She blushes so red, I love it.

Push your finger into your ass mommy. Open it up for me. You will learn quickly that if you do a bad job getting ready, it can be a real pain in the ass” I laugh at my stupid joke and watch as she tentatively pushes her finger into her butt. I love seeing how tight it is as she opens it with her finger. I can see that she is trying to figure out what she thinks of the feeling of her finger in her ass. I see how she twists it in spirals as she works it in. I can see that she is trying to figure out how a cock will feel up there, since it is so much bigger than a finger. I ask her, “How does your finger feel in your tight ass? It seems like you are enjoying that a lot more than you thought you would. How sick are you feeling now, mom?”

She surprises me by answering honestly, “It feels weirdly good actually. I never would have thought that before. But it is so tight and your cock is so big, how will it ever fit in here? Will it hurt badly?”

My first instinct is to scare her and continue to fuck with her head, but I see something in her, an honest curiosity and maybe even an interest to please me. So, I comfort her and tell her, don’t worry, I have done this a lot and I will make sure it doesn’t hurt. I will even show you that it can be very exciting and if you are lucky you will cum from this. Some women cum harder form anal sex than they do from vaginal.” She looks at me doubtfully, but I can see how she physically responds to my more caring attitude.

“Are you ready for me to take over?” I ask her. She nods her head silently. I wet my finger in her slimey pussy and work it in her already opened tight ass hole. I feel her instinctively react and clamp down on my finger. “Relax mom, I will take it easy and take care of you.” I feel her relax, so I spiral my finger in her and work it around, slowly opening her wider. When I feel her relaxed enough, I push in a second finger. She reacts again, clenching her butt. I SLAP her ass with my other hand. She jumps and yelps. “If you keep clenching every time I start to make progress, this will take a a long time,” I tell her.

Surprisingly, the slap on her ass had an interesting affect, she got very excite and even pushed back onto my fingers. She turned her face back to me and tells me, “You can spank me if you want to.” Oh my GOD, the sultry way she said that made electricity shoot through my body and straight to my cock. SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, I spank her three times rapidly with my other hand, as I push my fingers deeper into her ass, She moans like a whore and pushes my fingers even deeper into her.

“Oh you ARE a bad girl, aren’t you mommy? I think you are ready for my cock now. What do you think?

Yes, please try it,” she asks almost shyly.

I push my now VERY hard cock into her pussy, to lubricate it. I feel her respond immediately, squeezing around my cock and moaning. I push into her several times and then pull out. I run my lubricated cock up to her puckered hole. I push against it and wait for the clenching that I know she will not be able to control. Then when she relaxes after the clench, I push inside slow and steady. I feel how tight she is and I feel her start to resist. I stop and wait for her to get used to the size of my cock in her tight butt hole.

“Are you OK? How is the pain so far?”

She answers, “It is OK so far, very tight and it hurts a little, but not as bad as I thought.”

I feel her tight ass relax a bit as she gets used to the fullness of my cock inside her. I push further into her. I feel her start to clench again. I pause and let her get used to it. “I am half way in right now,” I tell her. “The rest tipobet365 güvenilirmi will go faster,” I say as I without warning, shove the rest of my cock into her. She yelps and jumps forward. I hold her there, not moving my cock inside her, letting her get used to my cock deep in her.

I start to pull out slowly. I pull out until only my thick cock head is inside her. I push in faster than before. The back out slowly. I see her reach her hand back and she is rubbing her clit. I push into her again, faster and harder. She yelps again, but pushes back against my thrust this time. She starts pushing and pulling back on my cock, fucking herself again. Her fingers are now wildly rubbing her clit. I see that she is ready, so I thrust into her all the way, HARD.

“My GODDDDDDDDD,” She cries out as I feel her CLENCH on my thick cock. “YESSS, fuck my HARDER… fuck my ass HARD, NOW, PLEASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSE.”

I respond by fucking into her ass savagely. My thrust in meets her backward thrust and my hips SLAP against her full ass cheeks and then SLAP…SLAP….SLAP… over and over faster and faster, we are fucking each other desperately, almost brutally. I feel her need. My GOD she is a horny one, I think. Where did this come from??? How can this be the same cold, bitter, hateful woman that ruined my childhood???? FUCK it feels amazing fucking her tight ass.

Suddenly, she SCREAMS and clenches around my cock ad I can feel her spasm and twitch on my cock and her legs are shaking so hard I am sure she will drop to the floor if I do not hold her up. I realize she is experiencing her first every anal orgasm. And I think she likes it. I let her ride the orgasm out, then collapse with my still hard cock deep inside her.

“I take it that you liked that. I guess you are just as sick as me, huh mom?” I love the way she just blushed and smiled.

“Well, as much as I love fucking your ass mom, I still have to cum and I have another idea.” I pull out of her butt with an audible POP. I move around in front of her. “Get off the floor mom,” I tell her. She looks up wondering what she did wrong and why I want her up. As she looks up, she sees my big thick cock in her face, my hands stroking fast, desperately working to cum quickly. I see the quizzical look on her face, as she tries to figure out why I stopped fucking her ass, just to masturbate in front of her?

As my cum shoots out hard and thick, hitting her face, she realizes what I am doing. I shoot once, twice, three times, before she tries to put her hand in front of her face. I slap her hand away. “NO,” I tell her. “Feel my cum on your face. Know that you are MINE now. You are MY bitch. You are marked.” I watch as my cum slides from her forehead, her nose, and her lips. To my surprise, she licks her tongue out and scoops my cum from her lips, into her mouth.

I look down at her as she is looking up at me. Her leg are still wide apart, her butt gaped open from my fucking, my red hand prints on her round ass cheeks from my spanking, her cunt dripping from both of our cum, my cum on her face, and that wild look in her eyes, which is part lust, part shame, and part fear of what will become of her. I am quite satisfied with what I have done to her. I love the contrast with the shrew I remember from my childhood and the lust filled whore I see in front of me now.

“You know what mom, I think it won’t be so bad having you around, as long as we can make sure that the hateful cunt that you were, never comes back. If you are a good girl and make me happy, I will make sure you never want for anything and I will teach you to embrace the sexual nature that you only today started to realize you were born to. Is that what you want mom? Do you want your son to make you into his perfect slut?”

“Yes please…”

With those words, her fate was sealed. Now begins her rise…

*** This is the final chapter or my mother’s fall from grace. I will now start on stories detailing her journey oy be the best whore she can be for her son. I have so many thoughts on where this journey will take her. I would love to hear your thoughts on where you would like to see her journey go. Thanks for reading and I hope you will follow my future stories. ***

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