A Sweet Brother’s Newfound Passion Ch. 02

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The rest of her morning felt like a nightmare to Elise. She had not been able to get to the uniform department before school started, so she had to sit through her first three morning periods with her female classmates glaring daggers at her new figure and the guys whistling and yelling obscenities at her in the hallway. With her skirt buttoned up all the way, Elise kept her head down until her lunch break. Usually she sat with some of her friends from flute choir, but her jealous friends were acting hostile towards her.

“Why did I have to get these boobs and ass?” Elise asked herself. She had prayed for so long to be curvy, but she had never wanted the world to turn against her. Keeping her head down, Elise grabbed her tray of food. She scanned the small cafeteria, but she could not make out Victor. The only good thing about that morning was that she hadn’t seen her twin brother since he fingered on the car ride over. As she left the cafeteria with her tray and walked down the hallway, she hoped that Victor had a different lunch time than hers. When she sat at a table in the empty biology classroom, she finally breathed out: happy to be alone.

“Mom told you to get a new a uniform.” Leaning casually against the closed door of the classroom with a smirk, Victors dark eyes burrowed into Elise. She had not heard her brother come in, and she was startled that she dumped her milk in her lap. Standing up and grabbing napkins, she desperately started to try to sop up the milk.

“And now you stained it?” Victor smirked. He ran his hands through his thick black locks so that a strands of loose hair graced his forehead.

“It’s just milk.” She said quietly as she looked at the ground as she spoke. She could not see his eyes: terrified of how filled with hunger they were.

“You’ve been horrible lately, little sister: spilling milk and not doing what our dear mommy said.” Victor casually began making his way to where Elise and sat on the desk hiltonbet giriş in front of her.

“But worst of all you’ve been horrible to your dear brother.” Victor leaned in very close to her face. She refused to look him in the eyes so with two fingers, he lifted her chin and forced her to look into his eyes.

“You’ve been walking around with your giant ass and tits spilling out for all the boys in the grade. Yeah, I heard how you’ve been parading yourself. All the guys are talking about how you’re practically begging them to fuck you, but you push your brother away when he wants some.” Victor began tracing his right thumb around her plump lips that quivered in fear.

“Why are you so cruel to me? Look how much you taunt me.” His right hand still on her face, he reached down with his left hand to the outline of his erect cock in his slacks. Gazing deep in her eyes, he began stroking it.

“Victor, stop. I haven’t been doing anything. I can’t help it. Please stop, I hate this.” Elise whimpered. With thick broad shoulders and a wiry but muscular body, she knew she would not be able to fight him off. Tears were beginning to well in her eyes. Victor continued stroking with one hand and grabbed Elise by the back of her head with his other hand. He grabbed her hair hard, making her gasp in pain.

“Come on sis. Be as sweet to me as you are to all the other boys.” With that, he tried to shove her head into his crotch. Just in time, she was able to brace herself against her desk. Pushing against him and twisting her head, she still wasn’t able to get from her brother’s grip.

“Victor, please! Please, I don’t want this.”

“You going to do what’s good for you.” Victor reached into the back pocket of his backpack: still holding on tight to her hair. He rummaged around for just a second and pulled out a leather collar with a circle in between. Elise didn’t know what it was in looked at with shocked horror.

“I hiltonbet yeni giriş would never have thought I would have to use this on you. I always thought you were such a sweet girl.” Elise still pushed back. With a quick and causal ease, Victor slammed her head. It was sideways, so it threw her off guard, and her forehead clipped the edge of the desk. Dazed and in new pain, she lay limp Victor fitted the leather around her face and slipped the warm metal ring into her mouth. Slightly sweet with the taste of gum, she could tell that brother had used it on other people before. Biting the bottom of his large lips and staring into her eyes, he began to slowly unzip his slacks and pulled out his cock. It was maybe eight inches long, but it was almost twice as thick as can of pop and curved slightly towards his body. Two perfectly smooth balls plopped out. An angry, purple head bulged from the end, and Victor began to stroke the with his foreskin. Elise tried to scream no, but the gagged garbled all her words to nonsense.

“Move away from me again and I’ll crack your head against the desk.” Taking his time now, Victor slowly lowered her head on to his tip. She had begun sobbing now, tears making her mascara begin to run down her cheeks; she was so humiliated by a person she loved. She had never kissed a boy before, let alone suck a cock, and she was surprised by how metallic it tasted. Victor let the tip of his cock sit her mouth for a second, before pushing her head into him.

“GhhhhggHHGhgghHHGHGhgHGhhGHHH,” Elise gagged against her brother’s cock her mouth.

“That’s just four inches, sis. I know you can go deeper.” Grabbing the back of her hair with two hands, he violently pressed her in further, but to no avail. She prayed he would realize her mouth was too small for his thick cock, but he just repositions her head and shoved his shaft down her throat. . His eyes half closed and his mouth open, Victor was reveling hiltonbet güvenilirmi in the feel of his sister’s warm mouth. With her still struggling to breath, he did one thrust hard down her throat.

“Uhhhhh!” He moaned as he slammed his cock back down again. Unable to breath, she instinctually began to panic, trying to push herself off, but her struggles her useless.

“Yeah sis, that’s it!” Victor groaned. Curving his back, he began to pump hard into her mouth.

“Oh God. There you go.” In her body panicking, Elise’s tongue began to move wildly around her brothers shaft: flicking wildly against the tip. His thrusts stayed deep down her throat, but his pace began to quicken. Victor took his cock out of Elise’s mouth for a second and gasped for air. Lifting her, stomach first, onto the long desktop. Squatting over his sister’s face, he shoved his cock back down her throat. With free hands, Elise clawed at her brother’s legs, but he just pumped harder. His hairless, low hanging balls flapped against her chin with every thrust.

“I’m so close.” He shouted through teeth gritted with concentration. “Be a good sis. Be a good sis.” He quickened to an almost desperate pace. With each thrust, the back of head slammed against the desk until she began to see stars. She began to dry heave against his thick cock.

“Don’t vomit on me you, you bitch. I’m almost there! I’m almost there! Uhhhhhhhhh,” Victor moaned loud and shot a rope of hot cum into his sister’s wide-open mouth. His cum was thick, salty, and very bitter. He let his flaccid cock sit inside her mouth a little longer before pulling out. Elise lay completely still, crying silently to herself and holding her body.

“Show me you can be a loving sister now and swallow my cum, “he said softly. She shook her head.

“Show me that you can be a good sister now or I will face fuck you again.” Tears streaming down the sides of her face, Elise swallowed the cum: choking a little on the amount.

“There you go.” Victor zipped his cock back into his pants. “Already, you’re being more loving.” Undoing the gag, he helped her sit up.

“You’re really quite pretty now,” he brushed away her hair from her face and kissed her passionately, but softly on the lips.

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