Angel, Stripped Ch. 03

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I am having fun with this new series. Is it realistic? Who knows? It is all about fantasy (with a few dashes of reality). Once again, thank you for the comments and feedback. You guys have really motivated me to write. A special thank you goes out to MyKittyStar, who took the time to edit my work. Her attention to detail (and accents) has really improved the story. She has also made this whole process so much more fun. Feel free to send me your thoughts. I will respond. I’d love to hear where you think this should go next. I am not sure myself. Don’t forget to vote. Enjoy

Sunday was turning into my favorite day of the week.

Around 10:00 a.m. I got the call. I picked up my receiver and gave the requisite “Hello?”

“Hey Dave, how’re ya’ doin’?”

The voice on the other end was sultry and feminine. The way she drew out her words reminded me of the relaxed precision of a cat stretching. The woman sounded familiar, but I couldn’t quite put a name to the voice.

“Good,” I said. Then in an attempt to fish for information and thus an identity I added, “How are you doing?”

The woman laughed. “Y’all have no idea who this is, do you?”

I had a flash of inspiration as I placed the Southern accent lingering under the words. “Um, sure I do,” I replied trying to fake confidence. “Erika?”

There was a pause.

Uh oh. Had I guessed incorrectly? “Right?” I asked. I am sure my voice was quivering with uncertainty.

More laughter. She responded, “You’re a lucky devil, you know that? You totally guessed.” “Nope. I knew it.”

“Sure, sure,” Erika said, her voice dripping with sarcasm.

I grinned before asking, “Now that we know each other’s names, what can I do for you Erika?”

This was strange. Erika was not the woman I had expected; it was her friend Angel that I had anticipated would ring. I had known Angel for a couple of years. She had been a dancer at the Glass Slipper, a local gentlemen’s club, when I had been a frequent patron. Two weeks ago Angel approached me at a Barnes and Noble. We barely made it to the parking lot where we fucked shamelessly in the back of Angel’s car. Then last Sunday we banged each other wildly in the art museum. That was when I met Erika. My cock had been busy fucking the honey from Angel’s sweet cunt at the time. Erika had been assigned look out duty for my very public fucking of her friend, Angel.

So why was Erika calling?

“Are you havin’ a pleasant Sunday afternoon?” Erika asked.

“Sure,” I answered before adding, “I have had better though.”

“Darn tootin’. Don’t I know? I saw it.” Erika said, chuckling.

“I think it’s all that sin that really made my last couple of Sundays special,” I supplied. “I haven’t had much opportunity today though. I am a firm believer that a little sin on the Sabbath makes everything better.”

” ‘Specially when you have an Angel guidin’ you on your fall from grace?”

“Something like that. Having a companion to fall with is always better then just being sinful on one’s own,” I answered.

“There’s less chafin’ that way.”

“It depends on whether or not one uses lotion.”

I was rewarded with another giggle. Then came the awkward pause….

Erika was building up to something. She had stopped and now was gathering her breath.

Odd, I thought.

“Angel and I,” Erika asked her voice now tentative, “were hopin’ you could jaunt over to our place for supper tonight. Y’all could probably do with a fillin’ of your bread basket, and it’s has been awhile since we had a gentleman caller.”

“You’re referring to me as a gentleman caller? Are you forgetting how we met?”

“Not at all buddy boy,” her voice purred. “Not for one second.”

I felt myself getting hot. I readjusted myself on the couch and asked, “What time?”

“How’s six-thirty?”

“Should I bring anything?”

“Not really.” Erika paused and then added, “Dress casual, though. You might make a mess.”

I didn’t know how to respond. “Ummm… ok.” Erika laughed one more and then said, “See y’all later then.”

Then the phone went dead.

For the next few hours I thought of nothing but last Sunday’s events. Much of that time was spent doing a mental replay of every delicious thrust I made into Angel’s pussy. I also thought about what happened after we left the art museum.

Which, I’m sad to say was very little. Angel, Erika, and I went to dinner in a tiny, pearl of a Thai restaurant. The three of us talked and flirted over curried chicken and Pad Thai. The staff convinced us to drink some Thai wine and we all became a little giddy. I learned that Angel and Erika were roommates and co-workers; they had known each other for a couple years before deciding to move in together about nine months ago. Beyond that the ladies played their information close to their chests (which were very nice by the way). They dodged my questions about what they did for a living currently. They also avoided discussing their pasts. Aside from Angel’s time at the strip club, a topic that was dissected and discussed in excruciating bahis siteleri detail, they had managed to reveal only what they wanted and no more. I vowed that given the opportunity, I would tease that information out of them.

Once dinner was over I asked Angel to come back to my place. Until that moment I had been pretty sure I would get lucky (again!) once I got her alone. But Angel demurred. She smiled, patted me on the cheek, and informed me that she and Erika had to prepare for work the next morning. The job required that they wake up early. When Angel saw me frown, she assured me that we would get together very soon and that our next meeting would be a tasty one. My fantasies instantly took flight. Adding fuel to the fire, Angel gave me a hug and a gentle tug on my crotch before she and Erika drove away.

So I had a lot of questions.


At 6:30 p.m. I knocked on Angel and Erika’s front door. A blonde goddess answered. Smiling in freshly painted lipstick, Erika gave me a hug. Then she ushered me inside. Her blonde hair fell in ringlets and curls down past her shoulders. Glasses with boxy and stylish black and white frames rested on her button nose. Erika was wearing a charcoal business skirt suit cut to mid-thigh and some serious stiletto heels. Over that outfit was a plain white apron.

“Wow! That is quite an outfit,” I said, trying not to drool.

Erika smiled and battered her eyelashes. “Ya like?” she asked her voice dripping with Southern coquettishness.

“Very much.”

“Good. Complements are always welcome. Come on in.”

Erika gave my cheek a peck as I squeezed by her. I felt a jolt of electricity as her soft breasts pressed against my shoulder.

Surprisingly, Erika didn’t move or turn away. Instead, she grinned as she noticed me enjoying the sensation. Then she said, “I hope you didn’t have trouble findin’ the place? Them back roads can be a might tricky.”

“Nope. Mapquest wasn’t too bad this time.”

“Good, ‘though ya really should use Googlemaps.” Erika said, breathlessly. She seemed like she didn’t know what to do with her hands. Was she nervous? She continued, “Supper’s almost ready. Ya hungry?”

“Sure, I guess,” I said.

This was odd, though. We were alone. I looked around the living room; Angel was nowhere to be seen. “But, ummm, where’s….”

“Angel?” Erika answered.


Erika grinned. There was something devilish and lewd in the way she looked at me. “She’s in the dinin’ room,” Erika said, as she jerked a thumb at a doorway.

I raised an eyebrow, silently asking a question.

Erika tittered nervously. “Have a seat and I’ll explain,” she said.

I nodded and sat down on the living room love seat. Erika sat on the plush sofa kitty-corner to me. She reached over and patted me lightly on the knee. I noticed the playful gesture and gave her a smirk. Behind her glasses Erika rolled her eyes and grinned. Then Erika said unabashedly, “Angel’s a slut.”

I raised my eyebrows. While Erika was certainly telling the truth, I wasn’t expecting her to just come out and make that statement. “Really?” I responded, not sure where this was going.

Erika backhanded me lightly on the shoulder. “C’mon,” she exclaimed. “Don’t y’all be so coy. Angel’s a slut and you know it.”

“Sure. Ok. So what?” I shrugged.

“That woman… that woman…” Erika began, but her voice trailed off. She gestured a couple of times apparently searching for the right words. After struggling she blurted, “I never know if I should get involved when Angel suggests kickin’ up a ruckus. She goes too far sometimes. Like that bit at the art museum. Bless Patsy! That was awfully dangerous. But it also got me all hot an’ bothered. Angel is always hankerin’ for that sort of entertainment. She has this thing about walkin’ up to her limits and pushin’ on ’em as hard as she can. You know ‘enough ’bout her to know that, right?”

“Yeah,” I responded noncommittally.

“Well last night I reckon Angel was in one’a her moods,” Erika said. “She suggested I give ya a call this mornin’. She wanted to try somethin’ unusual, somethin’ new. But she needed an accomplice to help her out. I can’t say no to her. Never have been able to. I go right along with what was in her mind. So I rang you an’ I set this evenin’ up. A’right?”


Erika looked me in the eyes and held my gaze. I could tell that whatever she was about to say next was what she had really been trying to say.

“She was fixin’ that you wouldn’t mind if I hung around and lent a hand… or a person I mean,” Erika said, her voice so soft and liquor smooth.

I squinted, studying Erika’s blushing face. For a moment I was distracted. This woman was beautiful in a peaches and cream sort of way. If I wasn’t careful I would end up falling for those deep, liquid eyes and soft, pillowy lips. And then where would I be? I needed to focus and not on that sultry, sexy smile but rather on the woman that I came to see. This was going to be difficult.

“Really?” I asked in response.

She canlı bahis siteleri smirked, crossed her arms, and stored back. “Yes.”

I nodded. “Good.”

I could see Erika breathe and sigh. Then she added, “I reckon I’ve prepared a supper unlike you had before. I guarantee ya’ll have a grand time. Ya just need to trust me.”

“Ok,” I said. Something had been bothering me ever since I first met Erika. I had to know. “First, I have a question. Are you and Angel….” My voice trailed off as I was searching for the right word.

“Lovers?” Erika interjected. “Is that what you to know?”

“Yes,” I answered.

Erika flipped her blonde hair and gave me a toothy grin. Not answering, her eyes said it all.

Erika winked and changed subjects, “There are rules ’bout what’s gonna happen tonight,” the blonde decreed.

“Fair enough. Structure can be a good thing.”

Erika chuckled and then said, “Unless I ask y’all a direct question, I don’t wanna’ hear ya’ talkin’. I’m the only one allowed to say anythin’. And you do what I say. Agreed?”

Erika’s voice had changed. Sure it was still a sexy Southern drawl, but now there was a new element – control. Her uneasiness was gone; her every word was carefully measured and planned.

I was caught by surprise. I hadn’t seen this side from Erika yet. Until now she had seemed a little brassy but still unassuming. I thought about testing her just to see what would happen but I decided that I didn’t want to argue. Going along and being an enthusiastic accomplice could have its own rewards. “Sure,” I agreed.

“Excellent,” Erika smiled, as she stood up from the couch. Just from her stance I could tell that the blonde was much calmer and relaxed then she had been when I had entered the apartment. Her secrets had been put in the open and I had not balked. I knew part of her game and so now we could play.

Erika walked to the dining room door. She stood and gestured with a flourish, “Let’s go get some supper.”

I opened the door and stepped inside.

The dining room was cozy, but not too small. Along one wall was a buffet laden with food. In the center of the room was a wooden table covered with a black plastic tarp. Lying on the tarp was a very naked Angel.

Angel’s legs were spread wide and she was absently toying with one of her nipple rings. Her other hand was resting on her flat stomach.

Angel’s cunt was wide open. I could tell that her shaved pussy was dripping wet, probably from thinking about whatever Erika had in store for the evening. Angel was a busty, sex doll exposed and open to a wanton night of debauchery.

Angel was also blindfolded.

“Erika is that you?” Angel asked.


“Is anyone with you?”

“Yes,” Erika answered, her voice dripping with sarcasm. “The entire football team from the high school down the street is here. I had ’em strip in the other room. I hear tell they gonna rip you up. They lookin’ at ya nekkid and are tugging on their wangs. They’re planning to gang-bang you one-by-one, ’til you can’t walk straight. How’s that sound?”

“Shit bitch! Riding that train sounds fucking amazing. Bring on the cocks!”

“Startin’ with the biggest first?”

“Totally. I wanna feel him ruin me for all of the other guys on the team.”


Angel laughed. “But really, is anyone with you Erika or are you just being a tease? This is the fifth time you’ve come in here.”

“Ya uppity skank,” Erika muttered playfully before she responded, “If your asking if your gentleman caller is here, he’s standin’ next to me.”

“Mmmmmm hmmmmmn….” Angel gently moaned. “Really? You aren’t just teasing me again?”

“Nope. How many times do ya’ll think I can cry wolf?”

“Too many,” Angel said before whimpering, “I’ve been waiting for him for ages. I can touch my cunt now, right?”

“Of course not,” Erika said, her voice sickly sweet. “Y’all’ready knew the answer to that question.”

Angel’s left hand, which had been drifting south, stopped. She stuck out her bottom lip and pouted Angel, in all her naked glory, was absolutely adorable. I wanted to hold her. I wanted to snuggle with her. But most of all, I had an urge right there to drop my pants, grab her hips, and start ramming her pussy with my cock.

And I would have done just that if I had not felt Erika’s hand on my shoulder. The blonde turned to face me and shook her head. I got the sense that fucking was on the menu, but it would be a dessert rather then an appetizer.

“Last Sunday ya helped Angel fulfill a fantasy she’d been dreamin’ on for an awfully long time,” Erika said, looking at me. “While all y’all may not have much horse sense; it was absolutely amazin’. Angel and I haven’t been able to stop talkin’ ’bout it. Sexy as it was though, I’m not figurin’ any of us are ready to repeat the stress of last weekend. One can be a might bit too public.”

I nodded, listening intently.

“But that don’t mean we don’t wanna play.”

I grinned.

Erika continued the story, “Last night, Angel knew she’d canlı bahis a hankerin’ for y’all to come over. I guess she’d that itch again. She told me she’d execute another one of her naughty dreams. This time there won’t be any danger of getting caught. Rather she wants to do somethin’ jus’ as sexy, but in an awfully different way. Last night Angel revealed she wanted to be laid out on the table and served up for supper. She says she wants to be smeared with food and licked right clean. She wants a tongue on every part of her.”

Erika paused, “How’s that sound?”

I looked at Erika holding the silence. Erika responded with a wicked smile. “You listened. Very nice,” she said. “Go ahead and say it.”

I looked Erika in the eye and murmured, “Delicious.”

“He is here,” Angel blurted excitedly. I guess until this moment she hadn’t been sure I was in the room.

“I told ya he is. Would I lie to ya dearie?” Erika asked, as she walked over to the buffet. “Now be quiet. The both of you and listen.”

The blonde picked up two green bowls. The first had several pieces of cantaloupe stripped of their rinds. The second bowl was filled with red grapes. She placed both bowls on the table and gestured for me to step forward.

“Let’s begin with her tootsies, shall we? Dave, take her feet and put one into each bowl. Hold the bowls nice and tight so none of that goodness spills.”

I gave Erika a bemused expression and then lifted Angel’s left foot. I placed it down in the cantaloupe; then I did the same thing with her right foot and the grapes. Each time I placed a foot in a bowl Angel shivered and moaned, “Ooooooohhhh.”

Erika continued, “Angel, Honey, squeeze your toes. Feel that fruit between your little piggies. Squish and squash whatever’s there until it’s a pulp.”

I held Angel’s ankles as she contracted her feet. When she squeezed, the fruit made a lush liquid squish. I am not sure I had ever seen anything so bizarrely sensuous. Wet clumps of fruit oozed between Angel’s toes. Her heels dug in, liquefying the fruit. The cantaloupe became an orange drippy mess, and the grapes went pop under the pressure.

“That’s cold and wet. What’s in the bowls?” Angel squeaked.

I was surprised. I had thought that Angel knew the game she was playing.

Erika’s response was all Southern charm. She smoothed Angel’s hair and said, “That’s an appetizer. Y’all’s friend’s gonna eat the first course right off your feet.”

Until now that thought hadn’t occurred to me. I had never thought I was into feet. Sure, like all other parts of a woman, feet could be pretty. High heels were nice and boots were even better, but I had never really thought too much about feet as singular sexual objects.

Foot play had always seemed foreign and out there, a bundling of bizarre desire demanded by other people. Until now….

Watching Angel squish fruit between her toes was captivating. But to take one of those feet into my mouth and lick her frothy skin? To let those decadent juices dribble down my chin? To slather my tongue along the curled arches of her feet? To nibble at her heels and cradle my face in that goopy, pulpy mess? I couldn’t think of a more hedonistic pleasure!

I lifted Angel’s left foot to my mouth. I guessed it to be about a size six or seven. The arch was slender and the balls of her feet were well rounded. Angel had a French pedicure that looked freshly done. Clumps and strings of cantaloupe dangled from her dusky skin.

Angel’s big toe passed between my lips. I could hear her gasp as I took that first, scrumptious digit into my mouth. I suckled on the pad underneath, cleaning up all of the delicious juice on her skin. My teeth gently scraped Angel’s skin, soliciting a soft, plaintive moan.

“Mmmmm hmmmmn, that feels so good. I haven’t had anyone lick my feet for a long, long time” Angel gasped. “Oh God, I want more…”

I added Angel’s second, third, and fourth toes to my mouth. My tongue began to swirl and play with the in-between spaces and crevices.

Angel twitched and wiggled her toes in response. She also bent her leg at the knee. I had to firmly hold her ankle to keep my mouth on her succulent feet.

I moved from her left foot to her right. This time though I stuck all five toes into my mouth. The flavor of grapes replaced cantaloupe. I extended my tongue as far as it could go past my lips so I could caress the underside of Angel’s arch. Back and forth I swiped bathing Angel’s foot with my tongue.

“So good,” Angel gasped. “I love that. I could just spend hours letting you do that to me. Mmmmm hmmmm…. Yes… This might be better then cumming….”

Angel’s voice trailed off while her body slowly undulated. Something deep and powerful was bubbling under her skin. Angel was losing herself to the sensation; she was floating away on a soft cloud of bliss.

I felt Erika behind me. I was leaning over Angel, so I could take her foot in my mouth. Erika bent at the waist to match the contour of my position. There was no space between us. Her body pressed warmly into mine. Erika placed her hand on my stomach and began to slide it down. Hers was a slow, teasing descent. When Erika reached my bourgeoning crotch she gave it a gentle pat. Her voice was a breathy whisper, when she asked, “Can I take it out?”

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