Petite Lover

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Big Tits

I was standing outside the building where I work. The meter maid was approaching and the car in the street in front of me had run out of time. I quickly ran over and slotted a couple of quarters into the meter. Just as I did so a woman from the building where I worked came running out. She looked at the meter and then asked me if I filled it up. I said I had and she laughed and thanked me. She told me her name was Anna. I had seen her before but never knew her name.

Anna was a short, petite blonde with shoulder length hair. She seemed to have nice size breasts for a small woman as well. Anna told me she had the bad habit of waiting until the last minute to plug the parking meters. She tried to refund the money I spent, but I refused to take it. She thanked me once more and then went back into our building.

Over the next few days I seemed to run into Anna outside the building. We would make some jokes over the meter. I finally decided to ask her if she would like to go out for dinner sometime. I was surprised that she said yes, frankly. Hell, I wasn’t even sure if she was single or married. I met her at the restaurant that we had decided on that Saturday evening.

I have to admit I normally was never attracted to petite women before. Anna just happened to have a cute face and a hot little body that appealed to me. The dinner went fine and afterwards Anna invited me back to her apartment for a drink. Once we got into the living room Anna came up to me and gave me a kiss. I opened my mouth and her tongue darted into my mouth.

Before you know it we had our hands all over each other. I slid my hands up under her top and had managed to free up her bra. The bra fell to the floor and I was squeezing her firm melons with my hands. It didn’t take long before Anna knelt and was tugging on the eryaman genç escort bayanlar zipper of my pants. She managed to undo my belt and pull my pants down to my ankles.

Anna let out a gasp as my cock sprung free. She took my shaft in one hand and started to lick the underside of my cock. Her small tongue felt incredible as she would lick my cock and then slip her lips around my mushroom head. I had to do everything in my power to try and not pop my load right there. She slowly went down on me inch by inch. My shaft was growing super hard now. I reached down and lifted Anna up by her arms. We shed the rest of our clothes.

We then walked into the bedroom and I had her get onto her back. I crawled in between her thighs and started to lap at her pussy with my tongue. Anna was all shaved down. She looked like this young virgin there, just waiting to be deflowered. I slipped my tongue in as deep as was possible and started to flick the tip up and down her folds. I thought Anna was going to jump up from the bed.

She was moaning and had her hands on my head urging me to lick her even more. I took my thumb and started to rub her clit with it. That was all it took. Anna started squirting her cum all over my face. I surrounded her opening with my mouth as I drank her offering. When she finished cumming Anna looked spent. We had barely got started as far as I was concerned.

I lifted up and took hold of my shaft and guided it to her pussy folds.

“I don’t think I can take that big of a cock, Jim.” Anna said to me.

“I will be gentle,” I told her.

I fitted my cockhead to her pussy and then began to push my hips forward. Anna started to scream that it hurt. I kept pushing my dick even deeper into her small opening. I used a circling motion to try and loosen her ankara escort bayan up. Slowly but surely more and more of my cock slid into Anna. I lifted her legs up and pushed them to her chest. I started to feed her every inch of me. I went slow at first. Anna told me it felt like a giant snake was in her belly. I told her I was going to fill her up with my thick monster and make her explode.

Anna eyes lit up when I told her this. She gave into me and told me she wanted me so badly. From the time we met at the parking meter she wanted to get me into her bed. Now here we were and I was going to make Anna all mine. I stretched my legs out and fed Anna’s pussy with ever hard inch I possessed. I lowered my mouth to a hard nipple and I started to chew on it. I thought Anna was going to go insane just then. She was screaming for me to take her and fuck her hard.

I started slamming my cock into her tiny pussy. Anna was really tight down there and I wanted to stretch her out so she could accept my thick rod easily. I could feel Anna having small orgasms at first. Her pussy was pulsating around my cock. It felt like a small hand was grasping at my dick and trying to pull me in deeper.

After some time I managed to flip us around and Anna was on top of me. My cock was still buried inside her small pussy. I reached out and took her tits in both hands and squeezed them. Anna sighed and kept bouncing up and down on my shaft. I would bring my ass up and meet her thrusts. I then released her tits and grabbed onto her asscheeks. I was pulling them apart as I thrust into her. I told her I wanted us both to cum together. Anna said she was close and I held off until I could no longer manage to.

I drove my cock into her pussy one last time and then began to flood her with my seed. etimesgut escort Anna’s eyes got wide and she let go. We had one massive orgasm together. Every thrust from me brought another squirt of my manseed for Anna’s pussy. Anna’s body was shaking as we orgasmed together. I just held onto her hips now and slammed my cock as deep as I could. I could feel Anna’s slick juices now coating my dick. It took nearly a half hour until we were able to come down to earth.

Anna collapsed on top of my chest and I held her in my arms. Anna was sobbing saying that was the most intense orgasm she ever experienced. As we lie there I kept my cock inside Anna’s pussy. I didn’t pull out and I somehow managed to stay hard. I was giving her some small strokes into her pussy as we were trying to catch our breath. Anna looked down at me.

“I don’t know how much more I can take, Jim.” Anna was almost pleading with me.

I didn’t reply to her, but I kept stroking. My fucking grew stronger and I could feel Anna’s pussy reacting to me. She was gripping my cock with her muscles. I started to pound her once more. I told her I was going to fuck her until she was mine alone. Anna started to thrash on top of me.

“I only want you, Jim, no one else.” She said to me.

I got so carried away I couldn’t hold back anymore. I blew another cum load into Anna’s pussy. She screamed and I felt her orgasms once more. After a few intense minutes of this my cock finally popped out of Anna. We then rested on the bed, just kissing one another. Anna then moved down between my legs and cleaned my cock of all our love juices.

I can tell you all now that we didn’t leave her bed the rest of that weekend. I made Anna my lover that night. She says my cock makes her crazy every time I enter her. I also love how tight she is and that goes for both holes. Anna lets me take her in the ass also. I have to go very slow and gentle but she manages to take every inch of me into her bottom. I suggest all men to seek out a small petite woman who has a small, tight pussy and make her your lover. You won’t regret it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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