A Matter of Betrayal Ch. 03

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Colin arrived at the apartment a little after four-thirty. His mother wasn’t home yet, she wouldn’t be off work until five. The place felt extremely empty and lonely without her. Colin decided he might as well get dinner started. Whenever Colin was home first and didn’t have to go to work, he usually made dinner. He and his mother had always shared the responsibilities of home life ever since it had been just the two of them living together. It was like they had been married all along, except for the having sex part which I am very glad we rectified, Colin thought with a lascivious grin.

All ready having removed his coat, Colin slipped out of his V-neck sweater leaving him only in his white tee shirt and jeans. He didn’t want to stain his good school clothes while cooking, but more than that, he was more comfortable this way. Colin attended to the task of finding something to make for dinner.

There was ground beef in the refrigerator and Colin decided to sauté it with some canned cream of mushroom soup. He found some egg noodles up in the cabinet, he cooked them up and when the ground beef was ready he would lay it on a bed of noodles. There were some baby carrots in the refrigerator as well, he decided to sauté them in a garlic butter sauce to serve as a side dish. Colin didn’t really care for salad but his mom liked them so he made a fresh garden salad for her.

He got out a bottle of white zinfandel wine for his mother and for an added touch he lighted some candles on the kitchen/dining room table and dimmed the lights. Just as he finished preparing the meal he heard the door unlock and saw Aileen walk in. His heart skipped a beat when he saw her.

His mother looked up and saw him standing at the table with dinner made and she just stared at him for a second. Just when Colin was about to ask if everything was all right, she burst into tears and ran into his arms. She collided with him so hard she almost knocked them both down.

“Oh baby, I missed you so much today!” she said through her tears. “All I could think about all day long was your love and how you felt inside me. I don’t know how I made it through.” She was bathing his face in kisses. “I love you so much!”

“I love you too mom and I missed you so bad today,” Colin said hugging her tight. God, it felt good to have her in his arms again. “Ouch!” Colin said as she kissed him over his sore nose.

Aileen looked at his face and for the first time saw the swollen nose and beginnings of a bruise. “Oh honey! What happened to your beautiful face? Please don’t tell me you got into a fight.”

“I didn’t mom, I just got hurt a little at basketball practice.”

“Oh baby, I’m so sorry,” Aileen said. “Does it hurt bad?”

“Only a little mom, really I’m okay,” Colin said.

“Well, Mommy’s gonna make it all better.” She kissed his nose very gently and then slowly her tongue poked out of her mouth and being even gentler she slowly licked the sore area of his face.

Colin got an immediate erection. Aileen’s hand traveled down his body and took a firm hold of his hard cock through his jeans. “Does this need to be made better too?” Aileen asked innocently but with a mischievous grin.

“Yes mommy,” Colin said breathily.

Aileen led Colin over to the couch and had him sit down. She removed her coat tossing it aside and beneath it she was wearing her navy blue business suit with white blouse. She removed her blazer and untied the white bow on her blouse then knelt in between Colin’s legs. She brought her hand up to her vividly red hair and pulled out several hair pins and placed them on the coffee table. She had been wearing her hair up, but soon her long curly locks fell down to drape around her head.

Aileen placed her hand on Colin’s aching crotch. She slowly moved it back and forth over the large bulge in his pants. Colin moaned. She then undid his belt buckle and unfastened his jeans. On her hand’s next trip over his bulge she caught the zipper of his fly between her thumb and forefinger and carefully the sliding tab crept downward. The white of Colin’s boxer shorts emerged as Aileen opened his pants. Aileen slipped her hand into the slit in the front of Colin’s shorts and pulled his aching cock through, freeing it from the confines of his pants and shorts. Colin’s cock stuck out through his shorts, stiff as a flagpole, the head glistening with precum.

“My mouth has been watering for the taste of cock all day,” Aileen said as she pouted seductively, “and there’s only one cock in the whole world that can satisfy me.” She smiled up at her son, her jade eyes sparkling; she had a secure hold of his member in her dainty hand. “I’m glad it’s all mine.” She rubbed her hand up and down the shaft.

Colin groaned in pleasure at the sensation and at Aileen’s discourse. His mother had gotten steadily bolder at sensual play since their first night together, Colin believed she found it liberating to have a lover she was able to explore her sexuality with to her full bakırköy escort potential. But whatever it was that caused it, he wasn’t complaining.

“It’s all yours,” Colin said in ecstasy. “Every part of me belongs to you.”

“And every part of me belongs to you my love,” Aileen said, “my heart, my soul…and my body.” Aileen leaned in close as she said those last words and Colin felt her warm breath gust over his cock. Colin’s cock became even harder, which he hadn’t thought possible.

Aileen continued to stroke her son’s erect cock as her tongue came out and meticulously licked the precum from the tip. Colin felt a thrill go through him. Her tongue circled the head of his cock covering an ever widening area, eventually she was licking around his entire shaft basting his cock with her saliva. She was making “mmmmm” noises as if she tasted the sweetest delicacy on Earth. Then she encompassed the head of his cock in her mouth, her tongue twirled around the head and played with the tiny slit at the tip. She was still stroking his shaft with her hand but now at a faster pace. She then slipped her hand through the hole in his boxers and started to fondle his balls, her mouth took more of his cock inside as she sucked and slurped on it. She began moving his cock in and out of her mouth, her lips sliding back and forth over his shaft.

Colin was in a state of sexual fervor. Aileen had him so incredibly aroused he wasn’t going to be able to hold out much longer. He experienced his stomach fluttering and his body going rigid, he knew his mother must have felt it when his balls tightened. “OHHHHHHH!” He shouted as he felt his hot cum blast out of his cock and into his mother’s voracious mouth. She gulped down each blast like she was dying of thirst in the desert and his semen was water.

Colin felt extremely drained and content as his mother licked the last remaining drops of cum trickling out of his softening cock. He relaxed his whole body and just enjoyed the aftermath of his orgasm. Aileen climbed up his body like a cat climbing a tree and joined herself to him at the lips. Colin wrapped his arms around her curvaceous form and held her closely against him. When they broke their kiss Colin said, “I love you.”

“I love you too,” Aileen said and then she giggled.

“What’s so funny?” Colin asked.

“You,” Aileen said. “You’ve got a goofy grin on your face.”

“Well, I’m goofy in love with you,” Colin said as he let his hand slide down her back to her rounded bottom and gave it a not too gentle squeeze.

“Hey!” Aileen said.

“Hey, what?” Colin said. He mashed his lips against hers cutting off any reply she may have had. He kissed her long and soulfully. He sucked on each of her lips and then his tongue swiped over her teeth. His tongue encountered hers and they intertwined, dancing together like they were performing a ballet inside their mouths.

When they finally separated Aileen breathlessly said, “Hey, I love you!”

“Goofy grin and all?” Colin asked.

“Everything,” Aileen said soberly. “I love everything about you. You are the most wonderful man in the world.”

Colin lifted Aileen and placed her in his lap. “Everything I am is because of you,” he said staring directly at her. “I’m just a reflection of the wonder that you possess.” Her eyes were beaming like glowing flecks of kryptonite, but unlike the man of steel who would be drained of power; her eyes infused him with it. He securely held her and they became lost in each other’s embrace.

After some time had passed Aileen said, “You know, I really missed you today.”

“I know my love, same here,” Colin said.

“No I mean I REALLY missed you!” Aileen said.

Colin looked at his mother not really knowing where she was going with this but he said honestly, “I REALLY missed you too!”

Aileen reached over to the coffee table and grabbed her purse. “Did you miss me this much?” She asked with a devilish grin. She opened her purse and pulled out a pair of red panties. They were her red panties. She tossed them onto Colin’s face. The crotch landed right over his nose and mouth, he could feel the dampness there and smell his mother’s musky scent. He inhaled deeply taking in the aroma of her sex. “I got so wet thinking about you today I soaked them through,” Aileen said. “I had to go into the bathroom and take them off. I thought you might like them as a memento of how just the thought of you can get me so excited.”

Colin took another whiff, the smell inciting the return of his arousal. “I love this gift,” Colin said smiling, “but…if you took these off at work, what did you wear for the rest of the day?”

“Why don’t you see for yourself,” Aileen said sexily. Colin grinned and ran his hand up her silky stocking clad leg. His hand went underneath her blue skirt and continued on its way. He made it to where the stocking ended and her smooth skin began, as his fingertips brushed her inner thigh, she giggled. He could feel the heat beşiktaş escort coming from the humid furnace that rested between her legs. He continued up to the center of that heat and confirmed what he suspected: she wasn’t wearing in panties at all, her pussy was bare.

“You’ve been naughty today,” Colin said, his smile becoming more salacious as he ran his fingers over her wet pussy lips.

“Mmmmmmm,” Aileen cooed, “I couldn’t help myself thinking of all the naughty things my baby was gonna do to me when I came home.” Colin loved hearing his mother talk this way; it turned him on like crazy. His cock was rock hard again and he knew his mother could feel his erection poking into her ass; she squirmed a bit getting it to fit right between her ass cheeks.

Colin brought his hand back from her pussy, Aileen looked disappointed when it left, but her eyelids half closed in contentment as he slowly slid his hand back down her luxurious leg. When he got to her foot, he removed the black pump she was wearing, and then he removed the pump on her other foot. He positioned Aileen off his lap and onto the sofa with only her feet remaining in his lap. His hands went back to the first foot and began giving it a massage. “Ohhhhhh that feels so good,” Aileen said as his fingers worked deep into her muscles and tendons.

Pleasuring his mother in any way aroused Colin like nothing else. His cock, still sticking through the slit in his boxers stood straight out, his mother giggled as she played with it with her other foot, making it move up and down. Colin tried to keep his attention on the massage as Aileen ran her smooth foot still in the stocking over his cock, then ran it along the underside of it. It felt so good to feel the smoothness on his erect organ. Then her foot reached his balls and stroked them.

Before he could become completely lost in the feeling of what her foot was doing to him, Colin ran his hand up and tickled his mother in the spot behind her knee. Aileen laughed out loud and forgot about playing with his cock for a moment. He then ran his hand all the way up to where the stocking began and tugged on it pulling it down and off her leg. He let the stocking fall to the floor.

Colin switched his attention to the foot that had been teasing his cock. He gave it the same deep massage as the first one and Aileen “ooooohed” and “ahhhhhhed”. He then ran his hand slowly up this leg, feeling all the curves and contours as he went along. He pulled the stocking off this leg as well.

Colin turned and looked at his mother, the hungry expression on his face caused her face to turn as red as her hair, she knew what was coming next. Aileen slid up the couch until her back was resting up against the arm and she spread her legs wide apart.

Colin dove underneath her skirt and began kissing the inner sides of her legs starting above the kneecaps. He worked his way to her inner thighs, planting small kisses and running his tongue along the creamy skin tasting the pussy juice that had been running down her thighs day. He made his way to her glorious center, the steamy heat and the powerful womanly scent emanating from her cunny was enough to drive him over the edge if he wasn’t careful.

His tongue probed outward and made contact with her delicious lower lips. He slid his tongue up her slit and felt a shudder run through her body. He moved himself in closer, exploring every part of her sex with his tongue. He heard his mother moaning as he attended to her. His tongue slipped in between her lips, it curled around inside her and her moans became louder. His tongue twisted one way and then the other; it formed a point and curled upwards grazing the upper wall. He began thrusting it in and out of her, fucking her with a tongue made extremely slippery by her juices and his drool. Aileen’s moans became louder and more intense, he could feel her body wriggling as a barrage of mini orgasms swept through her.

He removed his tongue from her cunt and licked in broad swipes over her entire vaginal area taking in as much juice and flavor as he could. His tongue ran over a protruding bump and zeroed in on it. He took her clit between his soft lips and sucked ever so gently. Aileen’s moaning became yells as he administered to her erect nubbin relentlessly. He sucked on her clit like it was a lifesaver and his tongue came forward to delicately run circles around it.

Her body was writhing as he heard “Oh God! Oh God yes!” coming from outside the skirt. He used a bit more suction and her clit breezed deeper in his mouth. “OH GOD! I’M CUMMING!!!” he heard his mother yell. Colin continued to suck on her clit as his head was squeezed tightly between her legs. She was squirming in pleasure as an impressive orgasm swept over her entire body. When her legs released his head enough to move, he quickly shifted downward and placed his mouth over her hole to lick and slurp up as much juice as he could, he then licked up the fresh juice that had ran down her inner beylikdüzü escort thighs.

Colin needed to come up for a breather. As his head emerged from beneath her skirt the air felt positively chilly on his face even though their apartment was comfortably heated. Colin looked at his mother. She had unbuttoned her blouse and her voluptuous breasts were sticking out of her bra, her dark red nipples pointing straight up. No doubt she had been fondling her tits and playing with her nipples as he had been giving her oral stimulation.

Aileen was gazing at him with a look that was part lust, part love, and part worship. It was a reflection of the exact same sentiments Colin was feeling towards her. He always felt that his mother was the most desirable woman on the planet, but looking at her now, this way, she was just exuding sexuality from every pour. His cock ached to be inside her, but even more so, his heart ached to be one with hers. He had to have her now. The bond between them was so strong he knew she felt what he needed and he knew she needed it too.

His mother opened up her arms to him. Colin removed his tee shirt and pushed off his jeans and underwear then moved on top of her and into her embrace. “I love you so much!” Aileen said passionately as she ran her hands through his damp hair kissing and licking him all over his face tasting her own juices and sweat that he was covered in.

“I love you too,” Colin said. “Always and forever!” He kissed her with his heart full of love and ardent hunger. His hand fell to her leg and ran up it along her perfect smooth skin, he pushed up her skirt. When her skirt was pushed up all the way around her waist, Colin’s cock was able to slide over her moist pussy gathering lubrication.

Colin’s cock wandered all over her pussy as he kissed her. “Put it in me! Put it in me! Put it in me now!” Aileen begged as she ran her hands over his shoulders and chest. Colin found the entrance and thrust his steel hard rod all the way inside her. He was home. “Ohhhhhh you make me feel so full,” Aileen said. “I love you inside me!”

“I love being inside you and I love you!” Colin said transported.

“I love you too,” Aileen said. Colin applied his lips to the side of her neck and began to suck, as he did so he began to move his cock in and out of her lush pussy. “Oh yes baby that’s it, that’s it,” Aileen said. “Fuck me honey, fuck mommy! You’re the only man who can have this pussy! Fuck me like you own it!”

It seemed she was in one of her more feral sexual moods; as their relationship progressed, the more audacious she became when she got like this. Colin never would have imagined her talking like that before and her words were having a strong effect on him. He drove his cock in and out of her cunt like a man gone wild, going as deep as he could. His mouth moved down her chest to suck on her supple nipples spending equal amounts of attention on each breast.

“Oh my darling! My darling baby boy, you make me feel so good! So fucking good!” Aileen said. “I love the feel of your cock in me; I love being fucked by you!” Aileen brought her hand down to play with her clit as Colin’s cock continued to steadily surge in and out of her. He was in a state of pure elation being joined with his one and true love and he wanted the feeling to last forever.

“Oh God! Oh God!” Aileen began her familiar chant that let Colin know she was on the verge as he kept up a steady rhythm. “Oh God, yes! Oh Colin! I’m almost there! I’m gonna cum! I’M CUMMING!!!” Aileen let out a bellowing scream as a massive orgasm bolted through her. He thrust deep inside her and hung on for the ride as her pussy clamped down on his cock and she howled and writhed beneath him. Still hard when she started to calm down, Colin kissed her fully on her tasty lips and started pumping in and out of her again. It wasn’t long before her mantra started again. “Oh God, I’m gonna cum again! OH GOD!!!” Colin didn’t stop pumping this time but kept going.

Colin was holding back his own orgasm to stretch out his beloved mother’s pleasure as long as he could. Whenever Aileen’s pussy would contract on his penis he would stop moving for a moment enjoying the sensation of his cock being squeezed by her cunt. When her pussy loosened a bit he would start pumping again and the clapping sound of skin hitting skin filled his ears as his balls slapped against her pubic bone. This went on for several minutes as Aileen rode a string of huge orgasms screaming herself hoarse.

“Oh God, please, I can’t take anymore,” Aileen whispered exhaustively.

Colin felt he couldn’t hold back any longer. “Please Mom,” he said softly to his lover, “cum one more time for me. We’ll cum together.”

“Yes, baby, yes, one more time. We’ll cum together. Cum inside me sweetie, let me feel it!” Aileen said.

That did it. “Oh God!” Colin said strenuously as he felt his balls constrict and his rigid cock get that ecstatic bulging feeling just before it shot its load. “ERGHHHHHH!!!” he grunted as he plunged himself in to the hilt. Colin’s whole body spasmed and he hollered as he had an enormous orgasm of his own. He felt his seed burst out of his convulsing cock, ropes of hot cum shot into Aileen’s pussy triggering her to have one final enormous orgasm. Aileen screamed at the top of her lungs one last time.

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