Luke and Sophia Ch. 02: I Think It’s Really Pretty

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I was at a loss for words.

Just hours before, staring into this girl’s eyes, I had learned that love at first sight was a real thing. Shortly before my dignity was literally stripped from me and my little penis exposed to the world, I had shared a moment with this girl unlike any other I’d ever felt. But that was before she had seen my shortcomings—namely, my tiny, fragile little cock.

Sophia stood on my doorstep as the sun began to drift beneath the tree line.

Her delicate, pale hands clutched a black leather purse in front of her body. She was dressed in a short black skirt and a loose pink tee. One of those black choker-things clung tightly to the pale flesh of her fragile neck. On her feet were a pair of bulky black doc martens; from them emerged a pair of black thigh-high socks that covered her lower legs, before dramatically stopping above her knees. Her bare thighs looked even whiter than they had before when framed by her high socks and short skirt.

For a minute, I just stared speechlessly into Sophia’s big brown eyes as she stared back into mine. It appeared that neither of us knew what to say.

I could have cut the tension with a knife.

Then, without warning, she dropped her bag and lunged toward me, wrapping her arms around my skinny body and burying her head in my chest. She clung to me tightly, squeezing with more strength than expected from a girl her size. Almost unconsciously, I wrapped my long, slender arms all the way around her body, completely enveloping her body with mine.

I never wanted to let her go.

We stood there wordlessly for several seconds, but time didn’t matter. It felt like an eternity. I could feel the warmth of Sophia’s breath on my chest as I leaned down and buried my chin in her raven hair.

“Can I come in?” she eventually whispered.

“Yeah,” I said from behind a lump in my throat.

As we finally broke off our embrace, I meekly opened my front door and led her inside. Sophia picked up her purse and followed me closely, as I gingerly closed the door behind us.

It seemed like neither of us knew what to say. Me and Sophia awkwardly sat down together on my couch, spaced several feet apart. My neck muscles were so tense that I had a hard time getting my words out.

“I…I’m so sorry about what happened today…” I managed to choke out.

Sophia’s big brown eyes, which had previously been fixed to my floor, quickly shot upwards and met my gaze. I saw fear in them. She was a ball of nerves.

“Me too,” she replied, with a noticeable dose of melancholy. “I’m . . . sorry that I came here without telling you, I g-got your address from the school directory.” Sophia spoke with a relatively deep voice disproportionate to such a small girl.

“That was…so…fucked up…what they did to you…” she said, her tone shifting to one of indignation as she gestured angrily with her hands.

My thoughts immediately flashed back to a few hours earlier. Thoughts of my tiny tool being publicly exposed, mocked, and forcibly fondled by my peers filled my head. Oh God, I thought to myself. She saw it. She saw my dick. She could be picturing it now for all I know. I tried to be brave and change the subject.

“Me?” I exclaimed, faking incredulity. “No, I just want to know if you’re ok.”

She looked distressed by my comment. Fuck. Maybe I was forcing her to relive what had happened earlier. She didn’t need that right now. After all, she had been brutally stripped, sobbing, in front of all of the “cool kids” at our high school.

“My hip hurts from where I fell,” she said, trembling. “But I think I’m…”


The second that final word slipped out of her mouth, she immediately broke down. Tears began streaming down her face. She moved to bury her face in her hands as animalistic sobs escaped her throat. Before her hands had even touched her cheeks, I was around her. In one swift motion, I wrapped both of my arms around her narrow shoulders and touched my face to hers. I began to cry too.

I was never much of a “cryer.” But crying with her felt so cathartic. Between ragged breaths we clutched each other tight. Before I knew it, Sophia’s bony hands touched my face as my mouth met hers.

I felt a bolt of energy shoot through my body. It felt like my first kiss. I had kissed other girls before, but never like this. As our lips met, all of the barriers between us came down. We had experienced something horrible together that most people will never have to go through. While my tongue wrestled with hers, our tears mingled as they ran down our cheeks. All of that trauma, all of that adrenaline, all of that emotional intensity was channeled through that kiss.

My four-inch cock was as hard as granite.

Sophia pulled back, seemingly out of breath. “That was the bravest thing I’ve ever seen anyone do,” she said, her deep voice shaking. “You’re the bravest guy I ever met.”

“Thank you…thank you Luke.”

I realized this was the first time Sophia had ever said my name.

“Of course!!” I blurted out. “I bursa escort just wanted to make sure you were safe.”

“You…you didn’t have to do that…everyone else just stood there and laughed…you could have asked for your suit back and left…”

Sophia’s brown eyes darted to my crotch. Her eyes widened as she saw the tiny tent protruding from beneath the thin pair of athletic shorts I had unthinkingly slapped on. Shit, I thought to myself. I would have worn some underwear if I had known she would be at the door. I shifted awkwardly in place, trying to conceal the tight little bulge between my legs.

What she said next took me by surprise.

“Can I…can I see it again?”

Every muscle in my body tightened up like a steel trap. Why did she want to see my cock? My secret shame, the thing that I had put so much effort into hiding, making sure that nobody saw it. And now this small, shy girl was actually asking to see it. My heart was pounding out of my chest. Was she going to laugh at me? Did she want to confirm that it was as small as it looked at the pool?


My mouth responded before my brain had fully processed what was about to happen.

“Let’s go up to my room.”

Sophia’s eyes widened and her mouth opened ever so slightly, before she nervously nodded her little head, confirming my request.

I rose and walked to the stairs, taking the first step up to my room. Sophia excitedly stood up and began following me. I knew that she had already seen it, but nonetheless I felt like I was being led to an execution.

I walked slowly, deliberately, up the stairs with Sophia directly behind me. She was so close I could hear her breathing.

Then, Sophia reached up and grabbed my hand. I looked over my shoulder at her and my blue eyes met her brown ones. Her shiny brown eyes betrayed the fact that she was as skittish as I was. That made me feel slightly better. Holding her fragile hand in mine, I led her the up the stairs to my room. We were going to do this together. I opened the door and led her in.

“This is my room,” I said awkwardly. We stared uncomfortably at each other, both of us shifting out weight from foot to foot as we repeatedly made, then broke off eye contact.

“Um, you…you can sit there, I guess…” I said, gesturing to the edge of my bed.

Sophia nodded and took a seat on my bed. Even in her Doc Martens, her feet didn’t touch the floor. She sat there hunched over, her hands clasped in her lap. Her head was about level with my crotch as I stood in front of her. My cock may have been small, but it was as hard as it had ever been beneath the thin fabric of my black athletic shorts. There was a modestly sized but noticeable bulge protruding from the front of them.

My hands trembled as I fumbled uncomfortably with the front of my shorts. I tucked my thumbs into the waistband, directly about my dick, but I hesitated to pull them down and expose my meagre manhood to this girl for the second time today. My stomach was tied in knots.

Sophia leaned forward. Her eyes, already so huge and so beautiful, just seemed to get wider and wider in anticipation.

“Are…you ready?” I gulped.

The sweet girl momentarily looked up from my tiny tent, met my gaze, and nodded very curtly, before returning her eyes to my most private place.


With that, I exhaled deeply as I pulled my shorts down to my knees.

I looked down at my crotch. My short, slender cock sprang free, jutting out through the air like a roll of dimes. A pair of sharp, bony hips framed my tiny tool, guiding Sophia’s eyes down to the hairless penis that sat on top of my pair of marble-sized balls. My high, tight little testicles had almost retracted into me in fear but were still visible beneath the throbbing little rod that stuck out perpendicular to my crotch. My dick was short, but it was also thin, which made the whole package look someone proportionate. The pale skin of my shaft led to a head about the size of a rosebud and roughly the same pinkish hue.

As I exhaled, Sophia inhaled, and sharply. Her eyes were locked onto my little dick. She began taking short, rapid breaths. Her hands were clutching the hem of her skirt, seemingly involuntarily. I looked closely and saw she was shaking as well.

“Can I touch it??” she asked.

I looked at her and nodded nervously. The tension was palpable. This was it; this was about to be the first time that a girl touched my penis. That is, excluding the assault I endured from that bitch Victoria earlier today. But that awful series of events already seemed like it was a million years ago. In this moment, I was alive. As I impatiently awaited her touch, all I could think about was what was going to happen next.

Sophia began to extend her arm slowly and deliberately towards my shaft. When her small hand finally reached its target, a wave of pleasure shot through my body, originating in my cock and radiating everywhere from the bottom of my feet to the top of my head. It was unlike anything I had ever felt before. Her touch bursa escort bayan alone was almost enough to make me cum.

The beautiful girl in front of me began using her fingertips to slowly play with my cock, her black fingernails tracing the side of my painfully hard rod from the base up along the shaft to the little pink tip. Her soft fingers danced along the smooth skin of my shaft before finally reaching their intended destination. She began slowly running her impossibly small fingertips over the ridge that demarcated my cockhead.

Sophia dragged her pointer finger and thumb across the rougher, textured skin of my tip. Her knobby knees pressed together, covered by her thigh-high black socks. She seemed mesmerized by my cock, as if she had fallen into a trance. She hadn’t blinked since making first contact. Her pale thighs appeared to be trembling.

After gently toying with my head for what seemed like an eternity, Sophia began slowly but deliberately stroking the length of my cock with the tips of her pointer finger and thumb while the top of her middle finger pressed against the silky skin on the underside of my shaft. Her speed gradually began to increase, little by little.

“I’m…I’m…I’m sorry it’s so small…” My voice trembled with a combination of fear, shame, and intense physical arousal. I almost felt like I was going to pass out from the sheer pleasure and eroticism of the moment.

My self-deprecation seemed to snap Sophia out of her trance. She looked up at me, her big brown eyes meeting mine. Electricity seemed to crackle between us as I stared into her eyes.

“No!” Sophia exclaimed as her voice cracked.

A shy, girlish smile crept across her face. The corners of her small mouth curled upwards as she stared into my eyes and continued to gingerly play with my cock.

“I think it’s really pretty.”

With that, I came.

I came harder than I ever had in my life. I momentarily blacked out as my knees buckled and all of the tension in my body dissipated. Waves of pleasure radiated outwards from my dick to every corner of my body. I felt it in my bones. Every nerve in my body was on fire, alive with romantic fervor and a strange feeling that felt like love. This is all I ever wanted. Someone, anyone, to see me for who I am, every part of me, and choose to share a moment like this with me. Someone to touch my little cock with tenderness in their heart and love in their eyes and see me as a sexual being worthy of love and attention.

Hot cum shot from the tip of my penis. My dick tensed up and relaxed uncontrollably, forcefully expelling blast after blast of white cum like a submachine gun. My hips thrust forward involuntarily as I continuously moaned from deep in my chest. My vision began going black as stars danced in my eyes. Sophia gasped as the first blast landed directly on her angelic little face before running down her cheeks and falling onto her shirt.

But she didn’t move.

Sophia threw her head back and reclined her body, using her free hand to hold herself up. She opened her mouth wide, moaning with pleasure as she continued to stroke my shaft with her small, soft fingers, milking out every last drop. The successive blasts of cum showered over her. Where only a few hours earlier had been tears, now the physical proof of her power over me trickled down her face instead. Some of the burning hot cum landed in her open mouth and painted her full lips bright white. For the first time since she began exploring my little cock, Sophia finally closed her eyes and seemed to just revel in the moment, satisfaction washing over her face as my cum washed over her body.

As my erection finally began to subside, we both just lingered where we for a second, breathing heavily and sharing a moment of pure bliss. I stood over Sophia as her elbow gave way and her torso weightlessly dropped onto my bed with no resistance. Her limp body laid there, drenched in my cum. Our wild, ragged breaths began to normalize as we both returned to planet earth.

While staring blankly at the petite, cum-drenched goddess sprawled out in front of me, it suddenly dawned on me that that Sophia may want to wipe my cum off of her face. My limbs began to respond to my brain again, and I started to catch my breath.

“Uhh…should I…should I get a towel?”

Sophia looked as though she had just been woken from a 12-hour sleep, although it had only been a matter of seconds since my miniature geyser had erupted all over her.

“Yeah…yeah that may be a good idea…” she lazily responded, clearly in a state of disorientation.

I glanced down at my nub. In its post-orgasmic bliss, it had virtually retracted into my body, a smooth little acorn perched precariously above my tight sack. It was almost certainly less than an inch now, a far cry from the mighty four-inches-of-pleasure I had been wielding but thirty seconds ago. Thoughts of our ordeal at the pool began to bleed into my head. My feelings of shame and inadequacy were beginning to return to me after the glorious respite escort bursa I had found in this beautiful young woman. I mechanically bent over and began to pull up my shorts to hide my shame.

Sophia sat up quickly.

“No!” she said brusquely as her eyes widened and her gaze met mine.

I was confused. A shy smile darted across her face as she looked down at her hands.

“No…I like you like this.”

An awkward, goofy look danced across Sophia’s visage as she sat up and awakened from her trance, still painted with my cum.

“I think you should take it all off,” she said with a sly smirk.

Her face level with my petite penis, Sophia began to nervously fiddle with the hem of my shirt. She stood up and began to lift it over my head. Sophia was too short—and myself too tall—for her to reach too far past my shoulders.

Without much resistance, I finished the job, removing my t-shirt from my shoulders and exposing my wiry upper body. I delicately, but deliberately, stepped out of the athletic shorts that remined pooled around my ankles, moving my body several inches closer to the girl in front of me. I was now wearing nothing but a pair of calf-socks barely whiter than the pale skin they sat on top of.

Sophia’s head was about level with my chest. I could feel her warm breath on my sternum.

She slowly raised her head and looked up at me. I immediately placed my hand on her chin and tilted her face upward, before bending down and kissing her firmly on the mouth. We stayed like that for a couple of seconds.

What a wonderful couple of seconds it was.

“I’m gonna go get that towel,” I said, breaking off our kiss and beginning to walk to my bathroom in my skivvies.

“You…uh…got a lil’ something there,” Sophia said with a giggle. She gestured to her cheek.

“Oh!! Yeah…” I laughed, wiping my cum from my cheek. Transitive property-I told you I was good at science.

* * * * *

When I returned from the bathroom, Sophia was sprawled out on my bed, checking her phone.

“I got that towel for ya!”

“Oh thank you!”

As she sat up, I noticed that Sophia’s eyes were glued to my crotch. As I walked closer to her to hand began to hand her the towel, I glanced nervously at my little nub.

“I like the way it kinda bounces around when you walk,” she said playfully.

“Um….thanks?” I said with a laugh, passing her the towel.

“You know, you got me all naked here, maybe it’s time for you to reciprocate” I said with that infamous “joking-but-not-really” tone.

“Isn’t it every girl’s dream to be waited on, hand and foot, by a big sexy naked boy?” she responded, winking her big brown eyes at me as she wiped my cum off of her face. It dawned on me that this was our first conversation not absolutely drenched with emotional intensity.

That “intensity” seemed to be drenched all over her face at the moment…

“Yeah, but we gotta get my…erm…stuff…off that shirt…I can put it in the laundry if you want?”

“Won’t your mom be home soon?”

“No, she’s out of town for the weekend!!”

Sophia looked excited.

“Oh!! Ok. THAT’S good to know…I told my parents I was going to Alexandria’s house. I could text them and tell them I’m staying there tonight! They know her.”

“I mean!!! If you’re cool with that of course…” she added nervously.

“Oh yes! Yes definitely!!” I replied ebulliently. Holy crap, I thought. A girl actually wants to spend the night with me.

“Well…in that case…I mean, since you’ve already seen everything…”

Sophia began to pull her shirt over her head. She really did have small breasts. I get why she had padded her suit at the pool; her chest almost seemed to be more nipple than breast tissue. Not that I cared though. Big boobs can be hot, but small ones are sexy too. Hell, she didn’t have to have any boobs at all for me to be attracted to her; I had fallen hard for this whole girl, not her body, and certainly not just one part of it.

But what a body it was. Her little brown nipples poked out from her flat, pale chest like little Hershey’s kisses. Sophia’s was certainly slender, but not bony like a fashion model. She looked soft and tender. My eyes traced her narrow ribcage down to her dainty waist and boyish hips. Her short, lithe torso culminated in an incredibly small, delicate roll of baby fat. I could feel my miniature cock begin to harden at the sight.

Sophia looked down and shifted her shoulders uncomfortably as she sat on the edge of my bed. She appeared jittery at the prospect of appearing topless before me. Her eyes darted around the room before eventually settling on my rapidly hardening cock.

“Looks like someone’s happy to see me!” she said with a forced flirtatiousness that belied her obvious discomfort.

“Ah! Yeah umm it does that at when I uh…see uh…”

“…you…” I managed to squeak out through my own jitters. That seemed to put her at ease a bit.

Sophia gestured to the spot next to her on the bed. I shuffled over and sat down next to her, placing my hands on the bed behind me and reclining my torso in an attempt to prevent my already unimpressive erection from retracting further into my torso (…that’s a thing that happens to us smaller guys when we sit down).

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