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The drive to work was a mundane one, the same 32 miles, the majority on a dual carriageway and insufferably dull. I made the journey 5 days a week and had done so since April when I had started my new job as a manager of a team in Birmingham. It was a good job, perhaps not the most exciting but a good job nevertheless.

I tended to try to beat the morning traffic, I knew that if I left before 7am I could be in around 8am. If I left it much later, everything seemed to back up and I could struggle on occasions to get there for 9am. So after a few months I dropped into a routine, get up, shower and shave, cup of tea and some cereal and then in the car in time to catch the 7 o’clock news. I drive a black Ford Focus, mid range, but comfy enough and very economical. I had been single since my separation the previous year, we had grown apart after 20 years of being together. My wife was in a new relationship but we remained good mates — we’d had plenty of good times together but simply worn each other out.

Even with the early start there was always a slight back up, one stretch of the journey had recently had installed a 60mph speed limit, it is for about 5 miles and it is controlled by average speed cameras. The result being that everyone drops their speed to 63/64 mph and we all cruise along together, variously passing each other very slowly. At the end there is a large island and as the two lanes approach it, there is invariably a 3 — 400 yard queue. It moves fairly quickly but it is a bit frustrating, at that time in the morning you just want to get across the island, back onto the quicker part of the dual carriageway and into work.

I first noticed her about a month ago, I think she passed me first, on the 60 mph section, she cruised past me a couple of mph quicker than me. She was in a 4×4 so was a bit higher up but I could see that she was blonde — platinum blonde, pretty and her nails were immaculate as she gripped the steering wheel. It was a couple of days later that I saw her again, once more she cruised past me, this time she had more than got my interest, so once she had pulled in front of me and slowed slightly I gradually pulled out and passed her. She didn’t seem to notice me checking her out, her hair was just beyond shoulder length and there appeared to be a healthy swell of her chest. She was well tanned and perfectly made up with pale pink lip-gloss and French manicured nails. As we approached the roundabout she stayed behind me so I continued to check her out in the mirror. She didn’t notice at all, but I enjoyed the view and it made my journey brighter. Eventually though the traffic moved and we crossed the roundabout. Once on the faster section she soon pulled out and zoomed past me, she would be at work before me for sure.

About a week later I saw her again, this time there was an accident ahead and we were backed up. I was fed up but had the radio on high and was singing along to Meatloaf. As we crawled along, I glanced sideways and there she was, my vision of beauty, also singing along as Meat belted it out. This time we both glanced at each other at the same time, realised we both been caught singing along without a care in the world. The banality of it tickled us both and we both stopped and laughed almost apologetically. She had a beautiful smile and laugh it was just a random moment, we sort of waved at each other and looked away — concentrate on the road I thought. I had though been able to hold the glance long enough to confirm my fleeting view of before that she did indeed have a full chest, her seatbelt was stretched across and between her breasts and they filled her blouse impressively. Once past the roundabout though, she was off again, I began to wonder where she worked.

I looked out for her as I drove home but never saw her. The following morning I followed the usual routine got into the car just in time for the news, and set off to work. I kept checking the mirror looking out for the red 4×4 and my anonymous blonde but there was no sign, I wondered where she was and where she worked.

It was 2 weeks last Friday when I saw her again, I was almost into the city when she whizzed past me, I had a bit of time so I thought I would try to see where she was going. As we got into the centre it was easy to see where she was going the bright red Kuga stood out a mile. I had reached my normal parking area and was just about to pull in and park up when saw her indicating left. What the hell, I could always do a loop around, so I carried on a little further and turned up the same street. Just in time, I saw her pull into a private underground garage. She sure had my interest.

The day didn’t go as planned, I was looking to get away at 3pm but was told early on that I was needed in a meeting with the boss at 4pm. That was likely to go on until at least 5, still that meant I had the opportunity for a leisurely lunch. It was a lovely late spring day so I decided to walk into the square and halkalı escort grab a sandwich and a juice. I was sitting there minding my own business when she walked straight into the coffee shop. A couple of minutes later she came out clutching a sandwich and a coffee. It was busy but there were a few spare tables, but she came straight over to me.

“Hi” she said, “I think we have sort of met but then again we haven’t, I’m Penny.”

“John” I mumbled, “please, feel free”, I gestured to the empty seat.

She was even more beautiful than I had realised, petite — about 5’2″ but with a gorgeous figure. Her full breasts filled her silk blouse and pushed out the lapels of her navy suit jacket nicely, she had tight matching trousers on that were immaculately tailored. As she bent to put her bag on the floor, I had an excellent view of her behind, round and homely. A perfect shape for me, I started to wonder what it would be like to fuck her in the shower.

I was brought back to earth when I caught her say something about Radio 2.

“Sorry” I said,

“So you listen to Radio 2 on the way in as well do you?” she asked

“Yes, sorry, I was miles away, I’m afraid I do, can’t say my singing is up to much though, probably as well we were in separate cars, it could have been a painful experience for you.”

“Really?” she said with a mischievous grin, “I might have enjoyed that.”

We chit chatted whilst we ate our sandwiches and drank our coffee, I learned she was a lawyer, loved her job, hated her journey and was single and had a teenager lad who had just gone off to college. I was doing the calculations, he had to be 18 minimum, she really didn’t look old enough…

“39 ” she said, as if reading my mind, “It’s my fortieth in 3 weeks.”

I managed to mumble something about her not looking a day over 25 and that all his friends must love coming around to see him. She laughed and there was a definite twinkle in her eyes. We continued chatting, it seemed very natural and easy to talk to her and the conversation became increasingly flirtatious, she certainly had my interest! Before we knew it though it was time to get back to work. I thanked her for sharing lunch with me and I promised to carry on singing — with the windows very firmly closed.

I went back to work a spent most of the afternoon wondering whether we really had made a connection, whether there was an opportunity and whether we would meet again.

The 4pm meeting was a bind, too many people have too much too say and not making much sense, my thoughts kept drifting, especially when the Assistant Director popped a button and revealed a little too much cleavage — nice but not as good as my goddess from the coffee shop.

Finally I got away at 5.20pm, right at the peak of the rush hour. I crawled out of the city and finally made it to the dual carriageway but it was still slow. I had the radio for company though and was looking forward to a cool beer once I got home. Then the traffic news came on, accident on the road I was on, one lane blocked and long delays — it was right ahead of me, no chance of escaping it, the traffic was already drawing to a halt. Ah well, nothing I can do about it but to sing-a-long. I moved about a mile in 30 minutes, the outside lane seemed to be moving a little faster though, I kept checking out the drivers as the meandered past. And then there she was — her 4×4 gradually came up alongside — I was singing to Tom Jones – so was she, we exchanged glances, and laughed — shrugged shoulders at each other and smiled again. Then, without warning she looked straight at me and mouthed very clearly “Follow me!”.

I just nodded, and we both smiled, her lane moved and I managed to pull in behind her. My mind raced ahead — I wondered what she had in mind and I felt a definite stirring.

The traffic took an age but finally we cleared the accident and began to build up speed, it was difficult to keep up with her, but I just about managed it. Eventually she indicated left and slowed slightly to take the exit. I followed at a reasonable distance wondering what she had planned I didn’t think for a minute about the risks of following a complete stranger into a part of the town I was not familiar with. She continued for a couple of miles and then indicated right and turned into a modest modern housing estate. Her car slowed again and she turned into a drive in front of a detached house. There was space on the drive for two cars, so I pulled right alongside. I looked over and smiled, she smiled back grabbed her bag and stepped out of the car and walked to the front door. I jumped out of the car, trying to gather my thoughts.

“Quick” she whispered, “don’t let all the neighbours see.”

I stepped into the house and she closed the door behind me, dropping her bag onto the low table next to the door. She walked past me and taksim escort started to climb the stairs, I stood rooted to the spot. A few steps up, she stooped, looked over her shoulder straight at me and whispered “Follow Me!”

I started after her. I was now fully aroused. At the top of the stairs, I caught her shoulder, she turned and I bent my head to kiss her. She inclined her neck to me and our lips met. It was a gentle caress, a brush of our lips. My hands reached behind her and I held her to me, and I slipped my hand beneath her hair and to the back of her head. We kissed again, more urgently this time, our mouths parted and our tongues touched. Her body was pressed against mine, my erect cock was straining in my trousers, she must have felt it as we held each other tightly, it was pressed firmly into her tummy. She broke our kiss and pulled me through the door and into the master bedroom. We grabbed each other again and kissed, deeply, moving towards the bed. The backs of my knees hit the bed and I fell back onto it. She stood up from me, I reached for her.

“Wait” she said and stepped away from me. “I’ll be back in 2 mins. There is another bathroom on the landing if you need it.” I almost ran to the bathroom. I figured I ought to pee and clean up. But it was mighty difficult with a rock hard cock.

Eventually though I managed it, had a quick rinse of water, kicked of my shoes and jacket and went back to the bedroom. I sat back on the bed. Within a minute or so she appeared from the en suite. A stunning vision of beauty. Her suit jacket and trousers were gone, her hair cascading over her ivory silk blouse that had several buttons undone, her bra had disappeared as well but the fabric of her blouse was still stretched taut by the swell of her breasts, the outline of her nipples clearly visible through the silky blouse. Her knickers were plain and white but high legged and she had kept her heels. She had re-done her make and her lips looked so kissable. She walked towards me as I sat at the end of the bed. I started to rise to meet her but she pushed me back and sat astride me as we kissed again. My hands ran up and down her back under her blouse, allowing my fingernails to lightly scratch and tickle her back, from the nape of her neck down to the tops of her knickers. We continued our deep kiss, tongues battled each other. Her chest was pushing into mine and she was grinding herself onto me.

Then she stopped, pulled herself off of me and stood in front of me. He blouse still fastened by a few buttons.

“Stand up” she said. I rose and reached for her.

“No,” she said, “stand still, you have too many clothes on.”

She reached up to the knot on my tie and pulled it open, she dragged the tie and pulled it out from around my neck.

“That may come in useful later,” she said as she dropped it to the floor.

She began to unbutton my shirt, from the top down pulling it out from my trousers as she went as she was doing this I unfastened the cufflinks and dropped them on the bed. Once undone she pulled it off from my shoulders and let it drop to the floor. Her fingers now went to my belt, expertly she pulled the leather strap out of the buckle and unfastened it. She popped the button on the trousers and slowly, so slowly worked the zipper down. My trousers fell to the floor and I was stood there in front of her in my socks and tight boxers, massive hard on jutting out of the front and a large spot of precum at the tip of my cock.

Now it was my turn, I tipped her chin up to my face and kissed her. At the same time I began to unbutton the few buttons left on her blouse. As that slipped off her shoulders and onto the floor, her breasts were magnificent, well rounded firm and topped off with large brown nipples that stood out to a point about half an inch proud. I ran the backs of my nails around the edges of her breasts, I so wanted to grab and squeeze them but wanted to savour this. Gradually I worked my fingernails inwards in a circular motion until I was circling her nipples. The skin of her nipples reacted and firmed up, if anything her buds grew larger. Finally I gently scraped my nails across the tops of her nipples, he legs buckled and she groaned. She fell onto the bed and I alongside her, ridding myself from my socks as quick as I could. We lay facing each other and we kissed, whist we did so my free arm was caressing her, down the middle of her back, across her shoulders, tickling the nape of her neck, running down her legs as far as I could reach, along her bum, lightly tickling and scratching either side of the material of her knickers.

I moved over her propping myself up on one arm, allowing my access to the front of her body. I alternated the tickling and light scratching along her tummy and beneath her breasts, again circling her nipples, though again avoiding touching them. I ran my fingertips across the top of her knickers, so şişli escort close to her pubis and then away again, sweeping my fingers down her legs and back up her inner thighs, teasing and avoiding her most sensitive areas. Her breathing had deepened now and she lay on the bed, hair splayed, chest heaving. I gently leant over and kissed her and then moved my mouth lower, placing little kisses onto her chin and beneath it onto her throat. I gently licked and kissed her earlobes and then onto each shoulder. My tongue moved down towards her breasts kissing and lapping gently around each nipple. Finally I could resist no longer taking each nipple in to my mouth in turn, swirling it over the firm bud, gently grazing my teeth over each as she arched her back and moaned in appreciation.

I started to move lower and her breathing increased in anticipation. At her bellybutton I swirled my tongue around the outside of it before dipping it in and lapping causing her to whimper as it tickled her. I carried on lower, now my eyes were focussed firmly on the tight white knickers that covered her pussy. I hooked my finger into either side and gradually began to lower them. Her hips rose simultaneously to allow me to remove them and finally I knelt between her legs, the glory of he pussy in my view. Her bush was well trimmed, light coloured and wispy but around her lips she was smooth and hairless. Her outer lips were puffy and engorged, a trickle of juice ran down over her perineum and onto her little hole. It was absolutely stunning. I lowered my head and gently flicked her lips with my tongue, barely touching them. She immediately flinched and took a sharp intake of breath. I flicked out again, this time a little more purposefully, flicking my tongue from side to side over the length of her slit.

Gradually her lips began to part slightly and as they did I had a wonderful musky aroma fill my nose as the juices of her arousal were exposed. I needed to taste her sweetness so dipped my tongue right into to the warmest and wettest part, running her juices up and down her slit but all the time avoiding her clit. I tongued her in and out and tasted her sweet juice, coating her pussy lips and my face with it. Her breathing had increased, she was close, and I began, ever so gently to flick her clit with my tongue. Side to side and up and down I flicked my tongue over it at top speed. I felt her hand on my head, guiding me and urging me on. I slowly increased the pressure, flicking and licking harder. She was close now, her breathing had increased and she was thrusting her hips towards my face. I continued to lick and lap as quickly and as hard as possible, barely pausing to take a breath. Then it hit her, she bucked and screamed and came on my face. A shuddering orgasm that seemed to take her breath away.

I stayed where I was as her legs gripped my head until she relaxed as the orgasm subsided. I pulled my head away a little and gazed in awe at her beautiful gaping pussy, lips spread with a bright pink slit soaked with juices and my saliva. It was pulsing gently. I blew on it gently and watched it contract and throb as I did so. I dipped my head and started to kiss it ever so gently, she moaned and sighed with pleasure. I kissed and nibbled all around before dropping my tongue to her ass hole, a few little flicks on that and she was trembling again. I continued to lap away, steadily increasing the pressure and then gradually I raised my tongue back up her slit up to her engorged clit, as my tongue flicked over it there was an instant response and her back arched again, her hips driving her pussy onto my face, I licked and lapped and flicked again until with a scream and a moan another huge orgasm crashed through her body, she shuddering as she shrieked as she clamped her legs around my face. I could barely breathe until at last she subsided and went limp.

Of course I was anything but limp but she was spent. She beckoned me up to her and kissed me deeply tasting her own juices in mouth and on my face. We hugged tightly and said nothing, she was complete in my arms and I knew I had to be patient.

After a while, probably about twenty minutes she pushed herself off me and went to the bathroom calling for me to follow. I heard the shower running so I went to join her. It was a great big power shower with plenty of room for two. She kissed me deeply and began to wash her hair. I took over, massaging her head as I rubbed the soapy shampoo through her hair. I took the gel and soaped her back down beneath the crack of her bum and her legs. I reached around her soaping her breasts, finally squeezing each of them and rolling her nipples between my thumb and fingers. My hands worked lower between her legs and I soaped her twat, running my fingers through her pubic hair and along her slit. My cock was once again back to full attention and was pressed between her arse cheeks into the small of her back. As I continued to caress her pussy she turned and kissed me before moving her mouth to my chest, licking and biting my nipples. Her hands were now on my cock and balls, pulling the foreskin back and scratching my balls. “Condom?” I asked.

“In the bedroom,” she whispered, “but I have something else in mind first’ she continued and with that she slid down my body and knelt in front of me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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