Snap Shot

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I’m at a photo shoot. I want to be a nude model. I’m young, just nineteen and I’m keen to break into the industry, lured and dazzled by the bright lights and glamour. I know my face and figure are perfect, but I’m still slightly nervous; I haven’t done anything like this before and I don’t know what to expect.

The studio is light, modern and luxurious, with large windows and a cream deep-pile carpet. The photographer is handsome and older than I am, possibly in his thirties; he looks professional, confident and says little. Tall, with jet black hair and a rugged complexion, he is very handsome; his well-toned body is clearly visible under his white silk shirt.

His shirt is open to the chest, and his flesh glistens in the summer heat. The windows are open to let in some air, but there isn’t much of a breeze and we’re both glowing. I stand in the middle of the room feeling awkward and clumsy, while he sets up his equipment. I can’t help but stare at him as he works, his shirt sticks intermittently on his hot, tanned skin revealing the movement of his strong, hard muscles working beneath. He knows I’m watching him and I glimpse a slight smile on his full, moist lips.

Finally he finishes what he is doing and turns to look at me. He asks me to sit on the solitary chair that stands in the middle of the room. I do as he bids. I wait patiently and study him as he adjusts the spotlights. I like what I see and it makes me feel slightly horny. I bite my lip and try to concentrate on the business at hand. Satisfied with the lighting, he picks up his camera, walks towards me and starts to shoot. The camera obscures his face, but I can still see his gorgeous, soft mouth and strong, chiseled chin beneath. I begin to relax as he keeps telling me how beautiful I am and how much he is looking forward to this session. I am wearing a short denim skirt, a simple white T-shirt but no bra or panties. My feet are dressed in black, strappy, high-heeled sandals. He asks me to flick my hair back and look sexy; I stare directly into the lens, wet my lips with my tongue and pout. He smiles, his generous lips parting to revealing pristine white teeth. I want to kiss him instantly and am suddenly aware that I am staring at his mouth. I lower my eyes, embarrassed.

Next, he tells me to lift my hair off my shoulders. I do as he directs. Now exposed, fresh air rushes to the soft, sensitive flesh of my neck, giving me goose-bumps. A shiver of excitement runs down my spine. bahis firmaları I like the attention he’s giving me and I’m physically drawn to him. He navigates around me and my body automatically follows, giving him signals he can read clearly.

He asks me to raise my top so he can see my boobs. I feel a little self-conscious, but comply, I take my hands out of my hair and slowly lift the shirt up to reveal my pert, ripe breasts. Taking the camera away from his face he watches my every movement, he seems to enjoy my discomfort. Smiling he instructs me to take the top off. I do as he asks and pull the T-shirt over my head. My long dark hair cascades down my back and over my shoulders as my top falls to the floor. I arch my back and stick out my chest. I know my body is beautiful and I can tell the photographer thinks so too. Moving closer, he prowls around me taking shots of my breasts. We almost touch at times; I can feel the heat of his body on my naked flesh. I try not to look at him, but I can’t help it, I see him licking his plump, red lips as he hides his eyes behind the camera.

My body is scorching and my breasts are beaded with sweat. There’s tension in the air, building between us, it’s so strong I can almost taste it. As he glides around me the urge to reach out and touch him is unbearable.

Suddenly he stops and lowers his camera, “We need ice for your nipples,” he comments, “I want them to stand out.”

He leaves the room to fetch the ice, I watch him go, feeling abandoned. He returns a second or two later, empty handed.

“I have no ice. You’ll have to play with them,” he suggests. His pale, blue eyes are full of hunger.

I reach down and touch my nipples. I feel nothing. I can see him watching me intently and can think of nothing else. I’m far too nervous, and self-conscious around him to let myself go.

Again he smiles, “Well it looks like it’s up to me,” he announces. Stepping towards me he leans forward, I can feel his breath on my breasts before he takes my right nipple between his lips. I gasp from surprise and pleasure. My body reacts immediately and he pulls away to admire his work. He stoops again and this time takes my left nipple in his mouth. I feel his tongue circle my bud and the cool, damp touch of his lips on my skin. As he sucks I arch back and push my breast towards him. Just as I think he is going to grab my right breast he stops, draws back and starts taking pictures again. I can feel him smiling from kaçak iddaa behind the camera.

“Now take off your skirt and open your legs,” he commands. I hear the challenge in his voice and am curious as to how far I am willing to go. Steeling myself I stand boldly in front of him and strip. The skirt slides down my legs and onto the floor around my feet, I step out of it and sit back on the chair. “Spread your legs,” he orders. I open my knees as far as I can. I feel totally exposed, I can feel his eyes all over my body and my pussy throbs in response.

He licks his bottom lip and my clit twitches at the sight of his tongue. “Right, I want to see you wet. Play with your pussy,” he charges.

Gingerly I tug at my pubic hair; a shudder of pleasure quivers up my spine, hardens my nipples and ricochets back down again. I like the sensation and want to feel it again. I yank at the hair a second time.

“More,” he murmurs, moving closer to get a better view. I start to frig myself with my right hand, slowly and deliberately. I’m beginning to feel in control, teasing him, showing him what I like.

“Let’s get you wetter,” he suggests. I take my hand away and meet his gaze; his eyes are full of lust. Falling to his knees in front of me, he puts his camera on the floor next to my feet. Smiling, he licks his lips before he grabs my thighs and buries his head between my legs. I’m totally surprised and utterly delighted, my pussy is getting really juicy and I can feel my desire warming my buttocks. His tongue is greedy and excited, exploring me, eating me, gobbling me. He pushes my legs further apart with his big broad hands, his fingers digging into the soft pale flesh of my inner thighs. I grab his thick dark hair with my hands and guide him to where I want him. I moan as he runs his tongue along my snatch, to my clit, sucking, licking, and lapping, he gorges himself on me. Suddenly he stops, takes his mouth away, releases my thighs, picks up his camera and takes pictures of my pulsating pussy.

Abruptly he stands, towering above me. My body is shaking with anticipation and frustration; I bite my lip and clench my fists in an effort to control myself.

“You’re good,” he comments. My pussy flinches at the praise he gives me. “Now get on the floor and open your legs. Put your arms behind your head. I want you to look like you’ve just been fucked.” His voice is deep and masterful; he knows exactly what he is doing and what he wants – we both kaçak bahis do. I rise, move away from the chair and lay on the floor. The carpet is soft against my skin and I stretch out fully on it.

He walks around me, looking down on my outstretched body, naked apart from my heels. I hear the shutter of the camera snapping and then it stops. He is standing between my legs. “It’s no good, I’m not getting what I want,” he says, his voice thick with desire. “But, I’ve got the perfect solution. I have just what you need.” Placing the camera on the chair I vacated he sets it to automatic, I can hear the clicking, then he unzips his jeans and falls to his knees. “I want to see what you look like when you have just been screwed and this is the best way I know how.” He grabs my hips in his strong hands and raises them off the floor.

I can see the flash of a smile as he drives himself deep inside me. I gasp – he’s enormous. He fills me completely. The camera is snapping, taking pictures of me being totally fucked in my strappy sandals and I don’t care. I stretch my body out totally for him, and he helps himself to my breasts, sucking and pinching my nipples hard. My legs are open really wide to accommodate him and I feel totally exposed. He takes his dick out and rubs my clit with it, up and down toward my wet pussy, just letting the end slide in, before he pulls it out and rolls it over my pleasure button again. I feel my toes curl and the muscles in my legs convulse. My clit twitches and my pussy throbs, as waves of pleasure course through my body. I close my eyes and see flashes of light against the backs of my lids.

He rams his cock back into me, hard and urgent and with every thrust of is huge shaft my body gets closer and closer to climax. It isn’t long before I cum, letting the orgasm take the whole of my body as I cry out loud. He quietly smiles and stuffs his dick further into me hard for some serious fucking. He is rough and brutal – and I love it. I feel the whole of him banging against my pussy. His hands grab my buttocks so tightly they hurt as he explodes inside me and fills me with his hot spunk. I feel the sweat from his hair fall on my throat and breasts, but he doesn’t fall on me. He pulls out, sits back on his haunches, zips up his trousers and collects his camera off the chair. He points the camera up the length of my body paying particular attention to my now dripping pussy, where I can feel his spunk seeping out.

I’m aware that I am just another conquest and that these photos are as much for him as they are for the magazine. I also know I’ll get the job – he wants to see me again. I can tell by his smile and the way he’s licking his full sensual lips.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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