The Girl, a CD , Me

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It all started out so innocently, I went out to the mall with a few friends of mine from college. We were going to the local mall to listen to some music, maybe pick up a few CDs or something. I didn’t know. I just thought that something might be interesting to me. I wasn’t really looking at anything to buy. Just to browse, if you know what I mean.

There was this really cute salesgirl that happened to catch my eye. I don’t really know if she was interested in me at all, but I did my best to try and capture her eye.

Still nothing, so sadly enough, I went over to the stacks and picked out some CD’s that I thought that I might like, and went over to the desk to pay for the things.

There was a line of course, so I backed out, thinking that I might be able to wait until the line was going lower or something… really I don’t know what it was that I was thinking, just something thqat made me think of backing out.

“Oh excuse me.”

I turned and looked over at the voice that had spoken up behind me. It was a girl that I knew from school, Monique or something. “Oh, its all right, are you ok?”

She smiled at me, “Yeah, illegal bahis I’m fine.” She extended her hand out to me.

I was proven right on my assumption as she told me her name. “My name’s Monique. You’re Josh right?”

“Yeah.” Part of me was surprised that she knew me. “Um, I hate to ask this, but how do you know me?”

Monique laughed, and it sounded like a flock of bits had just taken into flight, it was beautiful. She was wearing a black leather jacket, I guessed with something airbrushed on it, I couldn’t really tell you as she was facing in front of me and I didn’t really want her to stop. “I’ve seen you over in the library, and in the rec-room in the dorm.”

Now I felt like a total jackass as she was sitting here telling me that she was part of my dorm and I couldn’t really remember her.

She must have seen the panicked look on my face. “It’s all right Josh.” She smoothed her hair away from her face. I could tell that she’d gone heavy on the eye shadow for some reason, but to me, she looked like the perfect Goth Princess.

“So what do you have in the bag?” She asked me pointing to the satchel that I had illegal bahis siteleri in my hand.

“Huh?” for a second, I lost all contact of what exactly it was that I was doing, and I wasn’t even sure of where I was, I had to look down at me hand to see what it was that she was talking about, once realization dawned on me, I felt really, really sheepish.

“Nothing to big, a little Insane Clown Posse, Whitefish, Marylyn Manson.”

She smiled at me, and looked deep into my eyes. “You do know that those are some of my favorite groups.”

This was too much. “You’re shitting on me.”

“No really.” She gave me a smile, and walked me over to the check out counter.

“But I’m not done shopping yet.” I stated, worriedly.

“Don’t worry, we’re just going to ask Tony over here to hold your purchases for us, right Tony?” She gave tony a great big smile and placed my bags behind the counter.

“Not a problem Monique.”

“Come with me, Josh, there’s something else that I think that you’d like.” \

I started to ask her what, but she just pulled me into the stacks, so that we were carefully hidden behind canlı bahis siteleri a pile of CD’s.

She placed her lips on mine and pressed her tongue into my mouth. It felt so sweet, that I didn’t think that I’d ever had anything like that.

I heard her fiddling with her zipper and in a second that was undone, her plaid pants dropped to the floor, she was going commando, her red pubic hair peeked out from between her thighs.

Her hands started to work at my belt, sliding it open, and dropping my trousers in a second. My cock was already hard, but when she took it into ther hand and started to jack me off, that was just too much.

“Oh god Monique!” I gasped.

“Shh, wait a second lover.” Monique kissed my lips and suddenly jumped on top of me, in seconds she was riding my cock like a bull rider riding a bull. She bucked and shoved wildly, making me take all of my strength just to hold her up.

“Oh god.” I gasped; just that little bit of friction was going to make me blow my load. I felt myself spurt into her.

“Yes, yes, yeah. Good job lover.” Monique god off of me, zipped herself back up, and walked back to the counter, as if nothing had ever happened.

I slowly began to pull myself back together, and went up to the front desk. Surprisingly my purchases had already been paid for, the receipt containing something else as well, Monique’s number.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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