Sexy New Babysitter Ch. 02

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It happened a couple of weeks after I discovered that our new babysitter was none other than the girl I’d been flirting and fantasizing with online. After that night I had told Kat that we could not have a physical relationship, that I couldn’t betray my wife that way. I explained that if it meant the end of our online flirting as well I’d understand. Luckily for me she had sad that she completely understood and that she didn’t want to stop our fantasizing. I should have realized then just what that little twinkle in her eye had meant.

The weeks following showed me just how hard it would be to keep to my decision. I hadn’t been so sexually frustrated since I was a hormone addled teenager. Every time Kat came over to babysit I left the house with my wife on my arm and a raging hard-on threatening to tear through my pants.

Kat seemed to go out of her way to tease me, wearing clothes that she knew would get my motor running. They weren’t always overly revealing but she knew all of my fantasies and fetishes. Sometimes she would just put her long hair up in pigtails or braids that I ached to pull on and whenever she caught my eye she’d pull on one, idly scratch her breast through her tight shirts, or softly caress her stomach where I knew her panther tattoo was crouching. She knew exactly how obsessed I was with her and she loved driving me crazy. I always saw her checking for the results of her teasing as I left the house.

My wife wasn’t any help either. Not only did it seem like she was wanting to go out much more often than usual, requiring us to ask Kat to come watch the kids, but she started commenting on how sexy Kat looked in that skirt, or wondered aloud who might be getting to enjoy that tight little body on nights when she wasn’t sitting for us. She wasn’t stupid, she could tell that Kat turned me on. She would get me so fucking hard thinking about Kat and then I’d take her, pounding her to one screaming orgasm after another. A couple times she even taunted me while I was fucking her. “You like fucking that little pussy, Mr. Stone?” she’d ask, imitating Kat’s voice.

I knew that my wife didn’t know what had happened between Kat and me, and I was pretty sure she’d be furious if she found out, but I swear sometimes I saw the same lust in her eyes that filled mine when I saw our sexy little babysitter. My wife had never had an experience with another woman, and I was the only man she’d ever been with. But those looks always got me imagining Kat on her hands and knees, licking my wife’s dripping pussy while I rammed her from behind.

I felt guilty for my obsession, for my fantasies, for my lustful glances as Kat would bend over in her tight jeans, but I couldn’t help it. Kat was mine! and I wanted to claim her over and over and over again.

It was a Friday night when it happened and my wife and I had planned our weekly dinner date. Kat was already there when I got home, but for some reason my wife hadn’t changed her clothes. “Everything ok?” I asked her, tearing my eyes away from the flannel shirt Kat had worn for me. There was no doubt she’d done it to tease me. Plaid flannel shirts with plenty of cleavage showing are among my biggest turn-ons.

“I just don’t really feel like going out,” my wife answered. She looked pretty tired, the way she normally looked when the kids had been particularly out of control during the day. “Can we just stay home and watch a movie?”

The kids went wild at this, jumping up and down and screaming out names of movies they wanted to watch. I smiled and responded, “Sure sweetie, bahis firmaları I’ll just run Kat home real quick and then we can start it.”

“Can Kat stay and watch the movie Mommy?” The question came from my daughter who was looking up at my wife with her best pleading little kid look. My wife glanced at me before looking down at my daughter.

“Sure princess, if she wants to stay she can,” she said with a smile. She watched the kids jumping around in excitement, but my eyes were on Kat who had been listening. When she saw me looking she gave me a wicked little grin and subtly undid another button on her shirt, her breasts pushing the thin flannel fabric farther apart. Once I was able to tear my eyes away from the mounds of flesh staring me in the face I looked over the rest of her outfit. Tight jeans and two braided pigtails. She looked ready for the rodeo and of course all I could think about was her taking a ride on my throbbing member.

I groaned internally as my cock immediately swelled to full erection. I walked over to the smaller of the two couches and sat, pulling one of the throw pillows into my lap to hide the bulge that was visibly extending down my right leg. After confirming that Kat was staying and deliberating as the kids decided on a movie, my wife came over to sit next to me. She pulled her legs under her and snuggled into my side, watching Kat as she helped the kids put the movie in and get it started.

Kat had to bend over to put in the DVD and the sight of her ass in those jeans just about made me cream the inside of my pants. Realizing I had stopped breathing and was staring I tried to discreetly look away and start breathing without letting my wife know what had happened. I was slowly letting my breath out when I felt my wife suddenly exhale a full lungful of air next to me. It was like she had been holding her breath too, but when I looked at her she was looking at the fireplace.

Once the movie had started, Kat turned the lights off and went over to sit on the bigger couch. The kids climbed up next to her and snuggled in close. Apart from being my personal little torture, she really was a great sitter and my kids loved her.

About 10 minutes into the movie Kat went to make popcorn. On her way back she stopped by her backpack next to the kitchen door and put something inside. I couldn’t see what it was but for some reason she was grinning at me again like she’d done something naughty. Without a word she went back over to the couch and sat down with the bowl of popcorn in her lap. Something had changed, but I couldn’t tell what it was until a couple of minutes later when I happened to catch her sliding a finger along her shirt where it covered her breast. After her finger passed and continued down to the popcorn I saw the small outline of her nipple pressing out through the flannel. “Fuck me,” I thought to myself. It was her bra that she had been putting into her backpack and her now erect nipples were clearly visible to my hungry eyes.

It didn’t take long for the kids to get sleepy, and when they get tired they only want Mommy. My daughter was the first to come over and crawl into her lap, and soon my son was on his way. Knowing we didn’t have enough room she told Kat to switch her couches and carried the kids over to the larger couch where they could all snuggle together.

Kat’s eyes locked on mine as she walked over toward me and her tongue flashed across her lips briefly. I couldn’t stop the growl that came from me as I thought of that tongue bathing my shaft as I drove her home kaçak iddaa that night. Luckily no one but her seemed to hear it, unluckily she did hear it and her face split into a wide grin. She sat to my right where my wife had been and leaned back pretending to watch the movie.

Before long I felt her small hand moving against my leg and then it was sliding up the side of my thigh and under the pillow that was still in my lap. Seconds later her fingers were running across the thick bulge, caressing my shaft through my slacks. I glared at her and shook my head slightly telling her silently to knock it off, that we couldn’t, but she didn’t move her hand away. She continued to fondle me as she stared at the screen, her breath matching mine as I began to suck in deeper lungfuls of air.

I kept glancing toward my wife but she was watching the screen with that glazed look that meant she was about to fall asleep. I think Kat noticed this too because the next thing I know, her fingers were undoing my belt and the button of my suit pants. I looked at her again but she wasn’t even looking my way. Her fingers expertly found my zipper and pulled it down. I groaned under my breath as my shaft was pulled out of the opening of and her fingers circled around it. Fuck, this girl was going to be the end of me, but I just couldn’t resist!

She stroked me slowly up and down, her lip sliding out over those plump lips time and again. It was too much, knowing that my wife could look over and catch us at any time. Part of me wanted to remove her hand from my shaft and the other part of me wanted to rip her clothes off and take her then and there. Kat seemed to sense this because she suddenly tucked me away and somehow managed to zip me up despite my cock fighting to get back out.

“Mr. Stone,” she said loudly, causing my wife to stir suddenly. “I really need to get some homework done. Would you mind taking me home a little early?” She looked at me and I knew that she needed me to take her just as badly as I needed it.

Glancing at my wife I said, “Sure thing Kat, just let me get my keys.” I stood up, managing to keep the pillow covering me until my back was turned and I left the room. Grabbing my keys I walked towards the door as slowly as I could manage considering I knew I was about to have my little minx alone so I could have my way with her. She was already next to the door, backpack slung over one shoulder, another button undone on her shirt. I could clearly see the full swell of her breast as the backpack pulled the shirt tight.

As soon as we were out the door my hand connected with her ass. “You naughty little slut,” I said. “What were you thinking? Even as I was reprimanding her, my hand was still all over her; feeling, squeezing, fondling that sexy little ass while we walked to the car. After opening her door I gave her another hard slap on her ass for good measure.

“I couldn’t help it Daddy!” she giggled as she slid into the car smirking the whole time. “I’ve been so horny and only my Daddy can help!”

As I circled my car I opened my pants back up and pulled out my still hard cock, not willing to wait a second longer than I had to. Climbing in, I got settled in my seat and immediately reached over and grabbed Kat’s pigtails pulling her head to my lap. She moaned and eagerly opened her mouth just in time to engulf my shaft. Once my cock was where it belonged I started the car and pulled out of the drive way.

We hadn’t made it halfway down the street before her eagerness, combined with the arousal I’d been enduring kaçak bahis all night, pushed me over the edge. I held her head down as I came with a grunt, my cock jerking and shooting ropes of cum straight into her throat. “You keep sucking little slut. I’m not even close to done with you,” I managed to gasp through my teeth as my body shook.

When I finally came back down I realized that my foot had slammed the brake pedal to the floor and the car was sitting still in the middle of the road. I started driving again as she came off my cock for a gasp of breath and looked at me as she swallowed the remnants of my load of cum. I was about to push her head back down but didn’t need to. She immediately ducked her head and slurped my softening member back into her mouth.

She moaned softly as she sucked me, the sound quickly breathing life back into the softening shaft. I encouraged her with groans, growls and soft words. She looked so fucking sexy with her head bobbing up and down in my lap as I drove. I noticed her that her shirt was hanging fully open now and her hand was squeezing those wonderful tits as she feasted on my thick cock.

Unable to take it anymore I pulled off to the side of the road and put the car in park. Pulling her head out of my lap I growled, “Get those pants off. Now!” Immediately she leaned back and shoved her jeans down. They had already been opened and there were no panties to deal with, just that wonderful little pussy that was all mine!

As soon as the pants were off I tried to drag her over to my lap. A growl of frustration ripped from me as I realized that the damn steering wheel was in the way! Fucking hell, I should have bought a truck rather than this damn car! Throwing my door open I practically ran around the car and yanked her door open. Reaching inside I grabbed her shirt and ripped it off of her. Then I grabbed her arm and pulled her from the car. As soon as her now bare feet hit the pavement I spun her around and shoved her forward against the car.

She gasped as her nipples came in contact with the cold back window and then moaned when she felt my body pressing up against her back. “No more playing little one,” I growled in her ear. “No more games, no more teasing, you’re going to get exactly what you wanted.” Pushing her face forward against the car I slammed my raging erection up into her waiting pussy. Her scream of pleasure must have echoed off of the houses nearby but I could barely hear it over the roaring in my ears.

Feeling her tight wet cunt envelop me drove away the last ounce of control I had left in me. Nothing mattered but that pussy and my cock splitting it open. I grabbed those pigtails that had been teasing me all night and pulled back hard. My throbbing shaft sliced into her over and over, harder and deeper with every thrust. She came when I pulled back on her hair but I barely felt it. Nothing could stop me from claiming what was mine!

She came again when I pulled her away from the car and bent her over, my cock able to reach even deeper in her dripping gash. Her screams had stopped, no sound reached my ears but the slapping of my balls against her clit, and my thighs against her ass. We struggled for breath and I felt her body start to go limp under the relentless pounding of my cock.

Bending over her I wrapped an arm around her waist to keep her upright and gave her poor little cunt another thrust, then another. Finally the dam broke and my orgasm washed over me. The force of it was so strong that I fell to my knees, one arm breaking the fall, the other keeping Kat underneath me as I filled her pussy with my cum.

“Oh my little one,” I said softly as we gasped for breath.

“Daddy,” she whispered, looking back at me with an exhausted but satisfied smile. “My Daddy.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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