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My sophomore year at college started off great. I had managed to room myself with Matt, my very best of buddies and hockey teammate, and we managed to secure two great friends of ours as suitemates. As rather rambunctious athletes we had the great fortune of having drawn Mike as our halls R.A. who allowed us to break the rules on “hall sports” which was, simply, they are not allowed. Mike’s opinion was “as long as no one sees me seeing you it’s cool.”

As a bonus we happened to have Julia down the hall from us. She was the completely stuck up type who held herself up above everyone due to her status as an Alpha Phi girl. She couldn’t wait to get into a proper apartment with some of her sorority sisters and away from the sweaty heathens in the dorms.

You may be curious as to why having this cantankerous bitch down the hall was a bonus. The answer would that she was absolutely the hottest thing any of us had ever seen. The sight of her jiggling down the hall to do her laundry with her chestnut hair pulled up off her long, swan-like neck was enough to earn her a starring role in our dreams.

My initial encounter with Julia came from a rousing of Break-Through. Break-Through was one of the absolutely forbidden; under no circumstances shall you engage in hall sports that Mike turned a blind eye to (although he would cheer as we played). Matt and I would grab lacrosse sticks and a lacrosse ball and head into the hall. The man with the ball would stand at one end of the hall and try to get past the other standing about twenty feet down. Once you got hit a pinned against the wall you had five seconds to free yourself or you lost the round. As the hall was about six feet wide the game consisted mainly of Matt and I beating the tar out of each other.

Matt tossed the ball to me and I took off down the hall with a full head of steam. Once I was about two feet from Matt I faked hard to the right and spun off left trying to squeak by. This foolishness did not trick Matt in the least and he lowered his shoulder into the middle of my back. I was sent sailing and used the few scant nanoseconds available to me to brace for the impending pain of slamming into a two-inch thick oak door.

Strangely the pain never materialized. Very quickly I realized that that was due to the fact that the door was ajar and I had flown through it. Wondering why I hadn’t chipped a tooth on the floor I noticed that I had landed face down onto a very wet and very naked Julia. She had just gotten out of the shower and as the bathroom door opened adjacent to the front door was walking past as I came flying through it.

I pushed myself up and was kneeling between her splayed legs. “Oh shit, are you okay” was the instinctual reaction. She just laid there in shock and disbelief for a second, too disoriented to think to cover up. It wasn’t very long, but long enough for me to notice that the body that had every guy in the hall beating off in the bathroom was in fact that hot and in fact all hers. She had a slight tan that gave her wet skin the hue and smooth, uninterrupted sheen of dulce de leche. Her legs were long and toned and ended in a perfect little swelling of an ass, which spread very slightly across the floor under her weight. Between those long and shapely legs was a little tuft of trimmed chestnut hair perched above one of the sweetest pussies I had ever seen. Her labia, the color of bubblegum, were ever so slightly distended and perfectly symmetrical and a piercing through her clit hood. Her hips tapered up to the thin waist that framed her absolutely flat and toned stomach. Just above that was a set of generous B-cup breasts that hung almost imperceptibly to the side as she lay on her back. I was gaping at her. This was an image that would be burned into my mind for the rest of my life.

She sat up with a start and stared at me. This was enough to jolt me out of my trance and remind me of the enormity of my situation. I was kneeling between the spread legs of a very uptight naked woman. “Oh fuck. I’m soooooo sorry.”

She just continued to stare at me. I could imagine that the situation was just a bit surreal for her. I jumped to me feet and ran out muttering apologies over my shoulder. I slammed her door shut, grabbed Matt and dragged him down the hall to our room. “Game’s over” I told him as I slammed our door shut.

A few hours later after I had told Matt why our game ended so abruptly and we exchanged the appropriate high fives there was a knock at the door. Our hearts sank. It had to be public safety. We were fucked. Were we going to be tagged as rapists? We would be lucky just to get off getting banged for hall sports. Realizing we had to face the music eventually I took a deep breath and answered the door. What I saw made me confused as to whether I should be more nervous or relieved. It was Julia and in her hand was a bright orange lacrosse ball. She dropped it onto the floor at my feet and said, “I imagine you guys would have an awful time trying bahis firmaları to get through life with no balls” and left.

A week later I was doing my laundry finally getting comfortable with the fact that the hammer had not dropped and probably wouldn’t. It was pretty quiet as it was unnaturally early for the average college student to be awake on a Saturday and I had the laundry room all to myself. I was barefoot wearing a brand new pair of white boxers and one of the shirts I had sliced to ribbons to wear under my pads. I was an athlete and it showed in my 5-10 175 lb frame. I might have had as much as 4 percent body fat and I was pretty proud of it, thus my penchant for wearing next to nothing while doing my domestic chores.

I was dropping quarters into one of the two washing machines when the door opened. It made me a little uncomfortable to see Julia walk in. She looked stunning wearing a white baby tee and heather gray sweatpants. Her sweatpants were rolled down at the waist low enough to reveal a little bit of white cotton underneath. The baby tee was tight enough that anatomical topography revealed her lack of a bra.

“Well, well, well, look who’s here. It’s the gatecrasher.” She didn’t say this so much as spit it, which was appropriate considering the venom in the words.

“Hey, listen, I’m really sorry about last week. I didn’t think your door was open.”

“Oh really? You mean you’re capable of thought?” A comment like that from a frat boy in a bar would earn him a free nose job, but I figured she needed to vent. “You owe me big time Cro-Mag, I could’ve gone to public safety and had you strung up by your nuts.” I wasn’t sure I liked where this was going, but the way she eyeing my abs started to change my mind. “I’ve been thinking about an appropriate penance for you and I think I’ll let you off easy.” Now she was grinning. It was the kind of grin that got the old trouser mouse to peek out of his hole. “Why don’t we just even the score and call it a day?”

“What do you mean?” I wasn’t that stupid, I could see where she was taking this, but I wanted to hear her say it.

“What do you think I mean Cro-Mag? You saw me naked, now I get to see what you’re packin’. Now strip!”

“What right here? In public?”

“Yup. Now get naked or I’m going to public safety.” The magic words.

“Okay, okay, just relax. No need to get crazy.” I started to yank my shirt off and she stopped me.

“Hold on Cro-Mag, not so fast. I was cool enough not to turn you in, I think I deserve a bit of a show.” Okay, she’s the boss right now; I could’ve really been fucked.

I started again much more slowly. I reached my arms up and over my shoulders to grab my shirt behind my back. This let me flex pretty much all the muscles in my upper body at once while stretching my stomach to accentuate the shape of my torso. She wanted a show? I was gonna make sure she got one.

“That’s much better” I heard her say as I was pulled off the shirt and leaned over to drop it in the washing machine. When I turned back to her she was staring at my stomach and crotch waiting for was what was next. Her arms were crossed over her chest and she smiled through her hand while she bit the fingernail on her pinky.

Next I hooked my thumbs into the waistband of my boxers and gave a little tug. They moved a little bit further down my abdomen. I kept creeping them down bit by bit until they got caught at the base of my cock. I wasn’t fully erect, but I was definitely hanging low. I slid my shorts over my member and let them fall to the floor. I kicked them into the chair and stood there buck-ass naked. I wasn’t embarrassed like I thought I would be. In fact it was kind of hot to when I saw the look on her face. She seemed to be in the same trance that I was in a week earlier.

She dropped into a lounge chair at the back of the room. “Bring that over here so I can get a proper look.” At this point I had a feeling we were on more equal footing, but I played my part. I walked over to the chair and let her see whatever she wanted. “Give me a little twirl Cro-Mag. Let me see what your Momma gave you.” I did as I was told and when I stopped and facing here again she reached out and grabbed my cock. She lifted it with a gentle grip and inspected it as it started to harden in earnest. “Nice package. I definitely approve, but I’ve decided to change the rules. Follow me, Cro-Mag.” With this she stood up, still holding my rapidly enlarging unit.

She reached her other hand underneath to cup my balls and started to knead them gently in her hand all while starting to lightly jerk me. She started backing up and out of the room, by my cock, all the way back to her room. She closed the door behind us and said, “Eat me. Get me off hard and maybe your hall sports stay a secret.” That did it. My cock was now fully erect; eight inches and throbbing. Ever since I saw her spread on the floor a week earlier I had had fantasies about burying my head between her thighs and kaçak iddaa giving head to that beautiful box for hours.

I grabbed the waist of her sweats and lowered myself to my knees taking her sweats with me. They bunched up at her feet and she stepped out of them. I was face to face with her perfectly flat stomach. I reached my hands up and gave her breasts a light squeeze as I ran my tongue down her belly. I licked a gentle little circle around her belly button and she gave a little sigh of approval when I kissed it. I ran my hands down her back and around her waist and let them come to rest on her hips. I could smell her now and her musk was driving me crazy. It was all I could do to refrain from just ripping those little white cotton panties off and sucking on her pussy with everything I had.

Instead I stood up. She looked puzzled and more than a little annoyed at this development until I picked her up. She was a petite thing, no more than 5 feet and about 115 lbs, and I had no trouble lifting her and placing her gently on the bed. She was reclining against the wall with her knees off the bed. I knelt before her and ran my hands up from her knees to her thighs and back down again to her ankles grabbing hold of her right ankle to lift her leg. She let out a coo when I kissed the back of her knee. From there I ran my hands up to her inner thighs. I looped my index finger through the crotch of her panties which were now soaked. “Wow,” I said. “You must really be enjoying this.”

“Mmm hmm” was her answer in the affirmative. Her lips were parted and she was breathing heavily. I slid her panties down her legs and off at her feet. I ran my hands back up her legs up in between her thighs. Turning my palms flat was all it took to part her legs and expose her sex. She was wet all the way to about three inches down her legs.

When her musk hit me all I could do was close my eyes and drink it in. “Mmmm, you’re driving me mad” I said completely honestly. Nothing is hotter than a woman completely aroused simply in anticipation of oral sex. Here I was kneeling before this unbelievably beautiful woman again and under much more pleasant circumstances.

I kissed her thighs on either side of her sex. This earned me another sigh. It was time get started, neither one of us could take it anymore. The first taste of her pungent juices came as I slid my tongue over her labia. It was almost impossible to keep from diving in like an animal that hadn’t been fed in days but I was determined to drag this out and really give her her moneys worth. My tongue laced lightly back and forth over her labia while my thumbs massaged the insides of her thighs. When her moans started to belie a bit of torture I pulled gently with my thumbs to part her lips and licked lightly between them. This generated a much more satisfied moan of encouragement and I figured I was on the right track. Bringing my face in closer I kissed the entrance to her sweet pussy and ran my tongue up stopping just short of her raging clit.

So much for the opening act. Next up I gently sucked her labia between my pursed lips and ran my tongue across them in my mouth. I released them after a moment and licked them gently. I alternated between sucking and licking gradually building pressure and pretty soon she was shifting and squirming. Her sighs and heavy breathing told me it was time to pull out the big guns. I parted her labia and ran my tongue up over her again, this time allowing myself to reach her clit. Her finger, which were buried in my hair tightened and she sucked in a huge breath of air. Her back arched when I put my lips around her clit and sucked lightly. She began to growl. I slipped my middle finger into her and slid my index and ring up the outside of her labia. I continued to explore with my middle finger while I worked her clit looking for that sweet spot, that hard little disk right in front of the vaginal entrance. “Haahh! Oh my fucking GOD!” she said as she tightened her grip on my hair. I guess I found what I was looking for. I rocked my fingers across her g-spot and labia while building my intensity of licking and sucking on her clit. I couldn’t bear the thought of stopping so I backed off whenever she got close to climax.

I looked up and asked her if she was ready to cum yet. “I, I’ve bbeen cumming for the l, last five minutes baby… holy shit. Please, let me have it. Give me the whole thing.”

“Mmmm” I chuckled. This was more like it. “Okay, you’re the boss” was my reply through a sneer. I picked up the pace with my fingers and placed the whole flat of my tongue on her clit and licked for all I was worth.

“Fuuuuuuucckkkkkkkkk!” she hissed through her teeth as the huge and final clitoral orgasm swept through her body. She was pulling at my hair so hard I thought it was going to come off my head in clumps.

When her body finally relaxed I gave her pussy a final gentle kiss and eased myself up onto the bed next to her. Her eyes opened and looked into mine and she kaçak bahis slid her hand behind my head. She pulled me in for a kiss. Our lips met and our tongues danced until she pulled out and slowly licked the rest of her juices off of my lips and chin. She looked at me heavy lidded and still half drunk from her orgasm. “Well,” she breathed. “I guess we can close the books on that debt.” She pulled my body against hers and began to stroke my hip with her fingertips. I started to remember the monster erection between my legs. It was still throbbing. “As a matter of fact, I think I owe you a little something after that performance.”

Her wits now fully restored, she gave me a sly grin and ran her hand from my hip to my crotch and cupped my balls. “I think this guy needs a little attention. He must be feeling awfully lonesome after being ignored all this time” said she in her very best little girl voice, complete with puppy dog eyes. Her fingertips ran up my shaft from my balls to the corona where she dabbed her finger into the pre-cum that was dripping liberally from my member. She brought it up to her lips and tasted it. “Mmm, nice, but I was thinking of something a little more substantial”

With that she got to her knees and pulled off her shirt revealing her glorious breasts. “Do you like them? I think they’re rather nice. In fact, I’ve got something you might like.” She slinked off the bed and pulled me toward her until my ass was on the edge of the bed. She held my cock and inspected it. “Wow. This is magnificent. If I had known this last week, I would have asked you to stay.”

She leaned forward and placed my unit between her tits. Her skin was so soft and warm that it made me feel as if I was in a featherbed in January. “That’s fantastic. I can’t believe how smooth your skin is.”

“Thanks. You wouldn’t believe what I spend on lotion. It’s important to have nice skin.” As she started to rock her breasts up and down on my cock I couldn’t agree more. She dropped down as far as she could go with my member ensconced between her tits and licked the rest of the pre-cum off the tip. She sat back on her haunches and kissed my penis just under the head before leaning to the side and gently lapping at my balls while she stroke the shaft lightly. She started to take my balls into her mouth one at a time and roll them around her tongue. She went back and forth making sure each one got it’s due attention before withdrawing and running her magic tongue up the shaft and swirling it around the head.

“Ready?” She gave me a very satisfied grin. It was pretty obvious by my face that the ball was back in her court. I don’t think I had ever been that aroused. I was so horny it was beginning to hurt. Then she took the head of my cock into her mouth and gently eased her way down. Her tongue was flitting back and forth across my shaft as I watched it disappear into her mouth bit by bit. When she got as far as she could go she came back up even more slowly and sucking the whole way. One hand began to twist gently at the base of my shaft, which was now slippery with saliva while the other went back to gently massaging my balls.

Up and down she went and it was getting too hot to handle rapidly. My cock was raging and ready to go since the laundry room and was loosing its ability to restrain itself. I was breathing hard through my grinding teeth as she worked my manhood slowly to what was going to be a blinding orgasm. My sac began to tighten and she pulled her mouth off of me with a slurp. “Not so fast there tough guy. You strung me along there for a good long while. If you think you’re getting off that easy you got another think coming.” She glanced from me to my cock, which was standing proud in her hand, purple and throbbing. “Jesus, that is the most beautiful cock I’ve ever seen,” she said as she kneaded my balls. She was keeping me at the brink just by talking to me. “I bet you’re gonna come like a geyser. Good thing I didn’t have breakfast yet, you’re gonna fill my tummy up” said the little girl voice again. She began to lick gently up and down the shaft of my cock pausing occasionally to take a tour of the head.

Pretty soon it was apparent that I could hold back no longer. I was going to cum all by myself even if she let go and left the room. “Okay tough guy, I guess you’ve suffered enough for now.” With that she sank my cock as far into her warm mouth as far as it would go. She pumped up and down hungrily with her hand and mouth while all the while still massaging my balls with her other hand.

I croaked as the orgasm began at my knees and knocked the wind out of me, my throat unable to produce any other sound. I came like never before and pumped what seemed like gallons into her mouth. The sensation of her gulping it down with my member halfway buried in her mouth was amazing. She kept sucking and milking until I was dry. As my cock softened she took the whole thing into her mouth and sucked it clean on the way back up. With that she slipped her lithe little self back up onto the bed next to my spent body. I didn’t have the strength to move and it didn’t matter. She wrapped herself around my limp and prostrate frame and nuzzled her face into my shoulder.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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