Tomorrow We’ll See

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This story is meant to go along with another story I submitted named ‘Mackenzie’. You can read either by itself, but it may give you some insight. As always vote and leave comments. Thanks Kilcannon

Jackson Andrews was a wreck of a man. He slowly sipped on his drink in anticipation as he watched the scene unfolding around him. Watching the crowd as they went about their business on the dance floor, at the bar and at various places in the bar just reminded him of the numbness that ached in his heart. He scanned the crowd searching.

Searching for death. Searching for release.

He half smiled as he wondered what death would look like. He smirked as his mind’s eye imagined a tall hooded figure on the dance floor, holding a reaper showing his dance steps to his future clients. Somehow, however, he doubted that death was so obvious.

He just hoped that death came soon. He was tired of the pain.

He looked around the bar scene a bit more. Through the smoky haze, he could see the band in the corner. Maybe death would take them too, it would be far more merciful than to subject the crowd to much more of their butchered music. The best he could figure was that they were in the middle of destroying a Beatles tune.

His eyes narrowed as he caught a glimpse of a tall man in all black standing at the bar. He looked questioningly at him. “Is this death?” he thought. The man faced the bar so he could not see his face, but his height made Andrews wonder. He had remembered what the email had said to look for, dark clothes, and dark hair. “What do I do now?” he thought, “Walk up and introduce myself?”

Sarcastically he thought, “What do I do, hold out my hand and say, ‘Hi are you here to kill me?”

He let out a short laugh. However, his hopes were dashed when he noticed the man start a conversation with a blonde girl.

“Not him.” He said aloud to no one.

“Maybe I can help you find him.” A soft feminine voice interrupted. Andrews turned to see a raven-haired woman in front of him. Wearing a tight, short dress that showed off quite a bit. Andrews looked at her. “I don’t think so.” He said and started to ignore her.

She sat next to him in the booth and said in a silky tone, “You never know what I can do for you.” She scooted a bit closer to him and pulled a cigarette from her purse. He noticed the contrast of the black lipstick against her creamy white skin as she put it in her mouth. He was momentarily lost in thought, but shook himself back to reality.

He grunted, “I don’t think so.”

Her lips pouted and he gave her a go away stare. “Look,” he tried to say politely, but there was an impatient tone to his voice, “I’m waiting for someone.”

She smiled seductively, and moved a little closer. “Then you don’t mind if I keep you company till the person arrives,” she said sweetly. He sighed, “Just great.” He thought, “Of all my dumb luck. To be hit on by a prostitute that won’t take a hint.”

He tried again to get her to leave. “Look,” he began in his most unpleasant lawyer voice, “I am meeting an important person, and it wouldn’t look good if he came and saw me with…”

“A street walker?” she interrupted testily, “A common street whore?”

He shrugged, “I was going to say someone he didn’t know.” He looked at her for a second then took another sip of his drink and added without looking at her, “But yeah, that too.”

She looked at him angrily, “You don’t know me.”

“And I don’t want to.”

She huffed, “Fine, then I won’t say anything.”

His jaw dropped as she opened her handbag and started applying makeup. He thought he had made it clear, he did not want to be disturbed. “Uh…” he said confused, “excuse me, miss.”

She looked over at him as she applied her makeup. “Rebekah,” she answered.

She went back to her makeup and he just stared at her incredulously, “Okay,” he went on, “Rebekah.” He tried to make eye contact, giving up, he continued, “I am kind of expecting someone.”

She stopped and looked at him, “That’s okay; you won’t be in the way.”

He ran his hand over his face in frustration. Finally, he gave up and signaled the waitress for another drink. After that he looked over at Rebekah as she finished touching up her makeup. She looked at him and smiled.

“So you have a name?” she asked.

He sighed, “Jackson Andrews.”

“So Jackson,” she said huskily, “who ya waitin’ for?”

He stopped for a second, was tempted to tell her to mind her own business, the decided maybe the truth would make her leave. ‘More like make her run screaming,’ he thought.


She cocked her head to the side, “Death?” she said slowly.

He illegal bahis smiled sarcastically, “Tall guy, black robe. Large reaper.”

She giggled, “No really.”

He gave up, “I need a job done, and was put into contact with someone that could help.”

She leaned over onto the table; he could not help but to take a quick glance down the top of her dress. She smiled at him when she caught him doing it and winked at him, he blushed. “Job got so bad, that you needed someone offed?”

“Not my job,” he started then shrugged, “Well, not exactly that. My Life.”

“Oh,” she said moving back in her chair, “Heat got to you and now you want someone killed. Let me guess, wife? Lover? Competitor for a raise?”

He looked at her a little angrily, “No.”

She shook her head. At first, he stared at her hoping she would go away, then he shrugged. What would telling her the truth hurt?

“No.” he said quietly, “I hired someone to kill me.”

Her eyebrows arched in surprise. “You?”

He took his drink, tossed it back and said, “That’s right, me.”

Rebekah shook her head, “Life can’t be that bad.”

She looked at him, “Why would you want to do such a thing?”

“Because my life is over.” He said. Consumed with the desire to unload his problems Jackson said, “A month ago I came home early.”

She watched him quietly as he talked, “I was going to take my wife, Cecilia, out to celebrate my upcoming partnership, so I left work early to celebrate.”

He stopped, closed his eyes as if the relive the experience. “I found her in our bed with a coworker of hers.”

He let out a soft whimper. She reached out her hand and touched his. Jackson’s eyes fluttered open. He looked at her had, clasped it momentarily and then went on.

“It got worse from there. My wife and I are lawyers at two different firms. Recently both firms were hired as opposing counsel for a high profile case. The partners of my firm had no problem letting me take lead counsel on the case since Cecilia specializes in a different field of law and would not put the case into conflict.”

He shuddered before going on. “After having the image of them in our bed, I left.”

He stopped for a second, “I doubt they saw me leave.”

He took a drink, “When I got back to the firm my secretary told me that the partners wanted to see me immediately. At first I thought that maybe opposing counsel wanted to settle before trial.”

He snorted sarcastically, “Boy was I wrong.”

“When I got there, I could sense a chilly atmosphere.” Andrews stated, “They told me that opposing counsel had approached the judge with internal documents that showed our clients in the wrong and demanded an immediate settlement.”

He shook his head, “The judge seeing the memos agreed and awarded the other side a forty million dollar settlement. Our client was not happy. What was worse for me, was the fact that the memos hadmyhandwriting on. There was only one place that they could have come from and that was from me. The partners concluded that I had conspired with the other law firm, and were dismissing me and sending all the information to the bar association. I was to be escorted to my office and helped to pack. My pleas of innocence were ignored.”

“I’m sorry.” She said genuinely.

“So I returned home.” He spat out in contempt, “I found the locks changed and that ass that was sleeping with my wife opened it.”

“He gave me a smug grin and handed me a envelope.” Andrews eyes narrowed, “He said, Jackson Andrews, you are served, in the envelope you will find a petition for divorce and a restraining order to stay away from the premises here and away from your soon to be ex-wife Cecilia Andrews.”

Andrews was gripping the glass so hard, that Rebekah was sure it would break. “I never wanted to hit someone as much as I did then. I took a step toward the door. The ass smiled even bigger before going on, “You are not allowed to enter the premises except in the presence of a sheriff’s deputy to remove items. The ass then motioned behind me; these gentlemen will make sure you leave peacefully.”

“I turned around to see two Houston Police officers standing there.” His face was a mask of rage as he relived the events. “They not so politely escorted me to my car and reminded me of what would happen should I violate the restraining order. I was basically out on the street.”

Rebekah smiled sadly, “So what about family or friends?”

Andrews’ eyes narrowed, “Not sure what she told them, but most of them either didn’t return my calls, or in the case of dear old mom and dad, made it quite clear I was not welcome.”

He slumped down illegal bahis siteleri a bit in his seat and motioned to the bar around him.”So after finding a motel room,” he snorted once again, “That was a pain. The bitch froze my joint accounts pending a divorce. Just luckily, I had a tidy sum stored away. It was supposed to be a surprise retirement account for a few years from now in Costa Rica, but I concluded forced retirement in Houston counted. I was informed by the DA that disbarment and criminal charges were pending, and that in that event darling Cecilia was seeking all assets in the divorce, she had filed for mental and physical cruelty.”

Rebekah looked at him darkly, “Did you hurt her?”

He looked at her angrily, “Nope.”

She sighed in relief and motioned for him to go on. “So I basically spent every other moment at either my motel room or this bar drowning my sorrows with my friends, Jim, Jack and Johnny.”

He smiled, “And the occasional visits from the captain.”

Rebekah stared at him, “So that possessed you to hire someone to kill you?”

He stared at his glass, “I have lost everything. My wife, my reputation. Soon, my freedom. Nothing left to live for.”

He smiled wickedly, “I also paid for the service of having all the clues of my demise point squarely at my wife and her lover. A sort of going parting gift.”

With that, he finished off his drink and eyed her. He said, “So what’s your story?”

She reached into her bag and pulled out a cigarette. “Much of the same. I met the man of my dreams, my soul mate.”

She suddenly looked sad, Jackson could see the hurt in her eyes, “He found out that I was something that I should not be and exposed me to the community.”

She closed her eyes, and could for a moment hear the shouts in her memories, she shrugged them back. A tear escaped her eyes, “I forced to leave everything I loved, cast out into the wilderness. To do what it took to survive.”

Rebekah gave him a said smile, “The rest is history.”

Jackson looked at her and could not imagine someone hurting someone as attractive as her. “So that is what led you to your profession?”

She giggled, “Something like that.”

He felt like he could ask her anything, “So what was your first time like.”

He blushed and quickly added, “In the business, I mean.”

She sort of cocked her head and gave him a half smile, “It was the hardest. After that, I realized that I was providing a service. They sought me.”

Andrews felt a stab of jealousy at the unseen faces in his mind. He looked at his watch. Almost time for the bar to close. He groaned when he realized that his contact had not shown. He felt a knot in his stomach when he wondered if he would see the money again.

“Just the story of my life.” He thought.

“Guess he’s not going to show.” He said quietly.

“Who said your contact was ahe.”

He looked at her with his mouth open. Surely not?!

She stood up and in a friendly tone, “I got your money transfer earlier this afternoon. Everything will be taken care of.”

She reached out her hand, “Come, let’s go back to my place.”

They walked hand in hand back to her apartment. He was afraid to say anything. She looked lost in thought. A few times, she looked as if she were reliving a past event and would shudder for a second, look at him and they would continue. Finally, they were at her front door. She opened the door and they walked in.

Once the door closed, she turned and wrapped her arms around him and kissed him hungrily. ” I need this.” She said hungrily.

He kissed her back, hard. She reached out to his jacket and began pushing it off.

“Touch me please,” she mouthed and he slowly brought his hands to caress the fabric around her breasts. He reached around to get at the zipper at the back of her dress, while still kissing her. He pushed the dress off of her body and it fluttered down to the floor exposing every lush curve of her body .

He stared at her body and started to caress her softly she moaned as he kissed her neck. He then slowly began to kiss a trail slowly down to her breasts. He kissed the tops of her breasts, then the sides. He felt her push against him in frustration as he kissed a path around her nipples. Coming teasingly close, but not touching them.

She groaned as he took a nipple in his mouth and softly began to alternate between sucking and biting it. Her hands dug into his hair and pulled him closer as his mouth begun sucking harder and his teeth grazed the nipple. He cupped her other breast with his hand and softly fondled the nipple between his fingers.

She reached out for canlı bahis siteleri his shirt, started to unbutton it. Having trouble with the buttons, she ripped open the shirt in frustration and pushed off his shirt, kissing the exposed flesh of his chest as she did so.

They moved into a closer embrace and her nipples hardened even more when they encountered him, almost as if a bolt of electricity shot through her. Their fiery kisses consuming them with lust and desire. Both hoping to fill an empty void, even if for a few moments.

He had one hand on her hip and the other still cupping her soft breast. She moaned again and grabbed for his belt. She undid it and reached for the button on his slacks. She almost howled in frustration when she could not get it open and eagerly begged, “Please.”

He undid the button; she pulled down his zipper and sank to the floor as she pushed down his slacks. Once she was on her knees, she pulled down his briefs and reverantly took his penis into her hand and began kissing it.

He had never felt this good, he thought, until he lost himself in all thought and just began to concentrate on how he felt. She put her hands on his buttocks to pull him closer and began to slowly suck on him.

His right hand went to the back of her head to guide her as he slowly started moving in time with her. He felt himself get closer to release. “About to…” he said.

She stood up, wrapped a hand around his cock, and led him toward the bedroom without saying a word. Once they got there, she pushed him back on the bed and crawled on to him. Before he could say anything or move, she lowered herself onto him with a moan of satisfaction.

They were lost in total lust as she rode him. His hands moved to her hips, as hers grabbed her breasts and began to caress them. Her head went back and her eyes closed as wave after wave of pleasure washed over her.

He looked up at her and moved a hand to her stomach. She looked back at him, eyes filled with unbridled lust. They then clamped closed and she stiffened up. She cried out in ecstasy.

That was all he needed to be pushed over the edged as he felt himself orgasm inside her.

He felt spent. He felt good. He looked up at her as she still seemed to be wracked with each shudder her body experienced. He placed his hand between her breasts, “That was amazing.”

She smiled, “You weren’t so bad yourself.”

His face drew serious, “So what are we going to do about…”

She put a finger to his lips to silence him.

He looked at her puzzled. She gave him a quick smile. Too late, and to his horror, he noticed that she had grown fangs. Before he could react, her head had moved to his neck and she bit. He struggled briefly, and then gave up. She could feel his heartbeat and breath slowly fade away. She lifted herself from him. She walked over to the closet and got dressed.

Once dressed, she kissed him on the lips once last time before making her way to the door. “Now to take care of the rest of the bargain,” she said to his lifeless body.

The door closed quietly behind her.

That morning, Rebekah scanned the headlines of the paper as she walked back to her apartment. She noted the usual headlines for a city on the go. She shook her head, “The Astros managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.” She sighed, “Again.”

She found the article that she was searching for and a smile crept on to her face. She pulled out her cell phone and began listening to her voice mail, making note of two possible new clients. Before too long she was at her apartment. She entered and walked over to her kitchen table. Tossing the paper on to the table she said, “Saw something you might find interesting.”

He read aloud, “Whole Chicken Fryer, sixty seven cents a pound…”

She playfully hit him on the arm, “Not that one.”

He took the paper and scanned the headlines, “Two bodies found near nightclub?” he said aloud.

She scowled at him, “No, the one below that.”

He turned the paper over and saw his picture on the front page. “Prominent Lawyer missing, feared dead,” he read aloud.

“Police have begun an investigation into the disappearance of prominent lawyer, Jackson Andrews.” He continued to read. He scanned further in the article, his face breaking out in a smile when he read, “Though police have not announced any arrests, they have brought in his wife, Cecilia Andrews and a coworker Mark Eduards for questioning as persons of interest.

For the first time in a while, Jackson Andrews felt alive.

“What will you do now?” Rebekah asked him while massaging his shoulders. He turned to hold her and gave her an affectionate kiss. “I have enough money hidden to enjoy some traveling a bit.”

He looked into her blue eyes and asked, “Maybe when I get back…”

She had a sad look for a moment and a softly answered.

“Tomorrow we’ll see.”

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