A Maid’s Journey to the Top

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Princess Bella sighed as she stared at herself on the mirror in her chamber. She had just returned after having yet another argument with her father, King Theobald, about yet another potential suitor. Like every other suitors from the past, this one also was on his fifties, and was only interested in her for the possibility of having a share on the land after the King’s death.

Bella was the eldest of the three daughters of King Theobald, who did not have any son. She had turned twenty one earlier this year, and it was becoming increasingly difficult to delay her marriage any more.

Bella cursed her luck as she looked at her naked body. As she massaged her melon shaprd breasts with both hands, she wondered why not a single young prince had asked for her hand. Although not the most beautiful in the kingdom, she did have her charms. Along with good looks, she was well educated too. She just did not understand why she was being asked for old men only.

She heard her door creak and turned around to find her maid Annora returning with the oils and anointments she had asked for her bath.

Seeing her naked, Annora quickly closed the door and walked towards her. “Is something troubling you, my Princess?” She asked as she stood by the princess in front of the mirror.

“Do you think I am pretty, Ann?” The princess asked her, still looking at the mirror.

“Why, of course you are, my princess! You are one of the prettiest ladies I have ever seen!” Annora reassured her.

“Then how come I am always approached by old men? Why don’t any young prince ever ask for me?” Bella sighed.

“I am sure they do not know about you. Or they are being fend off by the old kings!”

“Do you really think so?”

Annora took one step closer to her and held her from behind. Annora was eighteen years old. She was captured from her native village in the south of the kingdom about five months ago. She was brought to the palace by the army, and had been with Bella ever since. Over time, she had grown pretty close to the princess, and the princess would share everything with her.

Annora felt a bit bolder, and she moved her hands slightly to grab hold of Princess Bella’s breasts. Sensing no process, she lightly squeezed her breasts, and whispered into her ears, “Well, I, for one, would have done anything to have you as my güvenilir bahis wife.” Annora continued squeezing her breasts softly as she licked her ears slightly.

The princess blushed brightly at her comments, her fair cheeks flashing a hint of red. At the same time, she was enjoying the treatment she was receiving. “Oh, that feels so good, Ann!” She moaned softly as she felt her body melt.

Taking the hint, Annora grabbed her nipples with both hands and slightly twisted them in the opposite direction. Bella let out a loud moan as Annora continued flicking her nipples. “Can you lock the door? Someone might come!” The princess reminded her maid.

“At once, my princess!” Annora quickly locked the door and returned to Bella who had meanwhile moved to the bed.

Annora kneeled in front of her on the floor and pushed her legs apart. Then she leaned forward to kiss her vagina softly. “What do you want, princess?”

“I don’t know, Ann! I feel something down there! I have never experienced anything like it.”

“Oh, poor lady, you have never masturbated?” Annora asked her as she gently rubbed her thighs.

Bella blushed at her questions. “No! That’s not modest!”

Annora giggled and teased the princess with her fingers. “And you think this is modest? Lying naked in front of your maid as she plays with your pussy?” She asked as she rubbed Bella’s opening with her middle finger.

Bella did not answer the question. “Please, Ann! I can’t take it anymore! Please show me more.” She pleaded.

Annora smirked as she rubbed her finger up and down the slit of her vagina. She could feel her moistness already. She gently pushed her middle finger forward and it went in, making Bella moan loudly. “Oh, Ann. This feels so good!” She moaned as she leaned backwards to rest her head on the pillows.

“Play with your breasts, Princess. It will increase the pleasure.” Annora said as she slowly pushed her finger deeper.

The princess complied and started rubbing her breasts together as she kept moaning. Meanwhile, Annora took her finger out making the princess gasp. She then moved her fingers and rubbed the upper region trying to locate her clit.

Bella kept playing with her breasts, experiencing pleasure she never heard of. Just then, Annora reached her clit and started rubbing it fast. Bella moaned loudly türkçe bahis as she felt her orgasm build up.

“Oh, Ann! I think I am going to pee!” She exclaimed.

“Don’t worry, my Princess. Just keep playing with your boobs.” Annora reassured her as she inserted her finger back in. This time she put her index finger along with the middle one and started fingering her pussy in and out.

Bella could not take it anymore and moaned loudly as she reached her climax. She blushed at the sight of her pussy making the bed wet. “Don’t tell anyone of this, Ann.”

“Don’t worry, princess. I will not.” Annora kissed her pussy gently and left the room without any further words.

She knew she would be asked to do it again and she had a plan for how she wanted things to proceed.


The next day

Princess Bella could not take her mind off of what happened the last day. She had dreamed about Ann the whole night and woke up with her panties completely damp. She had to attend to some royal business around the palace, but could not focus at all. She wondered how Annora looked under her clothes.

Were Annora’s breasts bigger than her? What were her nipples like? Did she shave her pubic hair? The princess was distracted for the whole day and just waited for the day to end, so that she could call upon her maid and do it again.

When the time came, though, she was shy, standing in front of Annora, not knowing how to ask for it.

“What is it, my princess? Is something bugging you?” Annora asked.

“The last day… Can we do it again?” The princess mumbled.

Annora giggler. “Why, my princess, have you lost all your modesty?”

Bella blushed a bright shade of red and remained silent.

“What’s in it for me, Princess?” Annora asked as she gently caressed her face.

“I will give you anything you want, Ann! Just pleasure me like yesterday. I can not help thinking about it all day!” The princess pleaded.

“Anything?” Annora smirked. “Are you sure about that?”

“Yes, Ann. I will give you anything. Gold. Your own room. Your own servents. Anything, just name it!”

“Servent, huh? I would indeed be interested in the service of someone in particular.” Annora said as she slowly loosened the clasp of Bella’s gown.

“Just say the name and she is yours, Ann!” Bella güvenilir bahis siteleri exclaimed as she felt her gown fall from her neck.

Annora giggled at her desperation as she watched the gown fall to the ground. “It’s you, my princess.”

The princess blushed at her suggestion, but stood still, thinking about the consequences.

“What do you say? Would you want to serve me? Listen to my every command? Do what I say?” Annora asked as she took off Bella’s undergarments.

The princess was lost in her thoughts, but her pussy was getting wetter.

“In return, I can offer you the pleasure you received last night.” Annora circled her, as she stood in the middle of the room, naked except for her wet panties.

Annora held the princess from behind and whispered into her ears. “What do you say? Will you be my pet?”

In response, Bella nodded. “Yes, Ann.”

Annora giggled and moved to the bed. She sat at the corner and looked at Bella. “Lose your panties, Princess.”

Bella never allowed anyone to sit on her bed, but did not say anything this time. Instead, she swiftly took off her panties and stood where she was.

“Get on your knees.” Annora commanded, testing her obedience.

Bella hesitantly got down on her knees, keeping her eyes down.

“Eyes on me, my princess!” Annora commanded with a hint of rebuke in her tone.

Bella looked up at Annora and blushed.

“Now you may crawl to me.” Annora smiled at her.

Bella hesitantly crawled towards her, stopping in front of the bed, with her face inches away from Annora’s shaped legs.

Annora patted her head lovingly. “Kiss my feet, princess. Show me how obedient you would be.”

Bella wanted to pull back at this, but at the same time, she wanted it. She remained there in silence.

“If you want, we can forget about this. We will forget about this and you can assign me to some other task in the palace.” Annora said from above her.

“No, Ann. I want it.” Bella replied instantly, fearing to lose her.

“Then kiss my feet, pet!”

Bella slowly lowered her face until it touched Annora’s right feet. She placed a soft kiss on the top of Annora’s feet and then looked up at her.

“We are going to have so much fun, me pet!” Annora exclaimed as she ruffled Bella’s hair lovingly.


Hi everyone! Thanks for reading my story. I would love to hear your feedbacks!

As I have mentioned earlier, I am not a native English speaker. So I would highly appreciate help with editing. Let me know if anyone is interested!

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