A Chance Encounter

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Dave Collins was walking along the street. It was a Thursday afternoon and he had nothing to do but pay a few bills which he had already done. His time was his own and planned on browsing in a few shops before heading back to the rented house that he was currently living in. Around him people were mulling along doing their own thing, traffic was going back and forth on the road. Suddenly out of the corner of his eye a movement grabbed him. Not just any kind of movement amongst the people there, but the specific movement of a young girl.

It was Abigail. Abigail Croft. She was older of course but he would have recognize her anywhere. He stood there and stared at her. Through his mind ran a million different thoughts, then one stuck. Should he call out to her? Should he talk to her? Could he talk to her?

Before he was able to reason out his thoughts he heard his own voice calling out.


His hand shot up to wave. At the same time he saw Abigail’s head turn towards him. There was a moment before the recognition hit her and then Dave was delighted to see the beaming smile run across her lips. Her hand shot up and she returned his wave then proceeded to make her way across to Dave dodging her way across the busy road.

As she came over to him Dave could see that she had grown.

It had been five years since Dave had last seen Abigail. Dave had last seen her when he had moved away with a new job. He used to volunteer at the youth centre and that was where he had met Abigail.

They met and instantly Abigail’s arms shot around Dave as she hugged him to her.

“Oh my God. Dave.” she said, “I haven’t seen you in like, forever.”

She stepped back and looked Dave up and down.

“Wow,” said Dave, “You’ve grown into a beautiful young woman.”

“Why thank you kind sir.” Abigail said as she did a little curtsy before him.

“No, seriously! You could be a model.”

“Stop it Dave.” Abigail replied as she slapped Dave playfully on the arm, “Where have you been? It’s been ages.”

“Five years.” replied Dave.

” That long? Where have you been?” she repeated, “What have you been doing?”

“Well you know that I moved for a new job.” Dave said, “Well I have done quite well, been prompted and my company are expanding here. I’m taking over the new area just now, so I’ve moved back.”

“What, here?” Abigail asked.

“Yes.” said Dave.

“OMG.” said Abigail, “That’s great news. I really missed you when you left. The youth centre just wasn’t the same without you. It’s still going, but it wasn’t the same if you know what I mean?”

Dave looked at Abigail and saw the sparkle in her eyes, the wry smile on her face. He knew what she meant alright and she was the main reason that Dave had felt the need to leave.

Dave had been helping in the youth centre for a couple of years before Abigail had turned up one evening. Dave remembered it well. The night was pouring with rain and Abigail and some of her friends had arrived at the youth centre like drowned rats. It was; for them somewhere to escape the rain. Dave had noticed her even then. She was exceptionally cute, even soaked as she was. He had ushered them all in, found them some towels and got them all hot drinks. They had stayed until the rain had subsided and had disappeared almost as quickly as they had arrived.

Over the next couple of months Dave had seen Abigail and her friends a few of times as they had occasionally came back to the youth centre, they had spoken and exchanged a couple of glances and a smile. Moreover, Dave felt that he had been caught looking at Abigail when she looked at him but nothing more.

More and more Abigail had seemed to turn up at the centre and Dave had had occasion to talk with her a few times. They had seemed to hit it off. Talking at length on occasions, laughing and joking most of the time. Dave had even given Abigail a lift to her home a couple of times.

As they had come to know each other a little better there had been some innocent flirting and whilst Dave was flattered he knew that nothing could come of it. He was in a position of authority and Abigail was underage. The relationship continued in this vain. There was, Dave noticed the odd occasions that their friendship became more physical. The odd bump, a squeeze, standing a little closer than usual or a playful touch. Was it true or had Dave just imagined it. The flirting continued, the friendship grew and Dave began to notice that he had started to have feelings for Abigail.

This was serious, but Dave knew that it could lead no-where. He suppressed his feelings and tried to continue; but that was no good as Abigail had continued to frequent the youth centre. Before long there had been a couple of bahis firmaları rumors that there was something between Dave and Abigail. Dave had been asked to attend a meeting to discuss the rumors. It was at this point that Dave had decided that he could not continue like this and the best thing he decided was for him to move away.

That had been a little over five years ago. Now here he was back in front of the girl, only now she wasn’t the little girl anymore.

“Come on Dave, you can buy me a coffee and tell me all that has gone on since I last saw you”

Abigail grabbed Dave’s hand and led him down the street. It was as if no time had elapsed at all. Dave felt the surge of the emotions that he had tried to suppress so long ago.

They arrived at the coffee bar and sat drinking whilst they regaled each other with the events of the last five years. Abigail had continued to frequent the youth club with her friends for a while but without Dave there she had felt that it was not the same and had drifted off into other things. Dave listened with interest as she talked. She had left school and had obtained work in an office doing menial jobs filing, some data entry, secretarial work and the like.

Dave had related his history, such as it was. He had moved, she knew. Other than that he had devoted his time to his work and been successful. Been promoted and moved back to set up a new area for work and was currently looking to set up an office in the area.

Dave looked at Abigail over his coffee. She really was as beautiful as he had remembered. Only now over the last few years that childlike beauty had matured.

Abigail looked back at Dave and smiled, “What are you thinking Dave?”

“I was thinking that you really are beautiful.” Dave replied returning the smile.

“Listen Dave,” Abigail started.

As she did so Dave felt her leg touch his and her hand caressed his knee under the table.

“Do you want to go somewhere more private?”

At this Dave almost choked on his coffee, spluttering it back into the mug.

“I was always attracted to you and when you left like you did I felt that there was unfinished business between us.”

Dave was dumbfounded.

“So,” Abigail asked, “Shall we go?”

“What?” said Dave, “Just like that?”

“I always thought that you wanted to sleep with me. You did didn’t you?” Abigail asked.

“Yes but,” Dave stumbled over his words, “I mean. You can’t.”

“Come on then.” Abigail got up as if to leave, “Five years is a long time to a sixteen year old.” she added.

Abigail grabbed Dave’s hand and pulled him up from the table after her as she left the coffee bar.

Outside in the street Abigail asked, “So, where shall we go?”

“I’ve got a house that’s not too far away.” Dave managed to reply.

“Good, we’ll go there then. Do you have a car or are we walking?” Abigail asked.

“I’ve got a car.” Dave was still reeling from this whirlwind.

Abigail managed to get from Dave where the car was parked and off they went. Halfway to the car Abigail pulled Dave into a side alley. She pressed him against the wall with her body and kissed him. It was hard and fast and was just as Dave was beginning to recover his senses. It knocked him for six again. Without a word Abigail broke the kiss and resumed the journey to the car.

On the journey to Dave’s house he had managed to get a grip on himself and questioned Abigail about the forcefulness that she was showing.

“Look Dave, I was sixteen but I still knew what I wanted. I wanted you and when you left I regretted that nothing had happened between us. It has been five years and I have regretted it for five years. I’m not going to make that mistake again. So yes I wanted you then just as I do now and I’m not going to waste any more time regretting what I should have done.”

“But, that was why I had to leave.” Dave replied, “You were only sixteen and it was tearing me apart. I wanted you too but it would have ended with me in jail. So I left. Not because of anything else but if anything because of my own sanity.”

“Well your not getting away from me now are you?” With that Abigail grabbed Dave’s cock through his jeans and squeezed it gently.

Dave struggled to concentrate on driving the car. He looked across at Abigail and smiled, “Not when you put it like that.”

They reached Dave’s house and made their way inside. No sooner was the door shut Abigail had stripped off her jacket and top and was down to her bra. She pinned Dave to the wall of the entrance hall and her tongue was down his throat again. This time Dave was prepared and he responded in kind. He pulled her to him and wrapped his arms around her. Abigail reached up around Dave’s neck and pressed kaçak iddaa her body into him. They hung onto each other tongues wrestling for an age.

Dave made the first move and pushed himself away from the wall. Not breaking the kiss he started to strip himself shedding pieces of clothing onto the floor as he eased Abigail towards the bedroom. At the stairs they tripped and tumbled onto the steps finally breaking the kiss.

They laughed as they lay there in a crumpled heap. All of a sudden Abigail got up and ran up the stairs closely followed by Dave. At the top, she was trying one of the doors to the other rooms. Dave grabbed her hand and pulled her with him into his bedroom.

They both shed their shoes before falling onto Dave’s bed, their embrace continued. All of a sudden Abigail was pulling at Dave’s belt. The buckle relented as she heaved at it. Then the button and zip on his jeans were released. All of a sudden Abigail was on her knees and was pulling on the legs of his jeans to remove them. As they came away Dave’s boxer shorts were dragged down about his knees and his cock sprang into view. The jeans were duly discarded halfway across the room with a backhand toss whilst Dave pushed his boxers down and kicked them off.

Next it was Dave’s turn. He grabbed at the waistband of Abigail’s jeans and pulled her towards him. She fell forward landing on Dave and rolled to one side to allow Dave access. The jeans undone and on top of Abigail now, Dave worked his way up from her navel kissing his way across her flat stomach.

As his head moved up between the valley of her breasts Dave’s hand came up to squeeze one of her bra clad breasts. A sigh emanated from Abigail’s lips.

Dave reached behind Abigail and deftly with one quick pinch he released the clips on Abigail’s bra. The garment loose now Abigail shrugged off her bra to reveal to Dave her breasts. Pausing to look only slightly Dave clasped his mouth to one of the pert nipples that were already erect as it met his tongue. Abigail’s hand met the back of Dave’s head as she pulled him onto her breast. With his hand Dave reached down and was pushing down on Abigail’s jeans. Abigail tried to assist his efforts by lifting her butt off the bed, then as they were pushed down she kicked them off.

Dave’s head lifted from her breast and he looked Abigail in the eyes as he moved further down the bed. Holding her gaze as he moved. As he reached the waistband of her underwear Dave hooked his fingers under it and slowly peeled them down. He was presented with with the most beautiful pudendum he had ever laid his eyes on. It was bald but for a sparse patch of hair on her Mons. The outer lips of her pussy were tight revealing nothing but a slit. Dave kissed his way down from her Mons and then worked his way around. Abigail spread her legs to allow Dave access and was mewing gently and playing her fingers through Dave’s hair.

Dave made his way to the top of her slit and slowly spread her slit with his tongue, the reaction was electric from Abigail. There was a sharp intake of breath and her fingers clamped onto Dave’s hair.

“Oh god,” she said, “You have no idea how much I have wanted this.”

Dave looked up to reply; only to have Abigail pull on his hair forcing him to resume what he was doing.

“No, don’t stop!” she panted.

Dave continued his ministration between Abigail’s thighs. He worked on her clit, then around the opening and back to her nub. He worked in circular motions one way and then the other. He worked up and then down, giving it all he could. The result was bringing Abigail to her first orgasm.

“Oh yes, oh yes.” she blurted out as she ground herself onto Dave’s tongue.

Dave pressed on. His tongue was beginning to ache now but he was not going to stop before he had satisfied his lover. Using the flat of his tongue he concentrated on Abigail’s clit and worked it hard. Abigail was panting hard as she reached the point of no return. The climax washed over her like a dam bursting. She writhed and kicked letting go of Dave’s hair as she lost control. Dave tried to continue but she pushed him away until the climax had subsided.

“Oh my god, that was incredible.” she said when she had finally recovered sufficiently.

“Glad I could be of service.” Dave joked.

Dave moved up to lie next to Abigail. Immediately Abigail rolled over on to Dave, her knees either side of Dave’s waist.

“My turn.” she said.

With that Abigail slid her body down Dave’s, looking up into his eyes as she went. Dave’s erect cock contacted with the underside of Abigail’s now sopping pussy. She pressed on down forcing Dave’s cock down and in between her pussy lips, coating it as she went. She pressed on and his cock slid between kaçak bahis them up across her belly, between he breasts before finally popping up by her cheek. She grasped Dave’s cock and slowly pulled it to her mouth. Her tongue slipped out and caressed the tip, swirling around the head. She looked up at Dave before plunging the cock into her mouth straight to the hilt. Dave’s torso visibly lifted from the bed at the shock.

“Oh my god!” he cried.

Abigail just looked up up at him and smiled. Dave’s cock still buried down her throat. Slowly but surely Abigail retracted her head and let Dave’s cock slip between her lips. As it did Abigail used her teeth to graze Dave’s shaft. The feeling made Dave shudder to his core.

Slowly Abigail consumed his cock again, using her tongue as she went. Dave couldn’t believe the sensations that he was feeling. He watched Abigail as she now ministered to him.

Continuing with what she had started Abigail was joyously pounding Dave’s cock. Her head was whipping back and forth. She was also cradling and teasing Dave’s balls. Dave realized that he could not allow her to continue if he was going to fuck her right now as he wanted to.

“Stop, stop Abigail. I’m gonna cum if you continue like that. Get up here. I want that pussy.”

Abigail smiled. She stopped sucking Dave’s cock and crawled back up to Dave and planted her mouth squarely on Dave’s. She rolled over pulling Dave with her until he was on top of her his cock prodding at her entrance.

“I want that cock in me too.” she replied.

With one hand Dave grabbed his cock and sought her pussy. He first swiped it back and forth across her entrance before pressing it home. His cock strained at the entrance and Dave thought to himself how tight she was. He looked to Abigail and saw her eyes closed and the concentration in her face. Abigail’s hand took control of Dave’s cock as she guided it home. Dave using his hand to support his weight above Abigail.

“There.” said Abigail.

Dave pushed and his cock slid home.

“Ahhh” cried Abigail as she clung tightly to Dave.

Realization hit Dave. He opened his eyes and looked to Abigail.

“Is this your first time?” he asked.

Abigail looked at Dave and simply nodded.

“I had no idea.”

Dave started to pull away but Abigail gripped him and said “No, wait a minute.”

Dave held still and looked at Abigail. A tear trickled from the corner of her eye. Dave kissed it away.

“Are you okay?” Dave asked’

Abigail looked up at Dave and said “Yea, I’m okay.”

Dave very slowly started to withdraw and watching Abigail beneath him, saw her tremble.

Dave pulled out almost completely then paused. Abigail encouraged him to keep going. Slowly Dave returned and Abigail shifted beneath him.

“Keep going.” she said, “I want this.”

Dave continued, slowly and surely he built up his pace watching to Abigail for any indication that he was going too fast. None came and gradually Abigail’s grip began to loosen. In fact he sensed her breath quicken as he continued. Soon she was encouraging him with pants and ahhs.

Dave pressed on and had soon built up to a normal pace. Abigail had her hands on Dave’s hips and was driving her pussy forward to meet his thrusts. Grinding her clit against his pubic bone. Dave could feel his own climax nearing and was unable to stop. His pace quickened and he felt Abigail beneath him starting to loose it. Her grinding was frenzied now, her breath panting. Their end was drawing near.

The pair sweating and panting continued with their coupling until the height of their passion was reached. In a torrent of emotion the two climaxed together. There was a burst of ecstasy from Abigail as she screamed Dave’s name. Dave was grunting and with each successive spasm he shot a load into Abigail’s receptive pussy. Abigail had her legs clamped around Dave and squeezed as if she could pull him into her, her hands clawing at Dave’s back.

Slowly they surrendered to the inevitable. Dave spent of all energy collapsed onto Abigail, their union still joined. Abigail, her arms and legs still around Dave let him lie there relishing the moment that she had dreamed of for many years. All was quiet except for here own breath and that of Dave’s in her ear.

Dave started to stir. He lifted himself off Abigail and looking down He pulled himself from Abigail’s pussy. As he withdrew he could see traces of her blood mixed with their juices. He rolled over and lay next to Abigail. Abigail reached out and held Dave’s hand. Nothing needed to be said.

As they lay there recovering on their backs Abigail rolled over and laid her chin in Dave’s chest and looked up at him.

“I was just thinking Dave, have you got any jobs going at this new office of yours? I could be your personal assistant and you could bang me every night over your desk before we left for the evening.”

“Now there’s an idea.” Dave replied with a smile.

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