The Trust Ch. 05

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First let me thank you all for the votes and emails. And as I’ve said before, this is not meant to be the next great novel, so if that’s what you’re looking for, I’m sorry to disappoint. I started it wanting to do a running chronicle that spans years like a soap opera, so it may never actually reach a satisfactory end for some people. With that in mind, if you haven’t read all previous chapters, I suggest you do so before proceeding.

If I haven’t already scared you off, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do writing it. All mistakes are mine. All people, places and institutions are made up, this story in no way reflects reality and any similarities to it are coincidental. Enjoy.


Chapter 05

“I miss her already.” Cybil pouted as she and Mason left the airport after dropping Brigid off for her flight back to Charleston.

Mason could only agree with her. He knew Brigid hadn’t wanted to use the return ticket, but was concern about Marcus being left alone for too long. He’d gone after a UPS driver once, because the guy hadn’t slowed down enough around the sheep. They still had to go to the branch office to get their packages. “She’ll be back before Thanksgiving and by then we’ll be settled in at the hall.” He assured her, running through the gears as he merged the Chevelle into traffic.

It was Saturday morning, heading into the Columbus day weekend and things were going to be hectic. Brigid had worked tirelessly to get the hall ready for occupation, usually with the help of anyone that was out of class for the day, but sometimes alone. With the holiday weekend everything was ready for the move, but unfortunately Brigid’s return flight date had come and though everyone hated it, she had decided to stick to it.

She and Mason had spent all day Friday together, doing a couple more of the photo ops Marcus had requested, and simply having a nice slow day together, followed by a nice slow evening that just might tide them over until she returned.

They had a lot to get done in the next three days. Mason was the simplest to move, since everything he had with him, easily fit in the trunk of the Chevelle. But on top of Cybil and Ardella, he had agreed to let Becky take an apartment on the second floor next to Katey’s, so there were four of them to move as well.

Mason had figured they would use the three CX-9’s to move everyone, but Abigail had suggested that she tag along for the day with a twenty-foot panel van she had at the dealership. So Mason was headed there first to collect her.

Abigail was dressed to work when they got there. Wearing jeans and a flannel shirt that swayed alarmingly as she used a broom to sweep out the back of the van. Cybil just shook her head, not surprised in the least that Mason had yet another drop dead gorgeous woman on the hook.

“You must be Cybil?” Abigail smiled as she leaned the broom against the wall. “My, you are a beauty aren’t you?”

Cybil looked at Mason and mouthed ‘I love you’, as she extended her hand to shake. She was already wondering if Abigail had any other tastes in common with her besides an appetite for Mason’s cock.

“Oh I’m going to like you.” Cybil grinned, eyeing her full flannel shirt deliberately. Making Abigail laugh.

“You two behave.” Mason chuckled as he popped the trunk on the Chevelle and started transferring his bags to the open panel door. He was going to leave the car at the dealership and drive the truck, then pick it up later when he brought Abigail back.

“We are.” Cybil and Abigail assured him almost in harmony, setting them both to laughing and ending with them hugging. Mason just shook his head and grinned, there was never a dull moment around Cybil.

They moved Mason’s stuff to the front and closed it up, then climbed into the cab, Mason driving with Abigail sitting in the middle. But as he reached for the keys lying on the dash, Cybil snatched them away.

“Before we get going here,” she told them with a grin. “I believe you two still have unfinished business to complete.” They both looked at her puzzled and she sighed dramatically. “Mason did buy three of the CX-9’s, for which I believe you offered him a certain gratuitous act, and I think it’s time you paid the piper.”

A slow smile spread across Abigail’s mouth as Mason started blushing. “I believe you’re right Cybil,” she agreed, ” a deal is a deal.”

Cybil couldn’t help laughing as Mason squirmed while Abigail went right to work getting his jeans open and fishing him out.

“Damn boy!” Abigail breathed as she got his thick half hard cock into the open then engulfed it like a starving calf.

Mason turned toward her as much as he could, one hand on the steering wheel and one gripping the back of the seat. His eyes locked on Cybil’s beaming face as a woman old enough to be his grandmother showed him what a real blow job was. Then groaned in awe as Abigail somehow got his cock down her throat and started humming. “Oh shit!” Mason breathed as he let his head fall back against the window and just let the sensation wash over him.

Cybil leaned around to look at Abigail’s perabet swollen throat, unable to believe her own eyes. There was no way she would ever fit Mason’s fat cock down there like that. She had actually tried it a couple of times and failed.

For her part, Abigail pulled out all the tricks she had learned in her sixty years, drawing an infinity symbol in his pubes with the tip of her nose as she cupped his balls, stroking under them with two fingers to stimulate his perineum. She backed off for air only when she had to, then bore down again, time after time until she felt him swell and tense up. She took his first shot down her throat, but then pulled up and savored the rest as it pulsed into her mouth.

She gave Mason a satisfied grin when she finally sat up, then turned and took hold of Cybil’s hair, drawing her in for a kiss and passing her the last of his cum. Mason just stared as the two woman got better acquainted, Abigail’s left hand still gripping his cock as it tried to decide whether to finish going flaccid or not.

“He tastes good.” Abigail breathed at Cybil as they slowly separate, at which Cybil grinned and nodded.


Katey watched as Mason carried the last boxes from her room to put them with everyone else’s stuff in the truck. She couldn’t believe he was not only giving her the job in the kitchen she wanted, but was letting her live there and paying her more than she’d ever made before. No man had treated her the way Mason did. Starting with her father, an abusive drunk that she quickly learned to placate by staying in the kitchen where he thought she belonged. Oddly enough, instead of resenting this, she’d found she really loved to cook, and a good meal went a long way towards making the old bastard pass out each evening.

She’d worked hard to get through high school and moved out as soon as she got her first paycheck. But before Mason came along and took care of her tuition and loans, life had never really gotten any easier for her. She had some good female friends like Cybil, who had always stood up for her. But guys were another matter, she just couldn’t seem to meet a decent one. The last had been the worst, she’d been so scared. Then Mason had been there and had fought for her. No man had ever fought for her before, and the thought of it both thrilled and confused her.

She didn’t understand what she felt when Mason was around, couldn’t figure out what he expected of her. Part of her was still waiting for him to show his true nature. She was afraid she might love him, afraid to even look at the idea, not again. She wanted him to tell her what to do with her life and show her that he approved. She remembered Cybil’s birthday and riding both his tongue and his cock and wanted that too, but she wanted him to make her, and that was strange because she’d fought her whole life to keep men from taking her. But the idea of Mason doing it just did something to her.

With a sigh and a last look around, she ran to catch up with him.


They pulled in at the hall with their first load, consisting of everyone’s stuff except Ardella’s and Mason backed up to the front steps, while Cybil’s little Fiat parked off to the side. It was a little after one in the afternoon and everyone was hungry, so as they began unloading, Cybil headed into Arlington to grab a couple of pizzas. She spotted Shelby coming out of Deno’s when she pulled into the lot and honked her horn, stopping next to her.

“Nice car.” Shelby greeted her as she bent down to peer inside.

“Thanks, Mason gave it to me for my birthday.” Cybil told her as she peeked down Shelby’s shirt at some nice lace bordered cleavage. “What are you up to?”

“Just came in to get my check, what’s up with you?”

“We’re all moving in this weekend and I came in to grab some pies.” Cybil told her, “if you’ve got some time, you can come out and give us a hand. And I’ll introduce you to everybody.”

“You mean I could actually meet your mysterious Mason?” Shelby grinned. “Will there be a house-warming orgy with his harem?”

“You never know what might happen between now and Monday.” Cybil shot back with a wide smile.

“Oh man, I’m so there.” Shelby laughed. “Why don’t you get your pizzas and I’ll go drop off my bike and my check at my dad’s shop. You can pick me up there or I can just come out in a bit.”

“Your dad’s shop?” this was new to Cybil.

“Anderson’s Ducati Triumph, about six blocks back that way.” And she pointed farther down the main drag. “That’s how I got my Speedmaster.” She then pointed at a sleek red bike that looked way too big for her.

“Nice!” Cybil blurted, “Okay, I’ll grab what I need and come pick you up, but you’re going to give me a ride one day soon I hope you know. If I can’t get you home later when you need to leave, I’ll get someone to drive you.”

“Sounds like a plan.” Shelby grinned. “I’ll see you in a few.”

The truck was pretty well unloaded by the time they got back, so everyone took a break and Cybil introduced Shelby to those that hadn’t met her. Grinning when she saw a flush wash over perabet giriş Shelby as Mason took her hand and shook it.

“It’s nice to meet you Shelby,” Mason told her, “I’ve heard a lot about you.”

“I doubt it’s nearly as much as I’ve heard about you.” She threw back with a grin, though she was still blushing.

Cybil laughed at Mason’s confused look and decided to change the subject. “You should see Shelby’s motorcycle Mason, it’s beautiful. Damn thing made me wet just looking at it.” And she did a little shudder that had everyone laughing.

“What kind you got?” Mason asked her, as he twisted the cap off a Guinness.

“It’s a 2014 Triumph Speedmaster, cranberry red with smoked highlights. My father gave it to me last year for my high-school graduation.”

“You should see some of the bikes he has at the shop.” Cybil couldn’t help adding.

“He owns the local Ducati Triumph dealership.” Shelby explained for everyone.

Glancing around the table at all the excited faces, Mason had to chuckle. “Tell me Shelby,” he began, “Does your father have a beginners course for new riders?” at her nod, “And if you brought a customer in personally, would you get a commission?”

Shelby looked shocked and started shaking her head, “I wasn’t trying to,” she started to protest but Mason waved her off and Cybil took her hand.

“No, that’s not how I meant that.” Mason assured her, “I’ve actually wanted to get a street bike for a long time. And I have a sneaking suspicion that some of my friends here like the idea of riding also. If I’m going to buy anything though, I’d like to see the commission go to someone I know can use it for school.”

“Are you serious?” she asked.

Looking at the table as a whole, Mason asked, “Well?” and laughed as everyone started clamoring, including Abigail. “I’d say there’s a good possibility.”

“Let me talk to my dad, I’m sure he would go for it.” Shelby beamed, “In fact if you’re talking several bikes, I’m sure we can set up a run of some kind for graduating the course. Maybe go up into Vermont and see the fall colors.”

There was enthusiasm all around at that idea and Mason figured he was stuck, but didn’t really mind since he liked the idea himself. “Well, if we can get done with this moving by sometime tonight, maybe we can all swing in there tomorrow afternoon and talk to him, see what he says.” After which everyone seem to move with a bit more purpose.

Shortly after four, Mason and Abigail took the panel to go get Ardella’s things. Katey and Ardella following in one of the CXs. Mason was relieved to find that she was all packed and ready, something he should have figured on with her. So they got right to it, though he was surprised to find that the first big load was going to the local hospice, Ardella saying it was time for a new start.

In the end, all the household furniture and goods were at the thrift store, and they were headed back with basically Ardella’s office, clothes and personal items.


As soon as Mason pulled out with the truck, Cybil took Becky and Shelby up to his room to help her put the monstrous bed together. It was about all they could do to hold up the head and foot sections while she got the first side rail bolted in place, but after that it was much easier.

Both girls kept eyeing the bed as it went together, neither of them having seen it at the auction, though their reactions were polar opposites. Cybil was in heaven and laughed at them, taking pleasure in pointing out its features as they went along. She made sure it was at least six feet from any wall and skewed catty-corner for effect. The hardest part turned out to be aligning the hanging grid canopy. But once they put the box springs and mattress in place that too was easier.

When the last bolt was tightened, Cybil couldn’t resist jumping up and swinging from the canopy upside down.

“It’s beautiful.” Becky gushed when it was done, and Shelby looked at her like she was crazy. “No, you just don’t get it yet.” And Cybil laughed.

“Did you bring what I asked for from Leathers & Feathers?” she asked Becky, who nodded and ran out the door.

“What’s that?” Shelby asked as she tugged at a ring on one of the corner posts.

“You’ll see,” Cybil grinned, dropping to the mattress and rolling off the bed. “Help me get the sheets and stuff on.” They were a blood-red flannel set followed by a grey and black paneled comforter, it was the closest she could find to the colors on the Chevelle. A half-dozen red flannel pillow covers finished it off.

“Damn, you could sleep five people on that thing.” Shelby blurted shaking her head as Becky came running back in.

“I suppose you could,” Cybil grinned, “after the party was over.” And she laughed.

“This is all we had.” Becky told her, just a little winded or maybe excited. Then spilled out a pile of leather cuffs and chains on the bed. Cybil hooted and did a little jig, while Shelby blanched and Becky got wet from past memories.

Cybil quickly sorted her treasures, coming up with a pair of wide collars that had perabet güvenilir mi two foot long chains hanging from them, which she attached to the mid rings on the foot posts. “Can’t have those high enough to strangle anybody.” She muttered and Shelby giggled nervously. There were four sets of leather wrist cuffs that she draped artfully over the head rails and two sets of thicker construction with large dull metal hooks that she hooked over the canopy bars.

“Now it’s beautiful!” She crowed, stepping back to take it all in. She saw Shelby shake her head and decided that she would instruct her the first chance she got. Looking over at Becky, she saw the dreamy look in her eyes and laughed. “Not right now you silly slut, we have more work to do.”


It was getting late when they got the last load off the truck, and Mason decided to take Abigail home and get his car. She had held up remarkably well, but he figured she had to be getting tired. He was. Cybil sent them off with a knowing look that wasn’t lost on either, but it was a quiet ride back to the dealership.

It was dark behind the building, nothing like the Vegas worthy lights out front and Mason turned to help Abigail down after he alighted. She ignored his hand though and bent forward to place both of hers on his shoulders.

“Help a lady down like you mean it Son.” She gruffed as she continued to drape herself against him.

Mason didn’t need any more invitation than that, so he stepped into her, her soft chest caressing his face as he wrapped his arms around her hips and lifted her out. Slowly letting her slide down until her feet were on the ground and she was in his arms. Her lips parted under his and they let it last a long moment before either pulled back.

“I think I’m ready for a ride in that Chevelle now.” She sighed, slipping from his arms and turning to walk towards it. Mason watched her, her hands spreading the flannel shirt open, before she shrugged it off to drop on the ground behind her.

“You coming?” she asked the night without looking over her shoulder at him, and Mason shook himself while he hurried to catch up, fumbling in his pocket for the keys. He looked down at the fob, trying to spot the right button to unlock the doors and when he looked back up, she was naked, a pale beautiful form with a sweet heart-shaped ass.

“Damn.” He breathed and she chuckled, looking back at him now as she opened the door and bent to crawl in.

Mason watched her ass round out and open before him, her nether lips a perfect peach for him to feast on. Then he too started shedding clothes, sighing in relief when his raging cock was free of the tight denim. Toeing his shoes off, he walked or stumbled the rest of the way out of the jeans and crawled in behind her.

She had her arms resting on the far window sill, her head out in the night air and her ass waiting for him. Remembering his dream, he took her hips in his hands and buried his face in it. Hearing a husky groan from her.

Abigail shuddered in ecstasy, fuck all those old memories, none of them ever did things to her insides the way this boy did. In a couple short months Mason had awakened many things in her that had long been asleep if not dead. And now he was lapping at her center like a Blue Heeler after a flea, maybe there was life left after all.

Mason had fantasized about something like this happening ever since he’d met Abigail, and he was damned if he wasn’t going to enjoy it now. He pushed his face into her, his tongue seeking as his nose mashed against her and he didn’t pull back until she wailed and sprayed his chin. Then he simply laved her gently until she stopped moaning before rearing up over her to bury himself inside her.

“Oh fuck yeah boy!” She cried into the night, “Give it to me Mason.” So he did, one knee on the seat and one foot on the floor, he held her hips and fucked her hard.

Abigail was in heaven, never before, never had she felt so wanted, needed. She just hung on and thanked God this man still found her desirable. And damn he had a nice cock, it was hitting spots she never knew she had on every stroke, it felt like it was going to turn her inside out any second now.

Mason was holding out with every fiber in his being, he was damned if he’d cum before she did. So when she threw her head up and he her body went rigid, he sighed and let loose. Then held on as she started convulsing in his hands. He was more than a little relieved when she finally relaxed and slid into the car to lean against him breathing.

“You are one hell of a woman Abigail.” Mason breathed in her ear as he finally got to heft her beautiful tits.

“Hell boy, after that why don’t you just call me Abby?’

Mason chuckled, “I thought I killed you there for a moment.”

“From your lips to Gods ears, that’s the way I wanna go.”


Mason had never driven the road to the hall after full dark, the last bit was kind of spooky winding in and out of the trees. And he started thinking about Halloween and how cool it would be to have a big party now that the hall was open. He was surprised to note that none of the windows were lit when he finally stopped out front, just the outdoor lighting. But once he got through the door, he saw blue light ghosting up from the spa along with a low steady buzz of conversation and laughter.

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