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Street stories

It was late one night and it had been slow on Broad Street. Taylor felt the chill of the evening and looked in her purse. I need to go home and study, this isn’t getting me any cash tonight. She turned the corner and headed for the house thinking of things she needed to do.

She was walking up the sidewalk toward home when a car pulled up slowly beside her and the passenger side window came down.

“Hey Baby, want a ride?”

“Where you going?”

“Anywhere you want.”

“Whatcha got for me?”

Taylor looked in the car and saw him put two twenty-dollar bills on the seat. She thought to herself, it’s been a slow night and cash is cash.

“Can I get in?”

“Sure Baby.”

Taylor opened the door, reached for the two twenties, hiked up her skirt and slid into the seat. She noticed a hint of a sweet perfume, as she got comfortable. Looking over the seat she could see the back seat was empty.

“Surprise?” The driver said.

“Well, yes. Your not my usual find in this situation.”

“I hope you’re not sorry you got in?

“Not yet.” Taylor replied.

I was watching you from a distance back on Broad and I determined that you are not what you appear to be. I think you are a man or a transsexual, I guess both are the same. You are tall, no breasts, and slim hips, all signs of a male. If I am wrong, I apologize and you can do what you want.

“You have figured me out. Knowing all that why did you stop?”

“To be frank, I don’t like men. I am a lesbian and prefer the company of women. For some time now I have wanted to meet and spend some time with a transgender person.”

“To what end?”

“Although I am a lesbian, I just happen to like cock. I don’t like the package they arrive in. I find most men boring and self-centered. I am hoping you will be different.

“I am flattered and I am game if you want to explore. We may need to increase the donation but for now lets see what we have.”

“My name is Barbara.” She said.

“I am Taylor.”

“That was easy. Can we go to my place or would that make you uncomfortable?

“No, we can do that. I was headed home anyway when you stopped.”

“Slow night?”

“Very slow.”

Barbara drove several blocks and turned up into an older section of Richmond that featured old early twentieth century homes. All of them very large with columns on the front porches and carriage houses in back. Barbara pulled into one and drove the car into one of the four garage openings beside the house.

“Don’t worry, I live here with several other lesbians. We each have our own quarters and only see one another when we go into the main living area.”

“Wow, this is beautiful.” Taylor got out of the car and looked at the very tall form of a large busted, long legged, big-hipped woman. All of that had been concealed in the drivers seat. She was also quite striking. Her hair was perfectly set in short style, swept away from the ears and a rich dark brown.

Barbara led Taylor to a side entrance to the house and they mounted a back staircase to the second floor.

“There are only two apartments at this entrance and the other one is vacant so we are quite alone.” She said as she opened the beautiful solid mahogany door.

“Please come into my home and make yourself comfortable.”

The high ceilings, massive crown moldings, tall floorboards and tasteful wall paper were breath taking when taken as a whole. Taylor was enamored with the apartment.

“This place is beautiful Barbara.”

“Thank you dear, can I offer you something to drink? I prefer wine but I have some scotch if you prefer.”

“The wine would be fine.” Taylor replied.

Barbara opened a bottle of white zinfandel that was in the refrigerator and poured two glasses for them. Holding hers up she said, “to new friends.”

Taylor smiled at her and offered her glass, and they clinked.

“What can I do for you Barbara? You have invited me into your home, been very gracious but I sense you want to buy something from me.”

“You get right to the point, don’t you?”

“I have limited time and the very hard schedule. I am not complaining but if what you want of me I can’t provide we need to cut to the chase and I need to move on.”

“That’s fair enough. Do you have any men that are regulars?”

“Yes, several.”

“Would you consider having me as a regular?”

“Not to be negative, but I don’t know what you want of me, so I can’t give you and answer to that question.”

“But you might consider it if we hit it off, so to speak.”

“If I can do something for you that you are willing to compensate me for and you want me to come on a regular basis, the answer is yes.”

“That’s clear enough. I want your cock, plain and simple. I want to suck it and have you fuck me with it.”

“I think that is something I can provide if we agree to treat each other with respect.”

“Absolutely” Barbara replied.

“Then we should toast to that as well.” Taylor said as she put her glass into the air for Barbara to clink with.

Barbara bahis firmaları stood up, picked up her glass and the bottle and said, “Follow me.”

Taylor followed her down a long hallway to a large bedroom at the end. The entrance was a massive double door affair, which opened into a huge room. The king size bed was against the front wall and seemed to be fifty yards away. There was an open bathroom with glass shower, bidet, and commode, double sinks, all done in white ceramic tile. The only door appeared to be a closet of some sort. The room was done in soft green shades with a white carpet.

“Do you like it?’ Barbara said.

“It’s beautiful, I have never seen anything quite so feminine, yet bold.”

Barbara walked to the closed door and opened it into a large dressing room with multiple mirrors and a rotating rack that brought hanging garments up from a hidden closet. The left wall was all drawers, some large and some small. There was a vanity along the other wall with cosmetics scattered across the marble surface.

Barbara opened her blouse and started to remove it. Taylor stepped up and held the collar for her and she stepped out. Her breasts were large and when she released the catch in the back of the bra they sprung forward but barely sagged. Her nipples were large and extended. She cupped a breast and said, “Can I interest you in a nipple?”

Taylor smiled and took the offered nipple into her mouth and pulled as much of the breast in as she could. Her scent was even stronger now that Taylor was close.

“Will you kiss me Taylor?”

Taylor rose up and pulled Barbara to her and placed her lips slowly and tenderly on Barbara’s. It was a gentle, exploratory coupling that both seemed to enjoy.

Barbara started helping Taylor out of her clothes and had her sit on the bed while she took her shoes off and slipped out of her skirt. Taylor had a gaff on and Barbara didn’t know what to make of it. After slipping it off, Taylor’s manhood spring from between her cheeks like an antelope escaping a lion.

Taking it in her hand, it continued to swell as she squeezed it. She was definitely admiring it as she went to her knees and kissed the head.

“You are much larger than I imagined.”

“I hope that’s a good thing.”

“We will see, won’t we?”

Pushing Taylor back on the bed, Barbara pushed her face into his groin, nuzzling the tight scrotum, then licking the long black shaft. When she went over the top and slipped her lips over it fully, she swooned and moaned her delight.

This was a new experience for Taylor and there was nothing to complain about. She had had her dick sucked many times before but usually not is such a swanky place, and rarely by a woman. In fact she couldn’t remember the last woman he let do this.

Barbara continued to lap and suck all around Taylor’s private parts. She tried to deep throat her entirely but gagged well before she got most of it in. She licked and sucked her scrotum and licked the area underneath.

“Honey, do you mind if I rim you?” She asked.

“Not at all, I am clean and will enjoy the attention.”

“MMM, it’s very tight.”

“That’s a new comment, nobody has ever complimented on my pucker place.”

“Do you have sex with men here?” She asked.

“That’s the only place I have, I am not lucky enough to have two holes like you. Three if you count the one you are using now.”

Barbara said thoughtfully, “I have never had anal sex, I have only been with a few men and none of them were interested in it.”

“That’s a shame.” Taylor replied. “I enjoy it a lot when I am in the right mood. That usually doesn’t include clients. Business is never in the right mood.”

“I hope we can get each other into a good mood tonight.” She offered.

“You sure have started off getting me in the right mood.” Taylor said as she gripped and stroked her very tall erection.

“Taylor, I am curious about your erection. I don’t have a lot of experience with them other than unpleasant experiences under a grunting man.”

Chuckling Taylor said, “I think I can empathize with that one.”

Barbara continued her exploration and Taylor expressed her appreciation now and then. She seemed to be fascinated with the appendage and experimented with her lips, tongue, hands and even rubbed her large breasts on it. Taylor lay back and decided to enjoy the experience.

“Can we kiss some more?” Barbara said as she departed one of Taylor’s small hard nipples.

“I guess so, I don’t do a lot of that.” Taylor replied.

Barbara moved up over Taylor’s long lean body and slowly pressed her lips to Taylor’s. Her lips were very soft and her kiss light as a summer breeze. She flicked her tongue across Taylor’s lips and pressed just hard enough to make entrance. The taste of the white wine was delicious and when their tongues met they both inhaled each other in a passion not expected.

Barbara pulled back and said, “Wow, baby that is awesome, I could taste your lips forever.”

“Me too.”

They reclaimed each other’s lips and did a delicate kaçak iddaa dance, some hard and fast, more slow and tender. Taylor was getting more aroused than normal and his erection was screaming for attention. Taylor sensed it was time to be the man in this union but hesitated, not wanting to disturb the hostess.

Barbara sensed a tension in Taylor and after a pull back reached for Taylor’s manhood. “I think it is time for me to get fucked.” She quipped.

Taylor laughed and said, “How would you like to proceed?”

“Can I ride you?” She asked

“Of course.” Taylor replied.

Barbara rose up on her knees, kissed Taylor one more time and swung her leg over the swollen appendage. Up on her knees, she reached around her leg and held the cock upright so she could slide down the pole. She felt her clit and the opening to her tunnel and found it all quite wet so she didn’t think she would need any lubrication. She did wonder if she was big enough to swallow all of the beautiful cock she held in her hand.

As she lowered herself and slipped Taylor into her hot wet womanhood, she almost swooned from the pleasure. Taylor could see it in her face, her eyes closed and a grin that reached each ear lobe.

She felt the large mushroom head reach her cervix and a sharp pinch of pain greeted the bottoming. She took some pressure off by lifting her body and taking her weight more onto her knees. Taylor tried to pull back into the mattress to help her and reached up to squeeze her breasts and allowed her to lean forward stopping the deep penetration.

“I want you deep Taylor. Just give me time to get used to it. You are magnificent.”

“You are very tight Barbara, I hope I am not hurting you.”

She continued to move over Taylor, sliding up and down, pressing the head deeper into her cervix, getting used to the pressure and the discomfort. She finally leaned way forward and pressed into Taylor’s hands that were palming her breasts. Lifting her hips she pulled him out about half way and lowered herself again, harder this time. She did this several times, beginning to create a rhythm and Taylor began to lift up to meet her thrusts. Lying down on Taylor’s chest she began to fuck in earnest.

“OH God, I am going to cum.” She exclaimed as she sped up the rhythm, bouncing hard down onto Taylor. Taylor wrapped her long arms around her and pulled her hard into his body as she continued to pound down over his manhood. They were in unison and Taylor was straining to hold back his impending eruption.

“Baby, if you don’t want me to cum inside you, you need to stop soon.”

“I’m cumming, OH God, I’m cumming.” She sat up and pressed all her weight down on his groin and pushed thru the pain in her cervix.

“Cum baby, cum inside me. I want to feel you let go into my orgasm.”

Taylor did just that and the two of them entered the world of mutual orgasm at the same time. The joyous mixing of fluids happened inside her vagina and she could feel it all around. She never wanted to let it stop. The sensation was glorious. She was forty years old and had never experienced such an intense pleasurable moment. Other women had made her cum, other men had entered her and cum, but never had she experienced this. This explosion of passion, sexual tension and mixing of fluids was overwhelming.

She lay down on Taylor’s chest and could feel them both heaving for air, four lungs screaming for oxygen. She pushed up to relieve some of the pressure on Taylor as he struggled to breathe under her. Not wanting to let the cock out of her she was slow to roll off but finally did and looked down and the slowly softening implement of her pleasure.

“Does it hurt?” She asked as she recovered her breathing.

“No, it’s pretty numb at this point.”

“Can I lick it?”

“If you want.”

It was coated with the fluids from the two of them and as she approached she could smell the heat and the sex. She had let one man, years ago, cum in her mouth and it disgusted her when it happened. Now she wondered how it would taste with her orgasm on it?

The experience was heady at the least. She licked up the shaft and slowly let the mixture soak into her tongue. Swirling it around in her mouth, she looked up at Taylor’s face and said, “I like it.”

“Are you going to share?”

“Of course darling.” She licked it again and carried the juice from their lovemaking to Taylor’s mouth and kissed him softly and completely emptying the contents.

“We do taste good.” Taylor admitted.

She laughed and cuddled up next to him. Barbara had never felt so good with a man, and this one wasn’t really a man. Oh, but he was. Why was he trying to be a woman she wondered?

The sun was not up yet when Taylor came awake and realized he was still in Barbara’s bed. It was not unpleasant. She smelled of sex and clean sheets, and she was nestled up close to him with her lips just close enough to her nipple that he could feel her breath as she exhaled. Could a woman feel this good? Never had he had sex like last night, never had he awakened to the warmth kaçak bahis and comfort she gave him now. Has he been wrong about his orientation all these years because of poor relationships with women? What the fuck Taylor, what are you doing?

He lay there reveling in the sensations and feelings she was giving off, smiling over how good he felt. Wondering if this was real or just a fluke? What should he do now?

Slowly he felt her lips move against his chest, her tongue came out and licked him gently and she murmured a pleasant sound. Her free hand crept up over his groin and discovered his rising manhood.

“Hmmm, now what could he want?” She cooed.

“You.” Taylor answered.

“Oh my, I believe you are right.” She whispered as her hand curled around his long black shaft. “Whatever shall I do?”

“Suck it!” Taylor said with some authority. “Then I am going to fuck you in the ass.”

Without a word she moved quickly to surround his straining cock with her warm lips. Licking the top and poking into the hole, she gripped him tighter and moaned her pleasure.

“That’s it baby, all of it, down the hatch.” Taylor said as he rubbed her back and neck, ready to push her all the way down.

She sensed his desire and opened wide pushing him as far as she could, feeling the gag response but holding it back as his broad head squeezed it’s way into her throat.

This was good she thought to herself. He was taking her, commanding her in a very authoritative way. She was enjoying his desire as well as his power. But, who had the power, she had his dick in her mouth, wasn’t that power? Oh but it was good anyway she thought as she made him wetter and wetter, slurping loudly and taking his full length into her mouth.

“Enough, roll over and show me your ass!” Taylor commanded.

Barbara complied and he shifted up behind her and quickly slipped into her soft wet pussy. “I am going to fuck you in the ass Barbara, be ready!”

After several strokes Taylor leaned over and planted his tongue in her asshole, making it as wet as he could, spitting to help the wetness. He slipped his thumb into the tight space and wiggled it while he pushed back into her wet vagina. “You are so hot baby, I want you bad.”

“Give it to me Taylor, push into my ass, don’t hold back, I want to feel every inch of you.”

That was all the encouragement it took for him to pull out and reposition himself to enter her forbidden territory.

She resisted for several seconds but the lube and the force of his erection succeeded in gaining entrance. Stopping to let her acclimate to the intrusion, he stroked her large globes and rubbed them with reverence. “God, you have a pretty ass.”

“Fuck me baby, I want to feel your balls on my ass.”

Taylor pushed all the way down, feeling the tightness squeezing him into climax. She was so tight and it felt so good, he wouldn’t last long like this.

She started pushing back into him, creating a rhythm that just accelerated his passion. They crashed together time and again, crying out their joy and impending orgasms.

“You are making me cum.” She screamed. “I can’t stop it, it’s too strong, finish with me baby, please.”

Taylor was ready to release and slapped her on the right cheek and said, “Here it comes.” With that he planted his seed in her ass and cried out for all to hear his pleasure in this moment. He felt her convulse beneath him and he leaned over and hugged her from behind, refusing to pull out. He pushed her down flat on the bed and followed her, resting on top as he pulled his knees up to take the weight off her.

No words were spoken, just hard breathing and exquisite sensations. He kissed the back of her neck and licked the salt from her shoulders. She cooed as he touched her and could only say finally, “Don’t leave me, and stay inside me for a while.”

He smiled and licked her shoulder again, kissed it and lay his cheek down.

They stayed like that until he finally got squeezed out. The combination of his flaccid cock and her tight hole finally vacated the spot.

“I would like to take a shower.” She finally spoke from beneath him.

“Me too.” He said.

The shower had three glass walls and eight shower heads, she turned it all on, adjusted the temperature and taking his hand stepped in. There was enough room for a party but they seemed to stay squeezed together.

Finally, Barbara broke the hold and got a handful of body wash from the dispenser and started to lather up Taylor’s chest and then slowly down to his groin.

It felt wonderful and Taylor was amazed at how gentle she was and how much he was enjoying someone else washing him.

When it came his turn to wash her he did his best to be slow and gentle, slipping his fingers into her folds and openings, rubbing them gently with soap and smooth strokes.

He washed her legs, her feet and turning her around her beautiful ass. He was enamored with the globes, how round and strong they were. When he stood to look at her from behind, he was amazed at the hourglass shape and how sexy looking she was from that angle. He was not used to appreciating the female form and Barbara’s was classic. She had large wide hips, a tiny waist and soft strong thighs. From behind she was a thing of beauty.

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