Special Date

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I was running late for a date Chris and I had planned for months.

He and I were so much alike at times that one day we both were laying in bed after one of our heated sessions.. we started talking about our fantasies. We both have this fantasy of being intimate in a public place. But I think we were both just too scared or shy to actually act upon it. So we decided we were going to make a date out of it.

Make it a date to never forget.. something wicked and fun. Today was the day.

He was supposed to pick me up around 6ish and it was already 5. I still needed to take a bath and make sure the babysitter was on her way over.

Cheryl showed up about 10 mins after 5 and I hopped into the shower immediately. I couldn’t get the image of his body out of my head. Those sexy pink nipples of his and the way his cock stands at attention with little help. It seemed as though no matter what kind of mood he was in I could easily get his cock nice and hard.

As I washed I could feel my juices starting to flow just thinking of what was in store. I knew him.. and in knowing him I also knew how imaginative he can be. I could not wait for him to get here.

Cheryl was keeping the kids overnight so I need not worry about when we were finished.. no hurry to get home.

Chris’ car pulled up I guess while I was in the shower cause as I got out and wrapped myself in a towel I could hear the kids and his seductive voice playing in the hallway. He was chasing them up and down the hallway.. they were screaming with excitement.

I began to wonder what he was wearing.. I stepped out of the bathroom and saw a glimpse of him.

“Oh that bastard” I thought to myself as I glimpsed his dark maroon button up and his black Dockers.

I could smell his cologne in the air and I KNEW he was going to make this one night a very special one.

Every night seemed special with him.

I ran into the bedroom and latched the lock behind me.. fast enough so he could not see me yet. Laying down on the bed I slipped the towel off my body.

My nipples were starting to get hard already from the fan blowing the cool air over my moist body. I wanted to make this night just as special for him as he plans to make it for me. So instead of grabbing my usual “sexy” black dress and flats, I decided I was going to wear the new dress I had gotten last week.

It was a long calf length red dress.. satin with a red lace trim. It was low cut enough to hint at my large breasts but high enough so that you could not see much of them at all. Just the shape could be seen through the dress. It had no straps.. meaning no bra.. tight at the top and flowing as it reached my calves. You could clearly see my nipples popping through the satin.

I slipped on my black lace thong and my black garter belt.. attached the thigh high stockings and reached in the closet for the new shoes. They were strappy and high heeled… slim and seductive. The straps wrapped around my ankle and up my legs about 2 inches.

I sat on the bed and did my makeup.. then my hair.. Up or down I thought?

Up defiantly up. I love the way he pulls my hair down in the heat of passion.. up most defiantly up this time.

I pulled my hair up into a small roll near the top of my head.. let my bangs hang down and curled a few locks that hang out of the roll. “Almost perfect” I thought.

I could hear someone at the door lightly tapping.. It had to be Christopher. I walked over to the door and opened it.. His jaw dropped.. I was in bliss. I knew from his expression he approved of my attire and off we went into the wild world. Not of course without giving my babies the proper goodbye love first.

We went first to eat dinner.. It was a small quant restaurant. neither of us had eaten here before and we had talked about going often enough. We decided to try it out tonight. Lots of firsts I reckon.

As we ate I couldn’t help but notice how he didn’t take his eyes off of me. I enjoyed that fact tremendously. I would give him lots of evil smiles and wicked grins as I ate.

I ran my leg up his from under the table.. Up to his thigh and lightly grazing against his slowly bahis firmaları growing package, but not a word was actually said between us until after he paid the check.

He got up from the table and held a hand out to me.. As I reached for his hand and was getting out of the seat his face grew from a passionate stare to a wicked grin.

“Keep smiling beautiful.. your time is on its way” and that’s all he had to say.

I knew what was coming for me and I also knew how much fun it was going to be.

We got out to the car and before he unlocked my door as usual to let me in he went to his side of the car and unlocked his. He opened the door and stood there for a few mins waiting. Watching as I stood on the other side of the car.

He smiled.. got into the car and rumbled in the back seat for something.. slipped whatever it was into his pocket and slowly climbed back out.

Closing his side and walking over to mine, he then wrapped his arms around me and kissed me like he has never kissed me before. Something wild and passionate about it this time. It stirred something inside of me that made me yearn for his touch on my skin immediately.

Instead he opened my door and let me sit. Once inside the car he got down on his knees right outside of my door and turned me so that my legs were outside the car and he was squarely in between them. He placed his hand on my knee and slowly started rubbing and caressing my right leg..

“Christopher? What are you doing?” I asked him calmly “you’ll see my dear, You’ll see.”

He ran his hand completely up my leg and reached my inner thigh.. I started to breath heavily from his touch. God I love the way he touched me. The way his hands felt on my skin.. the heat.. the yearning I could feel in them.

I leaned back lightly to give him more access.. instead of him placing his fingers against me I saw him reach into his pocket and, palming something, he reached his left hand under my satin dress.

I could feel his hand pull my G-string aside and lightly graze my mound. I knew at this point there was nothing I could do to stop my wetness or to keep him from seeing how turned on I was so I leaned back further and closed my eyes.. waiting.

He placed a small vibrator, about the size of a quarter, on my clit.. slowly turning it on he replaced my G-string to hold it in place and moved my legs back into the car then closing the door, I could see his wicked grin on his face once again.

As he walked around the car he never let his eyes wander form me sitting in there. He opened his door and as he was sitting he said

“I have a small remote in my pocket, and if and when I choose I can give you pleasure wherever without ever touching you” He smiled as he finished “As long as you do as I say and don’t be a bad girl I wont ever have to reach in my pocket will I?”

I shock my head no. I wanted so bad to be bad.. to make him want to punish me. But I tried my best to be good.

With that thought in my mind and that look upon his face he turned the key and we were off yet again. We drove for what seemed like forever with no speaking. Under normal circumstances I would have been worried that he was upset over something. But this was a different silence. the silence of torment.. of suffering lust.

He wanted me to be worried. He wanted me to be a bit scared.. maybe anticipating what was to come next. Its amazing how his silence turned me on.. Try as I may I could never explain how much the lack of words made me feel. yet deep inside I wanted to hear his voice say something. Even something mean and vicious.

But he sat there. Driving. Not speaking a thing.

The sun was beginning to set when he pulled to the side of the road. Where he stopped we were facing North, with just a glimpse of the lake before us. He shut the car off and stepped out of the car in one swift movement.

Once outside the car with his door shut firmly he leaned against his door with his back facing me. I did not know what he wanted me to do if anything. So I sat there bewildered for a moment in silence. 60 seconds must have passed before I decided I should try and get out of kaçak iddaa the car. After all I wanted to enjoy the sunset as well.

I opened my door slowly and suddenly I felt the vibrations between my legs. I let out a loud moan, closed my eyes and relaxed in my seat with the door wide open.

Next thing I knew he was kneeling beside me kissing me again. I felt his hand run past my neck into the back of my head.. Tangling himself in my hair. I lifted my head back and arched my back to allow him access to what he wanted.

He bent his head down and began to nibble and bite my neck. Sucking and kissing it passionately. Pleasure and pain all mixed together.

“Mmm, Chris.. I love the way you touch me” I moaned softly. Almost under my breath. He paused a moment to let that sink in before he replied “I love touching you, Now shut up and enjoy.”

I smiled and tilted my head back further. He always knew what to say to make me tingle.

His hand slide between my legs and massaged my inner thighs. My body began to tingle under his touch. He sent shivers down my spine with each pass of his hand. I wanted him to be inside me right then more then anything.

His hand slowly worked its way up my legs and reached my wet spot. He slide one fingers across my slit and could feel the wetness it held. He groaned, pleased to see how turned on he was getting me. I loved that groan of satisfaction every time he touched my wet pussy.

He pressed his hand against the vibrator, holding it tighter against my clit. I squirmed as I tried to get away from the pleasure it was giving me. There was no where I could go.. I felt my body stiffen as my orgasm grew inside.. I was going to have an orgasm on the side of the road, in his car, with the door open.

As that though passed my head my body spasmed as the peak had hit me. I jerked like a mad woman as I felt his fingers probe deep inside me. My body relaxed after a few moments of him sliding his finger deep inside then back out of my wet spot.

I opened my eyes as he was pulling his hand out from under my dress… sliding them down my thighs the same way they had entered.. leaving a trail of wetness on my thigh.

I watched as he stared into my eyes and without saying a word or showing the least bit of expression lifted his wet finger to his mouth and sucked all my juices off of it. I couldn’t help but want him even more then I did just a few moments ago.

I reached over to kiss him. As our lips met he let out a loud moan. I knew he wanted me as bad if not worse then I wanted him. I was sure of it.

He broke away from our kiss and stood up, preparing to leave my side of the car.. But before he could walk away I grabbed his belt and pulled him closer to me.

I began to undo his belt and unbutton his pants. He had on a pair of satin boxer shorts. Not much being left to the imagination due to his enormous rock hard cock bulging from under the satin.

I reached my hand inside and touched the velvet head of his cock. He closed his eyes and let out a sigh. With one hand I reached behind him and grabbed his ass while pulling him even closer to me. He did not protest.

I pulled his hard cock out from it’s satin confinements and stroked him lightly all the while bending my head down to run my tongue up his tight balls. Running my tongue up his shaft and finally letting my mouth devour his throbbing manhood.

As his cock slowly entered my warm mouth He grabbed the roof of the car to help keep his balance.

I knew he was not far from reaching his peak at this moment and I wanted to enjoy each pleasurable moment with him.

He started moaning louder as his cock throbbed inside my mouth. I could hear my own light moans from the satisfaction of the pleasure I was giving him. I could feel my pussy start to tingle again as I took as much of his hardness into my mouth as I could handle.

I began to imagine what it would feel like deep inside my pussy. I wanted him.. As I let my imagination wander I allowed myself to consume his cock.

His body started to shake and shiver and I knew he was going to blow it soon. I pushed his cock further into my mouth kaçak bahis this time and as I did his pelvis thrusted forward and his head flew back. I could feel his cum filling my mouth and hitting against the back of my throat.

As his orgasm slowly subsided and his cock began to relax I stood in front of him.. Mouth full of his seed and kissed him. Deeply, Passionately, Yearningly, Allowing him to take a taste of himself.

A car passed us as we were kissing. It was about then we had both realized we were still on the side of the road.

“We better get going before someone else comes through thinking we are having car problems.”

He laughed “You’ve got a point.”

And we were off again. I had no idea where we were headed to this time but it didn’t matter anymore. I had something special with this man and there was no way anyone could ever take this away. being with him always made me feel like I was something special. And I never want it to end.

We drove for about 30 mins before he pulled along side of the road again. It was nearly completely dark around us now and I had wondered what made him stop this time. This time.. unlike the other time he did not shut the car off but simply turned down the radio and turned to face me.

“Do you trust me?” He asked

“you know I do” I replied with a sly smile.

“then close your eyes”

And with that he put a blindfold on me and took the vibrator out of my panties. my body quivered with his unexpected touch.

“I have something special planned and I do not want you to see it until it is right in front of you”

“Oookay” I replied unsure of what he had planned.

We continued to drive for at least an hour or so. I could not see a thing, but we talked as we drove and I could hear the change in his voice as we got closer to our destination. He went from a calm talk to anticipation and pure excitement.

Hearing his tone change made me excited and allowed my mind to do its wandering thing again.

We pulled onto a gravel road I could tell by the way the car would slightly bounce and the sound the tires made on it. We drove on the gravel for about 2 mins before turning again onto grass? We were on grass? Where were we going?

About 5 mins later the car slowly came to a stop. He shut off the car and I heard him get out. Opening my door he gently took hold of my arm to aid me in getting out. It was a bit chilly out by now and I leaned into him for warmth.

He led me away from the car in an eastward direction.. I could almost hear the smirk on his face. He adjusted me so I was standing in the right direction.


“Yes I am.. I think” I said with a giggle as he took off the blindfold.

There before me was a small grassy area. A light blanket on the ground. 8 Huge candles lighting up the area. It was filled with yellow and red roses.. they were scattered about all over.

There was a video camera set up in the distance.. Not to far away on a small table there was a bag. And there were two champagne flutes and a small cooler. I could only assume champagne was in it.

“The bag has all of our ‘fun’ toys” he explained.

“The camera is just an added bonus so you’ll never forget. We can only record whatever your comfortable recording for now”

He smiled proudly as he finished

“I know you love yellow roses so I wanted to make sure there were plenty, But I wanted to red roses to show you how much I lust you. Your body, your mind and everything that makes you .. well you. But this..”

He pulled a large artificial pink rose out from behind his back

“This is my love. This will never die.. like my love for you. It will go on forever and ever. As long as you decide to keep it near you so will I be.”

I could not believe he had gone through so much to make this a special night. This is defiantly one night I will never forget, camera or not.

I smiled and kissed him once more. I walked to the camera.. turned in on recording mode… and as I walked to the neatly laid out blanket I slowly undressed. I got to the center of the blanket and was left standing there with nothing but my black lace g-string, my garter belt with stocking and heels.

“Come here you” I said seductively. I was finally going to have him inside of me. Inside of my heart, my soul, My mind and my life. For now.. For later.. and For Always.

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