Thank You Literotica

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I had been perusing the Literotica site for several months. Forced by economic necessity to spend long periods away from my loving wife of 28 years, my sex life had consisted for the most part of porn videos and web sites (but ohh, I treasure the all too brief times with my wife). I had always found literary eroticism such as Penthouse letters a big turn on as the large stack of magazines in my hotel room will attest to. Finding Literotica was, therefore, a gold mine for my fantasy sex life. The only problem was learning to negotiate the site with only one hand while the other was invariably occupied.

One of the particularly enjoyable aspects of Literotica was checking out the bio’s and pic’s of the female authors. Being able to visualize these sexually aware, literate and fine looking women, while reading their stories involving all manner of sexual adventures invariably left me hard for hours at a time.

And then I stumbled onto the members directory with it’s fabulous search engine of erotic delights. Oh yeah! 30 to 50 year old bisexual women turned on by BDSM? You got it! Endless varieties of sexual fantasies with real people equally interested in eroticism.

One of the few advantages of growing older is that I find an ever-increasing age range of women sexually attractive. I still find tight and hard teenage girls as hot as when they bedeviled my adolescence. College age girls with fully developed bodies like those with whom I first explored sex in all it’s glory and variety still leave me panting. And now mature women, with soft, voluptuous bodies who know what they want sexually and take it without hesitation, they too, turn me on.

And that is what lead me to propose to two of my fellow Literotica members, a weekend of sexual role playing and endless sex.

I first found Wendy44305 when searching for women with pictures interested in incest fantasies. Her picture almost caused me to cum all over my laptop. A confident, attractive lady in her mid-thirties smiling to the camera with an impressively filled bra and short skirt. Her interests? Older and Younger Men, women, incest fantasies of various combinations father/daughter, mother/daughter. You know, I got the distinct impression this lady is interested in sex .She certainly had my interest. Best of all, her “location” was not far from my current temporary hotel residence.

With similar search criteria but this time with a younger age bracket, I found Angel4Daddy. Her interests? “Incest, Older Men, Older Women”. She is 18 with a hot young body to die for. Looking at her picture, I could almost feel my cock squeezed by her tight, young pussy. Oh, and she also was located not far from where I am staying.

As I stroked my cock in response to Wendy44305 and Angel4Daddy profiles, my mind began to form fantasy scenarios involving the three of us. It then dawned on me these fantasies could be acted out perhaps to the pleasurable benefit of all of us but certainly to me. It was then that I found the courage to propose a weekend liaison to each of them.

I sent each of them an e-mail outlining my proposal. Simply put, we would meet in a hotel as a family, “sharing a room with our college age daughter to save expenses”. For the night, we would continuously role-play, stepping out of character only as required. I made clear this was to be a sexual encounter as I sensed none of us were interested in establishing permanent relationships. I certainly wasn’t as my wife, while distant, is my true soulmate and I will remain committed to her. Of course, she is bi-sexual so who knows what the future holds…

To my amazement and eternal gratitude, both Wendy44305 and Angel4Daddy responded in the affirmative.

A flurry of e-mails later found us establishing a few ground rules (safe, consensual sex, etc.). I arranged for a hotel with a “family suite” at a location convenient to all three of us the very next weekend.

We also set a code word to indicate if, after meeting, we still all wished to continue with the fantasy. We would each indicate the weather where we had each arrived from. “Cold and wet” would indicate a desire to abandon the fantasy at any point.

Needless to say, the intensity of anticipating the cumming(sic) weekend left me constantly aroused, rather embarrassing for a middle-aged professional trying to keep his mind on business. I really wanted to try not to masturbate as the weekend approached in order to save my cum loads for Wendy and Angel (our agreed pseudo names). But the excitement building in me would not be denied, after all, I still had to be able to walk without a perpetual hard-on. Their online pictures ensured an adequate supply of cum would be available as the weekend approached.

We agreed to meet in the hotel lobby early in the evening. I had arrived earlier and had already checked us in when Angel arrived.. She was easy to identify from her picture and we immediately went into character as we had agreed. I am sure the hotel clerk thought nothing was amiss as we warmly embraced bursa escort and began chit chatting about school, etc.. I had been somewhat concerned we would have a hard time coming up with “dialog” for our little role playing, but enough reality crept in to keep it entertaining.

And she was hot. With our first “fatherly” embrace my cock began to get hard. Of course, her tube top and shorts displayed her firm breasts and delicious tight ass. I couldn’t help but “cop” a quick, furtive feel of her butt as we sat down together in the lounge. She smiled and snuggled up next to me and gently brushed her naked leg against me. I was suddenly dizzy as blood flowed directly to my cock down my shorts.

A short time later, Wendy arrived. She was perfect. Wearing a tight skirt and loose blouse, which did little to hide her magnificent breasts, we embraced as a family too long separated from one another (“Daddy” had been on business trips for a couple of weeks). I gave her a deep “good to see you again” kiss to which she responded to by forcing her tongue into my mouth. As I pulled her close to me, she pressed her mound against the hardening bulge in my shorts. She then turned and gave Angel a warm embrace, which lasted just long enough to leave me gasping for air as they subtly moved against each other.

I noted that the weather back at the job was really hot. Angel said the weather was quite warm at school too. Wendy said it was hot and steamy at “home”. Well, that was settled.

I quickly gathered up their bags and we went up to the room before going out for a little dinner. It was with a little trepidation that we entered the room. This was going to get real ” real” very quickly. Both Wendy and Angel said they wanted to take a quick shower and change before dinner.

I pretended to settle down in front of the TV while they went into the large bathroom together. A few minutes later, I heard the shower start. I quietly went to the bathroom door, which had been left ajar. Although the bathroom was a little steamy, I could clearly make out Wendy and Angel in the shower together through the translucent shower curtain.

“You know Mom, I’ve always wished my breasts were as big as yours” I heard Angel say.

“Angel darling, yours are just perfect”, Wendy replied as she turned to face Angel.

“You know it’s very important to keep your breasts clean… would you like me to wash them for you?”

This was going to be good, I thought.

“Please Mommy”, Angel said her voice trembling Wendy took a wash cloth and gently massaged Angel’s luscious young breasts.

Needless to say my cock was rock hard. I couldn’t help my self as I pulled it out and began to slowly stroke it.. Pre-cum quickly coated my cock in shining love oil as I watched the fantastic scene taking place in front of me.

I heard Wendy murmur ” Does that feel good Angel?”.

“Shit yeah, I mean, oh yes Mummy” Angel replied. Wendy laughed “That’s okay Angel, I know you are grown up now…..very grown up”

I watched as the wash cloth slowly moved downward until Wendy was gently washing Angel’s pussy. I could barely make out the action but Angel’s reaction made clear her feelings. Angel spread her legs apart and stifled a soft moan as Wendy gently massaged her mound.

“Oh God, that feels good” Angel mumbled. I then saw the wash cloth drop to the floor of the bath but Wendy’s hand continued it’s cleansing action. Angel gasped, as Wendy’s motion became more rapid. For several minutes there was no sound except for the shower and Angel’s rapid breathing and moaning.

I was stunned. Even through the wet shower curtain, I was witnessing some of the hottest sex I had ever experienced. Wendy’s tits looked immense as they bounced up and down with the action of her hand in Angel’s pussy. My cock was rock hard as I leaned against the door jam gently stroking ever more pre-cum from it. I did not want to do anything to disturb the scene before me. I glanced down and noticed their panties on the floor of the bathroom.

I couldn’t help it. I picked both of them up and inhaled each fragrance deeply. Ambrosia. Wendy’s silk panties and Angel’s tiny thong were like fine Chardonnay and Merlot wines. So different but both so wonderful. I used the panties to caress my cock.

With a deep guttural cry, Angel shouted ” Oh God, I’m cumming, I’m cumming” as Wendy jammed her in hand in and out of Angel’s sweet crotch. As Wendy slowed her motion. Angel caught her breath. She leaned forward and gave Wendy a deep kiss. Angel began to move her small hands over Wendy huge tits and hard nipple.

“Let me do you now, Wendy” Angel spoke softly.

“There will be time for you to play with Mommy later, Angel, let’s finish up and join Daddy. He hasn’t seen us for a long time” Wendy said.

Angel giggled as she remembered her “role”. “Okay, Mommy” Angel said, “but that’s a promise”. I heard Wendy laugh as she began to resume her bathing.

Dropping the “lubricated” panties on the floor, I backed slowly out the bursa escort bayan door. While I wanted run in and begin sticking my cock in every luscious hole in sight, I didn’t want to do anything, which would mess up what was promising to be the most erotic night of my life.

I resumed my place in front of the TV and attempted to stuff my unbendable cock back in my shorts. I heard the shower stop followed in a couple of minutes by Wendy and Angel walking out of the bathroom wrapped demurely in towels as they pulled out their clothing for the evening.

“Is everybody clean now?” I asked with a smirk on my face. “Yes dear”, Wendy replied, ” Much better, I was feeling quite dirty”.

Angel snickered before adding, “Well, I certainly feel all cleaned up”. Everyone laughed.

After dressing discretely in the bathroom, Wendy and Angel emerged looking delectable. For the casual summer evening, Wendy had changed into white shorts and a deep cut loose silk blouse.

Those breasts were amazing. I had to lick my lips as I imagined licking and sucking on them in the evening to cum. Her bra was only partially successful in holding them in.

After tearing my eyes from Wendy’s tits, I noticed Angel had changed into yet another tank top, this time with tight white pants. I physically trembled at the thought of that I might actually get to fuck this sweet thing in front of me.

As I stood up to leave, I had to adjust my still stiff cock into a somewhat more presentable appearance.

Angel walked up and stood so close to me I could feel her breasts, nipples sticking out hard through the thin cloth.

“How do I look, Daddy?”

“You look like an Angel for Daddy, Daddy’s little Angel” I replied, smiling.

I had reservations at a restaurant with a deck overlooking the lake. I felt quite the “guy” as I walked in with my arm around my “wife” Wendy and holding my lovely “daughter” Angel’s hand.

As soon as we were seated, the under the table action began. As we attempted to hold a normal conversation with each other and the waitress, Angel had kicked off her shoes and was rubbing her foot along my leg. While I pretended not to notice, I extended my own foot against hers. As I glanced at Wendy, she was looking a little flushed. I soon realized Angel was also playing “footsie” with her.

Angel, looking the “teenager” had slumped down in her chair to give herself even more access with her feet.

I looked at Wendy and asked, ” Should we tell our daughter to sit up at the table?”

About that time, I felt Angel’s foot on my rapidly hardening cock. I could tell by the startled look on Wendy’s face just where her other foot was as well.

Wendy and I looked at each other and smiled simultaneously,

” Naay…..”

As we all laughed, I also noticed Angel had not stopped rubbing our crotches. Things calmed down as dinner arrived. Teasing each other gently, we continued to play the Mommy, Daddy, and Daughter game to the hilt. I’m not sure what the people at the adjoining table thought but we were certainly an interesting “family”.

Ever the attentive Husband, I was obviously turned on by my “wife” as I constantly stared down her blouse. I finally let my hand wander over her thigh only to find Angel’s foot there again! We all smiled as I caressed her foot against Wendy’s clit. I was also ever so attentive to my “Daughter” occasionally reaching around to tickle her but managing to fondle her breast when I did.

As dinner progressed, one thought that kept coming to my mind. “God, I wanted to fuck both of these gorgeous women and soon”.

We almost ran out of the restaurant, with my arms around both of them. To hell with dessert, we had more important treats to dive into. We continued the “family” chat on the ride home. Angel leaned over the seat and began rubbing both our necks and shoulders. While it felt good, it just reminded my cock of the good times to cum.

As soon as we got back to our room, I gave a big “stage” yawn and announced it was time to get to bed as we had a big day ahead of us tomorrow. Wendy and Angel both smiled and also “yawned”.

Angel went to the bathroom to prepare for bed.

Wendy and I took the opportunity to begin kissing, which quickly increased in intensity. I had been waiting patiently all evening to get my hands on her gorgeous breasts and I was not to be denied any longer. As I gently caressed first one then the other, I pulled Wendy down on the bed beside me as we really started getting into it. I unbuttoned her blouse and began kissing and licking around her tits. She had to help me free them from her bra, but I knew what to do with them as soon as they appeared. As I slowly sucked a rapidly hardening nipple into my mouth, I gently pinched the other until she moaned.

Just then Angel emerged from the bathroom in a long tee shirt ” Mommy and Daddy”, she feigned “What are you doing?”

I had to laugh as we pretended to make our selves presentable. Wendy quickly went into the bathroom escort bursa to get ready for bed.

When I sat in the recliner, Angel came over and asked “Can I sit on your lap like we used to do Daddy?”

“Of course you can sweetie”.

As she sat on my lap I quickly became aware she was not wearing anything under her tee shirt. I felt her warm pussy against my growing cock. It was now my turn to groan.

“What’s wrong Daddy?” Angel asked sweetly.

“I think you know what’s wrong” I said.

“What’s that Daddy?” she smiled.

“You are being a very bad girl, Angel”, I managed to get out as she squirmed her pussy down on my cock still trapped in my shorts.

“Why am I a bad girl Daddy?” Angel almost whispered.

“Because you make me want to fuck you” I muttered as I moved my hand under her shirt and found her pussy. It was now Angel’s turn to moan as I gently rubbed my fingers over her pussy lips. As I dipped my middle finger into her, Angel moaned again. “Oh yes Daddy”. As I probed her, her pussy quickly became wet. I trailed my finger out of her pussy and across her clit.

Angel began to grind her ass onto my cock as I continued to toy with her clit and pussy.

I paused a moment to move my hand up to her fine, firm breasts. I couldn’t believe I was fondling an 18 year-old body again after all these years.

It was now Wendy’s turn to interrupt as she emerged “ready for bed”. She was wearing a short, lace nightie, which just barely covered her pussy. Her magnificent tits and nipples were easily visible through the light material. She looked incredible.

Angel jumped up and went over to her.

“That’s a beautiful piece of lingerie, Mommy” Angel said.

“Why thank you sweetie,” Wendy replied.

“You look ravishing, Darling” I smiled.

“And thank you too.” Wendy beamed.

“Well, I better get ready for bed too”, I said and went into the bathroom.

As I disrobed and prepared for “bed” I could only imagine what scenes were taking place on the other side of the door.

When I came out of the bathroom I had only had my jockey shorts on although they did not do much to hide my swollen cock. Angel and Wendy were in the muted bedroom lying under the covers on each side of the king size bed.

“Daddy, the hotel forgot to bring up the extra bed, can I sleep with you and Mommy tonight?”

“I think it would be alright, don’t you dear?” Wendy added.

I was beyond words at this point. My cock was almost hurting from the constant erections I had been having all evening.

I managed to crawl in between them and under the covers. I opened my arms and they each cuddled into me.


“Yes Angel?”

“Did I make your penis hard?” Angel whispered.

“Both you and your Mother make my penis hard”, I said.

Wendy reached down and gently caressed my cock over my shorts . “ooh”, she said. “It is hard!”

“All the better to fuck you with my dear” I joked gently.

Wendy reached under my Jockey shorts and grabbed my cock. I moaned involuntarily.

“Can I see your cock, Daddy?” Angel asked.

“Sure you can, baby” Wendy answered for me as she pulled down the covers. She sat up kneeling over my legs and pulled my shorts down. My cock sprang out, red and glistening in the muted light.

“Can you see his cock, Angel?” Wendy murmured.

“Let me look closer” Angel said as she slid down my chest to bring her mouth inches away from the head which was doing all my thinking at this point.

“I can see it now” Angel giggled

“Do you know how to suck a cock, Angel?” Wendy asked, licking her lips.

“I’m not sure, can you show me Mommy? Angel quietly asked.

“Yes, dear, now watch carefully”

Wendy lowered her head and I felt her heavy tits on my legs as her mouth slowly went over my cock. I do not know why I didn’t cum at that second. Probably my cock had been teased into submission by this point. Wendy’s lips felt exquisite as she sucked gently on the head of my cock.

I reached out and began caressing Angel’s tight ass and stuck a finger into her pussy.

My head was spinning again. Too much, too much. I pulled my finger out and licked her pussy juice off. Damn, it tasted good.

Wendy was starting to bob her head up and down on my cock as I resumed finger-fucking Angel. Angel touched Wendy’s face. As she pulled off my cock, Angel reached over and kissed Wendy on the lips. I could see their tongues work as they kissed more aggressively.

Angel stopped and bent down and sucked my cock into her mouth.

“Like thith Mummy?” Angel lisped as she sucked my cock.

“Yes Angel, you are doing fine, isn’t she dear?” I could only moan my reply “hell yeah” as I continued to finger fuck Angel. Using two fingers, I began to spoon the heaven juice into my mouth and on my face.

I opened my eyes to see Wendy sitting up over my legs. She was intently watching Angel licking and sucking my cock.. She had pulled up her lingerie and was sucking one of her own big, beautiful breasts while fingering herself with her other hand.

“I need some cock” I heard Wendy pant.

“Yes Mommy, fuck Daddy’s cock” Angel said as her ass squirmed against my hand.

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